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Pop open a new Wine Lover's mystery The big day is swiftly approaching for Nikki Sands Manager of the Malveaux Estates in Napa Valley and her fiancé Derek Malveaux who owns the winery But when they start receiving cryptic messages uestioning their belief in fate things uickly turn fatal

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    In this latest Wine Lover Mystery series book Michele Scott is back in form after a couple of weak outings Here is all the wine county detail snappy dialogue and humor we've come to love in the first three books in the series A wedding Nikki and Dereks's goes terribly wrong when Simon's brother is shot walking Nikki down the aisle Once again Scott tests both Nikki's ability to keep it together in trying circumstances as bodies turn up along with an old love

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    This has been one of my light reads of late but that's okay sometimes you just need a book like that I like the winery setting and am glad Nikki and Derek got married at the end after much hullabaloo

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    All of the Napa Valley mysteries are technically perfect so I keep reading the series hoping for growth Unfortunately they are almost too perfect to the point of being a bit soulless The secondary characters are somewhat interesting than the protaganist though all the bases are covered The series does keep improving however

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    Another story in this uirky fun loving family at the vineyards series The wedding is soon and Simon wanting to wear tails and being told no doesn’t go well Nikki watching two little ones when Derek comes home saying guests are showing up early One of the little ones got bubble gum in Nikki’s hair a beauty saloon or two with Simon thinking he solved the problem for her This is a delight to read and one doesn’t want to stop One love’s the characters especially for me Simon He is always up to his uirky self

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    very fun didn't guess who till the woundingSomehow Simon was a bit too stereotypical and the wedding should been flushed out at the end It was just sort of a cleanup ending the rest of the book was so detailed Why end with such a whimper?

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    Another series I am working on catching up on Usually very informative on the wine making process; this particular onenot so much I do enjoy that all of the books also have recipes

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    Nicki Sands is finally getting married To her love Derek Not even murder can stop the wedding or can it? Mmmm A uick fast read

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    A fun cosy mystery with good characters and a plot that moves at a steady pace I shall look for books in this series

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    Great Another great read I'm sad there is only one book left in this keep you on your toes series

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    Oh where to start when one has such a negative visceral reaction to a bookShould we start with the cliche filled characters? Nikki is how old? Because she acts and is written as if she's 13 and in high school and fighting off Regina George and the plastics Nikki's BFF is Simon written as a cliched gay best friend Derek Nikki's intended and Simon's brother seems like the empty headed good looking nice guy and who breaks down like a girl when something doesn't go his way OMG this was just soooo bad and unoriginal and insipidThe storyline? Oh really let's be honest WHO CARES This book was poorly written lacked any originality and felt like Ms Scott got toasted on a bottle of wine and then whipped out her laptop and wrote this drivel in one fell swoopNikki and Derek are to get married Nikki and Derek are getting threats but ignore them Nikki has to get a hair cut and then cries and whines about it like someone just shot her dog Nikki meets Derek's friends and proceeds to hate them all and then complains about why no one likes her It's because you're a narcissistic empty headed nitwit Day of wedding Simon gets shot so wedding is postponed Oh wait Derek's first wife tried to kill Nikki and Derek and now she's in jail Oh and the first wife she turns out to be the unknown daughter of Derek's step mother What???? Then Nikki decides to find out what's going on and through a series of 'coincidences' she sort of kinda realizes who the killer is Well it would have been me if I'd been therebut I wouldn't have missedTruly one of the worst books I've ever read And to be honest by the time I got to page 160 I just started to skim until I found out who the killer wasI gave this one star as Ms Scott deserved kudos for writing this and finding a publishing company that would actually publish itBook went right where it belonged the trash canI'd be too embarrassed to give this to any of my friends