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Honoria Ard Has A Secret Four Years Ago, The Notorious Pirate Christopher Raine, Arrested And Condemned For Stealing A Ship Full Of Gold Bound For Napoleon, Makes One Last Request Of Honoria She Grants It, And Christopher Is Taken Out To Be Hanged Or Was He Honoria Couldn T Have Seen Him Alive Again In The Rather Thick Fog Outside Covent Garden Theatre, Could She Christopher Is Long Dead And Gone, Honoria S Secret With Him Her Life Has Moved On, And Now She S Betrothed To A Respectable English GentlemanChristopher Has Other Ideas His Sentence Commuted At The Last Minute, Christopher Was Press Ganged Onto A Ship Bound For Asia, And He S Spent The Last Four Years Working To Return Home And Get Everything Back His Crew, His Treasure, And Honoria Ard His WifeMeet The Crew Of The Starcross, And Revisit The Crews Of The Argonaut And The Majesty For Pirate Fun And Adventure

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    Better than the second book I still like the first book .

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    Ok, I am starting this review off with a side note I started taking notes and writing my thoughts down about 1 2 through the book, around chapter 14 15 The first part of the book I just couldn t get into and it was because of the two main characters I didn t like the hero He was too cold hearted, too emotionally distant, and somewhat insensitive to the heroine at times The heroine wasn t emotionally strong enough for him He definitely needed a woman with of a backbone with a less genteel sort of manners He at times brought to mind what real pirates might have been like, rather than the romantic figures we have created them to be He just didn t seem to connect with her in the beginning.The concept of a pirate doomed to be hanged, attracted to a woman and her to him in such a passionate way that they get married the day before his execution, and at the last minute his stay of execution is ordered and he is whisked quietly away to a merchantman ship to slave away his sentence sounds like it would make an entertaining and emotionally passionate story The heroine, of course, is unaware, thinks he is dead and has mourned him for several years He shows up after so many years and then as a reader, I want one of several possible plot variations 1 They have to relearn how to love each other and build a relationship while dealing with the scars of the past 2 He has become a cold and scarred man and she needs to show him what love is, that she doesn t care about his scars physical and or emotional 3 That they bicker and fight because they are such opposites and the marriage was such a rush spur of the moment kind of thing that they have to fall in love and get to know each other all over again Etc Something like that The route this one takes leaves the reader, or at least me because maybe I have this all wrong, thinking that they just don t match He doesn t seem inclined to try and woo her, he just expects her to drop everything and come sail the seas with him He doesn t seem to care about her emotional scars from having to mourn his death and to finally trying to move on he comes back into her life after her engagement is announced He also doesn t seem to care that much about her sexual desires, in the first really second time they come together after all of those years apart, he is sort of brutal and uncaring about her She on the other hand, seems like she is completely fine with building a life based mainly on the good sex rather than trying to break his tough shell She isn t really challenging him emotionally and seems to just go with things This leads me to think that these characters are one dimensional and flat.The second half of the book did get better, around chapter 16 The characters started to open up to each other and the story really picked up once her brother James catches up to them and they go off to the island where Christopher stashed his Mexican gold I am not going to give too much plot spoilers, you will have to read There was one emotionally tense moment on the island and after that they both stopped being stubborn and distant and finally confessed their love and loyalty to each other The ending was sweet the siblings, James and Honoria, reconcile and Christopher s sister Manda and James navigator, who we got to know since book one, Henderson, get together and have their own happy ending The epilogue was perfect and a great way to tie the three books together.The series as a whole was kind of average I liked book 2, than 1, than 3 This series isn t as good as her Shifter Unbound series, but if you are looking for books with pirates, then I recommend you first read Sabrina Jeffries book The Pirate Lord, then The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd by Paula Quinn, then The Captain of All Pleasures and The Price of Pleasure by Kresley Cole, then read this series Book 1 and 2 are worth reading Sorry this review got long.

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    This early historical romance by Jennifer Ashley definitely doesn t have the finesse of the later MacKenzies series, but it s diverting.Unfortunately it s the third or fourth in a series and I only read one of the earlier ones And that was a while ago I did get the feeling I was missing something Unfortunately these books are not available for Kindle they went on sale and I grabbed all that I could way back when and then they disappeared so I can t read The Pirate Hunter which I think might have helped me to enjoy this book from the start I ll be looking for it in the UBS because I am definitely curious about the back story of some of these characters.3.5 stars.

