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When Jenny Buys A Game For Her Boyfriend, Tom, She Finds Herself Inexplicably Drawn To The Guy Behind The Counter There Is Something Mysteriously Alluring About Julian S Pale Eyes And Bleached Blond Hair And When He Places The Game Into Her Hands, She Knows Their Connection Is Something DeeperBut As Jenny And Her Six Friends Begin To Play The Game At Tom S Birthday Celebration, A Night Of Friends And Fun Quickly Turns Into A Night Of Terror And Obsessive Love Because The Game Isn T Just A Game It S The Seven Friends New Reality, Where Julian Reigns As The Prince Of The ShadowsOne By One The Friends Must Confront Their Phobias To Win The Game To Lose The Game Is To Lose Their Lives And That Is Only The Beginning First off, I have to say L.J Smith is a genius.I ve never read anything like this, or heard anything like this before well except for Jumanji, but this is different Its so unique and well thought of I liked all the characters Jenny can be a bit TOO good sometimes though, and with Julian you have a love hate relationship with I really think the author did a great job with the whole friendship aspect of it, but I don t think theres many groups like that any Especially seeing as they have such different personalities.I really liked Tom and wished he hadn t been so annoying in the second book I just wanted to shake him and say, She does love you, you moron But, you know, I get emotionally attached to books so that just might be me I like Jenny and his relationship though, and the fact that he would die to protect her I liked Michael s and Audrey s relationship too It was pretty funny And in the end it was so sweet I was nearly in tears.Also, I liked the whole idea of this game I like the idea of the Shadow Man I like the whole idea of everything One thing I didn t like The ending Oh, God If you ve read the book, you know what I m talking about It s so sad But in a way I guess it was very fitting So I guess that s good.I liked the characters, plot, writing and a lot It was amazing Would I recommend it Definitely 4.5 5. I cannot resist an excuse to buddy read with the oh so lovely Heather start date TBD December 1.AND, I do what I want This is another L.J Smith 3 in 1, like Dark Visions, and I feel like lump reviewing these books is kind of unfair Ergo, I will do a 3 in 1 review as I go Because that s right I do what I want The Hunter 3.5 StarsRight from the beginning of this series Smith engages me opening on a scene of Jenny, our MC, being followed by two men down a dark street in a bad part of town While trying to evade her pursuers she winds up in a game shop Enter Julian Completely evil and completely in love with her I may get some crap for that casting choice, sorry Heather , but Bradley James is probably the closest to the visual I get when I think of Julian he looked charming, sinister, and slightly mad A demon prince with the face of an angelLater that evening a party assembles for Jenny s boyfriend bleh Tom s birthday and The Game begins..I really hate Tom He is everything a girl SHOULDN T want in a boyfriend, he is sexist, inconsiderate, entirely self involved and just plain mean And while Jenny can be VERY obtuse, she definitely deserves better than him That is my love interest rant The ending of this book REALLY irritates me I m very happy it isn t a standaloneReality, Julian said, flashing a smile, has teeth and claws And since that s true, wouldn t you rather be one of the hunters than one of the huntedThe Chase 3 StarsThere is a lot of world building and character development in this one We get to experience how The Game has affected our characters, for the better or worse And, yup, I HATE Tom HATE For me he just gets worse in this one, and Jenny s excuses for him just get bogus and annoying If Tom Locke the Flawless had a flaw, this was it He was used to always winning, and winning easily Tom didn t do anything he couldn t do right the first time He wouldn t try if he thought he was going to fail. That s a pretty HUGE flaw in my opinion Gigantic, even And while I will forgive any, and all, these characters for varying youthful mistakes and misunderstandings I find it so difficult to understand how Tom goes from one extreme side of poor behaviour to another, also extreme, side of poor behaviour so entirely It s rather psychotic to be honest I love how monstrous Julian becomes in this Game It paints a far interesting picture of his Shadow man history He s such a fascinating character Smith s writing is easy and digestible but remains interesting I devour her words Om, nom nom The Kill 4 StarsThe FINAL Game This one is MY favourite I love the development in this one The way the entire book is sequenced and executed is just wonderful The setting is perfect for the events that unfold, and the characters play so well off each other This is the story that really brings The Phantom of the Opera to mind for me Eric and Julian are such similar characters They are both such beautiful, damaged souls with an undeniable LOVE for the light to their dark Love can be as much of a curse and it can