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Lavish Wealth And Appalling Poverty Live Side By Side In Victorian London And Edward Pierce Easily Navigates Both Worlds Rich, Handsome, And Ingenious, He Charms The City S Most Prominent Citizens Even As He Plots The Crime Of His Century, The Daring Theft Of A Fortune In Gold But Even Pierce Could Not Predict The Consequences Of An Extraordinary Robbery That Targets The Pride Of England S Industrial Era The Mighty Steam Locomotive Based On Remarkable Fact, And Alive With The Gripping Suspense, Surprise, And Authenticity That Are His Trademarks, Michael Crichton S Classic Adventure Is A Breathtaking Thrill Ride That Races Along Tracks Of Steel At Breakneck Speed

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    In the very proper Victorian days of the British Empire, a shocking event caused much consternation, eventually called, The Great Train Robbery of 1855, the newspapers are stunned imagine such a crime in this civilized age Gold bullion was stolen, from the luggage compartment and the guaranteed, tamper proof safes, were not of the south bound iron horse, from London which was meant to arrive on the English coast, put in a ship for France, and later given to the brave soldiers in the British Army, fighting the Russians during the Crimean campaign They were opened by the officials in France, but surprise it did not get there, why A Mr Edward Pierce the reason, a handsome, charming gentleman, well almost, the mastermind of this dastardly crime caused the theft, along with his helpers, Robert Agar an expert at making wax impressions of keys, the copies to open the two safes containing the gold bars, Barlow a former thug, Pierce s servant, carriage driver, and muscleman, he can and does the dirty work Miss Miriam, Edward s pretty mistress, she will keep men distracted, Burgess the train guard, who is being paid not to see too well and Clean Willy, a chimney sweep in the past but is now the best around at breaking into buildings His quite small frame can squeeze through any window or hole, weighs just a tiny sixty eight pounds, not afraid of walking on roofs, to seek entrance, he s done it all , in his short life But Mr Willy is in Newgate prison, however an escape plan has been conceived , with the perfect distraction the hanging of a notorious ax murderess, a bloodthirsty crowd of 20,000 people, are expected to watch the public execution This was Mr Pierce s second attempt, the other one did not work according to his designs, Spring Heel Jack, love those underworld nicknames was caught trying to steal the gold, and thrown off the train by a guard , yes by Mr Burgess things change , breaking the neck of the young pickpocket, the locomotive was traveling fifty miles a hour Edward needs information, he becomes friends with the bankers who have the keys, Henry Fowler at a gentlemen s party, discloses the safeguards against any threats to the gold, in fact boasts about them, Mr Pierce is very interested He romances the plain looking daughter Elizabeth of the bank president, Mr Edward Trent for information, the lady is becoming a burden, to the anxious father, she s twenty nine A nervous finale of the robbery, a man insanely jumping on top of the fast moving train, from section to section, Mr Pierce needs to open the compartment door where the gold is, Agar, is already hidden inside, awaits While Edward Pierce is precariously dangling on the side, only a rope to keep him alive It will take courage or stupidity to succeed Michael Crichton s novel , based on a true story is a great read, fun, entertaining, a good book one can enjoy, without any serious messages, only recollections of pleasant memories What could be better

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    In Victorian London, can Edward Pierce and his cronies pull off a train heist and get away with a fortune in gold bullion Like quite a few of my reads over the years, this book appeared on my radar courtesy of Kemper We were discussing the Breaking Bad episode Dead Freight and he asked if I d ever read The Great Train Robbery I said I hadn t and promptly forgot about it for a couple years until I ran across the Great Train Robbery in the local used bookstore.The Great Train Robbery is a gripping heist novel set in the 1850 s Crichton doesn t skimp on the Victoriana, either The social climate and attitudes of the time are in full force, as is Victorian criminal slang Critchton throws the reader into the deep end with his talk of bone lays, twirls, drums, and gammons.As with most capers, the joy is in the planning and watching Pierce deal with getting key impressions, ferreting out key impressions, and dealing with setbacks along the way Pierce proved to be quite a cracksman and would make Richard Stark s Parker smile with admiration, if such a thing were possible.The way Crichton tells the story is masterful, alternating the story as it occurred with newspaper clippings from after the caper went off and the subsequent trial It was excellent way to misdirect readers such as me I thought I had things pegged pretty early on but Crichton surprised me at the end.If I had to justify not giving this a five, I would mention that the characters were a bit weak, Pierce included However, the story is entitled The Great Train Robbery, not An Examination of the Psyche of a Train Robber so some slack must be cut.Four stars Now I want to track down the movie version starring Donald Sutherland and Sean Connery.

