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An Immortal War Has Been Brewing In The Darkness And Now One Woman Has Stumbled Into The Shadows Chicago Private Investigator Kira Graceling Should Have Just Kept On Walking But Her Sense Of Duty Refused To Let Her Ignore The Moans Of Pain Coming From Inside A Warehouse Just Before Dawn Suddenly She Finds Herself In A World She S Only Imagined In Her Worst NightmaresAt The Center Is Mencheres, A Breathtaking Master Vampire Who Thought He D Seen It All Then Kira Appears, This Fearless, Beautiful Human Who Braved Death To Rescue Him Though He Burns For Her, Keeping Kira In His World Means Risking Her Life Yet Sending Her Away Is UnthinkableBut With Danger Closing In, Mencheres Must Choose Either The Woman He Craves, Or Embracing The Darkest Magic To Defeat An Enemy Bent On His Eternal Destruction

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    5 Darkness Stars Spoilers I love your scent, he almost growled I love it even now that it s all over my body MencheresFirst read 2 26 2014 Reread 11 24 2015 Dead or not, you must be bored with women telling you how you look like the hottest, most exotic wet dream they ve ever had No wonder the thought of you, grapes, and some scented massage oils crossed my mind and if you drop that towel again, I m going to need a cold shower Kira Before this, you might have won our war without a battle from me, he said, again in their long dead dialect But now, I will not go quietly into my grave Instead, by the blood of Cain, I will drag you down to yours MencheresI have loved Mencheres since the first time I read about him in The Night Huntress Series So no surprise that I loved his book I loved Mencheres so much that I was worried that I would think no one was good enough for my sweet Mencheres, but I loved Kira too This isn t what you feel It s your new senses, he said, his voice dropping to almost a growl They make you feel things that might not be real I felt this for you before, Kira cut him off, need roughening her tone Even when you held me captive, but especially after you let me go Don t tell me what I m feeling isn t real, and don t even pretend that you don t want me, too Mencheres and KiraMy Mencheres I am Master of a large line of vampires and humans, and yes, I often do people s thinking for them Moreover, I have betrayed almost everyone I ve loved, including participating in my wife s murder and withholding important information from my co ruler My other sins are too numerous to list, and I have certain death looming in my future, so as soon as you are able to control your condition, Kira, you would do well to forget me Mencheres What this book is aboutMencheres is tired of this world and he feels guilty for the roll he played in his wife s murder So when his life long old enemy Radje, starts after him again to gain his powers, he plans to kill himself Mencheres is going to make it look like he was murdered so he doesn t sadden those close to him With him dead Radje can t use the ones he cares for against him, to get what he wants So when Mencheres comes across 5 ghouls looking for a fight to the death, he acts like he has no real power and was going to let them kill him Then some beautiful human comes on the scene holding a gun trying to protect him and he knows he has no choice but to save her and himself Kira, the human that he saved, is a mystery to him She makes him feel again Not only is she brave and beautiful, but he can t use vampire mind control on her or read her mind When Radje finds out how much Kira means to Mencheres, will Mencheres be able to keep Kira safe or will his enemy finally get what he wants Bubbles On a scale of one to ten, a bubble bath has to rank a zero as far as things I d expect an older than dirt, bad ass vampire to indulge in The only thing that would surprise me was if you pulled out a rubber ducky He fought another, stronger twitch of his lips Bath toys are reserved only for the oldest, most lethal vampires I have a full century to age and another thousand men to kill before I reach that hallowed landmark Kira and MencheresMy Kira I was separated from my wife for over nine centuries and forbidden by law from lying with anyone else After her death, no one tempted me enough until you A noise of astonishment escaped her as Kira drew back to look at him You haven t had sex in over nine hundred years She swallowed If you re trying to say you want to take things slow, wait until we get to know each other better He laughed, pulling her down into the tub with him No I m warning you that I will show you no mercy Mencheres and KiraIn At Grave s End , when I read about Mencheres s evil wife Petra, how she tries to hurt and kill Mencheres and everyone he loves Then he has to help kill her and feels so bad about it because he still loves her My heart broke for him So I was doing a happy dance that he got his HEA Mencheres is a super powerful vampire on steroids, but he doesn t let that power go to his head He has honor, integrity, and a good heart Oh yeah and he is smokin hot that always helps Kira was the perfect woman for him She wanted him for him, not for his power, riches, or fame, but just because he was him Kira was brave, smart, and loyal Kira was honest about her feelings and she was very protective of Mencheres I loved that He was so powerful, but she stuck up for him, putting people in there place a few times When Kira and Mencheres get together damn Mencheres can really work it Take me Don t wait, she got out in a ragged voice once he freed her lips to trail his devastating mouth down her neck His fingers found her depths in the next moment, making her cry out at the sizzle of sensation He stroked her far slowly than she did him, her faster rhythm wringing deep, throaty groans out of Mencheres that spiked her lust You are not ready yet I would hurt you, he rasped She felt his need as if it were a living thing trying to claw its way out of him The intensity, the overwhelming force of his desire fueled her impatience Yes, that was how she felt Like she d die if he wasn t inside her right now Wanting you hurts even , Kira choked Kira and Mencheres For all your experience, I m guessing this is one thing you re not very familiar with, so let me help you out, she murmured For starters, it doesn t require weeks or months to know what you feel is love For another, this is something that even with all your power, you can t control You don t have to echo my feelings, Mencheres, but you can t talk me out of them, either I love you Her smile was wry Deal with it KiraI was glad that Bones and Mencheres made up in this book Vlad was in this book a lot which of course I loved because I love Vlad The plot was great, went at a nice steady pace, but there was a good build up of Kira and Mencheres relationship I hated Radje, he made the perfect slimy, evil bad guy The end fight scene with Mencheres and Radje was awesome Mencheres kicked some evil vamp ass I really liked that Kira didn t wait to be saved in this book, she did what she needed to and she kicked ass too Another great book by Jeaniene Frost I can t wait for Ian s book Do I feel too ancient to you now he murmured Too different from the person you loved before you knew this Her eyes were already glowing green, and her full lips parted No, you don t feel too ancient Her voice was husky Or too different You feel like mine Whoever you were, whoever you are you re mine Mencheres smiled, his fangs stretching to their full length So you have spoken, so it shal be decreed For all eternity Mencheres and Kira

