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The Glass Demon Is A Thrilling Young Adult Novel Filled With Mystery And The Supernatural From Helen Grant, Author Of The Vanishing Of Katharina Linden, In Which Lin Fox Is About To Discover That Not All Fairytales Are Fiction The Glass Demon Bridges The World Of The Traditional Grimm Fairytale With The Darker World Of Angela Carter S Adult FairytalesThe First DeathSeventeen Year Old Lin Fox Finds A Body In An Orchard As She Backs Away In Horror, She Steps On Broken GlassThe Second DeathThen Blood Appears On Her Doorstep Blood, And Broken GlassThe Third DeathSomething Terrible Is Found In The Cemetery Shards Of Broken Glass Lie By A GraveWho Will Be Next As The Attacks Become Sinister, Lin Doesn T Know Who To Trust She S Getting Closer To The Truth Behind These Chilling Discoveries, But With Each Move The Danger DeepensBecause Someone Wants Lin Gone And Won T Give Up Until He S Got Rid Of Her And Her Family ForeverHelen Grant S First Teen Novel The Vanishing Of Katharina Linden Was Shortlisted For The Carnegie Medal Her Other Darkly Thrilling Young Adult Novels, The Vanishing Of Katharina Linden And Wish Me Dead, Are Also Available From Penguin

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    Helen Grant s books always seem to get such mixed reviews, but I really kind of love them If you ve read The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, you ll notice some similarities here the setting of a small German town, the main character s reluctant relationship with a neighborhood boy, some really crappy family dynamics, the possibility that supernatural elements are at work And while sometimes similarities in books by the same author like this can really annoy me, I found that they didn t at all in The Glass Demon, just because I so enjoy the way that Grant writes Both books are quiet, and sad, and creepy, and funny in parts, and for me, both main characters feel real in a way that few main characters do in books Lin is self centered and indecisive and angry and defensive, and does things she regrets, and deals with things in inappropriate ways at times like many teenagers and many adults do I found the story itself really interesting as well, and the history well researched and believable It s not one of those books with action, action, action though there is definitely a lot of tension and quite a climax towards the end But for me, the thing I love is the slow building of suspense as Lin tries to figure out what s going on around her, and in the slow building and deteriorating of the bonds between Lin and the members of her family and between herself and Michel There s just something deliciously dark and subtly hopeful about the stories Grant sets up, and I for one am most definitely looking forward to the next one she puts out

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    To begin with this book was rating at 1, 2 stars tops The first 100 or so pages I just couldn t get into it The characters didn t seem all that interesting It didn t read like a book I thought I should enjoy Not just that I felt that things were happening in a blink of an eye, no detail just boom, boom boom I didn t see what else could happen How it could develop, especially develop into a book worthy of 3 4 stars, one I would not regret buying.BUT..to my delight it achieved this I would give it 3 or 3 1 2 but I rounded it up The book the content, the characters, relationships got intriguing, complex and exciting that I was desperate to turn the page I felt, to begin with, a certain detachment towards the characters, but once the book got going, the characters seemed real, whcih is what I need in a book to fully enjoy them For them to seem tangible, their feelings, their actions and Helen Grant achieved this once the story progressed Lin and Michel were the most central characters, but with the help of her family and certain members of the town the plot became believeable and strong.I was glad this didn t turn out to be a paranormal romance, as they all end up merging into one after a while too much is the same, no originality This was original Compared to what I have read in the past anyway I loved the history And the relevance to demons and faith as well as folklore I thought it was a very interesting and engaging concept that keeps you hooked.So all in all an enjoyable read IF you persist otherwise you will have the wrong idea of this book It gives you a trial but if perservere you will be rewarded

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    5 Words History, religion, secrets, family, tragedy.Full review to come.

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    It was a sort of love hate relationship I had with The Glass Demon The story is narrated in a retrospective style so at about the end of every other chapter Lin goes like, I was not to know blablabla will be insert some horror It s an intriguing storyline, I must say, and the balance between some paranormal cause and a criminal cause of the deaths must have been difficult to hold, but it was done pretty well You have no idea whether it was the glass demon or some other townie not so keen on the family s presence The characters are pretty well developed and I liked that Lin s father isn t this perfect, good looking and strong father and he had his own somewhat major flaws I could identify with him, though, his strong desire to see the glass and inability to put aside the glass even after so many one significant than the rest deaths I also liked the mystery surrounding Michel and family Can t remember how to spell his last name the violent, scary father and the don t let s talk about him older brother Oh and the dog too, how can I forget that Scary monster, lol And about Father Engle, the way Lin was describing him I totally wished he were alive, lol Altogether a somewhat interesting book, but I d say I wouldn t have minded not reading it, I would say There s just nothing in it for me.

