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Classic novellas never before published stories essays on the history literature and films of Halloween and real life memories of October 31st from today's best practitioners of fearDean Koontz Peter Straub Poppy Z Brite Rick Hautala Steve Rasnic Tem Elizabeth Engstrom Thomas Ligotti Gary A Braunbeck Jack Ketchum Thomas F Monteleone Hugh B Cave Simon Clark Christopher Golden Ray Bradbury Jack Ketchum Alan M Clark Gahan Wilson Paula Guran John Shirley Tom Piccirilli Jack Cady David B Silva Robert Morrish William F Nolan Michael Cadnum Richard Laymon Douglas Clegg Douglas E Winter Stanley Wiater Caitlín R Kiernan Lewis Shiner Yvonne Navarro Tim Lebbon Kim Newman F Paul Wilson Owl Goingback Dennis Etchison Stephen Mark Rainey Charles L Grant Kelly Laymon Dominick Cancilla Kristine Kathryn Rusch Michael Marshall Smith Wayne Allen Sallee Ramsey Campbell Ed Gorman Stefan Dziemianowicz Peter Crowther

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    In some manner my literary musical and aesthetic sensibilities transmogrify with the season Once the autumnal gods blow forth the cool air carrying with it their fragrances of dry leaves patchouli apple spice and the harvest and pumpkins begin to grace doorsteps the numinous in me is sustained by clichéd images of chilling awe; graveyards with or without decayed hands rising there from howling wolves silhouetted by full moons implied malevolent cackling of jack O’ lanterns as well as expectedly evocative music like Toccata and Fugue Swan Lake Op 20 even The Monster Mash or the Misfits my life is unabashedly enraptured by the nostalgia of manufactured fright I eat candy corn I watch horror movies and Hocus Pocus and of course I read material that will ensure the fond memories persist until a headstone of my own may contribute to the moon lit October backdrop of someone else's dreadful delights This will be an intermittently written review throughout the month I will try to review the stories and celebratory Halloween recollections of this collection as I read them Until then Bruce Campbell and I would like to wish you a wonderfully macabre October The Black Pumpkin by Dean KoontzIt's not difficult to revel in the hokey nature of a story about an accursed jack O' lantern purchased from a creepy old pumpkin carver that wreaks havoc on a family apparently in the name of justice because as we all know you get what you give which was reiterated I think one hundred and forty two times in its 29 pages The story of course is by the poor man's Stephen King and it is not the least bit genuinely frightening but tell it to your children as an October bedtime story and you'll probably awaken to their screams at midnight than once A Moonlit Night with Rats by Elizabeth EngstromI can't recall the precise year I decided I was too old for Trick or Treating and I don't know why I can't remember I don't know if I thought it was stupid or I was too cool for it or if I abandoned it with some melancholy Whatever the case I miss it now I retrospectively regret the hanging out aspect of Halloween in the teenage years because I was miserable trying to behave as if it were no big deal But like Elizabeth here who tells of her 13 year old and thus too old for kiddy Halloween fun story of getting abandoned in a dump by her brothers as a prank I managed or learned how to add to the array of Halloween memories as I was living each year's experiences perhaps with some imagined magic as Elizabeth fondly summons The dump had a certain majesty in the Halloween moonlight Lantern Marsh by Poppy Z BriteI can relate to this one albeit on a significantly lesser scale and with no intentions of retaliation or vengeance on my part There is this house a couple blocks away from mine and ever since I moved in I would walk by it when I took my dogs for walks because there was a tree right in front of the house that obstructed a view of the front door as well as most of the porch The tree was dark like a Goya It begged to be garnished with creepy and horrible things and ideally would be home to an unsettlingly glowing eyed owl when all but a few leaves had fallen The owl would glare at me eyes impossibly luminescent everything silent save for the clanging of my dogs’ leashes and a sputtering hoo hoo to give me additional to the weather chills I would be unable to discern if it served as a threat or a warning I would continue walking the owl’s eyes transfixed on me until I attained a distance outside of its field of vision which may have been a distance that didn’t exist I would stand across the street staring at this magnificent natural inspiration of terror as if the thing existed for me The gentleman who dwelled inside the house merely a maintenance man for what had been mine to discover But as if it were all a ploy a conspiracy to uproot my wonder the tree has since been subjected to the same It is no longer there to send me along my autumnal moonlit strolls with frights of fancy Like Noel in this tale who watched the lanterns glow over the marsh “as if they were his own personal light show” it seemed particularly significant on Halloween However unlike Noel the obsession that consumed him understandably was going to be taken away by corporate sprawl The marsh was purchased and now bore a sign declaring it to be the future sight of Marshwood Mall in that typically ironic tradition of naming developments in faux honor of what was destroyed to make it Noel did not stand for this nor did the lanterns There is no comparison in egregiousness between the story and my own example but I miss that tree Nicknames A Hallowe’en Reminiscence by Rick HautalaComing off at first like an old curmudgeon which I am fast becoming it was interesting to hear a true account of an incident of unstable