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    5 Fantastic Stars

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    Mencheres and Kira First bubble baths Now Disney parks You re shattering every creep vampire myth I ve ever heard Finally, Mencheres, i.e Bones sire, will have his very own Happily Ever After But not before he has a period of shelf doubt, before his visions become black and gone,before he decides to kill himself, before a very old enemy tricks him, before he assigns the rest of his line to Bones,before he decides that he has been celibate for far too long.Kira will come the right moment She is strong, mature, caring, loyal, wise and human When Mencheres is forced to turn her to a vampire, she will also quickly adapt to this change She will bring Mencheres back to light and life.Kira and Mencheres are suitable for each other The perfect union and the perfect apportunity for Mencheres happiness after that bitch wife that he used to have.Another thing that I loved in this novel was Mencheres adoration for water Usually vampires love earth and dirt This is the first time that I see a vampire diving in deep waters and having long baths and truly enjoying it Of course the fact that he doesn t need to breathe really helps.Vlad steals the show Kira tried to make her voice sound confident You don t feel anything You re not afraid I am, came Vlad s immediate reply If you tell him wolves are the children of the night next, I might hurt myself laughing Hahaha.I am so looking forward to reading his books.

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    4 5 stars Vampire Paranormal RomanceI m a huge Night Huntress series fan, especially when it comes to my main luv Bones, and I loved yummy Spade s story First Drop of Crimson But I ll admit that in the previous books, although I found Mencheres intriguing for sure, I didn t really envision him as a leading romantic hero, mainly because I always pictured him in a sort of androgynous way With his long hair, elegant, regal composure, aloof disposition, and eerie, massive powers, I d previously imagined Ra in the movie Stargate, as portrayed by actor Jaye Davidson, for some reason image error

