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5 stars.Laugh out loud, enriching, intelligent, gorgeous and smoldering read I adored Jennifer Ashley s Mackenzie series or what I ve read of it anyway , and this little gem is right up there with the Mackenzie boys. Entertaining and sometimes amusing Not as wonderful as I expected considering I usually love Jennifer Ashley s books There was a lot going on in this first book, which is understandable when trying to introduce lots of characters that will feature in the later books I liked Alexandra, although if she were my friend I d lock her up for her own good I never found myself lusting after the hero or the villain That alone made the book deficient in my opinion I need to be able to have a hot lusting sessions as I read about the hero anti hero My one biggest complaint the iTunes ebook covers They were god awful Ugliest damn things I have ever seen This may have impacted my opinion of the book Every time I had to look at the cover I cringed The old adage never judge a book by the cover could have easily been applied here I could have judged this book by the awful cover and passed it by, missing out on pretty decent entertainment Glad I moved on passed the cover. So sue me This one gets three stars because the adventure part was great, despite the fact that I thought the heroine was an idiot And annoying And such a saint she made me sick So here s the story Alexandra Alastair was married once, unhappily She s thinking of marrying again and has, with the help of a friend, mustered up a list of eligible men who might suit She s thinking of adding her extremely hot new neighbor, Viscount Stoke, when, through her open window, she hears a man threatening to kill him She gathers her staff and hastens to the rescue, and thus makes herself a party of interest in the intrigues surrounding Grayson Finley the said viscount Who was once a pirate.Unfortunately, Grayson has lots of enemies and for various reasons they all find Alexandra fascinating and useful For some reason they all seem bent on changing her from a respectable widow with a number of highly placed suitors to being the object of gossip, scorn, and offensive advances from all the wrong people It s not a bad story but there were many, many moments when I wanted to yell at one orof the characters, particularly the heroine Alexandra was ladylike to a TSTL extreme She s forcibly kissed in a context that could ruin her among her peers The perpetrator of that kiss approaches her later and claims he s really really sorry, and she politely accepts his apology and permits him to escort her out to meet her coach, only to have him drug her and abduct her He carries her to his master, the creepy Captain Ard who helps gain the story a star because I hated himthan any villain I ve seen in a good long while which becomes a problem in the next book Anyway, maybe the reader is supposed to accept that the heroine makes idiotic comments because she was drugged, or maybe finishing school addled whatever brains she had because most of her stupid comments are stupid because of their completely inappropriate politeness For example she scolds the villain for being rude because he failed to introduce her to his whore apparently THAT was worse etiquette than abducting her Bizarrely, he finds her scolding admirable and decides then and there that he just HAS to have her When his henchman the one who kissed and then drugged and abducted her approaches her AGAIN and apologizes AGAIN, she is once again very polite, even to taking tea with him and inviting him to her soiree tho she does turn down his marriage proposal Really, just reading this again I want to And believe it or not, it actually gets worse view spoiler Near the climactic moment, the uber villain forces her to strip while he and another man watch and then drags her out, naked and in chains, before the crews of three ships so he can use her to taunt Grayson Even after this she s still finding reasons to absolve this creep and feel sorry for his angst hide spoiler Ashley s style has definitely matured since her pirate series These are fun, implausible and a little bit clunky, but I can t help but give her props for making me believe the characters belong together although, like Perils of the Heart, I felt like we skipped over some of the getting to know you stage and keeping me interested in the outcome of the story.No, you re not going to find the same masterful story telling as you ll find in the MacKenzie series, but these are better than a lot of new HRs coming out And better than some of the most recent offerings of my tried and true faves Items of note 1 The hero is blond which is