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In America S Gulf Coast Region, Where Grounded Oil Tankers Are Being Broken Down For Parts, Nailer, A Teenage Boy, Works The Light Crew, Scavenging For Copper Wiring Just To Make Quota And Hopefully Live To See Another Day But When, By Luck Or Chance, He Discovers An Exquisite Clipper Ship Beached During A Recent Hurricane, Nailer Faces The Most Important Decision Of His Life Strip The Ship For All It S Worth Or Rescue Its Lone Survivor, A Beautiful And Wealthy Girl Who Could Lead Him To A Better Life

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    As seen on The ReadventurerSo, a reread after a dystopia overstaffed year, and Ship Breaker still stands out Actually, this novel has by far the best conceived vision of our future in terms of realism Nothing much far fetched or impossible here This future is grim and rusty The planet s natural resources are exhausted, the global warming is happening, Antarctica is gone, cities drowned Nailer, the main character, makes his living stripping old ships off of their metals which will be then sold to big corporations to be recycled over and over again His life takes a turn when he comes across a wrecked ship whose only survivor is a girl who is the heir to one of the biggest corporation in the world Nailor has to decide what to do about this girl to help her or take advantage of her strained circumstances However, the reread highlighted the fact that, compared to Bacigalupi s adult works pretty much all of which I devoured after reading Ship Breaker , this book is a tad juvenile, middle grade almost, and it touches only the surface of the issues the author explores so well and so thoughtfully in his adult fiction Reading Ship Breaker for the second time, I just wanted , because I knew how much there was to this world Bacigalupi imagined I am not trying to dismiss Ship Breaker s accomplishments Judged on its own, this novel is one of the strongest in the genre of dystopian YA But if you are first a fan of Bacigalupi s adult work, I am afraid this book might just not be enough If you are new to Bacigalupi, go ahead, take a gentle dip into his dark imagination, Ship Breaker is a good primer What he offers in his adult fiction is much uglier and terrifying.

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    Ten Reasons to Read SHIP BREAKER 1 The packaging is fantastic I know this is shallow of me, but the rusty, oily cover effects on the hardcover Completely won me over And after reading the book Loved it even The only way it could ve matched the mood of the book any better was if there had been some gross water damage on the pages Also, I thought I understood the title when I began, and then I thought it stopped being relevant, and then suddenly it was much relevant than it was to start 2 It has effortless world building How effortless In 326 pages, I felt like I knew exactly how this incredibly different future America worked and what it looked like, and it felt horrifyingly plausible That sort of world building should ve taken twice as long Somehow this book has done the literary equivalent of getting your husband to bring the groceries in from the car for you, and I m not entirely sure how But I like it 3 Boys who act like boys who aren t dicks 4 Girls everywhere Doing everything Being a girl gets you no favors in this world, but that s just the way it is Equal opportunity crap 5 A plot tighter than Richard Simmon s abs When our dear Paolo places a smoking gun in chapter one, you can be darn sure that he s going to use that gun in a surprising and satisfying place later And I m not just talking one smoking gun I m talking five or six smoking plot points that I went, huh, that is Interesting, I wonder if he ll at, and guess what He did 6 Invisible prose With the exception of blossoms of pain which seemed everywhere in the last few chapters, the prose is fantastic in the way that Hunger Games is It gets in and gets out and nobody even knew it was there Just what this sort of story neded.7 This world is subtle and scary It looks plausible and the attitudes are recognizable even from this side of the printed page I m going to go recycle everything in my house right now.8 Hope I love reading dystopic fiction, but I hate hopelessness This is a subtle, scary world where people are trying and there s hope for the characters My mom might read it She d give me squinty eyes afterward, but she might read it.9 Tool Just read it and find out.10 Just a neat and satisfying package, all in one Incredibly well written Do yourself a favor and read it slowly This isn t a book to be eaten in a night, though it could be done yes, all my reviews on Goodreads are 5 stars I only put books on here that I highly recommend