town drunks threatening kids for causing some mischief on mischief night It sounds scary I’ve been physically threatened by cadres of belligerents before Rick says that such memories as these of the very few that he remembers ostensibly propels him to write the stories he writes as an attempt to ‘bring it all back A Condemned Man by Steve Rasnic TemImagine with me if you will after all these store bought lower than pajama uality with food container uality plastic half masks and just a shoe lace uality string keeping them loosely strapped to their heads; after several of the same consumerist corporation dictated costumes of to be culturally relevant Avengers Angry Birds Cheerleaders and Disney Princesses something shows up on your doorstep wearing a pillowcase over his head and twined rope tied in a noose around his neck You ask him what he is supposed to be and he responds ‘a condemned man’ I love the outsider kids Conversations in Dead Language by Thomas LigottiSome stories in anthologies are doomed to be forgotten going unnoticed if the pages were cleanly ripped out page numbers notwithstanding; it’s to be expected What is not to be expected is for one of said forgettable stories to be written by such a highly regarded terrorizing artist Ligotti is an underground horror titan but if the best he can do to honor Halloween is a vaguely supernatural murder mystery after vaguely supernatural things occur every Halloween count me not among the aficionados Some terror tellers are prosperous with novels than short tales I hope this is the case for Ligotti otherwise I may not fit in with my underground cretins My Favorite Halloween Memory by Gary A Braunbeck Being chastised and cast out of class by nuns for having an Alice Cooper varnish stained on my face only for it to be vindicated by a hip note that this is 1974 priest who would provide a cool guy thumbs up and mutter Under My Wheels kicks ass would probably lead me to the conclusion at 17 that God dug Halloween as well My Favorite Halloween Memory by Jack KetchumAnother two pager which hardly merits a synopsis of any kind but the idea of coupling treats with philosophical uotes is pretty damn good Kudos Mr hippy Ketchum of the early 70’s Yesterday’s Child by Thomas F Monteleone Despite the fact that memories are mostly false they are a large part of what makes us us They manifest later as regrets often as dreams of the past self one of many all different from the many of which we are composed now linger on a synapse in a desperate attempt to grasp onto a formative apparition which by definition will be elusive forever Mistakes are not so much mistakes as a different self disagreeing with a former self about a decision course or commitment which that particular former self engaged in Occasionally I see myself when I wasn’t me in my homemade dragon costume on an impossible night of purplish autumn idealism marching and breathing fire on events that will not have occurred until I have the capacity to realize that I didn’t want to set that fire after all At least not the dominant me now Zombies by Hugh B CaveCave lived in Haiti for a few years and was taken to a ‘zombie farm’ There is a poison powder that can be administered to people which causes them to exhibit all the symptoms of death That person is then buried dug up again and provided with a restorative drug but can then be commanded like a slave Similar to the exposition of the book The Serpent and the Rainbow by the ethnobotanist? Wade Davis these mind altering or perhaps appropriately labeled mind deadening drugs are ostensibly real and used for rather sinister purposes How much of it is Haitian legend I cannot say nor could Cave but it lead him to write a story which he plugged and for which he provided a synopsis and conclusion I suppose I don’t need to read it now Oh and his visit took place on Halloween so it’s not just because of the zombies that it is contained in this anthology The Whitby Experience by Simon ClarkImpressive tale of oceanic terror; one of my favorite brands of terror I will merely issue a recommendation of this story along with my favorite somewhat Bradburian paragraph‘Through the glass she heard the soulful call of the foghorn Being a city dweller the sound was alien to her; gravely mournful too She couldn’t escape the notion that she heard some primeval creature that lay dying on the shore as it called to its long lost mate This perfectly describes how I feel sitting on the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth Minnesota not uite oceanic but still and hearing the horns bellow as I stare out into that other world the sea and imagine the ancient undiscovered creatures that dwell beneath surfacing for a moment to issue a resounding somber call with my personal wonderment being the sole beneficiary Halloween Memories by Christopher GoldenWon’t be the last reminiscence in this collection to feature an enviable neighborhood house with its own haunted lore In Between A Halloween Poem by Ray BradburyAttic or basement For Hallowed placementNo substitutes For Bradburian youthNo family smilesWhich October revilesNo warm mealsOnly darkness revealsThe wonderful terrorThat we can all shareI know what you mean Mr Bradbury Gone by Jack KetchumA night of boredom on Halloween reveals a past tragedy of a kidnapped child one of many recurring themes in this anthology and only one less than considerate comment to throw a woman into a grief stricken violent rampage against the only trick or treaters she receives for the evening Ketchum knows that sadness is an inherent component of terror That Smell in the Air by Alan M ClarkThis title is probably the most important part of the story There’s nothing like closing your eyes on an October evening and letting the scent enter you like a possessive spirit