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If you extremely loved this book, or a die hard Johanna Lindsey fan, please do not continue.Welcome, welcome Do you honestly think that your life is seriously fucked up Then please come on down and take the Bettina Verlaine My Life Sucks meter This is an effective way to measure if you re luckier than the rest or if your life sucks enough that you should contemplate suicide.Following questions are answerable by yes or no only 1 Are you unloved by either or both of your parents 2 Do you have tantrum attacks or temper fits so really worse that your dad had to send you to a convent seminary 3 Did your dad arrange your marriage to someone really far away just to get rid of you 4 Have you traveled by seas and a almost been raped by the crew b been abducted by pirates c Been raped by a pirate 1 Did you enjoy being raped by a pirate 2 Escaped the pirate, only to cause a pubfight 3 End up in jail 4 Rescued from jail by the very pirate who raped you 5 Have you been stuck in an island and the only way out is to pretend to be a boy a Been forced to be a cabin boy, though you re a girl i Escape being a cabin boy,but end up at the clutches of the man who almost raped you 6 Have you almost been whipped to death 7 Does your betrothed have no plans of ever marrying you 8 Did you end up loving the same pirate who raped you If predominant answers are NO, you should be cheery for Bettine Verlaine s life is seriously worse than yours.If predominant answers are YES, then your life is seriously fucked up, but never fear for Bettina Verlaine survived all these tragedies and I bet you will too.I, on the other hand, enjoyed Johanna Lindsey s novels once upon a time I admit, it s written nicely skillfully, however, the book and plot was just awful, awful, awful resembling a child with tantrum fits Despite Bettina Verlaine s life being definitely worse than mine, I definitely thought of hitting my head on the wall with all her misfortunes On my Bettina Verlaine meter, this book goes straight to the mouth of a volcano Literally. Sun Blazed BeachesWith Languid Tropical Breezes Caressing Her Breathtakingly Beautiful Face, Bettina Verlaine Stood Before The Mast, Sailing Westward To Fulfill A Promise Her Heart Never Made Marriage To A Count Her Eyes Had Never Beheld Then In A Moment Of Swashbuckling Courage, The Pirate Tristan Swept Her Away And The Spell Of His Passion Was Cast Over Her Heart Forever But Many Days And Fiery Nights Must Pass Before Their Love Could Flower Into That Fragile Blossom A Woman Gives To Only One Man do you like to read about rape lots and lots and lots of rape is rape an act of such little consequence that it issimilar to getting pinched or yelled at rather than being an actual assault on a person s physical and emotional self are you able to justify the constant use of rape, rape, rape as somehow being historically accurate and therefore not much of an eyebrow raiser have you managed to convince yourself that rape was so common back in the Bad, Sexy Old Days that it really just didn t matter much to anyone, it was just a fact of life like coal smoke and poor hygiene do you like to see a heroine being lied to, stripped of food, clothing, and dignity so that they don t struggle during any rape y action sequences and therefore you don t have to deal with such messy things like tears pain blood horror perhaps if a heroine doesn t struggle, that s not really rape , right do you prefer your rape scenes to be written in a style that is completely and complacently without any affect indeed, so affectless that the constant rape scenes start to have a bizarre kind of normalcy to them a simple fact of life for women apparently is rape okay when it is committed by a really hot guy do you prefer your rape scenes to be written by an author who apparently has no personal experience with the topic and has had no one in her life impacted by it either, and so you can have tidy little rape scenes that are delivered in a voice totally devoid of understanding, of meaning, a voice that is totally unconscious of the truly debilitating and potentially lifelong consequences of such an assault do you prefer your rapes to be cozy and free of physical violence and non consensual but sorta sexy rape is not such a big deal, right well, dear reader, consider this to be your personal recommendation and introduction to the rape athon known as A Pirate s Love.i have had some bad luck with the Romance genre this is my second or third try and i suppose i am just not getting it i have actually