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    this book is fine it had a good amount of violence and intrigue, it had a well developed sense of atmosphere, i liked the beginning 1 3 of it very much, but then i don t know i m not sure whether my mediocre response is justified or if i had just read too many books right before this that i enjoyed a whole bunch this one just kind of beigely occurred it just felt like something i would put on the tv while i fold the laundry the book equivalent of NCIS or without a trace.i do think boys would like this it has a male protagonist, there is a crush situation, but it s not all languid gazing and sparkling kisses, and there is bloodshed and growth and a pretty good father son showdown i think it is better written than a lot of fiction targeted towards boys, so i give it a thumbs up in that department there are a couple of squitchy moments where a little agenda may have slipped in in the form of global warming schooling, but it skirted by just this side of preachy that and the very conscious inclusion of every racial group, yes, one of those and yes, one of those, and oh let s have two of those was kind of off putting just because i could sense there was a PC checklist somewhere, and it made me blarg a little haha this review is going to get me a republican reputation dana come tell me how to be a good republican i just felt like i was in some educational pamphlet at times, is all it s like today, i was reading a book of essays and stories and poems about queens the borough and there was this poem which i think is bad because it sounds like something the chamber of commerce would put on a mural or something to promote queens here is a portion this is part of a poem Queens Museum and Colden Center are communitylandmarks to frequent with family and friends.Queens Theatre erupts with vitality and emerald treeswith concerts by Ugandan children and to excite us.Hall of Science for budding scientists and curious InQueensthere s so much to do, or relax and stare at a rainbowor invite black, white, red, yellow and brown for rainbow gatherings Play a little music for your community of neighbors A little Billy Joel, Lena, Cyndi Lauper withQueensties, or toss on a bit of Sinatra and Ella for friends to enjoy.They know thoughtful or buoyant talk aboundswith us.They leave admiring the breeze and the trees.sorry, that is just terrible this woman has 6 published books of poetry.i don t know why i am talking about this here, except to note that her poems were so self consciously diverse, it makes me want to hide i hate overenthusiastic inclusion poetry i mean rainbow gatherings if those are anything like rainbow parties, count me right out.hmm i feel like i have strayed from the matter at hand alas blame it on the theraflu, my friends

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    Posted at Shelf InflictedI m gonna heap a Whole Lotta Love on this story, just because it deserves it It was fun, gripping, violent, tense, bleak and there was even a little sweetness at its core.Now that I ve quit my job, I thought my nightmares about work would be over As soon as I started reading this story, I had a dream I was salvaging copper wire from grounded ships My boss reprimanded me because I was not making quota and also because I was rapidly gaining weight, which made it difficult to fit into small places My fingers were like sausages, unable to retrieve the copper wire, and I was soooo hungry I woke up, made myself some scrambled eggs and sausage, and continued reading.Thank the Fates it was not me who was performing this dangerous, back breaking labor, but Nailer, an uneducated teenage boy He works with a crew of kids his own age who face a similarly grim future I liked the diversity of the cast, even though at times I felt color was added just to cover all the bases One of my favorite aspects of this story is the setting Violent storms have devastated the Gulf Coast region and rising seas have submerged entire cities Unlucky ships often get caught in the teeth if they are not familiar with the area I love how this story explores poverty and class differences, friendship, family and survival It does not shy away from violence or death Getting over something like this takes time It won t be better today Not tomorrow, either Maybe in a year, though, it won t be like this Maybe in a year you ll have mostly forgotten But it will still be there You ve got blood on your hands She shrugged It always costs It never goes away Nailer learns the importance of family, even though his own father set a bad example The blood bond was nothing It was the people that mattered If they covered your back, and you covered theirs, then maybe that was worth calling family Everything else was just so much smoke and lies I finished this story in two nights and now have the sequel in hand Sure, there are a few flaws I wish some of the secondary characters had been explored deeply, particularly Nailer s father He s rather one note and I would have liked to see a glimpse of his humanity, before his addictions took over his life This is an exciting, well written, and highly imaginative story What are you waiting for

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    In a dystopian future wracked with environmental disaster, a young salvager named Nailer s world is turned upside down when he stumbles upon the find of a lifetime, a magnificent clipper ship, and and its beautiful owner, a rich girl named NitaPaolo Baciglupi crafted quite a tale in Ship Breaker You ve got familial conflict, ecological disaster, young love, dystopia, what s not to like Not a lot, frankly The world Bacigalupi has created is quite something The cultures are very believable, especially in today s uncertain economic and ecological times Nailer, Nita, and the others are three dimensional characters and Ship Breaker easily rises above just being another young adult novel.Did I mention I loved the cultures depicted within The scavengers had a rough yet believable life and Nita s transformation from swank to pseudo scavenger was very well done One thing that was foremost in my mind was Paolo Bacigalupi s skills as a writer When Nailer was in danger of drowning in oil, I found myself getting and frantic, even though, rationally, I knew that since 300 pages were left, he d probably survive.While a lot of people mention the budding romance between Nailer and Nita, by far my favorite part was the filial showdown between Nailer and his father Yeah, I m way past the point in my life where I feel like kicking my dad s ass but I remember those days.Actually, the plot is my least favorite part of the book The world building easily super cedes it The characters and the world take center stage Yeah, it wouldn t have been as good if it had ended differently but what are you going to do.Four easy stars Don t let the YA label sway you.

