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Handpicked By Robert The Bruce To Help Him In His Quest To Free Scotland From English Rule, The Elite Warriors Of The Highland Guard Face Their Darkest Days When Bruce Is Forced To Flee, His Bid For Freedom Rests On The Shoulders Of One Extraordinary WarriorErik MacSorley Is A Brilliant Seafarer Who Has Never Encountered A Wind He Could Not Harness Or A Woman He Could Not Win Until He Drags A Wet, Half Naked Nursemaid Out Of The Waters Off The Irish Coast Ellie S Ordinary Appearance Belies The Truth She Is In Fact Lady Elyne De Burgh, The Spirited Daughter Of The Most Powerful Noble In Ireland Worse, This Irresistible Woman Is Determined To Prove Herself Immune To Erik S Charms A Challenge He Cannot ResistHer Captor May Look Every Inch A Rugged Warrior, But Ellie Vows That It Will Take Than A Wickedly Suggestive Caress To Impress Her Yet Erik Will Sweep Away Ellie S Resistance With A Desire That Resonates Deep Within Her Heart Still, He Is A Man Driven By Loyalty, And She Is A Woman With Secrets That Could Jeopardize Bruce S Chance To Reclaim His Throne As The Battle For King And Country Sounds Across The Shores, Will Ellie S Love Be Enough To Finally Tame The Legend Known As The Hawk

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    Can I just say how much I m in love with all the covers from this series I want one of those The story in this one takes place mostly on Spoon Island After her sister persuades her to go to an annual ritual swim in the sea, Ellie gets kidnapped by Viking pirates well, at least that s what she thinks Hawk was at a meeting, securing troops to Bruce s cause, when they spotted Ellie Not being able to risk it if she were a spy, he takes her with him on his ship as a hostage, but promises her safe return home.He doesn t know that s she s the daughter of a powerful man, the earl of Ulster, and she thinks he s nothing but a pirate After a few escape attempts and then rescues, they manage to actually like each other, and see beyond their appearances Well I liked the story, the idea of it, although it could have been better at some points S For instance, Ellie, a young girl swimming, is kidnapped by some terrifying emormous Viking looking men Normal reaction for those days Fear of rape and or murder I d say Here Someone grabs her from behind, she doesn t even see his face, but manages to notice his timbre of voice, how it s soothing and what not Umm, ok I get that Hawk is an ultra hot dude warrior, but hey, she just got kidnapped and is alone on a ship full of men, but she still admires his skills as a seafarer Umm, ok One other thing, there was a ridiculous sex scene in this book, I didn t know whether to laugh at it or cry view spoiler They re on a little boat, and there s this huge storm, rain is pouring down at them, and the waves are tossing them back and forth, and they manage to find the urge to have sex in a situation like this Seriously hide spoiler