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    Do you like Jigsaw puzzles Imagine you are solving one we ll start with hundreds of tiny pieces and a picture of the finished puzzle as the reference That means we know where the puzzle is leading us, but we are not sure how all these tiny pieces are going to come together to form the big picture The Great Train Robbery by Micheal Crichton is a similar affair In the initial pages itself, Crichton reveals where we are going The Train robbery of 1855 was a success They stole 2.5 million pounds in today s value and the culprits were apprehended in later years But how did they pull it off Meet the Rogues Robert Agar, the locks specialist, Barlow, the muscle, Clean Willy, the escape artist, Miriam, the actress and Edward Pierce, the master thief Without a doubt, Edward Pierce is the fascinating character in this story He is a unique because of his spectacular planning skills and his ability to navigate both criminal class and upper class with absolute ease In the introduction, Crichton wrote a line on criminals in general Criminals are not limited in intelligence, and it is probable that the reverse is true Undoubtedly, Crichton wrote those lines with Pierce in his mind.While we are at it, let s talk about Michael Crichton s writing style It s incredible He paints a unique version of 19th century London with help of wonderful facts He entwines the realities of living conditions, criminal landscape, popular laws and incidents of that era with the central plot to create a special narrative style It actually reminded me of his first novel he wrote As Crichton , The Andromeda Strain which uses similar style along with foreshadowing Incidentally, The Andromeda Strain is my personal favorite in Crichton novels Remember Chaos theory Even though no butterfly created tornadoes here, there were many spectacular points in the narrative where an incident happened in Australia or India indirectly affected the story tremendously That s another reason to love Crichton here He researched those incidents and made fictionalized these connections to the story.After finishing the novel, I took some time to read the actual story behind the Train robbery I wanted to know how much of this historical fiction was history and how much was fiction I was a bit disappointed and astonished with the result I was disappointed because most of the story was fictionalized At the same time, I was astonished by the fact that Crichton invented most of the planning in this tale by himself Nevertheless, the actual crime and the fictionalized version are the prime examples of a classical theft at its best A theft where planning, patience and the sheer amount of balls are involved.100 KG of lead balls shots to be exact.Recommended.

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    The book came highly recommended to me by Jaya, Tarinee, and Smitha There must be something special about this book that they ve such high regards fof this book So I put all other books on my current read shelf on hold and started reading this And I am so glad that I read it This book is a perfect blend of historical fiction, crime, and heist.As the title suggests, it is about a train robbery But once you start reading, you find that it is much than that It tell us about the culture, law, politics, society, and industrial revolution and its effect of Britain of that time Story revolves around Edward Pierce and how he successfully excutes this robbery Though robbery came much later in the story, it was a real delight to read how Pierce picked his cronies and planned the heist He too great care with every minute detail of his delight I loved specially the scenes where he takes the impression of keys.Michael Crichton s story telling is top class It captured my attention right from chapter one I could not put it down until I read the last page Highly recommended to everyone Once again many thanks to Jaya, Tarinee, and Smitha for recommending this gem to me.

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    This one was a a really great and exciting read I had picked it out from my library without knowing how good it really is Initially I even thought if the book is fiction or true crime.Reviewing this book is a bit of a challenge as I don t want to include any spoilers and mar the joy of reading this novel.As the name suggests, the novel is about a daring train robbery and it was carried out during the Victorian era in London At that time, the railways were seen as the symbol of progress and technological advancement.What I really liked about the book was the atmosphere and setting The author has used the Victorian period to his great advantage Instead of just focussing on the crime, Crichton has portrayed the period in such a fascinating and often humorous way that it increased the appeal of the story The story is replete with anecdotes of that era and the narrative encompasses the various aspects of the Victorian society the story of the haves and have nots, the idiosyncracies, the underworld and categories of criminals, the stark contrast of wealth poverty, the hypocrisies of the gentleman, popularity of illegal sports such as boxing and dog sports, the nascent police system and so on Important historical events such as the Crimean War, the Great Revolt of 1857 which historians of the West call the Sepoy Mutiny are also present in the story.The mastermind, Edward Pierce if that is his real name is the quintessential evil genius He has the bearing, manners and charm of a gentleman but he is the master manipulator the way he would enter the lives of unwitting pawns, how ruthlessly he used people, his meticulous planning, his command over accents of different classes, the way he would misdirect the Scotland Yard, the various contingency plans everything is so exciting The pains and dangers of carrying out the various stages of the heist and the actual commission of the crime are excellent Pierce s other accomplices are no less fascinating.The ending was excellent also.The only flaw with the novel might be that the victims and the Scotland Yard people were shown to be too naive and trusting.Though Crichton is famous for his science fiction novels, his works in other genres are equally good I would recommend this book to annyone who likes a good heist novel and to those who like crime stories set in the Victorian era.