refreshing, 2 the heroine is reminiscent of many of Julie Garwood s leading ladies, 3 I think one of the villains might be set to lead a subsequent book and I m not sure I can forgive him I guess I ll have to read and find out This is a cute, quick read, and it s one of Ashley s backlist that I snagged for 2.99 for my Kindle If it doesn t quite reach to the four stars I gave it, it s defintiely a 3.75 D Mystery.IntrigueConspiraciesAbductionsRomance.SexSsssssWASHbuckling Actually, there is a decided lack of swashbuckling I would have been happy with just a bitswashbuckling Not to mention a bit less harping fromdamn it, what s her name Alexandra Yes, Alexandra is a bit of a nag, and Grayson is a bit of a bore, but that wouldn t be such an issue if this weren t supposedly about a pirate Or, rather, a former pirate Either way Yes, Grayson is roguish and charming and irreverent, and Alexandra is a smart mouthed, feisty heroine, but her stubborn desire to cling to all things proper had me wanting to stab her in the back of the neck I guess I don t fully understand this pervasive fantasy about a wicked wild man shaking up some doddering, old beyond her years widow I don t get it Are there really so many women out there who feel that most women are proper and reserved and far too sedate And why would a former pirate be at all attracted to someone like that I guess the contrasts would be sharp I suppose Oh, listen to me babbling on Honestly, I sound a bit like this book which, did I mention, seemed to take forfuckingever to finish It s too long Too long and too dull and I just couldn t bring myself to really care about what happened because I just wanted it to end That being saidsome decent steam, and hey, at least a pretense at pirates Still, I enjoyed the villain most of all But then, I think I might be a bit twisted. 3.5 stars.I love a good pirate book, a bit of swash buckling, scally wagging, kidnapping and romance on the high seas I wanted all that from this book and only got a bit Grayson Finley wasn t piratey enough for me Fair enough, he had reasons for that But I sort of wanted to see that bad boy in action This was still a really great romance and I thorougly enjoyed it In fact I am off to read the next in the series I believe James Arda will give me what I am after Afterall he is a very bad boy D Dit is een volkomen idioot verhaal eigenlijk maar het is met zo veel enthousiasme en humor geschreven dat het toch wel weer leuk is Op de een of andere manier kreeg ik tijdens het lezen vaak gedachten over een puppy die iedereen inclusief de slechterik blij kwispelend in het gezicht likt.This is a completely idiotical story really but it s written with such enthusiasm and humor that it is a nice read anyway Somehow during reading I got thoughts in my head about a puppy who while happily wagging it s tail liks everybody including the villain in the face. , , . Mayfair, London,Alexandra Alastair, A Respectable Young English Widow, Wonders If She Dare Add The New Viscount Who S Moved In Next Door To Her List Of Potential Husbands He Certainly Doesn T Look Like The Gentlemen On Her List Grayson Finley, Viscount Stoke, Is Tall And Sun Bronzed, Muscular And Blue Eyed He Wears Dress So Casual As To Be Unclothed Long Coats, Leather Breeches, Shirts Without Collar Or Cravat, And He Carries Pistols Wherever He Goes The Men Who Attend Him Are Just As Strange, Exotic Looking, Even And The Way Grayson Smiles At Alexandra Whenever They Pass In The Street Sinful, Blood Warming Turns Her Inside OutIn The Middle Of The Night Alexandra Hears Shouting Coming From The House Next Door, And The Viscount S Life Being Threatened She Rushes Over Just In Time To Save Grayson From Being Hanged By His Greatest Enemy, His Former Best FriendThus Is Alexandra Pulled Into The Adventures Of Grayson Finley, Former Pirate And Terror Of The Seas Grayson Has Made A Bargain With The Devil In The Form Of The Pirate Hunter, James Ard , In Order To Ensure The Safety Of His Daughter He Ll Do Anything To Keep Her Safe, But When Alexandra Saves His Life, He Looks Into Her Eyes The Color Of Water And Starts To Drown I love Jennifer Ashley s books Having exhausted the Mackenzie brothers and, now that I think about it, doesn t that sound like fun , I ve turned to her Regency Pirates trilogy, first published in 2003 2005, which she is in the process of reworking and issuing as ebooks Right now, The Pirate Next Door is the only one available, but The Pirate Hunter and The Care Feeding Of Pirates are due out in May and June respectively.So much happens that I won t even attempt a synopsis, but this book is funny, exciting, romantic, and touching I eagerly await the next two installments.