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    My second Helen Grant novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I did the first one The Vanishing of Katharina Linden Set, like the earlier novel, in Germany and drawing on local legends to great and genuinely creepy effect, the book also paints a convincing picture of adolescent discomfort, to put it mildly, loneliness and displacement, the stirrings of first love, and the sheer strangeness of being oneself and having no one to share this with It s sharply characterised, gripping and cleverly plotted It s also, both comically and horrifically, a manual in bad parenting techniques Recommended.

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    The premise was interesting, and the suspense and pace were good enough to keep me reading, but in the end I was left disappointed The conclusion was sort of anticlimactic in its normality, and none of the characters seemed to have any redeeming characteristics, other than perhaps Polly and Michel But then again, their only positive traits tended to be their selflessness to the point of being doormats I couldn t figure out why Michel loved Lin, unless it was just based on physical attraction and her being foreign I also couldn t understand how Lin went from using Michel and not caring about him, to suddenly deciding she loved him There was no epiphany, other than her suddenly realizing he was good looking after being humiliated by the priest she has a crush on, nor any sort of growth in her feelings for him Relationships between Lin s family members were also confusing I was honestly shocked to discover near the end that Tuesday was her real mother, and Polly was actually her older sister, not her younger sister There was something about the dynamics between them and how each of them acted that gave me the impression that Lin was older, and I don t recall anything in the text giving us their ages.Because of the way Tuesday relates to the girls differently than she does to her infant son, I was under the impression for most of the book that Polly and Lin s birth mother had died when they were little, and Tuesday was her father s second wife, and Reuben was Tuesday and their father s son Lin tells us early on that she wants to be a scientist and be the only one in her family not interested in the arts But as far as I can tell, only their father is interested in the arts, as a historian Tuesday doesn t seem interested in much of anything other than fashion mags, Polly only seems interested in taking care of the baby, and there s no real indication that Lin is actually interested in science Her whole I m going to be a scientist routine only seems to come up when she s trying to rationalize her ill fated crush on the handsome priest at her school The fact that Lin can spontaneously draw the elaborate stained glass windows from memory in a matter of minutes was really hard to believe, particularly since Lin doesn t seem to spend any time during the rest of the book drawing or displaying any artistic talent at all, and she only has a few brief encounters with the windows in real life And for all of her apparent sympathy for Polly doing everything while Tuesday does nothing, Lin herself doesn t seem to actually pitch in to help out Aside from going to school, and the few trips to the woods, I can t really figure out what Lin herself is spending her time on, and why she couldn t help her poor sister out I also think considering how much misinformation is given about Michel s brother, it would ve been effective to have Lin actually meet him, rather than coming to the realization that he was harmless via Michel s words and her own analysis of an event she didn t actually witness when Michel s father comes over to the castle to threaten Lin s family, and Jorg comes along All in all, it s an interesting premise, the suspense and tension are well done, but it was hard to care about what happened to any of the characters when I didn t really like any of them other than perhaps Michel and Polly, the only two I found sympathetic , and the big reveal was sort of a let down.

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    Spooky story of a girl, Lin, whose family moves from England to Germany so that Lin s professor father can study a set of stained glass windows The windows are rud to have been haunted by a demon, but are widely believed to no longer exist But then Lin learns that someone human or demon is willing to kill to keep the windows hidden.Things I loved Terrific tension The Glass Demon is really scary Great writing Realism of Lin s family they re not absent, they loom large in the story and are dysfunctional in tragically realistic ways Loved the shock of discovering the real history between Lin and Tuesday Loved the way Grant let the reader realize the pattern of the crimes just a moment before Lin does the reader gets to feel smart, but without then having to spend half the book wishing Lin would figure it out too Also liked the realistic, less insta soul mate relationship that develops between Lin and a neighbor boy Oh, and this is one of the few books where a protagonist doesn t tell parents police whatever about what s going on and I actually understood why.Things I didn t love Too much foreshadowing Also, despite Lin s concern about her sister s rapid weight loss, she sure has a snide mental comment for every large character who wanders through the story It does make sense, given the messages she s grown up with, but dang did it irritate me sometimes.Grant keeps us guessing until the end about whether this is a paranormal story or a regular murder mystery view spoiler It s not paranormal there s a human being behind the crimes, though there s some metaphorical talk about demons driving him to it hide spoiler

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    LOVED This book The characters were fabulous rich and interesting and deep with lots of empathy The two main characters are teenagers, with another teen being a primary secondary character Grant does a fabulous job of catching the teen voice somewhat disgruntled, misunderstood, a little rebellious and a lot scared cautious She is able to give us a real mystery, with the added benefit of taking most of us Americans anyway out of our physical space comfort by placing the whole story in an area of Germany that is little visited and less often written about The religious theme was not overdone, this from a non religious person, and I enjoyed the peep into the priests world I would have liked him, the good looking priest, to make another appearance at the end, to explain himself , but the ending worked well for me as it stands I highly recommend this one I gave it 4 stars only because I couldn t give it 4.5 stars.