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    Before this book, I was not the biggest Mencheres fan I could really take him or leave him, but after reading Eternal Kiss Of Darknessoh wow, I really grew to love this dreamy, gentleman vampire And the things we learn about him Just amazingThe book starts out with Mencheres s certainty that his time is growing short he sees nothing but darkness in his future, with darkness equaling death He s not getting any of his visions of the future, he can t deal with the guilt he feels about stuff that happened in the past with his wife, Patra , he s living with a ton of regrets, and dealing with a jealous, power hungry foe determined to bring him down he can t see beyond this all encompassing darkness So he decides to give it all up and go out on his terms after 4,500 years as a vampire, he s willing to die in a Chicago warehouse by the hands of some ghouls But he never expected 30 ish, beautiful blonde P.I Kira Graceling to be walking byKira hears screams coming from the warehouse, and against her better judgment, decides to investigate She makes a brave attempt to rescue Mencheres from the ghouls, but of course they overpower her and nearly fataly wound her Mencheres is stunned and touched that she would bravely put her own life on the line for himit s been so long since someone cared for him in that way Maybe death can wait awhile he owes Kira that much So he uses his blood to heal her, takes her away to one of his homes, and gets ready to wipe her memories clean of all that she s witnessed But his attempts to mesmorize Kira failperhaps she has too much of his powerful blood in him which is making her resistant He s going to need to wait this out for as much as a week there s no way he can just let Kira go and risk having humans find out about the existance of vampires living among themBut a week with the fearless Kira brings complications he cannot resist the attraction he feels for her But he must give her up, because death is waitingand to keep her with him would be risking her life.I won t go into any of the plot The story is pretty simple and easy to follow Kira and Mencheres fall for each other, but before they can truly be together they have to work past some issues Mencheres has a vengeful vampire Radjedef out to destroy him, who actually frames him for murder, and Kira has her work cut out for her convincing Mencheres that death may not be in his future if he fights for what he wants.What I found most interesting about the book was Mencheres s background and some of his quirks laying in a bathtub or swimming pool under the water was a favorite I don t want to reveal any spoilers butwow..is all I can say Lots of interesting, juicy details And even though he s older than dirt he s a lot younger than I pictured him And he s been celibate for a long, loooooong time This guy s definitely been on the shelf too long, and he makes up for it in a big way with lucky, lucky Kira There s a handful of scorching hot vampire sex scenes on the ceiling , with one actually taking place at Disneyland In typical JF fashion, the story takes place in many locales across North America, including Chicago, Jackson Hole, Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan, and a finale atop an office buiding in Atlanta I always enjoy it when the characters hop scotch around the globe, and I enjoy the little details about how they get from point A to point B.As far as the relationship between Kira and Mencheres Very hot, and one of mutual respect I did think Kira adjusted to her situation rather easily I expected a lot complaining and hesistancy, but she took everything in stride spoiler coming I loved reading about her transformation to a vampire, and all that she went through very cool how she had to deal with her sudden uber strength and how she learned to deal with her new powers Loved the scene with Vlad snickering in the background when she was going to feed from a very willing human, and loved the scene at Disneyland when Mencheres set up her first feeding end spoiler I thought Kira was a very strong heroine, worthy of the powerful Mencheres I also liked how she was able to use her police training and P.I skills to help Mencheres get the HEA he and she deserved.Fans of the series will want to know any Bones and Cat sightings Yes, Bones and Cat and Vlad make appearances and play a small part in the story But this is essentially the Mencheres Kira story fighting against the evil foe Rajedef But it was nice to see Bones and Cat interact with Kira I can imagine Cat and Kira becoming good friends.I only have a few minor complaints about the book There wasn t quite as much humor in this book as the others probably because Mencheres is such a dignified, gentlemanly hero, and let s face it he s no Bones , and on a disappointing note NO epilogue I was dying for one I m very sure we ll see Mencheres and Kira again Bones and Cat are bound to get into trouble and need Mencheres s help again but an epilogue sure would ve helped to wrap things up and answer some questions I had sigh Other than that minor disappointment, this was a good addition to the series now please bring on Vlad s story this guy needs a HEA too 4 1 2 starsI used to picture Mencheres like this but now I see him as much younger

