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A British LadyLady Emma Wells Finch, The Oh So Proper Headmistressof England S St Gertrude S School For Girls, Is A Woman On A Mission She Has Two Weeks To Lose Her Reputation Arriving In Texas With Skirts Flying, Umbrella Pointing, And Beautiful Mouth Issuing Orders, She Knows Only One Thing Will Save Her From Losing Everything She Holds Dear Complete And Utter Disgrace A Texas RascalWorld Famous Playboy Athlete Kenny Traveler Has Kickedup His Boot Heels One Too Many Times, And Now He S Suspended From The Sport He Loves Only One Thing Will Restore His Career Complete And Utter Respectability Unfortunately, He S Been Blackmailed Into Chauffeuring Bossy, Single Minded Lady Emma, And She S Hell Bent On Visiting Honkytonks,chasing Down Tattoo Parlors, And Worse Lots WorseLove, All American StyleWhen A Gorgeous Man Who Can T Afford Another Scandal Meets A Hardheaded Woman Who S Determined To Cause One, Anything Can Happen But Love Oh, Dear That S ImpossibleThat S Outrageous That S Inevitable

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    I ve only recently come upon this author and this is only my second book by her but I truly enjoy her writing Susan Elizabeth Philips creates story lines and characters that are humorous, unique, sexy and so much fun to read.Lady Be Good is the second book in the Wynette, Texas series I ve read Fancy Pants which is book 1 and loved that one too This is the story of Lady Emma Wells Finch and Kenny Traveler Their meeting is arranged to help with a situation that Kenny is in, but with one little misunderstanding Emma and Kenny find themselves not quite knowing what to do with each other.Kenny I loved him He was a pro golfer who was a bit of a womanizer I guess you could say But he was also a little misunderstood Right now what he needed to do was stay out of the limelight and do whatever it took to get his suspension from the PGA lifted Agreeing to watch over Emma for a few weeks was a way for him to do this He just had no clue what Lady Emma was capable of Lady Emma was so much fun to get to know She was sweet, funny and a little bit proper When she first lays eyes on Kenny she gets a bit flustered She wasn t expecting such an attractive man with such beautiful eyes She corrected herself quickly though Emma wouldn t let him ruffle her feathers Or so she thought anyways Both Emma and Kenny have their own little plans that they need the other for but not everything is apparent to the other Emma is devising a plan to ward off the Duke of Beddington from marrying her and Kenny is looking to get his suspension from the PGA lifted But Kenny s patience will be tested and Emma will find out that she just can t control everything Did I mention that Emma is a bit bossy Slowly everything that is swirling around Emma and Kenny becomes than what they both bargained for Emma thought she could control her feelings for Kenny because of what was at stake but sometimes there is no way to control your feelings And Kenny got to that point of not knowing if he was coming or going He wasn t conditioned to deal with a woman like Emma He is used to handling woman but none of them challenged him like she did It was fun watching this guy squirm a bit There really isn t much I can say about these two without giving away things you should read firsthand It was delightful to find myself locked into the story within the first ten pages when Kenny see s Emma with her perky little hat and her brolly I knew it was going to be another fun and sweet romantic read One last thing I found this in Fancy Pants too that SEP gives you a secondary plot In this one it center s around Kenny s sister Tori who was also so much fun to get to know Her father is trying to arrange it so that she marries this guy Dexter O Connor who by all means is not the type of guy Tori would ever be interested in Imagine geek meets sexy smartass girl I loved Tori s fowl mouth and Dexter s directness They made me laugh They were a lot of fun.

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    I originally read this a few years ago and gave it 5 stars Just finished a re read and it would not make the 5 star mark today If Dallie and Fancy Pants hadn t show up, it might even be lower I don t even know why I didn t love it as much this time around.I am kind of afraid to re read the rest of the series for fear that I might find fault with them also Still, she is a great author and she will be an auto buy for me.

