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From darkness to light, utter ruin to the highest joy, worthlessness to triumph Dean Mayes novel takes us through the biggest transformations a protagonist can undergo, and displays sheer beauty throughout It s the kind of story that had me almost jumping up and down in excitement by the end, eager to cheer the characters on to their certain reunion Plotwise, it s a bit like, say, the film Sleepless in Seattle, where the main question isn t Will they get together so much as Will they ever meet or rather, Surely they ll meet eventually, but when, and how will it go For Balti and Seattle, however, substitute Chicago and a small, gorgeous seaside town Hambledown in Australia Plus, introduce a paranormal element Andy, the young drug addict barely scraping by in Chicago, gets a wake up call in the form of a near death overdose, from which he wakes up with the distinct feeling that another soul has taken up residence in his mind Indeed it has, and as the two souls become one, Andy turns his life around 180 degrees, and brings joy back into not only his own family but a heartbroken young Australian woman who s mourning her dead lover Or is he really gone Guess who that extra soul just might beMayes writes addictive prose, fast paced and even brutal during the action sequences Andy knows some rough characters in his drug days , but lyrical and enchanting when the subject turns to love or music This is decidedly one of those novels that you long to have a soundtrack for, so you can hear Andy play that guitar with ever increasing skill and emotion Luckily Dean has taken care of that on his blog, and has given us a playlist and YouTube clips to listen to Love is stronger than death, as yet another music group once put it, and Dean s novel explores that theme in beautiful ways that brought tears to my eyes than once, and left me bubbling over with happiness at the end Looking forward to from this author, definitely All I can say about this book is that it is perfect One of my favorites ever Read it and you will be glad you did. The opening relationship between Sonia and Denny seemed too picture perfect but, at the same time, it goes to show just how much Sonia lost when Denny succumbed to the cancer which took him away from her or so she thought.The Hambledown Dream was unlike any other book I ve read, taking me into polar opposite sets of circumstances, in terms of the two major male characters and the lifestyles they led up to the point where they began merging into one.The characters were real people we would find if we traveled every street, not leaving out those we deemed undesirable or unsafe I ve heard time and time again of how a person got influenced for the worse because of friends However, it depends on a person s point of view as to what worse is Sometimes it s of no consequence perhaps an adult or caretaker just needed to loosen up a little and let a person breathe.Further, if a law abiding citizen decided to become a criminal, just for the heck of chalking it up to experience or, ultimately, choosing it as a way of life just to keep a friend, I believe the seed would have been in that person s heart for some time.The fact is that, sometimes, the influence of a desirable can truly provide a reason for an undesirable to change his way of thinking, even his lifestyle over time On another note, in reality or in fiction, when people get the opportunity to pursue their dreams and to have those dreams come true, I feel excited for whoever is involved As such, I really enjoyed listening to the classical guitar music being played and wished I was able to listen to it in reality for a few hours If I could have gone to the Conservatory to listen to such performances in person, it might have thrilled me even All in all, I must say that I really enjoyed the world Dean Mayes created for me and I long to spend time in the next world he creates. I didn t doubt for a second that I would like The Hambledown Dream I m always a sucker for a good love story But Mayes gives you than just a sweet fluffy romance The Hambledown Dream features beautiful writing, a bit of magic, a touch of music, compelling characters, and the passion of two souls reaching for one another across the burden of distance and impossibility I was both absorbed by the novel, by its lyrical prose that reads like a song, and moved by the storyline of a man whose love is so strong, even death cannot stop it The Hambledown Dream is at times gritty, but it s real and life affirming, filled with poignant longing It s an emotional book that pulls you in by the heartstrings. This Is How To Be A Male Author, Writing In The Romance Market Before I set down my thoughts about this fantastic book, let me just say that I love the way that Dean introduces the idea of a story and it s characters to an audience, through the medium of his blog.He basically seems to set down his thoughts and ideas, in a short story form of installments, building on it weekly, until the novel has taken shape The comments and words of encouragement he receives almost appear to help mould the finished storyline, even down to the final book title.Dean is at present, potentially working on his second novel, with a work in progress title of Gifts Of the Peramangk Why not visit his site sometime and maybe leave a comment of encouragement, together with your thoughts on his progress As for The Hambledown Dream I loved it from the first page to the last When Dean first contacted me, requesting that I read and review The Hambledown Dream , I was at first flattered and pleased, then, after checking out the synopsis, a little sceptical and dubious, as for me, the notion of reading a paranormal romance, took me right out of my comfort zone, into an unknown genre.I need not have worried This debut novel of the genre for me, was a great initiation and something to be enjoyed The