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There Have Been Many Accounts Of The Return To The Wild Of Tame Animals, But Since Its Original Publication In , When The New York Times Hailed It As A Fascinating And Remarkable Book, Born Free Has Stood Alone In Its Power To Move UsJoy Adamson S Story Of A Lion Cub In Transition Between The Captivity In Which She Is Raised And The Fearsome Wild To Which She Is Returned Captures The Abilities Of Both Humans And Animals To Cross The Seemingly Unbridgeable Gap Between Their Radically Different Worlds Especially Now, At A Time When The Sanctity Of The Wild And Its Inhabitants Is Increasingly Threatened By Human Development And Natural Disaster, Adamson S Remarkable Tale Is An Idyll, And A Model, To Return To Again And AgainIllustrated With The Same Beautiful, Evocative Photographs That First Enchanted The World Forty Years Ago And Updated With A New Introduction By George Page, Former Host And Executive Editor Of The PBS Series Nature And Author Of Inside The Animal Mind,this Anniversary Edition Introduces To A New Generation One Of The Most Heartwarming Associations Between Man And Animal You saw the movie, you sang the song, you begged mother for the vinyl, and she bought you the book as a surprise Elsa had all our hearts back then, and her was amazing and truly free in the end It was the Feel Good story of the decade so, I think it might be time to bring it back once again for the new generation What better message to save the Earth While I loved Elsa s story and enjoyed most of the pictures in the book, this was not the heartwarming story I remember from my childhood I love Elsa, but I really didn t like the Adamsons It may be because I keep comparing them to Lawrence Anthony, another conservationist, and I find that Mr Anthony seemed to have respect for the animals right to exist in their environment I couldn t lose sight of the fact that Elsa was orphaned because he killed her mother thinking she was a male lion, leaving the three cubs without a mother I was confused at her reference to beating Elsa when she tracked a donkey, which was a purely natural instinct, and not three pages later, said that they never used force with her In my opinion, a beating counts as force, but maybe that s just me Finally, I can t help but think how cruel it was to Elsa to keep sneaking off and leaving her when she was sleeping They keep reappearing and disappearing I m not sure that helped her adapt to the wild or simply increased her confusion about where she belonged She didn t know why the people she loved kept abandoning her and then returning and then repeating the process One thing I got a chuckle out of was when they returned to Elsa for a three day period several times, and when she got to know the signs they were preparing to leave, she turned her face away from them My 16 yr old shih tzu does the same thing when I leave for work She ll give me kisses whenever I ask, as she is a kisser But, when I m off to work, she knows when I go to kiss her, she whips her face away and refuses to kiss me When I come home after work, well, that s a different story I saw the movie Born Free as a child and loved it I probably read the book along the way too but as usual don t remember The story of Elsa and the Adamsons is still an amazing one of love and devotion between a wild animal and her pride , George and Joy Adamson The descriptions of where and how they lived is really interesting as it s a way of life not many will ever experience The story was remarkable and I really enjoyed the bonding between a newly born lion and humans However, the storytelling wasn t that good It was merely a enumeration of events instead of a tale that is being told I planned to read all three installments, but I will leave it at the first one, for I cannot get myself up to reading two books of enumerations. This is the book the film was based upon, the story of Elsa the lioness, hand raised by a Senior Game Warden and his wife, Joy Adamson, and later released into the wild This would be rated five stars except that I really try to be stingy with those The book didn t make me cry, laugh out loud or change my thinking, and Adamson, while she writes well and fluently, doesn t have the impressive, lyrical prose of Beryl Markham and Isak Dinesen, two other European women who wrote celebrated memoirs about their time in Kenya But what this book does offer is what a friend of mine called a lost art The ability to write about an animal without treacly sentimentality but rather with sharp and insightful observations that make their personality evident and in this case lovable without a narcissistic focus on the writer and without an evident heavy handed political agenda Not that it hasn t had such a political effect A Foreword by George Page quoting Faith McNulty claimed Born Free may have done for the cause of wildlife what Uncle Tom s Cabin did for the antislavery crusade Not only did the book gain support for the protection of habitat and endangered animals, but the Adamsons helped pioneer the technique of reintroducing animals raised in captivity back into the wild Not that Elsa could ever be called a captive lion That s what made her happy ending possible She was never confined, never treated with brutality in an attempt to dominate Even after successfully released into the wild, when the Adamsons came to visit her she d recognize and greet them with affection As Joy Adamson put it, their relationship continued to be one of absolute equality quite different from that between a dog and his master This is a short book you can read in a few hours and filled with a multitude of photographs of Elsa It was a pleasure to read and I highly recommend it especially for lovers of animals and nature. I love animals, and it would be a dream come true to bond with a wild animal like Joy and her husband George did It was an easy read, and there were lots of wonderful photos What a fabulous lion Elsa was she learned to live with other wild lions, but at the same time, she was gentle and always careful around her human caretakers, who she seemed to love just as much as they loved her. I read this when I was a child and remember loving it Would love to read it again someday. This is one of the best animal stories of all time Why Because it isn t just about a lion named Elsa, it is about a companion, a friend and a loving creature who shared in the lives of Joy and George Adamson when they lived in Kenya Originally penned in 1960, it is the touching tale of how they raised an orphaned lion cub named Elsa and she grew to be their nearest and dearest friend she was family I have rarely read a book so heartwarming Elsa was really very magical and unique, and after reading this book, having a lion around suddenly begins to sound much enjoyable than a dog The movie, Born Free, is of course based on this book, and it is one of my favorite movies of all time The book encloses a lot detailed information about Elsa, her habits and her charismatic personality How lucky we are to be able to read about Elsa and appreciate a little slice of the African animal population through the eyes of two people who sincerely loved and understood these creatures better than most people could ever hope to Everybody should read this book. I ll start with what I liked about this book the pictures.Now, I don t know what you re looking for in a book But to warn you, this book is mildly racist, scatterbrained, and boring at some parts One paragraph she ll be telling this one story and then she ll get off track and tell a different story without summing up the first one or giving the second relevance or importance Some areas I zoomed through reading and others I practically fell asleep at I thought it would be interesting because it was about a lion I guess lions can be boring, too.My last issue with this book is when she beat Elsa for mauling the donkey and when she would say she didn t like to kill animals Whenever she said she didn t like killing animals, she would follow it up with some story of why they had to kill an animal Her husband would randomly kill animals and she would talk about how it was necessary.