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I got this book because I loved The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie and this is, apparently, Ashley s first foray into romance You can definitely see the talent, although the romance itself is a little weak.I had problems with the hero He was bossy, as most of them are, but he never quite seemed to get a handle on the heroine She was beyond naive, but still likable enough But they never really talked to each other I was always wondering where the chemistry came from And to have him always ordering her around where was the joy in their getting to know one another I give it four stars because Ashley is an author worth reading She s got an impressive way with words and her love scenes are sensual and meaningful And it s nice to see the roots when I ve been so recently blown away The story is ludicrous, but that s what makes it fun Occasionally one of the main characters will go back over everything that s happened and pretty much say good Lord It s a pretty fun ride I was hoping for a sequel, but I haven t found it so far I d be glad for a heads up if anyone knows of one Otherwise, I ll read someof her back list They re fabulously affordable This one was only 2.99 on e book A little slow in the beginning A little frustrating it never seems to end with the challenges in Evangeline s life A good ending and a twist at the end Who would have known Every Captain should have a mistress like Evangeline I know my husband would agree D My first book by this author and the start of a beautiful relationship with Jennifer s books Emmaline is a sweet, shy, spinster who has to seduce the tough captain hero The seduction scene was so well written, cute, and funny, but steamy I was hooked This is a great book. First off turn around if you have managed to pick up this book and are going to read it for some serious historical romance We say managed because though this book is not expensive, at the time, you can only buy it in physical form As for the serious we feel that you may jump just as fast as this book jumps into complete wacky and zaniness Mom and I were looking forward to that exact zaniness when we started the book The author bows what she wrote and has made to give complete warning before hand Oh we could not be this book down The plot has on a ship, than at a prison in Havana, and than back on to England in less than 1 4 of the book All in good fun might we add As for the romance it is sweet and steamy The hero is a Captain and keeps threatening to lock up the heroine because she keeps managing to find trouble It really is an maxing fun romance and a ship worth adventure for anyone looking for a spot of fun. Great plot, very steamy, Fun and funny voyage at sea with all the requisite parts pirates, villains, live and ace ture What the hell am I reading Seriously think of every single clich romance sentence and you have the first two chapters in this book This seemed like something a highschooler would write in her notebook while sitting on her bed dreaming of becoming an author.Ridiculous I mean I ve read books were the lead couple desperately needed each other before but holy molely this book takes the cake There seems to be no previous interaction between Austin and Miss Clemens but suddenly he can t get the thought of her breasts, even though they are soo small and she is soo plain, out of his mind even while there is mutiny on his ship Dude, I m all for losing your head a bit while falling in love, but get your priorities straight I thought the story was winding down at page one hundred and looked to see there was still two hundred pages to go, oh the excite and wonder I feel as to where this story could go she said with sarcasm This book is suppose to be set in the 1790 s, hmm, I m thinking the editor was asleep on the job because the vernacular used here seemed pretty modern to me.The book got a little better towards the end, less hokey, but for the life of me I never could fathom why Austin and Evangeline were in love There was absolutely no development of relationship or really of the characters themselves Evangeline was plain, small breasted, and stubborn in a very stupid way while Austin was controlling and lonely These descriptions are written over and over Plus the main villain Anna was ridiculous, waaaaay over played.There were a couple, maybe 3, lines or moments between Austin and Evangeline which struck a cord for me and showed a hint of talent from the author Those moments and the way the story and writing improved toward the end saved this book from being a totally failure.A review site gave this book a B , I have no idea how they gave such a high grade If I had never read a romance book before, sure I would have thought this was a good book but having read tons it s easy to see how sophomoric this writing was to the greats I have read I can see highschool girls liking this book but adult educated, intelligent women No way I possibly think the author was going for a story like The Windflower by Laura London but I would call this one that books red headed step child.D Sent To Seduce The Captain Of The Merchantman Aurora, The English Governess Trembled In Her Innocence Her Stepbrother S Life And The Life Of The Rugged Sailor She Must Tempt Depended On Her Success Evangeline Swore To Surrender Her Body, Her Virtue Anything Austin Blackwell Demanded But She Never Expected To Relinquish Her Heart On A Mission For The American Colonies, Austin Suspected The Timid Temptress Was A Skilled Spy Ordered To Sabotage His Plans She Played The Part Of An Untried Miss To Perfection, Her Inexperienced Fumbling Driving Him Wild With Desire But After Sampling Her Sweetness, After One Harrowing Night Fraught With Passion And Peril, The Commander Vowed To Navigate Any Course To Discover The Truth For His Soul Mutinied At The Prospect Of Sailing Into The Future Without The Courageous Lady By His Side Evangeline Clemens knew she tread in dangerous waters Sent to seduce the captain of the merchantman Aurora, the English governess trembled in her innocence Her stepbrother s life and the life of the rugged sailor she must tempt depended on her success She swore to surrender her body, her virtueanything Austin Blackwell demanded But she never expected to relinquish her heart.On a mission for the American Colonies, Austin suspected the timid temptress was a skilled spy ordered to sabotage his plans She played the part of an untried miss to perfection, her inexperienced fumbling driving him wild with desire But after sampling her sweetness, after one harrowing night fraught with passion and peril, the commander vowed to navigate any course to discover the truth For his soul mutinied at the prospect of sailing into the future without the courageous lady by his side.Lots of promise but fell short for me It was just an average read for me. 4.5 starsThis book was a pleasant surprise It s a great swashbuckling high seas adventure Well actually, there weren t any buckles being swashed but it was great fun.Evangeline finds herself on a merchant ship bound for Boston after discovering her fiance in bed with her maid, and disowned by her stepfather and mother when she refuses to marry him She starts out as a very naive young woman who does some pretty stupid things Austin is the captain of the ship and a typical tortured hero After a failed attempt at a mutiny and a seduction, Austin suspects Evangeline of being a spy The action takes off and there was never a dull moment I enjoyed seeing the gradual change in Evangeline to a courageous plucky heroine and Austin is a yummy hero POTH was a fast paced romantic adventure laced with humor and some steamy love scenes The cast of characters were well done especially Lord Rudolph After checking Ashley s website I see that she plans to write his book eventually.