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    Lin Fox and her family move to Germany for a year so her father can track down the fabled Allerheiligen stained glass and win himself a reputation Yet the moment of their arrival, death seems to follow, leaving behind a track of broken glass the sign of Bonschariant, the demon who haunts the glass.Secretive townsfolk, open hostility, even unhelpful law enforcers seem to point to only one thing No one wants the glass to be found What they do want is the Foxes out of their town, or dead.There is something eerie in the way the town and its inhabitants were portrayed, and it set a lovely backdrop for the story to unfold The castle in the woods, an almost isolated feel in the atmosphere it was a great horror waiting to unravel.Even the dysfunctionality that was the Fox family added to the overall suspence of the story And at first glance it was lovely Tuesday s somewhat immature, coquettish behaviour made me think of her as an older sister than a mother Polly s lie low and let everyone tramp all over her attitude reminded me a bit of Beth from Little Women And although I couldn t relate to the doormat aspect of her personality, it was a relief to see her character develop or change spiralling into a darker side that we unfortunately never saw very much of.As for the father A work driven, single minded man, who could even momentarily forget the death of one of his own children for the sake of this hallowed glass don t act like that s a spoiler because it isn t he frightened me the way a quietly unstable, charismatic villain would.Then we have Lin Lin and her foolishness I didn t dislike her character, but I didn t like her either For someone who seemed so determined to keep her family safe, I was astonished at some of the decisions she made To me, she was imprudent, wreckless, and her treatment of Michel was just plain selfish.And I ADORED Michel But then again, I ADORE German boys so that may be a little biased I didn t understand why he loved Lin, though and no, it s not jealousy speaking it seemed a little too forced for me It would ve been just as well if they were made platonic friends and nothing The love aspect really grated on me a bit The word being thrown out and about in the book also made me cringe one too many times Maybe it s just me, but when I was seventeen I sure as hell didn t just see some random hunkaspunk and decide I was in love with him just because I imagined having special conversations with him.The plot itself was fast moving Deliberate The downside is that we didn t get a complete feel of the town and its townsfolk or is it village and villagers somewhat understandable since Grant would want to focus on the Allerheiligen glass and the search for it.What was a pity for me is that what made the book scary was the underlying feel in its backdrop The story itself was not frightening, nor was it even suspenseful.Another nit I have to pick is how forced things seemed And I m not just talking about Michel s sudden love for Lin I m talking about the hostility and cold shoulder the townsfolk gave to the Foxes Sure, it was all spooky spooky and suspicious when you were reading the book, but once you ve finished and you think back, you d realize there really wasn t any reason for that cold treatment And don t tell me it has anything to do with post war enmity between Germany and England because I Don t Buy It.Yet I enjoyed The Glass Demon I liked the character development, disregard whether or not I liked the characters themselves Grant also has a way of building up emotion and setting up mood, nudging readers to read on So this one earns much over three but still less than four stars from me.

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    Wow what a book Fast paced narrative with a character I liked Helen Grant writes with a style I enjoy reading Her sense of humour shines through, with the main character, Lin, snarky and with little patience for stupidity or arseholes The characterization rang true for me a teen who is not afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right, but second guesses herself at times.The main story was mystery and horror combined, underscored with the secondary plot of Lin s sister, Polly, having anorexia, and Lin s fear for her This adds tension to the main narrative It was all woven together smoothly Her similes were deftly drawn, one of my favourites being, Reality seems to be unraveling as though it were a piece of knitting and someone had taken the end of the wool and pulled until the stiches slipped, one after another, dissolution running back and forth across the work, faster and faster.The journey Lin undertakes reveals her strengths, while it exposes the weaknesses of those around her, including her father and mother While I was not scared while reading this book, I did fear for the characters, although assumed Lin would come out of it alive since she was narrating If you want a book that is within the thriller genre but has a literary slant, you should try this book I couldn t put it down I m off to find Helen Grant s other books now Bye.