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    I read this in early summer looking forward to seeing it live up to all the awesome reviews I read I was totally disappointed.To sum things up, I think it shouldn t have been published Yet He has a great world and a great story the whole idea of ship breakers is AMAZING and his world building is solid but three things really bugged me the whole time I was reading 1 His actual writing I thought he needs editing, big time His sentences didn t flow for me and he re used the same words about a hundred times, until I was ready to personally mail him a dictionary Like the word feral I ve never known a writer to use the word feral so many times.2 I think the MC was the wrong person I felt like the main story was about this girl that he rescues I would have preferred to be in her head, since she was the one with all the secrets and the excitement and the danger at her heels The MC just felt to me like he was useless to the story.3 One of the villains and a pretty main villain didn t really have motivation for what he did He just killed and killed and killed like a destructive machine There was nothing to make us feel sorry for him or get into his phsychie I like complex villains, and even better ones that are slightly slightly sympathetic Or at least have a MOTIVATION for what they do He had none At least none I ever picked up on.That being said, you should go read it and tell me what you think These things tend to bother me in whatever book I read I m kinda amazed Ship Breaker won an award endrant

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    I m slightly ambivalent about Bacigalupi s writing, but Ship Breaker has strengthened my affection His short stories are hard for me, as in hard edged, hard hitting, hard healing I liked The Wind Up Girl, mostly, though I was troubled by the lack of feminism and the bleakness of the dystopia Young adult might be the area where Bacigalupi and I best intersect Ship Breaker is full of his evocative prose, great world building, and is generally hopeful, identifiable, and empowering.Ship Breaker is about a teen named Nailer who works with a small crew of kids removing light metals from abandoned oil tankers It s dirty, dangerous work, and the people who do it live a subsistence existence, staying in impermanent shacks on the beach, with frequently hungry stomachs and no real way out of poverty, except for the mythical Lucky Strike A Lucky Strike is a chance to claim valuable salvage in such a way that the finder can keep it for himself instead of having it stolen away by thugs or bosses Nailer is small for his age, so he s still able to crawl the ducts, but won t be able to for much longer He s than a little dreamy in his spare moments, fascinated by the swift clipper ships and their technologically advanced parasails reaching for the upper atmosphere.Boss man wants one scavenge run before a big storm, and he and Nailer come close to blows until his best friend and crew leader Pima speaks up for him Nailer reluctantly heads back in to the ducts, spurred on by Sloth s offer to take his place A mistake lands him in a room full of oil, but by keeping his head, he manages to escape, earning him the title of Lucky Boy among the ship breakers The title and luck gifts earn him a brief respite from a violent, drug addicted father Even so, the truth was that Nailer shared his father s eyes and his father s wiry build, and Richard Lopez was a demon for sure No one would argue that Sober, the man was scary Drunk, he was a demon When storm comes, it is one of the mythically bad ones, a city killer, a night that ends up changing their lives.Bacigalupi achieves a perfect balance in his writing descriptive, atmospheric world building with steady pacing I can see the world he creates the blinding sunlight, the salt stinging air, the ringing and scrape of metals It s a rare talent that can create that world without the reader feeling overwhelmed with imagery, or losing the plot among the pictures With exquisitely chosen words, he conveys so much of the complexity of Bright Sands Beach Bright tropic sunlight and ocean salt breezes bathed him All around, sledgehammers rang against iron as swarms of men and women clambered over the ancient oil tanker, tearing it apart Heavy crews peeled away iron panels with acetylene torches and sent them wafting off the sides like palm leaves, crashing to the beach sands below, where crews dragged the scavenge above high tide An ant s nest of activity, all dedicated to rendering this extinct ship s bones into something usable for a new world Plotting is brisk, rife with both human and environmental dangers For many readers, viewing it as a straightforward adventure story will than satisfy a young man experiencing storms, ship wrecks, illness, captors, escape, trains, new cities, pirates, new species you get the idea Interestingly, I never felt like the pace was breakneck exhausting Given Bacigalupi s thematic sensibilities, there s also a somewhat subtle background issues on environmental change, corporate profits, and subsidiaries concealing the true human cost of manufacturing When I finished, I could only admire how he so subtly turns the tables between India and America, and America s complicated and exploitative relationships with computers and disposal.I enjoyed the characterization and feel like a rare complexity was achieved with many of the characters It is in keeping with themes of loyalty and deception, and learning how to negotiate even with different agendas Nailer was young, but a type of youthfulness that lacks experience of worlds outside his own than a simplistic view of humanity He struggles with concepts of family, and loyalty Pima, his best friend, is a fabulous female lead Pima, their boss girl, taller than the rest and filling out like a woman, black as oil and hard as iron While she originally struggles in her role as boss girl, her ethical dilemmas become even complex after she and Nailer discover a shipwreck I enjoyed the way she and Nailer frequently contradicted each other, able to be companionable but not required to unhesitatingly acquiesce Nita was perhaps less developed, but I suspect that is partly because of her role as object in Nailer s life she isn t given much of a personality partly because of class difference limiting Nailer s ability to understand her, and partly because of what she represents being important than who she is.Adults, on the other hand, seemed to be operating in a world with different rules and privy to knowledge the kids don t have Sadna, Pima s mother, and Richard, Nailer s father, are perhaps the most simplistic characters As polar opposites, I think they represent the adult forces at work on a child s life, forces that a child may strive to influence despite ultimately remaining under their control I believed in the promise of Lopez violence, and thought Bacigalupi did a marvelous job of creating a villain, even if is clear he isn t worthy of Nailer s loyalty Tool, the genetic half dog man was done with lovely sensitivity, a further example of the complexity of the concept of loyalty.Overall, a great book A little hard, a little grim, but with hope.Four and a half YA stars

