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Beautiful, Headstrong Nicole Ashford Was Yet Untouched By Passion, But Destined For Adventure And Pleasure Beyond Anything A Woman Of Her Time Had Ever KnownOutwitting A Ruthless Plot Against Her, She Fled Her Aristocratic England Home On A Privateer S Ship Bound For The Luxurious Pirate Havens Of New Orleans And Exquisite Abandon In Bermuda S Hidden Coves Yet The Very Daring Of Her Escape Plunged Her Into Even Graver Peril As Captive Mistress To Notorious High Seas Outlaw, Captain Saber, Whose Savage Passion Made Her A Woman, But Whose Tender Kisses Plundered Her SoulAnd Nothing Now Could Stop What Was Begun Between Them Nothing Could Still The Urgent Fires Of The Love They Were Born To Share

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    This was a great book in the old skool romance style, with examples of that era s strengths and weaknesses First off, the hero Christopher Saxon is one of the biggest alphas I ve yet come across He s got a form like mortal sin and a consuming sex appeal that turns heroine Nicole to jelly every time, even seconds after she professes she hates him with the heat of a thousand hot pointy suns He curses her for a trampy little harlot out of hatred that she makes him feel weak and different from his usual cool and confident self Heroes like that are rare nowadays, if not outright extinct, and while I don t mind them, I admit that they are a bit wearying after awhile The constant conflict between Christopher and Nicole seemed endless after the midway point A definite weakness, since neither of them grew much as characters.As a result, I turned my attention to the supporting cast, and here is where Busbee did a fine job There is a large secondary cast of characters with their own subplots and back stories Some are vague caricatures Nicole s guardians, the Markhams , but there are others fully formed Lord Saxon, Letitia Eggleston, Lady Regina Darby, Jason Savage from Busbee s previous book, Gypsy Lady, Allen Ballard, Robert Saxon that luckily made frequent appearances to take the focus off of the hamster wheel of Christopher and Nicole s love hate schtupping.The other main strength was Busbee s historical research, grounding the plot and the hero s personality in the War of 1812, namely the tense period of 1814 when it was expected that the British would attack somewhere and score a victory to gain an upper hand at any peace negotiations It s not a period of U.S History I ve cared much about, but this book created an interest by tying it so tightly to the plot It s a lesson a lot of current authors could benefit from, since too often the history takes such a back seat to the hero and heroine s love and snappy conflict that they might as well be acting it out on a blank stage Of course, if a reader doesn t care about the history, then it s not important to their enjoyment of a tale and might indeed drag it down Not for this reader The first genre I went nuts over was Historical Fiction, so the historical aspect of a romance is as important as the protagonists I m glad that Busbee didn t let me down, and if it s one of her strong suits, it ll keep me reading her books even if her earlier titles have pig headed and frustrating heroes and heroines.

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    Oh, my friends, this is a good one This is a meaty ole bodice ripper with history, espionage and love on the high seas I normally don t LOVE the whole woman disguised as a man thing It seems too unbelievable to me But this works Maybe because our heroine, Nicole, is prepubescent when she boards our hero, Captain Saber s, ship I don t know, maybe it s still completely unbelievable that she could pull off that guise on a ship with 40 plus lonely men when she reaches 18especially because she is a great beauty I think I just loved Captain Saber AKA Christopher Saxon so much What is there to say that hasn t been said This is clearly a well written novel full of historical intrigue The locales are vivid, from bermuda, to New Orleans, to London Ms Busbee can write a sexy never smutty romance Nicole was cool, but Christopher Saxon will go down as one of my favorite heros He was a jealous, controlling, horn ball jerk My kinda fictional guy.

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    Def one of her best books.

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    Me after reading Lady Vixen I m really disappointed by this book After wanting to read it for like 3 years it just I thought I d like this than I did I mean, it was recommended so many times that I believed it would be good but it really wasn t my cup of cup.I m all for a love hate relationship but it s a 500 odd paged book and they basically fought til the bitter end I became bored and had to force myself to finish it I mean it was good until you find out that Christopher had slept with Nick s mother before obviously he was manipulated etc but still really put me off Christopher, though definitely brooding and totally alpha male spent most of his time hating Nick for her mother s actions Honestly, he acted like a spoilt child Another thing I didn t like is that he was obviously in love with Nick and even though they weren t in any sort of steady relationship with him avoiding her all the time but still went around sleeping with other woman and I absolutely HATE and I mean HATE when the hero heroine sleeps with someone after they ve been together I mean, What s the point in that happening in a book where the main focus is the romance between the H h RIDDLE ME THAT, ROMANCE WRITERS Why What s the point even I avoid those sort of books like the plague and unfortunately there was no warning this time It annoys the living hell out of me So, by the end of the book I was like