be a blessing And while love for love s sake can be illuminating it can also be incredibly unfair Just because you love someone AND they love you doesn t mean there isn t a fundamental barrier that will keep the two of you apart And she had never really found the right description for the color of his eyes At times it had seemed close to this color of that color, but when you got down to it, words really failed It wasn t like anything except itself Jeez I sobbed at the end When I was 14 years old. Finally finished the entire trilogy, and overall, 4 STARS I must say, this is one of the better YA novels that I ve read I would recommend this read for younger teens for optimal enjoyment, but don t let that stop you if you re an adult This one volume contains three books, each with its own plot and story Here my reactions for each book as I finish The Hunter This story begins when Jenny stumbles into a shop to buy a game for her boyfriend s birthday She is greeted by an inhumanly beautiful boy, who sells her a game to lure her into the shadow world where she and her friends must face their darkest fears If they win, they get to leave If they lose, Jenny must stay with the dark price who has fallen in love with her The story was intriguing The concept of the Game reminded me a lot of the movie Labyrinth But instead of fuzzy muppets, we get actual nightmarish creatures While the nightmares did get repetitive and formulaic after a while, what really struck me was how well the author wrote Julian He s a charming, handsome, dangerous Grade A serial stalkerand yet, despite his psychopathic tendencies, it s hard to ignore his charisma and appeal The interactions between Julian and Jenny are balancing acts that teeter between fear and intrigue Story rating 3.5 stars, but not quite 4 stars The Chase This story has two main parts pre Game and post Game The first part of the book focused on the remaining six players dealing with view spoiler Summer s death hide spoiler What is amazing about this series is how easy it would be for L.j.Smith to have given into fans and just let Julian have Jenny and turn her into a prop Instead, Jenny grew stronger as a character something that the feminist in me loves Her friends are not merely props to make Jenny look better, in fact, they have their own subtext and growth Tom, the boyfriend, isn t made to look like some abusive boyfriend, but learns to appreciate Jenny And then, there s Julian, who is evil and yet proves he is not The explanation for his attitude towards life, and his love for Jenny is exemplary I m not surprised to see everyone rooting for Julian Definitely a recommended read. Buddy re read with the beautiful Karly Late November ish December 1.Julian rules FYI.Review All right, here s the thing I love this series SO MUCH I ve loved it for at least sixteen years I will never not love it.I can t write a proper review for this it would just be me gushing about how awesome it is and how much I hate Tom Although I am sure this series has faults haha, no it doesn t , I am fully able to ignore them and enjoy the story time and time again I will always give The Forbidden Game five stars.Since I m not writing a proper review, I m going to share a story that hopefully illustrates my love for this series.I took ceramics in college it was a required class for art majors I made all kinds of things in that class, such as a box with a calla lily on top of it and two giant ugly vases that currently sit outside my front door I also made a teapot themed after The Forbidden Game.There was a door on the lid, and a profusion of pertinent runes uruz, gebo, etc All the runes were individually made, of course The Creeper was the handle, and the Lurker was the spout The pot was black, with the eyes of the Shadow Men painted all around You had to turn it practically upside down to get anything to come out of it Can you imagine having to explain this thing to my classmates during the critique I ll tell you one thing It was effing awkward.I know what you re thinking Yes, my teapot was the most awesome teapot that has ever existed No, I don t have a picture of it Actually, it was really ugly, so I had no qualms giving it away to a friend who was equally obsessed with TFG I was responsible for that obsession, of course Clay is not my medium.Anyway My story doesn t stop there, my friends Oh, no.A couple semesters later, I was taking sculpture, which turned out to be one of the hardest art classes I ever took Wire and wood are not my mediums either I can t glue anything neatly Also, the hippie biker instructor hated me in a weirdly good natured way for some unknown reason.So The wood project We had to make a toy Obviously , I turned again to TFG and decided to base my toy on the nine Norse worlds, as described in Volume III The Kill Fortunately, I still own this masterpiece, and I do have a picture.I made this thing with power tools, you guys And twine Lots of twine for Yggdrasil, which isn t mentioned in the series, but I thought it necessary As you can see, this is not just any toy It s a metaphysical toy you would use to travel back and forth