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Fucking loved it Loved it Alex is a jerk, a fucking major jerk But yes, his childhood was shitty Let s give him some space.Daisy, Daisy, Daisy I love you.Tater I love you too.Sheba You are a bit of cunt But I don t love you, Daisy, and you can t begin to know how sorry I am about that because if I could chose anyone in this world to love, it d be you My expectations are so high for the new SEP book due out in August I sure hope it lives up to my expectations. OMGI cant evenThis love story just blew me away I don t love you any,Alex It s alright sweetheart.I love you enough for the both of usKISS AN ANGEL is a beautiful love story that revolves around two broken loney souls,both vulnerable and lost in their own waysHonestly speaking,this book surprised me in ways than one.I mean with its chic lite cover,and the book s subtle summary.I had no clue,how emotional this book would really turn out to be.The characters in the book seemed so individually strong and memorable in their own right.I couldn t help but admire the way Ms.Phillips built a plot around such diverse characters instead of concentrating on just the two main leads.I found daisy and the tiger sinjun s relationship to be so the most touching.The way she relates to the beast calming loving him while making way for her own self discovery was just so complexly written.I adored itPride had kept her running when love had betrayed her Yes..It s true.THIS BOOK MADE ME CRY..LIKE A LOT especially towards the end.The sad misunderstandings that Alex and Daisy go throughseriously,I was a mess RECOMMENDATION This book has permanently earned a place on my favorites shelf I would highly recommended this book to anybody wanting a good emotional read if they have a LOT of spare time that day because trust me.You would want to finish this in one solid reading.Seriously a great book, completely deserves to be read, at least once. Wedding Day Pretty, Flighty Daisy Devreaux Can Either Go To Jail Or Marry The Mystery Man Her Father Has Chosen For Her Arranged Marriages Don T Happen In The Modern World, So How Did The Irrepressible Daisy Find Herself In This Fix Alex Markov, As Humorless As He Is Deadly Handsome, Has No Intention Of Playing The Loving Bridegroom To A Spoiled Little Feather Head With Champagne Tastes He Drags Daisy From Her Uptown Life To A Broken Down Traveling Circus And Sets Out To Tame Her To His WaysBut This Man Without A Soul Has Met His Match In A Woman Who S Nothing But Heart Before Long, Passion Will Send Them Flying Sky High Without A Safety Net Risking It All In Search Of A Love That Will Last Forever I can t believe I m about to read this because I LOATHE everything about the circus and I usually avoid any books involving them I had a bad childhood experience at the circus and ever since then they ve creeped me the fuck out But I trust SEP, so I m going against my gut here 5 BILLION ZILLION GAJILLIONTY STARS I take thee to be my awful wedded husbandI have NO idea how I missed this book by one of my all time favorite authors, considering I ve practically read her entire backlist But I did And I ve been kicking myself for days for taking this long to do it Because this book THIS BOOK WAS MAGICAL It is hands down my favorite contemporary romance, not only from this author, but period Yes It was THAT good Actually, no It wasn t just good It was brilliant It was enchanting, sigh inducing, heartwarming, funny, swoony, PERFECTION His fists clenched at his sides Damn it Where s your pride Pride It s in my heart, of course You re letting me demean you She smiled You can t do that I can only demean myselfIf you love the arranged marriage trope, you will LOVE the story of Alex and Daisy Put against a rock and a hard place, Daisy agrees to her father s choice of husband, even if she s only meets him the day of her wedding Alex has his own reasons for agreeing to the arrangement, but he s keeping a tight lid on those.Suddenly sweet and somewhat sheltered Daisy that s used to globe trotting and dining with celebrities with her flighty and selfish past model mother, finds herself thrust into circus life, with a husband that s determined to prove to her that she can t hack it Put to the test on just how much of the ordinary life she can endure, Daisy soon finds that there s something almost magical about the circus, and than meets the eye to her husband.Daisy was the sweetest, most endearing heroine I ve ever read I loved all of her vulnerabilities and insecurities I loved her soft sort of strength and the way she finds herself in a place she last expected.Alex was an outright bastard to her Yet there was something so intriguing about him I couldn t get enough of him I wanted to hate him for his treatment of Daisy, but then reading about her method of dealing with him gave me too many laughs to care Good news she chirped The doctor says this time it s tripletsI loved the way that Daisy s sweet nature eventually began to win over everyone around her I loved the incredible cast of quirky and unique secondary characters My absolute favorite part had to be the animals, though.This book was simply EVERYTHING It was phenomenal, unputdownable, page turner, smile inducer It had THE MOST DELICIOUS GROVEL I have ever read It had the swooniest romance It had the quirkiest humor IT WAS EVERYTHING EVERYTHING An absolute must read My