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Kid knows her school’s corporate sponsors not so secretly monitor her friendships and activities for market research It’s all a part of the Game the alternative education system designed to use the addictive kick from video games to encourage academic learning Everyday a captive audience of students ages 13 17 enter the nationwide chain store like Game locations to playWhen a group calling themselves The Unidentified simulates a suicide to protest the power structure of their school Kid’s investigation into their pranks attracts unwanted attention from the sponsors As Kid finds out she doesn't have rights to her ideas her privacy or identity she and her friends look for a way to revolt in a place where all acts of rebellion are just spun into the next new ad campaign

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    good Not awful Just boringI'm not really sure what else to say about The Unidentified except that I had to force myself to finish it and the ending left me feeling disappointed that I had even botheredThe slow beginning was torturous and the story never really picked up At first I thought the idea of a school sponsored by corporations sounded different and kind on interesting But as I read the whole thing fell apart I couldn't support the concept even in fiction It was just too far fetched and it didn't make sense as to why parents would even consider sending their kids to a school that basically makes their children addicted to video games and excessive consumption of productsThe personality of the main character Katey aka 'Kid' didn't translate very well into making her a notable being She was insecure yet shallow loyal yet fickle Is this typical of teen behavior? Sure it could be but it didn't help me like Kid muchThe character I did like the most was Kid's best friendkind of love interest when she bothered to notice him Mikey He seemed to march to the beat of his own drum playing Plus he was pretty funnyOther humorous bits included the hash tag messages from corporate sponsors and the ed messages from Kid and friends Basically it was Twitter reinvented for the 'future' In the Game that they call school the students spend time checking their intouch than actually studyingI did pick up a favorite new phrase from the book Oh My Google Does this mean that in the future that Google becomes all knowing than God? Or has it already?Overall the writing was good but the story was not for me Still if you enjoyed it I'd like to hear your thoughts

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    In another dystopian society the government can no longer pay for schooling Instead children are sent to Game Centers to market themselves and new creations for a points and to be branded by a company It’s eerily plausible and equally scary especially when the “players” are given cell phones with GPS tracking and are fully required to update the higher ups with status changes on online communities reminiscent of Twitter Facebook and MySpaceKatey Did – aka Kid – is the 15 year old heroine in the novel She’s a girl that’s stuck in between two major groups – the outcasts and the trendspotters At least she is until she witnesses a prank by a group that calls themselves “The Unidentified” and decides she wants to find out who they are Immediately Kid is thrust into the spotlight with the other trendsetters and nothing is as it seems anyThe number one reason this book pulled me in was that it’s a scary parallel to the changing world today “Google” sometimes becomes a replacement for God in the novel and and technological advances in the present day seem to be taking over well everything When I mention that the events in the book are plausible I actually mean that Money is being lost and schools and hospitals are shutting down – is that an inevitable path toward what Rae Mariz creates with the world of THE UNIDENTIFIED?However the number one reason this book merely coasts on my radar is that it’s a flat execution of what happens and leaves readers unsure of what will happen next The journey Kid and the other characters take in the book is a slow growing process – a distinct opposition of what readers would expect from the events There is no real connection to the characters which is a shame since they all had the potential to be people readers could relate to The ending is one that doesn’t fully answer questions but perhaps that was the point – not everything can be answered in the space between a front and back coverThough the idea is unique Mariz was unable to tell the story in a way I could truly enjoy

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    Not awful not fantastic kinda ho hum and a little boringI really wanted to like this book then I did unfortunately the intriguing premise of UNIDENTIFIED didn't quite rise to it's potential and ultimately I was disappointed This dystopian tale set in our immediate future where schools are located in refurbished malls and run by sponsors as the kids compete for popularity status and branding all while their education is fed to them in Game form Sounds good edgy even right? the possibility for greatness was so there Sadly UNIDENTIFIED starts out really slow and takes like half the book before it starts to pick up making it really hard to get into and ending just as it's starting to get good Although I found protagonist Katey kidzero to be a likable and well fleshed out character she wasn't enough to save the story for me I guess I just wanted it to be Rae Mariz's futuristic world is reminiscent of Scott Westerfeld's EXTRA book 4 of the Uglies but lacking the the luxury of a strong series to give it the backbone it sorely needed UNIDENTIFIED for me regrettably fell short