hadluck and pleasure with reading PNR and straight up Erotica i pulled this one off of the donation shelf at my agency s drop in center i was quite thrilled to scoop it up actually, Pirates being a predictable favorite topic of mine i read this one early this morning, it took maybe three hours reading it made me feel like a bad person it depressed me maybe i ve just known too many people who have been raped to be able to treat this like the light entertainment that it was clearly intended to be i doubt that Lindsey wrote this with the goal of making me sick to my stomach but it is a horrorshow written in the blithe tone of a classic Young Adult novel and that made it so much small but important thing in this novel s favor the heroine actually recognizes each rape as being, well, an actual rape even if there was no struggle, even if she is tricked into it, she still considers it to be rape good for her but then, of course, she ends up falling in love with our ardent pirate hero Rape in this world is just another way of saying I Love You is this typical of the Romance world well, i suppose that must be a pleasantly consequence and emotion free world to live in. Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterest I read this for the Unapologetic Romance Readers New Years 2018 Reading Challenge, for the category of Pirate Romance Forinfo on this challenge, click here Highbrow this is not, but that didn t stop me from buying it and enjoying it A PIRATE S LOVE is a 1970s bodice ripper, which you can usually take to mean that it contains a whopping dash of WTF and a hero who quaffs misogyny like he s trying to get drunk on woman hating I don t know why I like these books so much but I m not going to apologize for it, and I ll be the first to admit that they re problematic, but something about them just calls to me Maybe because they seem fearless of causing offense in a way that many modern day romances don t, and I admire their ballsiness.Bettina Verlaine is a hot babe who s about to be married off to a French nobleman she doesn t know and has never met However, the ship carrying her to her destination is hijacked by pirates and she becomes the unwilling sex doll of Pirate Lord, Tristan Matisse, who thinks her foot stomping and flashing eyes are as erotic as a plate of oysters on the half shell served with a goblet of red wine and a box of unopened condoms Spoiler alert it is not consensual.One thing I liked about this book, though, is that for 80% of the book, Bettina gives it to the hero, hard Her escape attempts were actually pretty effective and she wasn t afraid to maul the hero, even going so far as to knock him unconscious with a wine cask All of that changes of course when she decides that she loves him and then it s nonstop angst, but for most of the book, I really appreciated her spitfire nature as she has 50%spine than other heroines in comparable books.Tristan also has an Inigo Montoya thing going on where he s seeking out the man who scarred his face and killed his father and his mother This book actually came out before Princess Bride, but the similarity amused me, and Tristan s ruthless pursuit of Bastida amused me, particularly when the search yields twoplot twists that I didn t see coming one about Bettina s would be fiance, and another about her father I like it when a romance novel surprises me and doesthan just set up the main couple, but A PIRATE S LOVE actually has a pretty wide cast of characters, whether it s Madeline the nursemaid, Jossel the oddly permissive mother, Casey the twinkling eyed captain, or Jules the ruthless BFF who might hug you just as soon as he might whip you true story.I haven t been impressed with most of Johanna Lindsey s books, but I quite liked this one I liked it eventhan I liked CAPTIVE BRIDE This book has a better hero and heroine and came damn close to 4 stars I just really didn t like the ending why does the heroine always need to be tamed 3 to 3.5 stars This book should be called A Dread Pirate Raperson from Rapeytown s Rapey Love As He s Raping you This is what happens a girl gets kidnapped by a pirate He rapes her for 300 pages They get married The end.BettinaI wasn t wild about your name there, sweets Bettina, Godblesser, tries to escape 75 times She is thoroughly pissed for most of the book Why Because Rapey McRaperson WOULD NOT STOP RAPING HER I wish I was joking I m not Then every single woman in her life is like WHATS THE BIG DEAL HES CUTE HE TREATS YOU NICE Bettina s reaction was perfect HE KEEPS RAPING ME Seriously though, 90% of this book is her being