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    A Privateer Love Story I could not put down A Keeper I could not put this one down and highly recommend it It s going on my Best Pirate and Privateer Romances List and my Best American Patriotic Romances list And it s a keeper, too.Set in England during the years 1808 1814, this is one of those rare and wonderful love stories that sweeps you away to another time and place where you are caught up in the lives of people whose actions will affect not only their own and others lives but America and England during the War of 1812 Deception and treachery born years ago lead to revenge and then to heartache Busbee uses real characters, such as the pirate Jean Lafitte, to bring realism to her story as she seamlessly weaves history into a compelling tale It s what I call a dense historical one where the writing is so complex and so tight you re getting double the story you d expect in the 538 pages.Young Nicole Ashford led an idyllic life in Surrey with her wealthy parents and her twin brother until a boating accident one summer took them from her Made the ward of an uncaring and barely related aunt and uncle who only want her fortune, and learning of their plans to marry her off to their ne er do well son, at 13 Nicole dons the disguise of a young boy and runs away to sea as the cabin boy for an American privateer, Captain Saber For 5 years, Nicole sails with him as a boy, Saber paying her little attention Then, when she is 18, Saber observes her swimming naked on a tropical beach and decides he wants her for his mistress He bides his time and when Nicole and a seaman who is really a British spy decide to destroy English code books Saber has captured, they are caught Using the life of the English seaman as a bargaining chip, Saber forces Nicole to become his mistress, until the American on a mission to spy for his new country decides to sail home, resuming his identity as Christopher Saxon, grandson of a baron And so begins a complex, worthy tale of adventure, rich in history both England s and America s and a love that could not be denied.

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    Another one I read bc it had my favorite cross dressing trope, but I was left less than satisfied I couldn t warm up to Nicole First, she liked to lie around naked while she was still undercover as a boy, even in the presence of a male friend who, as far as I know, wasn t gay so I couldn t understand why she thought being nude around him was totally normal Particularly as she witnessed another woman who was discovered on the ship being punished by becoming the ship s whore Yet Nicole treated the risk of discovery like nothing.Secondly, she was way too prone to violence The day her uncle came by, he hit her in the face so she slugged him back, twice I had no problem with this However, when Christopher came around and annoyed her, she then proceed to slap the hell out of his face He annoyed her again She hit him again It was like her first reaction to any provocation she couldn t answer was to smack Christopher in the face as hard as she could She slapped him so many times throughout the book that I found her unlikable Was the proclivity to violence supposed to prove she was a spitfire He wasn t much better he raped her, hit her once, cracked her wrist she was trying to kill him at the time, so okay , but at least after a point he stopped treating her roughly and began to only be protective.Moreover, I was bored by all the spying and war talk, to be honest Sometimes historicals can be fascinating with their details and realistic elements, but in this book I found those parts incredibly dull and just detracted from the romance, as Christopher seemed to easily forget Nicole s existence for long periods of time as he focused on his missions.

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    Don t read What a waste, I wish I got those 4 hours back The couple constantly fought like two squabbling little children at every possible misunderstanding, even up til the very last, 500 something page How I regret losing those hours This had all the cons of the old school romances, such as annoying spunky heroine who went off at the hero for everything little thing, rapist hero who also acts like a spoiled child, and tons of boring detail about the war of 1812 which I could give a rat s arse about Save your time and money for better romances

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    It was long time ago i read any book by Busbee,and i have planned to finish this Louisiana series.I read Decesive not my Heart ,The Tiger Lily ,Gypsy lady and Each time we Love.As all of this books, Lady Vixen were filled with a long journey filled with entartainment,lod of angsty and passionate romance,and a Hero and Heroine that stubbornly fought against each other like dangerous thunders. His mouth left her lips, traveling with a trail of fire down her neck to her breast, and breathlessly Nicole whispered, Don t, please, Christopher, don t do this to me He stopped and stared up at her, beguiled and enchanted by the beautiful features so near him Stop he muttered thickly I cannot You say you do not want me But you lie, Nicole, you have always lied If you did not want me, this would not happen And i love every bit of itThe heroine in this story,the beautiful Nicole got through very hard and dark times,even losing her parents and beloved twins in such a young age.Her spirit and temperal character made me love her,and i desperately wanted her to find peace in her love to the Hero.The Hero,Captain Saber are like all of the Louisiana Heroes.He is cold blooded,arrogant,undeniably sexy and very cruel to those who will ever betray him.A great betrayal from past haunts him and have made him not to trust anyone.When he at least admits to himself that he actually loves her i really cried.Cuz his admission was so beautiful and he was so afraid of her mockery,of her laughing and taunting him about his love for herbut still,he never gave up for her.It was really great to meet Jason Savage and Catherine Savage from Gypsy Lady in this book,i had missed them.WARNING There are rape scene involved.

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    Excellent story, with some really great and well developed characters and a good amount of history thrown in, exactly what I look for in a well done historical romance A tale that crossed countries, had a lot of adventure, and of course a spicy romance A book I would read again

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