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    3.5 stars This was a very satisfying end to the Pirates books by Jennifer Ashley Christopher and Honoria s story was hot and emotional Torn apart for years, Honoria thinks her husband is dead She is getting married to someone else.But Christopher is not about to let his wife get away from him, she s his End of But he wants her to love him.We have pirates, buried treasure, missing crew, tragic backstories, lost love All together made a very pleasurable read Old friends were back from the previous two books while this story wrapped up the whole series.The Care and Feeding of Pirates was a great ending, to a very sweet and steamy pirate romance series.

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    I think I just read a string of truly excellent historical novels lately and this just didn t grab me I usually fly through these things and I kind ve picked through this one I think my main problem was that the h h were hot and heavy from page one I like my romances built up Jennifer Ashley is a good author and I m looking forward to Lady Isabella coming out this summer, so I have that to look forward to.

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    Re edited, polished re release of Care Feeding of Pirates A full length novel, 3rd in the Regency Pirates series.

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    I didn t think that I would like this book as much as the others but it is the best one of the series Honoria, Sister to James Ard, met, fell in love and gave herself to pirate Christopher Raine when she was younger Her brother hunter him, had him arrested and he was hung for being a pirate Four years after his death, Christopher returns to claim his wife Christopher s return from death is nothing short of miraculous He lived in hell for four years with only one thought in his mind Honoria Now that he s back to claim her, he learns that she is engaged to marry someone else So he does what he must to get her back This may or may not entail breaking and entering, a kidnapping, and fleeing on his pirate ship Then there s also the hunt for treasure, being chased by pirate hunter and Honoria s brother James and death by having the side of a mountain fall on you There was a lot of stuff happening in this book and it was fantastic New characters were introduced and paired up with old one and Christopher s got a sister, Manda, that is wonderfully different Yup, best book in the series I will read this one again.

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    Dit is het laatste deel van de 3 delen over piraten en over hoe ze als een blok vallen voor de voor hun juiste vrouw De 2 hoofdpersonen deden mij te veel denken aan een paar oversekste tieners , gelukkig zat er nog wel enige humor en vaart in het verhaal waardoor het toch leesbaar is.Thirth and last book about pirates and how they fall in love with the right woman The H h in this story reminded me a bit to much of lustfull teenagers , luckily there was some humor in this story and the pacing was good which made it readable.

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    A fun romp A little adventure which was nice.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, from the moment that I picked this up and looked at the cover I knew I was going to enjoy reading The Care And Feeding of Pirates I haven t had the chance to read many books from Jennifer Ashley but I have read the other books in the series in the past, and definitely looked forward to Honoria s story It starts out with Honoria imagining or thinking that she is imagining seeing her dead husband, Christopher Raine, who was hanged for pirating Four years previous, they spent one night together ironically the night before he was to be hanged and was married before she thought he had died Honoria desperately loved Christopher and a part of her died with him that day To the present day, no one knows of her marriage to Christopher apart from herself and she intends to keep it that way Until someone she leasts expects to show up in her life She is currently engaged to a respectable man, and although she knows she will never love or care for him as she had Christopher she knows she needs to get married However, Christopher shows up in her bedroom, upon which she demands answers from him The main question was how could he be alive after all these years Before she gets her answer though, her sister n law interrupts and is shocked to find that a woman she considers a sister is actually married to a man her husband and Honoria s brothers despises and is his enemy Christopher is on a search hunt for his sister whom he hasn t been able to find for years but thinks he is close to finding her Christopher takes Honoria along with him on the search Once they find her however, Honoria is duty bound to stay by her husband s side Although she knows the pain is too great to love him, the passion builds up between them again that is far too great to resist.I found this to be a story that I could laugh and cry and just let out a frustrating sigh with this pair Christopher and Honoria Despite their desire for one another, Christopher loves to order Honoria about and Honoria of course doesn t tolerate it well Honoria does everything she can to purely irritate him at first so he will want to get rid of her Honoria knew she could never truly live with a man she could never love So Christopher goes about his own alpha male way to show her true love once There were a few minor things that I disliked about the book, such as the way the dialogue was It just seemed to me to be so similar between Christopher and Honoria very similiar scenes for the most part However, this is such a truly adventurous read with witty come backs, passionate desire that will fog up the windows, and a adventure that will take you across great distances I fell in love with both of the characters as well as secondary characters Jennifer Ashley has truly written a magical story that will enter into your heart, and take you back in time with pirates, and hunting for treasure and a true love that conquers all Its definitely one I wouldn t want to miss out on reading