raped or talking about being raped In first third of the book I m sure it says rape 40 times The last third of the book was actually kind of funny because of the mishaps and conversations that are had I cackled a few times, but really the bulk of this book is about her being raped and a lot of talk trying to justify her rapes And then she marries her rapist and it s all good.Lindsey, woman Ya Crazy But I laughed a bunch of times so I m not too mad at you FYI I had to force myself to take a lighthearted approach to this book, cause serious y there s a whole bunch of justifying rape in this bitch. HORRIBLE DID I REALLY FUCKING READ THIS BOOK I M EMBARRASSED.Maybe I read it to see if she could turn around this horrible story Unfortunately for me, she did not even attempt it.HORRIBLE.SENT AWAY FROM HER FAMILY.KIDNAPPED BY PIRATESRAPERAPETRICKEDRAPERAPERAPETEMPER TANTRUMRAPERAPELOCKED IN A HOUSE, ON A PIRATE OWNED ISLANDRAPERAPEESCAPEDALMOST RAPED BY DIFFERENT RAPISTFINDS MOTHER TOLD FATHER IS DEADRESCUED BY PIRATE RAPISTRAPERAPELOCKED AWAY WITHOUT CLOTHINGRAPERAPEY RAPEPREGGERSRAPERAPIST BRINGS IN ANOTHER WOMANNO RAPE SIGH CRYING FALLS IN LOVE WITH RAPIST WHAT THE % FINDS LONG LOST FATHER RAPIST HAPPILY EVER RAPERYOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Absolutely love, love this book It was the first historical romance book I ever read at the age of 13 34 years later, it still remains my all time favorite book It will always have a very special place in my heart It was the start of my addiction for historical romance novels.I have seen all the negative reviews because of the rape scenes, but this book was written back in 1978 Back then, in the romance writer s world it was called forced seduction, not rape Forced seduction was the norm for books back then Kathleen E Woodiwiss who will always be the Grand Dame of historical romances, also wrote a forced seduction book The Flame and the Flower and Laurie McBain also had the forced seduction scene as well I could go on for a long time naming all the great authors of the 1970s who wrote these forced seduction scenes What makes me sick is everyone is blasting Johanna Lindsey for a book that was written 35 years ago, yet these are the same people who are giving 5 star praises to Bertice Small, for her book Skye O Malley A book that involves rape, multiple lovers, incest, bestiality, and the rape of a child. Okay To start with LOL What a funny book I don t think it was meant to be funny but god it was Basically a girl is kidnapped and taken onto a pirate ship where the main romantic interest rapes her I say rape in quotes as a lot of the time I am unsure to whether it is First off he kind of blackmails her Then the unsureness begins I mean rape is sick and wrong but in this book I couldn t stop laughing First off Her first time he rapes her I found it quite pleasent okay lol Her first time Forced intercourse and it was pleasent Sure Next i d like to point out how amazing the female lead character was I mean she had such strength and integrity and a fire abut her that let you know she won t take any shit Evidence of this is this quote not exact I will not just take it I will fight you before you rape me again I ll fight His response We both know that if you fight you ll tear that pretty dress of yours Do you really want that Her response Fine But I won t like it What integrity And the hero I mean wow What a man Any girls dream, he was hot A pirate His crew were loyal to him and he was so decent a guy a side from the rape I mean at the end, like all hero s would he even goes as far as defending the rape he commited by saying I may have raped her, but I did not share her with my crew and i did not beat her and kill her or something like that I mean who wouldn t want to be with this guy He doesn t apologise no but god he has a fantastic excuse for what he did Wow I want him all for myself The female character kind of bugged me Here s the deal I can t be quite sure that most the time it was rape, she actually consented most of the damn time anyways She pissed me off Okay at first yes, i was as sickened as her but then it got annoying then really annoying Then everytime she said the word rape I wanted to push her off something to keep her quiet She s a hypocrite and it done my head right in Her aunt or whoever was with her was also a dipshit Your niece comes up to you and says He raped me and she s like He might be a good guy Also the guy who tried to whip her to death He s a good man He thought you d killed his best friend, of course he was mad Oh yes Auntie