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    If I am capable of guilt when it comes to my literary tastes The Great Train Robbery could be a guilty pleasure, but how can a man who did his honours thesis on Michael Crichton s The Great Train Robbery feel any guilt over loving The Great Train Robbery He can t And I don t.It is an exemplar of what I call cinematic writing novel length prose that the author ultimately intends for the screen The characters are skill based and maleable sometimes even interchangeable , the chase either figurative or literal is all important, and the skeletal structure of the plot is all about the goal As long as the goal remains the same, the pieces that get the writer filmmaker there can alter to suit mood, economics, aesthetics or any other pragmatic concern without harming the spirit of the tale I used The Great Train Robbery in my thesis because it was the one book that Michael Crichton directed himself He wrote the novel, wrote the screenplay, cast the main characters, and made all the alterations that moved his story from one medium to another The novels that followed The Great Train Robbery continued to embrace the cinema in their conception, but The Great Train Robbery was the finest expression of Crichton s love for the screen because even he, the author, had to make changes to take his novel to the screen.For anyone who loves cinema and novels, for anyone who loves screenwriting, for anyone who loves screen adaptation, both manifestations of The Great Train Robbery are essential texts And how can you beat the teaming of Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland And how can you beat the teaming of Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland You can t not even with Harrison Ford or Elliot Gould Track down the movie, re read the book, and appreciate them both for what Crichton was trying to do.

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    Reasons why I implore you to check out this book The Setting The 1850 s, Victorian England Rich, colourful and detailed, this is one of the most dynamic periods of English history, forever loved by readers both young and old It was a world of contradictions beneath the aforementioned richness, lay the pall of poverty, sickness, prostitution and death, harboured by the ongoing Industrial Revolution The author, Michael Chrichton flits so seamlessly between the two, that it creates a wonderfully vivid picture The Plot Like another fellow reviewer so correctly said I could not have put it better , imagine Oceans Eleven in Victorian England, and you will get the plot Edward Pierce, a charismatic cracksman , or master thief, plans a heist to steal a shipment of twelve thousand pounds being transported on a train from London for the Crimean War The novel, written mainly with the help of court proceedings It is based on a TRUE incident talks about how he brought his plans into execution.The Protagonist The anti hero is so drool worthy that I actually fell in love with him Yes, he s your typical bad boy He uses people for his needs, pretends to be in love with a rich lady with an ulterior motive, and even engages in stealing the government gold But inspite of all that, he has a spark His unabashed love for the thrill of flirting with danger makes him quite a thinking woman s sex symbol.The Structure The book is divided into 5 parts Preparations The Keys Delays and Difficulties The Great Train Robbery Arrest and TrialWith short chapters which is great as you can leave at any time, though you d never feel like instead, they d make you feel like reading just one before you go, which will end up making you read the full thing in a couple of sittings , Crichton does a marvelous job of describing the incidents along with providing a very interesting social and criminal commentary on the Victorian Age Fast paced, and very gripping, this book is a perfect read for those long train journeys.The Ending I have hardly ever come across such a stylish book ending I only wish that the heist had taken place a good 40 years later, so that Dr Watson might have been able to chronicle Mr Holmes reactions to the matter I would love to see a battle of brains between the enigmatic detective who I m sure Scotland Yard would have approached, with the case and the smartest criminal of the Victorian Era.Wait Am I actually blurring the line between facts and fiction Never mind, that s what stories are for anyway.Off I go, for another great read You my dear reader, by the way, do give this book a chance and experience the thrill for yourself

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    This is the book which introduced me to Michael Crichton, and his inimitable way of mixing fact and fiction so that the borders are blurred, like shading is done in watercolour paintings I loved it enough to read almost all of his remaining works.As some critic once said Michael Crichton is too serious to be considered a popular writer, and too popular to be considered serious Spot on.

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    3 10I was not expecting this to be written as a factual book with a little bit of dramatisation thrown in to cover the unknown parts of the history It didn t work for me in the slightest The large info dumps were scattered throughout, pretty much every chapter starts with them and then almost as an afterthought parts with characters added in I started skimming this about 100 pages in, if this was any larger I d have quit on it at that point I d feel bad for DNF ing two books in a row too The characters were bland and not well drawn out but I guess they barely had any time to be drawn out as I was too busy learning about hinges and shit for a safe about 150 years old Fun times.The climatic ending was never so, from the introduction we learn the outcome of the heist albeit a small surprise at the end But at that point no flying shits were given In summation, this guy should stick with dinosaurs.

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    Do you like a well written historical fiction Do you like a brilliant edge of seat crime thriller where you encounter twists with the turn of each page Do you cherish a book with an intelligent,vicious and meticulous yet manipulative , cunning and ruthless anti hero whose plannings layers are so brilliant and detailed that he can easily give Scotland yard a run for their money Do you enjoy Victorian England as the setup of your story An England of two parallel civilization of obvious contradiction A rich, colorful and cultured England ridding high on the success of industrial revolution but beneath it thriving a mass poverty stricken ,corrupt and morally ambiguous.Does the detailed chronicle of study of a criminal mind why ,how ,when of a crime committed appeals to your fantasy of playing Sherlock Poirot Do you like a book with a fine gripping story penned down by one of the finest bestselling author at the peak of his story telling ability Trust me if yes is your answer for at least one of the above questions The Great Train Robbery should be the book in your soon to be read list.If yes is your answer to than one question but not all ,then this book should be the next thing you read after finishing what ever you are reading now.And if your answer is yes to all the questions above ,dear friend ,put a page marker on what ever you are reading currently and grab a copy of this book and start reading D D