Clark is the kind of dreamer who lives in Halloween land all year round; the type of guy who becomes a special effects guy for monster movies When you can’t let go of the Halloween spirit; if it has its blissful barbs embedded in you even after that smell in the air dissipates; why not cook St Patrick’s Day dinner painted up as the wolfman? Yesterday’s Witch by Gahan WilsonWhy couldn’t I have grown up on a street where a witch was alleged to have lived? I needn’t fret about such things now not only because I am well past childhood but also because witches are nonsense and I shouldn’t waste any mental capacity wishing they were real I can’t even bring myself to sputter out some lame pronouncement such as I believe in witches one day out of the year It doesn’t make any sense but I used to be impressed by magic tricks involving coins I know better now but if a good intentioned curmudgeon who lived in a moldy grimed over windowed house could have pulled something over on me such as turn my treat sack into a breathing creature that caused me to drop it and run screaming I would be grateful still especially grateful in fact knowing it couldn’t have been real I would love that witch forever A Short History of Halloween by Paula GuranHere is a concise piece of which I am sure plenty of books share the same subject in addition to some History Channel specials We all know the key vocabulary to utilize in a discussion about the origins and evolution of Halloween All Hallows’ Eve saints’ day Samhain Druidic Celtic primal fears of death but there are some cool facts about the history that I wasn’t aware of or that I forget year after year For instance Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on Wittenberg Castle Church on the 31st of October in 1517 and the subseuent reformation saw that the observance of saints’ day was expunged and mostly lead to the destruction of celebrations in Europe As for me there are no superstitions interspersed with my love for the season or that ‘hallowed’ night at least not any and am content with the opportunity to confront and mock death It’s false power but the absurdity of life only enhances the sensation The Last Halloween by Poppy Z Brite“If you’re reading this book odds are you’ve also read Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree and I certainly can’t top his descriptions so I won’t even try –but that’s how it was” There is much pride to be felt in being a what I will deem Halloween geek which often goes hand in hand with being a horror geek and we all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the late Halloween prophet Bradbury Mask Game by John ShirleyA family is forced to relive brutal secrets from their past as a mysteriously familiar stranger shows up on Halloween night to play a game involving wearing masks of their younger selves Do you ever conjure the setting of a story you’re reading from some arbitrary place from your past? This story for me took place in the living room of my former babysitter’sneighbor’s house and I somehow felt like I was watching it all first person through the window from outside in my costume just wanting some candy It was spooky that this was happening right next door to me and that I was so young while reading this tale Criswell Conuers the Alien Elvis ‘Nappers by Tom PiccirilliSometimes I think I’d like to be a paranormal investigator Not like those ubiuitous mooks on those faux reality shows who go in with advanced euipment and instruments none of which are made for detecting supernatural entities and an already affixed mindset of ‘ghosts are here and we need to find them’ No I mean real investigators who seek real answers for strange goings on like Joe Nickel Then I could get my frightful kicks and simultaneously work at debunking nonsense Joe Nickel debunked the alleged Mackenzie House haunting and revealed The Amityville hoax Tom Piccirilli went to the Overlook Hotel in Estes Park which is of course the setting for The Shining and which ostensibly has some actual haunted legends attached to it I think we have a responsibility to seek the truth in any situation and the whiners who claim that real investigators and debunkers are merely ruining the fun and destroying mystery and wonder it seems to me can’t see what Richard Dawkins has called The Magic of Reality This is how my rationalism and my sense of wonder come together in this splendid way 1942 by Jack CadyAnother local witch legend of which to be enviousTO BE CONTINUED Out of the Dark by David B Silva Pumpkins and Circumstance Robert Morrish Heavy Set by Ray Bradbury Year of the Witch by William F Nolan Where Juliet Went A Halloween Memory by Michael Cadnum Boo by Richard Laymon A Halloween Memory Age Four Hawaii 1961 by Douglas Clegg Fellini and Halloween by Ray Bradbury Masks by Douglas E Winter My Favorite Halloween Memory by Stanley Wiater A Redress for Andromeda by Caitlin R Kiernan The Santa of Halloween by Richard Laymon The Circle by Lewis Shiner “First of All It was October” An Overview of Halloween Films by Gary A Braunbeck Halloween Dreams by Yvonne Navarro Pay the Ghost by Tim Lebbon Halloween 25 by Kim Newman Buckets by F Paul Wilson My favorite Halloween memory by Owl Goingback Needles and Razor Blades by Dennis Etchison Orchestra by Stephen Mark Rainey Halloween Companion Piece by David B Silva Eyes by Charles L Grant Ugh Good Grief RIP Pepe Charlie Brown By Kelly Laymon My Favorite Halloween Memory by Simon Clark Deathmask by Dominick Cancilla Halloween Frights by Kristine Kathryn Rusch Some Witch's Bed by Michael Marshall Smith Cyanide and Pixie Stix by Wayne Allen Sallee The Trick by Ramsey Campbell October by Ed Gorman Porkpie Hat by Peter Straub Trick Or Read A Reader's Guide to Halloween Fiction by Stefan Dziemianowicz A Halloween Memory by Peter Crowther