favorite book of the year and hands down my favorite SEP book to date Find me on 5 STARS image error 5 beautiful, brilliant starsDon t dare a person who has nothing else left to lose It s official I m hooked I m the newest SEPPIE Fan Girl I loved this story Alex and Daisy are all kinds of amazing I laughed, I sobbed, I sighed, I fanned myself My only problem with the story is that it ended Thank you to my lovely friends whose ravings made read this author What do I read next 4.25 StarsOverall Opinion Wow This was so much better than I thought it d be I know I might be giving too much away here but I think keeping the circus aspect of this book a secret is a poor choice I might ve picked this up sooner if I had known what all we experienced with that It s an older book, but it really didn t feel all that dated tbh maybe the clothing descriptions, but that s about it I came across this again when I asked GR friends and followers what their favorite re read books are, and I can totally understand where this would come in I think it s going on my favorites shelf and will probably be a re read again farther down the line Why not 5 Stars then, you ask The sexual chemistry felt lacking It wasn t fade to black or anything, but I felt like the scenes could ve been better I m also a greedy, greedy girl and I like my epilogues This one was alright I didn t hate it or anything, but I definitely think it could ve been a lot better So with the epilogue ending.5 points and the sexual chemistry.25 points , I m going with a 4.25 star rating.Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Daisy and Alex s story Daisy finds herself forced to marry a man of her father s choosing or face jail time Alex is a mysterious older man that is up for the job for at least the 6 months she is required to stay married before getting her inheritance Daisy is shocked when Alex swoops her up to get on a plane that takes her to Florida where they join the traveling circus he works for There is a lot of big adjustments Daisy has to make to fit in with this new lifestyle and with her new husband, and Alex is also consistently shocked that Daisy isn t the spoiled and dumb socialite that he had pegged her to be There are a lot of ups and downs, some funny moments, some sexy times, and some sad momentsand they get a HEA ending.POV This alternated between focusing mainly on Daisy and Alex in 3rd person narrative It did have some parts that focused on side characters as well.Overall Pace of Story Good I ate this up and read it super fast I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well.Instalove No, they take a while to develop stronger feelings.H rating 4 stars Alex I liked him I felt bad for his past, but I did want him to communicate a little better with Daisy at times.h rating 5 stars Daisy I loved her She was a mess and a lot lost when we first meet her Her upbringing and family relationships were sad, but I appreciated the woman she became despite it all.Sadness level Low moderate I teared up a few times, but I never needed any tissues.Push Pull Yes view spoiler They both push away and also pursue the relationship at times hide spoiler Do you know that feeling when you have just finished a book you adored but you just can t figure out how to express that on your review Well that s exactly what happened to me but I ll do my best to try to explain it to you all.This was my favorite book from this author, I even liked it than the Chicago stars series and I already had adored that one, I gave 5 stars to most of the books in it But it was so different this time I couldn t put the book down, that s how FREAKING amazing it was for me I loved this book so much I even cried like a baby with it My heart felt like it would break into a million pieces than once, while some other times I felt like I would go crazy for feeling so happy about fictional characters, lol, but seriously I totally connected with them.In this book we get to meet Alex, our sexy Russian hero He was so lost and suffering so much through life without even realizing it He had been abused by his uncle as a child by being knocked down and brutalized and was sure he just wasn t able to love anyone or anything It s not like he had not tried, he had, but he thought he could never get to love someone, that he was broken inside It was so heartbreaking to see how he could not accept so many great things that started to happen to him but at the same time it was so emotional to see him accepting them at the end He was the best part of the book IMHO The rest of the characters were amazing as well So be ready for a great ride with this book because you ll experience tons of emotions in just a couple of hundred of pages,lol.I just can t understand how this author keeps surprising me this way I m so obsessed with her right now Its like every new book I read from her is even better than the last one I never thought I would like Contemporary romance but I know I do now Can t wait to read another book from this author, I just can t get enough. 4.5 Stars More than 31,000 ratings and almost 1,900 reviews What can I possibly say Except that I LOVED IT QUICK REVIEW Enjoyment 4.5 5Writing style 5 5Storyline 5 5Hero 3 5Heroine 4 5Secondary characters 5 5 Hotness chemistry 4 5 Romance 4 5 Angst 3.5 5Darkness level 2 5Humor 4 5 Depth of the book 5 5POV multiple, 3rd person Triggers view spoiler none hide spoiler