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    The Unidentified by Rae Mariz Urban YA Speculative Fiction of the YearI know it’s only March but I have chosen my UYASF Book of the Year and it comes as no surprise With friends like Hannah Moskowitz and Cory Doctorow endorsing her novel Rae Mariz has her foot leg and body in the best seller door with her debut novel She creates a dystopian society by turning high school into “the Game” where lectures are video games projects get you points and your popularity gets you branded by major corporations The students of The Game are sheltered inside a virtual world bubble that is fit to burst The Unidentified is the only group that sees the side effects of the corruption and challenges the unethical practice of corporate sponsorship head on Mariz takes educational gaming to a whole new level She comes up with innovative why didn’t I think of that fashion communication and security measures The irony is exposed brilliantly without rhetoric or preachy exposition Mariz takes advantage of her own youth to empathize with her characters It is easy to understand how they feel It is a smooth read with much head nodding and ah hahs She even creates a new style of blasphemy when her characters curse Oh My GoogleBEWARE MY NEXT COMMENT GIVES AWAY PLOT DETAILS The love triangle is a bit predictable No girl can be best friends with a geeky sensitive guy for too long before she falls for him and nothing jumpstarts this realization faster than dating her best friend’s best friend It’s only natural I don’t consider this a downside to the book since I’d be ticked if it didn’t work out that wayOK YOU CAN READ AGAIN This book boosts my opposition to problems like social profiling name branding and media exposure It gives me hope that the next generation won’t succumb to unethical propaganda but what do I know? I thought the same thing about my generation So support our youth Stay on their good side Support YA authors Go out a get this book

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    You know when the inside cover of your book explains than the actual story does you know you're doing it wrongMy friend told me to 'avoid this one at all costs' because it was confusing and boring Me being a rebel decided to borrow it from her When I saw that one of my favorite authors had approved this book as being awesome I decided that it couldn't be too badAnd at first the idea wasn't bad It was like a willing 1984 I was intrigued by what everything was why their 'school' or whatever it is I'm still not sure was called the Game By halfway in I still didn't know half of what they were talking about was and I was getting frustrated What is 'branding'? Oh it's not actually explained Use context clues and make your best guessAnd I never did figure out what the Game was until I looked in the front cover Same thing with the 'levels' that they kept talking about I felt like this entire book was just an inside joke that they invited me to join into but I never understood It felt lackluster disappointing and no matter how convincing I tried to make my smile and laughter it never managed to make anyone think it was genuineThe moral of this story? Always listen to your friends even if they did try to keep you away from your book about killer water horses

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    Read This Review More Like It At Ageless Pages ReviewsKatey Kid Dade is a 15 year old girl in The Game No not the rapper or Triple H Kid lives in a not too distant future where the education system has been sold to sponsors who provide schooling in return for market research Players attend classes and take art music and gym electives while fighting for social rankings to join cliques that will get them branded by sponsors and increase their personal social media scoresWait didn't I already review Tyra Banks' YA dystopian novel?Fortunately The Unidentifed is actually pretty good especially at crafting a main character who feels confused and out of place and deals with genuine teenage issues She's drifting apart from one best friend dealing with possible romantic feelings for the other and trying to decide if she even wants a label society's trying to pin on her Why hello there high school I was hoping we would never meet again I actually found the book most successful when dealing with the relationship between Kid and Ari and the cliques Where it fell down was trying to introduce the futuristic elementsThe book takes place in an unspecified year but judging by the fact that the kids are generation AAA after X Y and Z and most generation Z's are just entering high school the book takes place when my children would be in high school So we'll say 15 20 years into the future Of course technology's advancement is hard to predict but a good amount of the technology either already exists or is probable at this time We're not looking at holograms flying cars or bio domes The book is almost entirely about texting and using Facebook on your notebook I'm doing that right now No touch screens or retina scanners the kids play Halo and build Battlebots and listen to the classical Wu Tang Clan I'm not trying to suggest that a novel can only be futuristic if it's full of jet packs and run by Tony Stark's Jarvis but if society undergoes such radical changes in 15 years that teenagers are basically illegal the rest of the world should also feel equally advanced There are some touches video games played by blinking but it almost makes it jarring when kids are still skateboardingLikewise the actual Unidentified conspiracy is pretty uninspired The UnID are an underground group of rebels that want to show the Game designers that they don't own everyone That's a noble idea except they do very little to subvert the mainstream until 80% through the book when they start a riot After that it comes out that view spoilerThe leader of the Unidentified is actually a sponsor trying to get a security contract with the school I think It's not well explained and it's not given enough time hide spoiler