only caveat that I would highlight, would be the explicit sex scenes and violence at the start of the book, which although totally in context wth the story, may offend some readers.The book is described as a contemporary paranormal romance, but for me it was so much There was a hint of the supernatural, both physical and emotional transformation, and the obvious question of the notion of reincarnation.Reincarnation, derived from the Latin, literally meaning, entering the flesh again , is not something that I have a great belief in, but this book does pose the question to me, of how a body is selected to be the recipient of a departed soul or spirit.In the Hambledown Dream , could it be simply that Andy had died on the ER table and the transformation took place purely randomly at the time of his resuscitation, was it a similarity in the ages of the two young men, because of their shared talents and love of music, the rescue and redemption of Andy s tortured soul and body, or to guide Andy back to Sonya simply for Denny s own gratification I m sure that there will be a whole raft of differing opinion about the subject, so let s just accept The Hambledown Dream for what it is A story of sex, sleeze, drugs and a life on the path to self destruction transforming itself into a story of love, passion, new beginnings, two lost souls reaching out for each other and a love so strong that even death cannot stop it.The characters all have great definition, depth and presence, to the point where you can almost see them and feel their emotions throughout the entire story The spiritual powers of emotion and music lay the senses bare and the mind a blank page, ready to write a whole new chapter.The first part of the story, is fast paced and action packed, with emotions running so high in the sleezy underworld of Chicago, that the tension is palpable to the reader You almost think that sooner or later, you will be left to pick up the pieces of a shattered life and are looking sneakily forwards to the next page, just to see if there is any danger that one person can attract.The underlying reasons for this life of self mutilation and debauchery, start to become apparent, as the story of Andy s childhood and early years begins to unravel little by little, leaving the reader with a sense of sadness at a life wasted for the want of a small show of affection and encouragement, from those he held in the greatest of esteem.Andy s subsequent transformation and the remainder of the story, takes on a whole new meaning, as he comes to terms with how his life might have been, if he had lived in someone else s shoes and how that change may still be brought about, if he is only willing to open his mind to the possibilities of a life without hate and self loathing to embrace his talents for the gift they are and to realise that the help and affection offered by people is just that, unconditional and freely given.The description and evolution of Andy s musical talent and experiences, only draws the reader further under the spell of this captivating story His ability to express himself through his guitar playing and the link between this and his eventual reconciliation with his estranged father, is poignant and at the heart of the story.His need to reach out for his still grieving soul mate is inexorable, once he full comes to terms with, understands what has happened to him and accepts the siuation as it is A love so strong experienced by two people, is dealt with sympathetically by the author, who draws them together as if by fate, with soft, flowing and emotional lines of prose, that are only enhanced by the paranormal and supernatural overtones.In Dean s words from the book This is not over There is a great link on Dean s website, to an interview conducted by Joanna, at The Creative Penn , where he talks about what it takes to be a man in the romance market It makes for some interesting reading A fantastic debut novel, can t wait for the next book, Dean. This is the second book of Dean Mayes that I ve read, the first being The Recipient dealing with organ donation The Recipient is one of my favourite reads of 2017.First with the obvious Hambeldown Dream has similarities with Recipient, in that life after death or I guess, the ability for souls to inter change at the point of death, with an awareness of the dead person coming through to the living this is obviously something that intrigues the author, given those of his stories that I ve read.Hambledown Dream must have been bloody tricky to write that s my take on the book when I ve got to the end I enjoyed the story I loved the character of Andy as the lead He is so unworthy early although we only meet him after his near death experience due to a drug overdose and he is immediately a changed man after being saved by doctors.We know that Andy is in love with Sonya from very early on Sonya is the woman the original point of view character Denny loves and marries, but Denny gets struck down by cancer On the night Denny dies, Andy is resuscitated, and the plot leads toward Denny being reincarnated, at least in part, to live on through Andy.So it s a complicated plot and I m sure I haven t done justice to it.That said, the plight of Andy through the story moved me I really warmed to him and his struggles to now do the right thing with his life, as well as for his goal of find Sonya.I guess the hardest part for me, and while I mentioned how hard it must have been to write, is that until the very end these two characters Andy and Sonya don t meet in person When we get toward the end, we realise that Sonya who is trying to move on with her life has no idea Andy is reincarnated with the spirit of Denny, her beloved gone too soon husband Quite rightly, Sonya freaks when Andy tries to say he is her Sonya s husband reincarnated even though the two have shared some kind of kismet soul mate experience at that point.For a