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    This is a huge anthology celebrating the spookiest night of the yearHalloween I really wanted to love this collection but a lot of the stories just aren't that memorable Still it's worth the effort to pick and choose

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    A Celebration of Halloween edited by Richard Chizmar Robert Morrish is a collection of new and previously published short stories novellas and true life memories taking place on Halloween Included is a brief and interesting history of Halloween and guides to Halloween film and fiction all written by some of my favorite horror and dark fantasy writersI’ve been working at this one for over a month and not due to disinterest either This sucker is HUGE and its anthology format makes it the perfect book to pick up and put down whenever the mood strikes I feared I’d overdose on Halloween stories if I read a big chunk of it in one sitting so I’ve been savoring it Fortunately the stories were for the most part strikingly different Since the list of stories alone is three pages long a blow by blow synopsis of them by me simply isn’t going to happen Instead I’ll do my best to highlight the stories that lingered in my memory for one reason or another Most of the stories range from good to excellent but there were a small handful that bored me enough to give up halfway through The tone of the stories runs the gamut from mournfully sad to laugh out loud funny but the thing that the majority of these stories have in common is the lack of gore and sex and the reliance on atmosphere and good old fashioned storytelling to chill the bones Here goesDean Koontz story “The Black Pumpkin” begins this tome and is a creepy little tale about a decent and good little boy and his Eeeevil big bully of a brother The two come across a spooky old man who has a talent for carving pumpkins into malevolent creations Big brother picks out the ugliest scariest pumpkin in the bunch and brings home much than a spooky pumpkin This story is a spooky ooky but not terribly original tale about bad folks getting their comeuppance“Mask Game” by John Shirley is about people and their nasty little secrets and it had me reading way past the point of exhaustion the other night Unfortunately it got a bit cluttered and than a bit confusing towards the end and well I fell asleep“Gone” by Jack Ketchum takes a look inside the life of the weird woman who lives down the road the lady all of the neighbors whisper about It’s an affecting and sad tale about a woman’s attempt to celebrate Halloween after a long stint of hiding away from the world and anything involving childrenTwo other standouts for me were Richard Laymon’s “Boo” and Douglas E Winter’s “Masks” “Boo” tells the tale of a young group of trick or treaters in the mood for a little fright They end up getting a bit when a stranger joins their merry little group It’s the stuff nightmares are made of and reminded me a bit of a warped Twilight Zone episode Delightfully dark“Masks” is both an emotionally gripping and terrifying glimpse into the life of a young boy struggling with personal loss and a step mother from hell Written with a relentless sense of impending dread this story shook me upSandwiched between the works of fiction are true life stories of the author’s Halloween memories Most of these I enjoyed even than the fictional tales Might it be because I’m nosy and enjoy indulging in a bit of literary rubbernecking? Probably But knowing that all of this creepy odd and sometimes very funny or very sad stuff really happened made these pages fly Growing up shy and traipsing from house to house in my cheesy store bought costume with my dad and also shy younger sister made my Halloween outings a relatively boring affair These true life walks back in time about tricks gone awry or funky handmade costumes fascinated me and have inspired me to be a bit creative this yearAlso included is an informative short history of Halloween and its origins a handy list of must see Halloween movies with interesting synopsis for each that had me rushing to Blockbuster to find the gems I’ve missed and then there’s a guide to Halloween reading for those who feel the need for after gobbling up this bookOverall this is one of the best collections I’ve come across and it comes highly recommended to those looking for the ultimate in Halloween reading