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    Classic Susan Elizabeth Phillips Lady Be Good is the second installment in her adult contemporary romance series titled Wynette, Texas I just love Ms Phillips ability to write amazing humor and romance and she excels at both in this one Golf is one of my least favorite sports so the male lead s pro golf career was a bit of a bore for me personally but this is such a fun book If you re into adult romances filled with laughs, check out this author My favorite quote Now, this is where I draw the line It s bad enough everybody in town s going to be thinkin I m sleeping with a depressed, lice ridden, hemorrhoidal foreigner who likes to be tied up and might be pregnant, although since she s just about cornered the market on condoms I don t know how that could have happened But I will not you listen to me, Emma I absolutely will not have anybody thinkin a woman of mine needs a vaginal moisturizer, do you hear me

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    My first thought on Kenny is this guy for real I thought nah it can t be And then this happened the woman is holding two kids in her arms He mentally redressed her in a tight top, short skirt, and a pair of stiletto heels, then added black fishnet stockings for good measure He d never paid for sex in his life, but he decided he d be than happy to throw a little extra cash her way if she ever decided she needed to earn something on the side to pay for her kids orthodontics work. This literally left me gaping I mean I hate kids and all but this guy is exaggerated Am I going to burn in hell for laughing at this I just can t help myself.I m going to pick even on Kenny evil grin Check this quote out He d been maneuvering women all his adult life, and he d never yet let one of them forget her proper place Right underneath him. Eeeeh Do you love him now Oh my dear Kenny we ll get along just fine You tied up to a poll and me exercising some baseball bat swings on you Good times I lost count of the amount of facepalms I ve used regarding him and his brilliant mind Double the sarcasm there, just in case BUT there s a big but in here since Kenny hates Dallie, I guess that makes him on my side right I think I m getting to like this guy.Emma and Kenny have perf Latino tune playing in the background Ugh I can t say the words any without thinking of Latino teens But here goes They have perfect chemistry Latino tune playing in the background Could someone please turn that damn tune off Now this is where I draw the line It s bad enough everybody in town s going to be thinkin I m sleeping with a depressed, lice ridden, hemorrhoidal foreigner who likes to be tied up and might be pregnant, although since she s just about cornered the market on condoms I don t know how that could have happened But I will not you listen to me, Emma I absolutely will not have anybody thinkin a woman of mine needs a vaginal moisturizer , do you hear me What did I tell you Perfect chem Latino tune playing in the background gets shotgun and shoots musician in the head Alrighty then I m glad that s over Let s get back to our characters Hmmmm who else I love Dex Simply adore him He totally stole the spotlight from Kenny Beddington is a sonofabitch Hated his guts and hated Emma for taking sh t from him I d just kick him where it hurts the most and throw him in a river Hope that he would drown or something.And Ted Well, what s the easiest way to say this MINE I ADORE Susan Elizabeth Phillips and think her books are the best in the contemporary romance genre At least for what I ve read so far The story is hilarious Grab it and spank read it

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    This was properly delightful It is the third Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel I have read, and I was just as smitten by it as I was the first two She writes in a way that makes you laugh out loud, reflect on life s afflictions, rejoice in second chances, and love falling in love Lady Be Good is the second installment in the Wynette, Texas series The main characters once again depict a Texas golfer and a British lady Brought together by an innocent matchmaker who also happens to be the heroine from the previous book, Miss Fancy Pants herself , Kenny Traveler and Lady Emma Wells Finch couldn t be opposite of each other One of them is extremely bossy and independent while the other is quite lazy and passive But that doesn t mean that there aren t sparks to be ignited Those sparks, however, do not a solid relationship make, as they each struggle with issues that originate from their past However can they possibly find a middle ground to make their relationship work There was quite a lot of self misconception construed through much of the story which made it a journey that was fun and rewarding to watch unfold.As has been the case thus far in my SEP reading experience, we are also entertained by some interesting and enjoyable secondary characters and are allowed a glimpse into their stories as well In an odd and unlikely match, Dex and Torie discover what they thought to be an impossible situation develop into very much the opposite We also are reunited with an older Dallie and a now young adult Ted Teddy which was definitely a treat I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys some great humor, just a bit of angst and a sweet happily ever after.