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    Review posted at Demon Lover s Books MoreOkay, for all you who know me, we all know I m a huge Monica McCarty fan this book is no exception I just love Erik MacSorley He is half Viking half Highlander and super hot Erik is one of Robert Bruce s new elite Highland Guard We met him in The Chief, and I loved him then he s always got a joke and a ready come back, but something about him makes me think it s a front.This is a small quote about Erik that shows his devil may care attitude He s playing a deadly game of chicken with a British ship, and his crew are wagering which way the English will turn, if they ll capsize, piss themselves in fear, you get the idea, they re boys being boys Ellie would never understand men how could you jest and wager at a time like this They d die going to the bottom of the sea and make a contest of who got there first I had to laugh because I swear that s my husband and my brother in law So true of men Now in The Hawk, we see Erik dealing with Irish mercenaries and trying to get them to fight for the Bruceand the Scottish crown For those of you who haven t read The Chief, this series takes place immediately following William Wallace s execution By the time we re reading The Hawk, Robert Bruce is battle weary and demoralized In fact his whole company of men is, except the Highlanders, Bruce didn t think recognize fear if Lucifer himself opened up the fiery gates and welcomed them to hell Erik, or Hawk as everyone calls him, is at home on the sea, and his job is to get the Irish to fight for Bruce, and then to take them to the rendezvous point to meet with the Scottish forces It is during this meeting that the Irish leader hears a sound Sending out his men they find a wet and bedraggled lass eavesdropping Unfortunately for her, the Irish want to kill her, but Erik steps in and saves her, although he saves her by suggesting he and his men want to have fun with her first Enter Ellie, or should I say Lady Elyne de Burgh Her father is the most powerful earl in Ireland, loyal to English king Edward, and father in law to Robert Bruce And so begins the complicated twists and turns of Ellie and Erik s story Ellie doesn t fall for Erik s big baby blues, and he has no clue what to do with a lass who doesn t swoon at his smile Not to mention, Ellie hasn t told him who she is, and he s let her believe he s a pirate Usually misunderstandings on identity annoy me, but Monica McCarty wove hers seamlessly into the story and I was on pins and needles for the majority of the book In fact, I fear that I now have a heart condition from the anticipation and tension that this book put me through I also loved Ellie She may have been innocent, but she rarely came across as naive, and never once as idiotic my biggest pet peeve in historical romances is when the heroine is portrayed as so naive she ends up coming off stupid But Monica always writes strong heroines, and I find that incredibly impressive being that The Hawk takes place in the early 1300s.During Ellie s captivity with Erik, she gets under his skin like no other Constantly portrayed as merely passably pretty Ellie made me love her almost instantly She was great, and I could absolutely identify with her Even after she and Erik had been intimate, she still didn t tell him who she really was And it broke my heart that her reason was to see if a gorgeous, sex god of a man could actually care for her as she is, not because of her title, or dowry, or some misguided notion that he should marry her out of chivalry And when he turned her away I wanted to cry for her I love me a good Alpha male who doesn t , but the female heroine can make or break a story for me Ellie was me, and I was in love with Erik, and I wanted him to say yes to me And he didn t And Erik broke my heart too You ll have to read it yourself to find out what happens from there But I will say that anyone new to Monica McCarty will enjoy this book, and any of you Monica McCarty fans out there know to expect her usual she ll deliver, and you ll love Erik and Ellie too.

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    First and foremost the hero is one of the most passive, indecisive and contradictive characters I have ever read in my life Here it is why 1 He very clearly throughout the entire book thinks of her not his type skinny,nothing special,very small breast, but somewhat she attracts him 2 HE HAS NO INTENTION WHAT SO EVER TO MARRY HER He couldn t marry her She was a nursemaid, for Christ s sake He had a responsibility to his clan as chieftain to marry someone who would increase the clan s power and prestige Besides, he was too young to tie himself down to one woman He didn t want to disappoint all those lasses WTF IS THIS I want my romance to be special and FEEL THE LOVE BETWEEN THE H AND h and not some ass hero who cannot decide what he wants and have every intentions of being with other women WHAT S THE POINT OF READING A ROMANCE WHEN YOU GET THIS CRAP AND FEEL CHEATED BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A VERY GOOD WAY SELLING THE READER A LOVE STORY THAT WE SUPPOSE TO BE SO HAPPY ABOUT And it get worst.2 He keeps reminding himself of what the heroine don t have that he likes with other women BIG BOOBS BIG A AND EXPERIENCE so why he has sex with her not having any intentions of marring her They have sex and miraculously he thinks she s beautiful, but then contradict himself by thinking Erik had always gravitated to beautiful, sensual women Ellie was pretty enough, and he liked her even if she was a wee bit uptight and bossy but she wasn t his usual type His fierce attraction to her didn t make any sense WTF AGAIN This is so unfaltering and so unromantic. the author really need to work on something else to convince me that there is a real love between the protagonist and MAKE IT BELIEVABLE TOO 3 The heroine knows she is one of many and is not stupid to expect anything from him..she says the sex was ok and he gets mad at her because he is so arrogant and thinks full of himself Her attitude should please him but he s disappointed but he s the one that wanted nothing but sex from her and make it clear to her throughout the entire book 4 Even at the very end of the book he could not confess his feelings for her and deny them to himself and to her He did not really fight for her and his feelings were FLAT TO ME AND UNREALISTIC CONSIDERING HIS CRAP ABOUT HER NOT BEING HIS TYPE AND DENIAL OF HIS FEELINGS 5 The heroine came to him to warn his clan of the attack and he ALREADY WAS WITH ANOTHER WOMAN ON HIS LAP AND SO WHAT THAT HE COULD NOT HAVE A HARD ON SO IT IS PERFECTLY OK AND I SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT HE DID NOT HAD A HARD ON 6 THE FINAL KILLER WAS WHEN HE INTENTIONALLY AND CONSCIOUSLY DEBATED HIS INFIDELITY WHILST BEING WITH THE HEROINE Eventually his lust for her would fade it had to, didn t it but he d be discreet and have care for her feelings when he took a leman, as was the custom By then he proved himself to be, yet again an ass just out to get laid whatever possible before or after being married A true love is about learning to see the beauty in another person the other significant regardless of their faults as well as transforming a normal relationship into a deeper one without further interest in others and I could not find that here

