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Mercedes Thompson aka Mercy is a talented Volkswagen mechanic living in the Tri Cities area of Washington She also happens to be a walker a magical being with the power to shift into a coyote at will Mercy's next door neighbor is a werewolf Her former boss is a gremlin And she's fixing a bus for a vampire This is the world of Mercy Thompson one that looks a lot like ours but is populated by those things that go bump in the night And Mercy's connection to those things is about to get her into some serious hot water

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    The cover is shitPNR are all the sameMoon Called is still goodWhat could be better than a Haiku review?Well other than a proper review I guessThe thing is I did REALLY enjoy this book it has a lot to recommend itself to readers with Mercy is a nice character She's not a complete badass but she's not a push over eitherThere's a mystery though the mystery was interesting it all came up kind of lame in the endThe writing is pretty good and even though the world building is stock standard it was a fun readI guess the reason there isn't much to say is that these stories all tend to blend in together nowMercy Merit Mac Cat Elena Dru Rose Sunshine KateHell I had to look up half the names because I'd forgotten them It kind of makes me sad because really none of the above heroines really stick out from each other They're all badass when they need to be stubborn strong intelligent There's nothing really individual about them They all have some sort of super powers and attract the attention of some very nice literary eye candyI'm kind of waiting for a PNR character to stick out a bit Why is it that the men in this genre as so much interesting than the women? Clayton's a crazy antisocial werewolf I'd never have to look up his name Barrons is mysterious and totally three different kinds of awesome Curran is violent and overbearing but has that whole bad tempered territorial softie going for him while Ethan with his shrivelled black heart is fascinating because you slowly watch his humanity return Then there's Bones who is probably the most unique out of them allYet the men are all kind of the same too They're all violent At least it's an undercurrent of violence that hums beneath the surface They're all painfully dominant macho and likely to step all over the heroine if she doesn't use her attitude to make them back off They all come to grudgingly respect their respective partners and are really passionate and demonstrative of their emotionsThe most annoying trend of these books is that in all likelihood I will need to wait until book 4 before any horizontal nekkid tangoing occurs So whilst I will no doubt read the rest of this series and love every minute of it I can’t help but bemoan the fact that it so far provides nothing new or interesting in a genre which proves that you literally can Write By NumbersYou will 'like' this reviewI so know that you doHit the button bitch image error