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    UPDATE Stefan SNL If you're looking for some Halloweenie fun this one has EVERYTHINGPREVIOUSI don't celebrate this holiday but was most curious to read the stories entitled My Favorite Halloween Memory in which a number of authors share memories from childhood and tell us how that impacted in some cases their careers as writers As an aspiring screenwriter along with millions of others I think discussions of this sort are fascinating to me But also here one can read a history of Halloween find a list of Halloween themed films yes The Ghost and Mr Chicken with a sensational performance by Don Knotts is listed and review an extensive list of suggested similarly themed novels The short stories surely have something for everyone I liked best Yesterday's Child in which an adult who has lost his way in life regains his early self confidence his early dreams And The Circle by Lewis Shiner is funcreepy with a great twixt ending But many of these stories are relatively gory especially Dean Koontz's opener The Black Pumpkin I'm shying away and from violence and horror in reading material there is enough of that in the real world So 1 star to the numerous stories which simply rely on gore and 5 stars to those authors who share stories from their past for a 3 star average

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    This would've been a solid 3 star book some good stories some so so stories and it even includes the phenomenal Pork Pie Hat by Peter Straub But a lot of the favorite Halloween memory chapters feel like filler as do the movie reviews and overview of other stories that aren't in the collection I'm also taking one star off for the transparent and unsubtle anti abortion propaganda that is F Paul Wilson's shitty story

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    So so collection of mostly forgettable horror tales The best stories Dean Koontz's The Black Pumpkin Masks by Douglas E Winter I had already read in other anthologies Sprinkled throughout the book are favorite Halloween memories by various authors Meh

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    October Dreams is very creative and exciting a book full of the strange and the supernatural with stories from all kinds of different authors

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    I enjoyed the favorite Halloween memories better than most of the shorts a great book to read this time of year

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    Rereading snippets of this book for the season reminded me how solid and informative an anthology collection can be The jewels in this book are various authors' recollections of their personal Halloween stories in addition to many great horror tales Highly recommended whether this edition or the later reprint editions not put out by Cemetery Dance

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    One of the absolute best Halloween anthologies out there Volume II is very good as well if you can find it It's horrifically rare and expensive 🎃