between the worlds at will While my classmates presented actual toys, I came up with this No wonder the instructor hated me.It got a good reception, however Wow my classmates said It looks like you could buy it in a craft store Yes, the instructor said, friendly yet slightly sinister Almost as if she works in a craft store HOW DARE HE I will have you know, Aaron Brothers is NOT a craft store This concludes my story Honestly, I thought it would be shorter Do you get how much I love this series and L.J Smith in general I was in my twenties, basing college projects off a YA series before it was cool to like YA, without a single concern for my dignity And here I am, sharing the story of my dorkiness for the world to read.At least I managed to ace those classes.Before I go, here is my Julian Karly, I hope you approve I ve been sitting here staring at the screen for over an hour trying to decide how to put how I feel right now in words I ll try my best.I have read a lot of books and given 5 stars for several of them After reading this, I think I need to go back and change all those books to 3 stars Nothing I ve read so far can compare, nothing Reading all 750 pages in less than 24 hours is proof of that Yes, I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep but it was so worth it Everything this book had to offer was so original, sorefreshingthe books weren t just fixated on some silly love triangle No, all three of these books had substance They were sexy, intriguing, heart wrenching, creepy, scary evenAfter I read the Secret Circle which I loved , I thought I d give another L.J Smith series a chance She is truly a gifted writer It s amazing.After I read the last sentence I sat there staring at my Kindle and just broke down in tears I didn t want to believe the ending I got on here and was glad to know I wasn t the only one who cried so much over this I was heartbroken, truly I wanted to throw my Kindle out the window, this was NOT how I wanted it to end However as much as it breaks broke my heart, deep down I know that this ending was the only way As much as I hate it, I think the ending is what gave the book so much impact.Quick notes Like I said, I think the book played out how it needed to However, I still want to be like F it and going along with that eff it mentality hehe here are a few thoughts Jenny, if I were you I would ve given in in a heartbeat I fell in love with Julian from the beginning, but after the 3rd book, after the cave scene Dear God, so help me, I would ve jumped his bones right there haha Tom, Tom, Tom In the first book I hated him, and I hated Jenny for praising him so much She wears her hair up because that s how Tom likes it In the second book when she is going to wear the gold dress and says something along the lines of Tom didn t let me wear this um excuse me LET you a sdkfjaslj a ARGH But I guess all of the characters developed in their own right and over time I began to like him I never loved his character and honestly I still don t know why Jenny held him up so high The stuff with Zach am I the only one weirded out by that They re cousins I could go on and on, but I ll probably start crying again So on that note Do yourself a favor and go read this NOW. I read this in 7th grade, in just a few days I remember sneaking it into school and reading it during English class, feeling like such a nerd rebel Now that I m older, it kind of reminds me of Labyrinth, with David Bowie A chick and all her friends get swept up into a deadly game because some hot evil magic guy has fallen in love with her and wants to make her his Queen of Shadows and will do anything to win her Why that s such a problem is beyond meSummary is kind of stupid, but the book is so good This was actually a triology, but I got the onmibus edition with the three books in one, so I ve always considered it one big book I ve read it so much over the years that the binding is coming loose After I finished this the first time, my tween self was like, This is the HOTTEST thing I ve ever read Sigh I was sad to finish Even today, it brings about school girl giddy feelings in me. The Forbidden Game by LJ Smith is my favourite series of books by this author.I was heartbroken when I ran out of LJ Smith books to read LJ Smith has been one of my favourite YA novelists in my lifetime, and it s always hard to put her novels down I m addicting to her style of writing even as an adult.This book was definitely your typical YA series all wrapped up in one teenage characters with teenage problems, but are the special people that have to deal with this specific problem, The Game The final book in this series does tie up most of the questions with in this book, but I still wanted While the characters might not grow much within this series, there was definitely room for antics and character development for this intriguing cast Especially our villain, who was the character I liked the most even though he was a baddy.Overall, this series is an engaging YA read that holds up over time I believe it was released in the 90s and it still hits it out of the park for me Five out of five stars.