you re perfectly right I deserve to die for trying to escape What a fantastic auntie I want an auntie like that Now I bet you re wondering why I gave he book two stars since I so clearly loved it It is for this reason alone It was funny Unintentionally funny The dress scene and him defending what he did just made me laugh so I gave it a star each It was just to unrealistic to take serious, even back then, I highly doubt that would have ever happened For those who don t get it, this review did consist of sarcasm They were both pretty crap and it was all pretty fucked up.The end I really shouldn t give this book four stars, because the violent rape of the heroine Bettina by the hero Tristan really disturbed me However I liked the pirate setting and the vivid descriptions of the Caribbean settings I am a pirate romance fiend, and since this is one of the first ones I read, and it was good other than the above issues, it s a keeper for me Plus this is part of my original collection of books that I ve had for over twenty years.I thought Bettina was an interesting heroine, and had Tristan treated herkindly, I would have liked him as well She was very young and innocent Certainly not old enough to handle an unscrupulous hero like Tristan Also it was unfortunately that she was treated as a possession instead of a human being with feelings and needs and aspirations During the time period, a well bred virgin of good family was a highly prized commodity, so that is realistic for the time period I have to take this book into the perspective of the time it was written in Rightly or wrongly, it was very common to have hero rape of the heroine in romances, hence the term bodice ripper That certainly doesn t justify it This book has scenes that you can t even say are forced seduction They are fairly violent rape And this is the kind of story that non romance readers like to use to justify their belief that romance is trashy and has no redeeming value However they neglect to see that a fair amount of these books are very well researched and provide an eye into history that informs and entertains the reader I m hardly the person to get on a moral soapbox about this If I was that morally offended, I probably wouldn t own the book To me, it is what it is But I do feel very disturbed when I read those scenes If I could erase them from the book, I d probably give it five stars But I cannot in good conscience make this a five star book for the reason of those scenes. Superbly Told Bodice Ripper a Privateer and the Woman He Seized and Would Not Let GoSet in the 17th century beginning in France in 1667, this is the story of Tristan Matisse whose family was brutally slain by a Spaniard who plundered the coastal towns of France, and Bettina Verlaine, who was betrothed by her father to a wealthy count living in St Martin On her way to meet her betrothed, who she does not know, Bettina s ship is seized by the privateer Tristan who sails for England plundering Spanish ships From the beginning, it is clear that Tristan intends to have Bettina in his bed He considers her spoils, no matter she is an innocent And high spirited Bettina will have none of it, so he rapes her each night Though he told her he was taking her to St Martin for ransom by her wealthy betrothed, he decides instead to take her to his island hideout and keep her some months until he tires of her What quickly becomes apparent is that he has no intention of letting her go While he holds Bettina, he searches for the man who killed his family, Don Miguel Bastida.Lindsey did a superb job of describing the emotions experienced by Bettina she could not give in to the pleasure she might experience with Tristan because to do so would be to betray her betrothed She was feisty and courageous and I loved her While it was a bit difficult to understand Tristan s comfort with rape given his childhood, somehow Lindsey made us believe it was possible And I came to like Tristan in spite of his treatment of Bettina, for he genuinely cared for her Eventually, hisnoble side comes out, and even Bettina, who has suffered his ruining her life, comes to see it.There are many well drawn characters along the way, including Jules, the man who watches Tristan s back, and Bettina s mother who confesses to Bettina the cold man she thought was her father actually is not Lindsey makes this an exciting tale with subplots and twists and turns and the visits to many ports in the Caribbean She had me turning pages late into the night I recommend it and it s going on my Best Pirate and Privateer Romances list.