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Librarian Note Older Cover Edition Of In The No Ladies Detective Agency Received Two Booker Judges Special Recommendations And Was Voted One Of The International Books Of The Year And The Millennium By The Times Literary Supplement Tears Of The Giraffe Takes Us Further Into The Life Of The Engaging And Sassy Precious Ramotswe, The Owner And Detective Of Botswana S Only Ladies Detective Agency Among Her Cases Are Wayward Wives, Unscrupulous Maids And A Challenge To Resolve A Mother S Pain For Her Son, Who Is Long Lost On The African Plains Mma Ramotswe S Own Impending Marriage To That Most Gentlemanly Of Men, Mr J L B Matekoni, The Promotion Of Her Secretary To The Dizzy Heights Of Assistant Detective And New Additions To The Matekoni Family, All Brew Up The Most Humorous And Charmingly Entertaining Of Tales I don t seek out Alexander McCall Smith s No 1 Ladies Detective Agency books, and yet when I run across them in a clearance rack I can t help but pick them up Tears Of The Giraffe is the second in the series, and it is just as charming, just as gently comic, as the first installment My only problem with the book and it s little than a nagging feeling in the back of my head is that the author s depiction of his protagonist, the exceedingly down to earth, compassionate and somewhat bumbling detective Mma Precious Ramotswe, borders on caricature and smells just a bit of cultural superiority Hey, readers, let s laugh at this overweight African lady who spends her days drinking bush tea and solving trifling mysteries I forgive McCall Smith for this, however, as it s clearly not his intent His love for the country of Botswana, perhaps for the entire African continent, is genuine and infectious I can see why the country s leaders see these books and the HBO series they inspired as good advertisements to potential tourists. I have never really have any interest in reading the books by this author, but recently a member friend suggested I would probably like them so I decided to give the first one a try Actually I chose the second in the series by mistake In the end it didn t really make any difference.The book is fairly short and an easy read The cover is colourful and striking The style of writing is quite unique It is simple and straightforward with a gentle feel, almost old fashioned in a way and somehow it reflects the atmosphere of Africa The book is set in Botswana I did find the names of the characters initially confusing and had to keep checking as to who was who The main character is a lady detective and is an intriguing personality The pace is slow in an unhurried fashion and the crime seems to take a back step in that the book is much about the characters Madam Precious Ramotswe is a quiet personality on the surface She is warm and kind Her intuitive nature is a great aid in that it helps her solve her cases with little fuss and she misses nothing The man she is engaged tooMr J L B Matekoni is also a kindly and gentle personality I wasn t blown away by the book but it was often touching There is an absence of the violence often found in the thrillers crime mystery genre I liked the main characters and it did hold my interest throughout I will be reading Book One. 4You are a fortunate man,said the jewellerNot every man can find such a cheerful, fat woman to marry There are many thin, hectoring women around today This one will make you very happyMr J.L.B Matekoni acknowledged the compliment As you can see, Botswana has a culture all its own Our attention is on the one and only Precious Ramotswe, founder and owner of the now well known No 1 Ladies Detective Agency This is an agency unlike any other, and it s in a unique part of the world, beautiful and deadly She is an intelligent, kindly, bush tea drinking lady who drives an old, tiny, white van which Mr J.L.B Matekoni has managed to keep on the road so far One day, she gives a lift to a lady, who, after seeing Mma Ramotswe s engagement ring, offers her opinion of the couple It was a good thing to marry a mechanic, she said, as she had heard that they made the best husbands You should try to marry a policeman, a mechanic or a minister of religion, she said, and you should never marry a politician, a barman, or a taxi driver These people always caused a great deal of trouble for their wives The pace is leisurely, and the books are full of gentle, philosophical humour The author makes a point of using his platform to teach us about his homeland He frequently refers to Africa as a single entity, rather than the large, complex continent that it is, comprising 54 different countries as well as other states and territories I wonder if that is because so many people think of Africa that way We don t expect Germany to be like Italy, although both are in Europe, and we know India is not like Japan, although both are in Asia Botswana has its own identity you will find it near the bottom of the continent.Map of the countries of AfricaThese are heart warming stories, but the dark undercurrent of historical wars and feuds is always there When she