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A fun little romp There is some interesting world building in the book All in all, a nice little homage to Hornblower, with some interesting fantasy elements. I was less than impressed although the person who recommended it,loved it, because as she says she loves the underdog Halcyon Blithe was far from an underdog He is tall, good looking and comes from a wealthy, landed, titled family and was sent off to sea with a handful of magic artifacts, talks to dragons and is both an air and water wizard About the only thing he didn t have going for him was he came into his magical powers until sixteen instead of the usual twelve or thirteen years of age Oh, I also forgot to mention that Halcyon was the seventh son of a seventh son, poor kid, what an underdog, he has nothing going for him Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe was like reading a Monty Hall adventure, not really unexpected as Ward is a TSR writer. Halcyon Blithe, Being A Young Man Of Good Breeding And Lineage As Well As Endowed With Those Qualities And Abilities Of A Sorcerous Nature And Wishing To Fulfill His Full Potential, Is Ready To Assume His Proper Place In The World He Aims To Seek His Fortune Among Those Who Tend And Sail The Awesome Nautical Juggernauts The Dragonships With This In Mind, Blithe Gladly Accepts His Rank As Midshipwizard And Becomes A Member Of The Crew Who Man The Dragonships Vessels Which Harness The Bodies And Strength Of Living Dragons With Seafaring Technology Combining Elements Of Hornblower With Harry Potter, And Robert Louis Stevenson With Robin Hobb, Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe Is A Nautical Tale Rich In Magic And Intrigue A Tale Set Against A Panorama Of Fantastic Naval Battle As We Follow The Career Of A Young Midshipwizard As He Moves Up Through The Ranks Of His Majesty S Navy I really wanted to like this one because of all the Hornblower meets Harry Potter descriptions, having read both series multiple times But alas, the writing was so horrible that Blithe never made it out of port before I gave up There are examples in other reviews but one that I particularly recall is Blithe s initial meeting with a senior midshipwizard There is a sense of impending rank struggle, like embittered Simpson s tyranny in Mr Midshipman Hornblower, but without explanation in the next paragraph, they have become friends with intimate knowledge of each other s backgrounds Weird.I hope that once out to sea, Blithe s fortunes would improve, but I just couldn t cut the bad writing enough slack to find out. It was awful Got through thirty or so pages and couldn t take any I believe I stopped at this sentence Hurrah the boys shouted Great enthusiasm, boys Head, meet desk. Let me be perfectly honest here I love books about ships.I love books about dragons.This book has dragonships That gives it an extra star or two.Otherwise it is my strong belief that Mr Ward should get back to game design. If you re looking for Patrick O Brian or CS Forester style, wooden ships and iron men kind of historical fiction dripping with accuracy and detail, you should move along This is straight up historical fantastical fiction aimed at a young adult audience Think of JK Rowling s or Riordan s books.The one refreshing area where this series differs from Hornblower, Harry Potter, and Riordan s protagonists is that Halcyon Blithe is not portrayed as the stereotypical bumbling accidental hero who surprises everyone but himself with his abilities and heroism Yes, he s new to the navy, but he brings skills and confidence ready to be tempered in this new environment.Also, why is everybody around 6 feet tall Interesting book Picked it up on a whim in the lounge at work Good characters, if a bit thin Wish there was to the series to flesh out the world a little better. This military novel is all bright and shiny, like its spiffy new midshipwizard It focuses on the ideals of war, the honor, nobility and code, without balancing it with the bloodshed and death that is the reality of war The plot is initially overwhelmed by the Articles of War, then once it develops the answer to who the villainous saboteur was is obvious Of course, I m not a huge fan of military novels, fantasy or otherwise, so if you love them ignore my review. I really wanted to like this, but the opening passage was not promising We meet the title character through a pair of dockhands who left me less interested in the overall setting or story and curious how they, among the vast number of their fellow workers that they say had lost a hand or a leg to the navy, were the ones to end up blandly nicknamed Hook and Pegleg Halcyon himself comes across as earnest but a bit dull, and while he s from a naval family and has been trained as an officer, he s still a novice when it comes to ship knowledge This leaves a convenient gap for his new friend, Midshipman Exposition, to lecture us all on.The author clearly put some effort into building a world beyond the Harry Potter as Horatio Hornblower concept, but the writing is awkward and often downright bad For example, here s a snippet of dialogue from one of the previously mentioned dockhands Settle me hearty, the Maleen fleets and our still in bed officers can wait for a few grains of falling sand in an Arcanian hourglass for two old sailors to finish their grog I kept coming across sentences like that, bits and pieces that made me wish the author or his editor had tried to read them out loud In the end, the writing style was just too unnatural for me to drag myself through the whole thing.