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    I couldn t put this book down I loved it The banter between Erik and Ellie was brilliant I liked how she didn t put up with any of his bs Have I mentioned how much I love highlander themed books Hahaha.

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    Realmente me ha gustado, quiz no tanto como el primero, pero continuar leyendo la saga

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    I had time to finish this book before work after all I LOVED this book The hero Hawk was just to irresistible not to love The heroine was smart, brave and had lots of courage The story was really good with lots of action I loved reading how the HH fell in love as the story moved a long The love scenes were really good and I could feel the love between them even when they would not admit it to themselves.The next book in this series The Ranger is also a must read for me Monica McCarty is a FANTASTIC writer and whatever she writes, I will read.

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    The romance was frustrating with the H h pushing each other away or not revealing communicating their true feelings up until the very end A lot of page time spent on medieval history battles, and while I like a little bit of that I ended up skimming those bits, because it became too much for me.I did enjoy the author s note at the end detailing some of the actual historical events and how they contrasted or paralleled with this fictional story I look forward to the next book even though this installment was just okay for me.

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    Dont cha just hate it when the first book in a series is amazing, then the second one falls flat This one doesn t exactly fall flat, but it s a far cry from the wonderful story in The Chief The writing is not nearly as good and the story falls short Problem 1 How many times must we hear about how incredibly, perfectly, handsome, ripped, sexy etc Eric is Well, it seems at least once on every page Not just a mention either, it takes at least 3 4 observations, sometimes even a paragraph per page to make us understand his outstanding virilness Every time Ellie looks at him, every time Ellie thinks about him, every time anyone else looks at or thinks about him, descriptions of perfection pop up One chapter, fine two chapters, OK half a book, GAG WE GET IT, ALREADY Problem 2 Related to problem 1, however not as extensive Ellie s LACK of perfection, her ordinary ness is also a topic of oft repeated conversations The fact that she is ordinary looking is actually refreshing but after being bludgeoned by his beauty, we are never allowed to really understand in a believable way what makes him fall for her We are told in a surface sort of way but it is never explained so that we feel it and can actually believe we are too busy reviewing his perfection Problem 3 The history part of the story seemed like a lesson than a story Whenever real history comes into focus it turns into a long and drawn out dump rather than a thread in the overall tapestry.So, why the three stars because the basic idea of a medieval special ops is still cool and the story kept me turning pages in spite of the annoyances.

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    4.25 Un libro muy original y diferente en cierta forma respecto a todo lo que he le do en este g nero Me ha encantado la ambientaci n Incre ble.

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    The second book in the Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty Hawk aka Erik MacSorley is one of Robert the Bruce s Highland Guards and a pirate and is sent to Ireland to hire mercenaries There he is forced to take a wet young woman when she is discovered near the meeting Ellie aka Lady Elyne de Burgh, hides her identity from her captor It has been quite a while since I read the first book in the series but I remember the main plot line of the Highland Guards and a few other key details I didn t like this as much as the first book but it was a good read I have a few in this series to read soon.