has to travel across the border to Zimbabwe, Mr J.L.B Matekoni is not happyIt is dangerous than Botswana,he had saidThere s always some sort of trouble up there There was the war, and then the rebels, and then other trouble makers Roadblocks Holdups That sort of thing What if your van breaks downShe stands her ground She is a role model for her young secretary, Mma Makutsi, who is an earnest go getter, full of enthusiasm and trying desperately to belong somewhere and make something of herself The author also takes advantage of our attention by giving us some insight into the cultural bias which seems to be the same around the world..Mma Makutsi has been overlooked everywhere else She is very dark skinned and has had no luck straightening her uncooperative hair The lighter skinned girls get all the attention The fun in this life, the good jobs, the rich husbands, were not a matter of merit and hard work, but were a matter of brute, unshifting biology Mma Makutsi stood before the mirror and cried But now she has a job She and her boss drink tea together and wait for clients She would like to be a detective, too Mma Ramotswe tells herAs you get older, in fact, you see sides to a situation Things are clear cut at your ageShe paused, then addedMind you, remember that I am not quite forty I am not all that old No,said Mma Makutsi That is just about the right age for a person to beWhat a nice example of positive thinking Of course, she ll have to change her tune in a few years There are actual cases that need solving, but the attraction is the people and the place the sun began to rise above the plains, and for a few minutes, the whole world was a pulsating yellow gold the kopjes, the panoply of the treetops, last season s dry grass beside the road, the very dust The sun, a great red ball, seemed to hang above the horizon and then freed itself and floated up over Africa the natural colours of the day returned These are suitable for anyone, and I think you could enjoy this without having read the first, but these are all part of a continuing story and best read that way. I absolutely adored the first in Smith s Botswanan stories, so after a while I set about tackling the sequel I wasn t disappointed TEARS OF THE GIRAFFE is the better book purely because Smith doesn t have to carefully set up the situation and characters we already know all about them, so he can just get on with it The best thing about this novel is all of the different ingredients thrown into the mix We have another missing child, with a much complex story this time around we have a heart breaking story of a couple of orphans, and we have further character development on the part of Precious love interest, Mr Matekoni, as well as her secretary As a whole the book seems a little deeper, a little vivid, a little in touch with the spirit of Africa, and it s a delightful read. I have a lot to say about Alexander McCall Smith s series It is for readers who don t mind jumping outside a structure and especially for appreciators of the rich, intricate privilege of immersion in someone else s culture Acquaintance with Botswana, Africa is the point Mysteries are on the side but this series certainly belongs to the genre, in the Botswana way An incongruous person and place make Precious Ramotswe s career whimsical except that it works Her No 1 Ladies Detective Agency receives ample clients Rather than one mystery driving the novels she solves two or three per story, while we observe life in her customs and climate.Do not minimize these by mistaking the underlying whimsy for cozy mysteries The cultural portrayals are profound and the topics are very serious and sobering These are standard adult mysteries , with a perceptive heroine who surprises us at every turn and makes them spectacular This is a novel to envision, when we say some of them feel like a journey Uncannily, this Scottish author has no accent and writes halting, plain dialogue just the way educated people whose second language is English would speak We learn how to address men and women, how to respectfully shake hands, and to upturn both of them to receive a gift Not hiring domestic help if you can afford it at all is considered unkind, for it employs the would be poor I feel well versed in interacting appropriately, if I could visit.An astonishing survival tactic of a nomadic race, is burying nursing infants if their Mothers die, because taking care of them would weigh on their resources Siblings come into the lives of Precious and her fianc , because a Sister saved her Brother and they eventually joined an orphanage Tears Of The Giraffe , 200o, is poignantly memorable. Thanks to Goodreads friend Laura being persistent about getting me to try this series again, I FINALLY read this book I d read the first book in the series many years ago and liked it, but didn t like it enough to read on I think I d even tried this one and put it down I d really struggled with this author s writing style I was encouraged to read the audio edition with Lisette Lacat as narrator, and I m so glad I m also glad that I decided to keep a copy of the