romance, it s tricky to have the main characters spend all of the book apart, even though we re brought close via Andy s memories via Denny We know Andy feels for Sonya as if he just left her last year, after a great love together but it s very hard to feel this as the reader, and it meant that for me, the emotional pay off at the end fell ever so slightly shortBut I do love the dog Go Colin If you enjoy the thought of a soul living on after the body has departed, or if paranormal appeals to you then this read would suit you perfectly.For me, I m looking for of Dean Mayes because it s original, and the writing is innovative, approachable, and very believable It s a read that challenges me That s why I think he s an intriguing author, and one to follow. Australian Denny Banister Had It All A Successful Career, A Passion For The Guitar, And Sonya The Love Of His Life Tragically, Denny Is Struck Down With Inoperable Cancer Andy DeVries Has Almost Nothing Alienated From His Family, Moving Through A Dangerous Chicago Underworld Dealing In Drugs, Battling Addiction While Keeping A Wavering Hold On The Only Thing That Matters To Him A Place At A Prestigious Conservatory For Classical Guitar In Chicago As Andy Recovers From A Near Fatal Overdose, He Is Plagued By Dreams Memories Of A Love He Has Never Felt, And A Life He S Never Lived Driven By The Need For Redemption And By The Love For A Woman He S Never Met, He Begins A Quest To Find Her, Knowing Her Only By The Memories Of A Stranger And The Dreams Of A Place Called Hambledown Also posted at Journey With BooksThe Hambledown DreamBy Dean MayesDean Mayes created a masterpiece Some may agree and some may disagree but for me, The Hambledown Dream is one of the best fictions I ve ever read It s not your typical Romance novel, I don t even know which category I could put it The Hambledown Dream has a bit of everything thrown in it It has mystery, romance, a little paranormal and a lot of emotional drama It s a story of second chances and destiny.Andy is a very gifted guitarist who is on a very dangerous self destructive path Denny is a young man who could have lived an almost perfect life with the love of his life and best friend, Sonya, if only Cancer did not touch him.Two young men so different from each other, men you would never put together but fate has something else in stored for them One died and the other lived but both given the second chance they both need I just want to make it clear that this is not an M M themed fiction I wanted to thank Mr Dean Mayes for writing a fiction that will surely touch the hearts of the readers I m not ashamed to admit that I shed tears while reading this The first chapter affected me so much that I couldn t stop my tears from falling through my eyes, maybe because it is a bit personal for me My Father died because of Cancer and that particular chapter made me think if my Father felt the same way when he was dying.Congratulations Mr Dean Mayes for making us, your readers go through a box of tissue while reading your book and making sure that when we put your book down, we have a sweet little smile on our faces.Also posted at Journey With Books This is a book written by an author who is keenly observant and sensitive to the human condition There were so many passages that gave me pause, in that I was so impressed by what direction the situations led my thoughts The Hambledown Dream is, at its heart, a love story that is both unique and hugely thought provoking A central question drives the novel what would you be willing to do to get back to the one you loved, the love of your life As I read I found myself wishing that there was an accompanying soundtrack, as music lends the story an incredible pulse When protagonist Andy is playing, I want to be there in the same space I can hear him through the vivid descriptions, but a soundtrack would be a lovely complement.There is a raw and sincere beauty in the words of this novel When another character says to Andy, There is certainly to you than meets the eye, she is also indirectly describing the story Everything feels real, despite some very surreal situations, and never once did I feel as though I was reading about something that could not happen There is heart wrenching sadness tangled together with uplifting joy, and I really enjoyed that Sonya is my favorite character She is so brave and you ache for her Familiar tendrils of grief grew inside She patches the wall within herself, creating a safety barrier between her and the rest of the world These are such apt and poignant descriptions of despair, written with sincerity Again, Dean Mayes is clearly someone with a great deal of empathy for his fellow man All in all, a fantastic read Highly recommend. A perfect way to procrastinate away an afternoon I really liked that I knew nothing about this book before I started reading it I d pretty much seen Dean around Facebook, decided he was an interesting guy and wanted to read a bit of his stuff Well, I wasn t disappointed I ve been crazy busy lately and haven t had enough time to read but when I picked up The Hambledown Dream I couldn t put it down The whole thing was unique and familiar at the same time I m not quite sure how he does it but Dean had me hooked the first page and I couldn t stop reading, even when I needed to get a whole lot of stuff done There was something so compelling about the plot I really needed to know what happened next to the point where I finished the lot in one sitting.I ve spent the past hour debating how much of the story, if any, to give away and I ve decided that the other reviews and the blurb will do that for you For me, the unmitigated pleasure in this book was discovering it, wholly unsuspecting what was coming It had me crying a little, it had me smiling a little and the ending left me feeling awesome Five stars I ll be watching this guy with a whole lot of interest in the future.