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    It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that has impressed me and so when I picked up and got instantly sucked into THE UNIDENTIFIED’s riveting and eerily familiar world I was beside myself with happiness THE UNIDENTIFIED is smart well written and suspenseful the perfect example of what dystopian literature should be a fully realized and recognizable world without forgoing characterization and plotRae Mariz impressively introduces us to a shocking and complex futuristic world one in which privacy has no meaning thanks to the constant flow of information and technological interconnection With Facebook’s recent introduction of the disconcertingly stalker like “See Friendship” button the issues regarding privacy that THE UNIDENTIFIED explores in such an entertaining and intelligent fashion are so much immediately relevant Rae Mariz succeeds in crafting for us a scarily plausible world that is possibly an inevitable extrapolation of the already network filled world of Facebook and Twitter that we live inTHE UNIDENTIFIED is smart but it’s also hardly boring Kid’s voice is fresh with just the right amount of quippy attitude She’s the perfect balance of the observant outsider with the propensity to create change and the gullible market to which the Corporations are pandering And Kid’s not the only interesting and well developed characters Her two best friends Ari and Mikey light up the page with their very different personalities whenever they appear in a scene Even minor characters are fully realized with their limited “on page” time The characterization is really an incredible accomplishment for a 300 something page book which most might even consider short for modern dystopian novel standardsI really wish I had the capacity to speak about THE UNIDENTIFIED’s marvelous critique of the infiltration of networking websites in our lives But I’ll leave that to the academics and just let you know that this book does it along with providing us a highly unputdownable adventure I don’t think I can recommend this book enough READ IT if you’re looking for smart and snappy dystopian literature

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    This dystopian book tackles privacy social networking and consumerism It has a fast pace and is set in a recognizable world in the future where corporate sponsors run school in abandoned shopping malls The students rack up points and friends with the goal of becoming “branded” by a sponsor This is a smart dystopian book with punchy dialogue written with original slang that is a relevant commentary on privacy and consumer issues faced today With so many vacancies in shopping malls and budget cuts plaguing schools today it makes me wonder if this type of society could occurThe Game is attractive to parents because it is a safe place for students to go to avoid the dangers of the outside world The students are monitored with tracking devices that the parents can follow The video game like school makes learning fun as the students develop their own educational plan based on their interests The sponsors compete for the students’ interest with their own modules such as math tests on a flight simulatorThe protagonist fifteen year old Katey aka Kid is not playing the Game to her full potential She has few friends on her intouch device and is not a conformist She does not have the resources to follow the latest fashion trends that would get her noticed by a sponsor Her best friend Ari has bought into the Game whole heartedly and would do anything to get sponsored Kid starts to question her role in the Game when she witnesses a rebellious act by a group called The Unidentified and gains some sponsor attention Kid learns that the popularity and gifts afforded by the sponsors comes with strings attachedIn this world there is no privacy and all the students “perform” in school as if they are being watched on camera at all times which they are School popularity and cliques are taken to a whole new level with the students trying to stay on top of the trends in order to get free clothes from the sponsors They follow the rules unquestioningly to avoid the dreaded “Game Over” It is hard to find someone to trust and a true friend in this society where gossip and backstabbing are the norm Even rebellion can be trendyI enjoyed this book and following Kid on her journey in the Game It is a unique observation of identity privacy and consumerism This is Rae Mariz’s debut novel and it is a stand alone book Recommended if you enjoyed other YA Sci fi dystopians such as Across The Universe

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    This was an interesting read You can never be to sure of who your friends are who trust and who is watching you The teenagers in this book go to school that's all centered around The Game You do things in the Game to to help you get to certain levels and higher scores There are sponsors out there watching what you do and if they like what they see or your a trend setter you get branded by the label This seems to be mostly what everyone in the Game wants If you get branded you get to wear the latest fashion trends or do or use whatever it is that your sponsor's product is all about Eventually some of the students decide they don't like being watched and branded all the time They just want a part of their life that is theirs and not connected to the Game with out everyone always knowing what they are wearing or doing or who they are with A group called the Unidentified pops up and starts to stir things up especially with the main character Katey also known in the game as Kid She with out realizing it puts in to motion a string of events that leads to sponsors branding issues with her friends a boyfriend her name gets pretty well known and who exactly the Unidentified really are She basically puts in to motion what the main person of Unidentified wanted all along he just realized that she would be the one he could count on to do it

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    The story is ok but has too much bad language for my taste It's also a huge rip off of the Scott Westerfeld Uglies series Not a fav definitely not appropriate for middle school Good for negative consumerism views