paperback edition because it turns out I read this best by simultaneously listening to the audio book while reading the paper edition A particular pleasure since, as is not always the case with audio books, the text was read almost precisely word for word Only one word was wrong and contractions were used in the audio and not the paper book, but otherwise they were identical So I read the Audible edition along with this edition very weird at times though One audiobook part ended when there were just five pages left to a chapter in the paperback It took me a while but I learned that it was better for me to measure my reading progress using the paperback chapters and to simply stop the audio play when I was at a good point in the paperback I could get spoiled with the pairing of paper audio editions Reading this way would definitely help me read when I have difficulty concentrating, especially when due to neighbors noise, but also for when there are other reasons For this book the audio helped me tremendously with pronunciations and dialect And I could see the humor via the audio that I missed when I tried to read the paper book by itself Also, the paper book helped me concentrate on the audio, though I did have to rewind at times, rarely though Reading the audio and the paper editions at the same time was a real pleasure and like magic for me And this narrator couldn t be better She is perfect I plan to all this series books but I will definitely read the audiobooks, preferably with the paper editions too I can t afford to buy books but I ll be looking for a CD player I can borrow CDs and paper books from the library I think there might be some audio files too but not many, and right now I have no devices that would work with them.I ended up liking many things about this story I thoroughly enjoyed the humor It s subtle but very amusing and most of it was based on observations of human behavior Brilliantly done I loved so many of the characters and the relationships They were a delight I appreciated how the various issues and sub plots were resolved Very satisfying I was so engrossed in what was going on that at some point I d forgotten to be curious about the book s title The reader doesn t learn the meaning of the title until the last two pages of the novel I liked it I recently saw the 2016 movie A United Kingdom, twice , because I loved it so much, and it was fortuitous to then start reading this book They re a wonderful pairing.ETA The mysteries in these books seem to be the side stories The main stories in the books are simple stories about interesting people who live in Botswana The mysteries are not the main attraction for me. My third read And it still holds up well Love this series This is a wonderful series to read and to reread This may be my favorite of them all, or at least in the top three It s the feeling I get when I read or listen to these books that I love to return to a feeling of satisfaction, as though all is right with the world even when all is not right in the present moment In this series, though, good triumphs over evil, and you pretty much know that going in And then, at the end, it s the way I feel at the end of a beautiful symphony Everything comes back to tone And that s just the way I feel every time I close one of these books This series has become a place I turn to when I want to feel like everything is right with the world again It s reliably wonderful A joy to reread this series, and I ll be picking up the third one this week Six stars, once again, for the audio performance by Lisette Lecat, and for all of the audiobooks in this series You can t go wrong with these books for comfort reads. I think a lot of the reviews appear to ignore this is a series written as a tea cozy mystery genre type Genres follow commonly accepted rules of plotting and characterization depending on the type of genre Every once in awhile critics get excited over a genre bending book because a book didn t follow the rules This series is NOT genre bending What it is is an extremely well written, warm, amusing, tea cozy that lightly touchs on many aspects of African life, VERY lightly A light touch is at the heart of being a tea cozy mystery and this series does not break any of the conventions of genre writing rules What sets it apart is the location The characters are REALLY charming and that is all about the talent of the author The only quibble I have is the underlying moral tone is a bit louder than it should be even if it s appropriate. In this book the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency continues to solve mysteries and in the same tied up quite nicely style Early in the story Mma Ramotswe receives a proposal of marriage Wondering whether view spoiler Mr J.L.B Matekoni will turn out to be as good as he seems it s alleged in the last book that he is the sort of man who would help out with chores around the house my fears were allayed when he adopts some children after hearing their harrowing story His kindness to them revealed just what sort of man he is and totally worthy of our lovely Mma Ramotswe hide spoiler