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    Lady Emma Wells Finch is headmistress of St Gert s School for Girls Emma is desperate to create the perfect scandal that will convince the egotistical Duke of Beddington, the main benefactor of her school, that she is not appropriate marriage material However, while she is trying her best to convince the Duke that she will not make a satisfactory Duchess, she cannot take things too far or he will sell St Gerts out from under her.Gorgeous Kenny Traveler who needs to avoid scandal at all costs is a world famous, pro golfer who has been put on suspension by the acting PGA golf commissioner, Dallie a k a the Antichrist , husband of Francesca SEP s Fancy Pants When Emma travels to the United States to perform research for an article in the great State of Texas, Francesca arranges for Kenny to babysit Emma as a favor to her Francesca promises to intervene with her husband and convince him to lift Kenny s suspension if all goes well Emma s strong leadership skills and bossiness combined with Kenny s perceived laziness and great sense of humor makes this a fun read The Katherine Hepburn Spencer Tracey type of dialogue between Emma and Kenny is entertaining and immediately hooks you Five pages into this delightful book I realized I would not be able to put it down.When Emma first meets Kenny, she assumes he is a dim witted driver who moonlights as a male escort Kenny is annoyed with her bossy attitude and decides to go along with her misconceptions by telling Emma that he charges 30 a pop to have sex with women Not only does Emma decide to pay the 30 and have sex with him, Kenny cleverly convinces her to cook his dinner beforehand This book is full of those misunderstandings that we are all growing tired of, but they are written in SEP s witty and funny style that I truly enjoy SEP has the ability to take a fun, contemporary romance and put a spin on it that includes an element of sweetness that most authors cannot pull off The ending was a little far fetched, but the end justifies the means.Just a side note there is a secondary plot that is just as entertaining as the main plot Kenny s father arranges for Kenny s sister, Tori, a chick lit cliche who can out cuss and out talk most men to marry sexy, uber geek Dexter O Connor or he will cut off funding to her emu farm I loved this subplot and thought it deserved it s own story I wanted to read about Dexter

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    Now, this is where I draw the line It s bad enough everybody in town s going to be thinkin I m sleeping with a depressed, lice ridden, hemorrhoidal foreigner who likes to be tied up and might be pregnant, although since she s just about cornered the market on condoms I don t know how that could have happened But I will not you listen to me, Emma I absolutely will not have anybody thinkin a woman of mine needs a vaginal moisturizer, do you hear me The good stuff 1 The romance It is thoroughly heart warming and engaging and everything a great romance should be I loved watching naive and proper Emma falling for lazy and all American Kenny, and vice versa 2 The humor I love SEP s style, and the humor she infuses in the dialogue completely transforms the whole story I pretty much laughed my way through the entire book.3 The constant plot twists The tiny unexpected twists that can be found in every chapter are engaging and do a wonderful job of keeping up the suspense, even if an HEA ending is a given 4 Adorable starring characters, and lots of scenes with previous cast members I loved reading about Ted as a grown up, and it was really nice catching up with Francie and Dallie as well Their romance is still as sweet and true as it was in their own book, and it s amazing seeing how well they ve developed into a married couple The not so good stuff 1 The ending It seemed highly anti climactic and toned down after such a great book It didn t leave me with the best feeling in my heart, and that s where the lack of 5 stars comes from.2 Torie and Dex I hate Torie, and that hatred extends to Dex by association I really couldn t feel these two and I think the book would have been much better without them.

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    SEP has never let me down, and Lady Be Good is no exception Susan Elizabeth s fabulous writing, witty dialogue, and lovable characters made this a fabulous audiobook that gave me so many laughs I m about halfway through all of SEP s books and have loved them all I ve recently started listening to some on audiobook and have been extremely happy with the 3 narrators she uses This book was narrated by Anna Fields, who does a fabulous job especially with Lady Emma s British accent Even though most of SEP s books have an opposites attract trope, they never get stale She has become my go to romance author Major fangirl

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    Loved it After the previous book in the series I was pleased to get of what I associated as SEP Loved Kenny, liked Emma Liked background stories Very funny which kept me chuckling with than a few full out belly laughs Looking forward to reading Ted s story Can t believe that adorable little boy has turned into one sexy young man

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    2.5 StarsSome books are nice, very comfortable And a point comes where these books stop becoming your comfort zone and shifting to just ok category, this is one of those.