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    The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children. Dietrich BonhoefferIn the speculative future proposed by this book, children will be highly valuedbecause they are small enough to crawl into the pitch black recesses of abandoned ships and retrieve copper wire.Yay for children Somewhere, Newt Gingrich will be beaming.Meet a generation of Lost Boys and Girls They don t wanna grow up because getting bigger means they can no longer squeeze into those narrow passageways No job No food Might as well sell your body for medical experiments, or in this case, organ harvesting Creepy and fascinating stuff, and if the whole book had carried on in this vein, it would have been an instant 5 star read.BUTNailer, our hero, finds a clipper ship, wrecked in a recent storm Boarding this veritable gold mine, he discovers Princess Nila, and THIS is where the story hits a wall, then limps off in the wrong direction Nila is not technically a princess , but she is a rich girl And of course, she s BEAUTIFUL Had Nailer not been smitten by her loveliness, perhaps he would have cut her fingers off, stolen her rings, and started his own, kinder, gentler ship breaking company But, instead we descend into Rescue the Princess mode, and pfffftt Sorry if my disappointment is showing The first 90 pages held SUCH promise

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    I read this earlier this year and really, really dug it Very tight and well written Gritty without being bleak, and sometimes dark without being depressing Good stuff.

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    So what happens to old ships when they die And what will happen to the thousands of ships as the oil runs out and we return to sailing clippers, as the cities drown and the poor scramble for their small share of the diminishing resources Ship Breaker is a YA dystopian novel about a time in the not too distant future when the coasts are significantly diminished, when the oil is gone, when category 6 hurricanes city killers have finally destroyed key coastal cities like New Orleans The rich the swanks go inland you don t have to worry too much about them, they will take care of themselves But what do the poor do Ship Breaker features a number of economically disadvantaged let s call them the underclass young people, almost all of them people of color, who break beached and abandoned ships down, strip them of whatever is marketable for a small profit, making a huge profit for whom they sell the scrap It is a brutal life, violent, with people scrambling close to starvation Our hero is maybe 15 year old Nailer, whose abusive Dad is a drug addict they live in a hut on the beach He is protected somewhat by Pima and her Mom, Sadna He belongs to a scavenge crew, just barely surviving, but tenacious, and resourceful One day a city killer wipes out everything on the beach, as it sometimes does, and Pima and Nailer travel down the beach to find a broken clipper with one swank survivor, Nita, and unbelievable riches on the boat They get there first, but soon they are not alone Nita could be traded back to her swank family, she could be harvested for her organs what is she worth to these folks she refers to as savages A lot, potentially Nailer has a chance to kill Nita, but doesn t Why not Something to do with ethics in the face of disaster, and the nature of family What will we cling to, what matters to us as we fearfully face each other This is a good book, a winner of the Printz Book Award, a nominee for the National Book Award for YA, though I was a little surprised by that It is not really special in some respects it s typically YA coming of age, but it does tackle aspects of issues few YA novels or any literary fiction address, issues of climate change, and the disproportionate impact this already has on the poorest people on the planet Spending money on the poor is like throwing money in a fire They ll consume it and never thank you This is a good, not great book, that I might rate 3 3.5 for the overall writing, but because it addresses global issues, and climate change, I bump it to 4 stars It speaks of ethics and belief systems that support ethical actions But it is better at world building by far than story That world will stay in my head for a while It s the first volume of a trilogy, setting up the second volume, Drowned Cities.Atlantic Monthly article on Ship Breaking Geographic article on Ship Breaking in Bangladesh YouTube video copy of a documentary on Ship Breakers.https www.youtube.com watch v qhIaE