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    Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost, is the 2nd book in Night Huntress World duet, which is a spin off from her best selling Night Huntress Series.I have always found Mencheres, Egyptian pharaoh, master vampire, 4500 years old and Bone s sire, a captivating and intriguing character throughout his appearances in the series and I was eager to read his story The story opens up with Kira Graceling a Chicago private investigator, coming to the rescue of Mencheres, whilst he s being tortured by a group of ghouls When she s critically injured by the ghouls during her attempted rescue, Mencheres heals her injuries with his blood and transports her to his home to ensure that she s okay The plan he has is once she s recovered, he will wipe out her memory and send her back to her human life Unfortunately, Kira is immune to him being able to control her mind Something that very rarely happens with humans He persuades her to stay for a week, which should be enough time for him to work his magic on her memory.I often speculated about what type of woman could ever match Mancheres..and now we get to find out I absolutely loved Kira She s strong, speaks her mind, open minded and not afraid to come to terms with the situation she finds herself in after discovering that her savior is actually a vampire And when Mencheres is forced to turn her into a vampire, she faces the new changes in her life with grit, determination what a change from those heroines who run around whining and moaning..she gets up and goes forward She s such a change from the usual women Mencheres has been with for eons This is a worthy partner for Mencheres You don t have to echo my feelings, Mencheres, but you can t talk me out of them either I love you Her smile was wry Deal with it I loved these two together The chemistry and sexual tension between them is unbelievable I found the pool scene totally sizzling..and watching Kira make a move on the gorgeous vampire was a true lesson on seduction Think about someone who hasn t had sex for over 900 years okay, he hasn t forgotten his skills, don t worry,. These new feelings that Mencheres is experiencing are going to come between his decision to destroy Radjedef, an Egyptian vampire now one of the vampire Guardians, who wants Manchere s powerful gifts for himself, something that is certainly not going to happen.and then end his life Something Kira is determined to stop him from doing Did I not say she s focused and determined before One of my favorite couples yes, Cat and Bones make an appearance in the story and even happy times so does Vlad, the vampire He has some of the best lines in this story.This is a fun, sexy, romantic and fast paced read.one that I will be rereading again and again.One of my favorite quotes

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    4 1 2 I really enjoyed this vampire romance, it kept my attention and was fun to read For once, I really liked and admired the heroine Kira was couragous, smart and actully thought things through before she acted I like the way she understood Mencheres and stood up for him I think Frost focused on Kira s point of view in the story, sometimes I wanted of Mencheres s thoughts and I wanted of his background story But I really enjoyed the views we were given of him and I like third person point of view MUCH better than first person which is why these books are satisfying for me than the Night Huntress books Mencheres was kind of quirky with his penchent for staying underwater in his tub and swimming pool to get away from things He is a man with a lot of power but he still tried to do the right thing and didn t abuse the gifts he was given I also liked how in this book we get to see a brand new vampire s transition into their new world, most of the other people in the series have been vampires for a long time already.Kira and Mencheres made a nice couple, I thought they complemented each other well The thing that knocks this down from a 5 star was the lack of an epilogue which would have tied together the ending, I felt like the author left us hanging a bit There was no question of Mencheres and Kira staying together, but I wanted to see how they are making a life together and how Kira is dealing with her sister Maybe we will see in later books If you aren t up to date on the Night Huntress books, I think you can still enjoy the romance in this book but you will get spoilers from the Night Huntress series and you won t have a full appreciation for how Mencheres s previous actions are affecting him in this book Hopefully the next book with be Vlad s

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    3 stars.Honestly the only reason I read this immediately following its lackluster IMO predecessor First Drop of Crimson was because it was the only unread audiobook left on my Ipod Me riding home with only my thoughts for company is never a good thing.Kira is a private investigator who hears a scuffle and walks in on a man on the brink of being slain by ghouls Not hoodlums dressed as ghouls but genuine, flesh eating ghouls Now if this were me I d shriek like a girl and beat it but she s much tougher than me and tries to save the man He is gorgeous, so I guess you can t blame her She ends up getting herself cut up pretty bad and the lovely, pale, long haired man manages to behead the ghouls without breaking a sweat If you haven t guessed already, he s a vampire and being the noble vampire that he is, gives her a big dose of his healing vampire blood because he feels bad that she injured herself trying to save him I found this all very sweet and fun but did have to wonder why the ghouls held him in such a precarious position in the first place If this was all setup only to conveniently get the couple together I was going to be seriously ticked off But there were other reasons and for that I m grateful.Mencheres has exposed himself to a human and he can t woo her into forgetting him with his otherworldly green glowing eyes because his magical blood is in her system So he is forced into keeping her prisoner until the effects of his blood wear off But damn if it isn t taking much longer than he figured and he s starting to develop feelings for her Oh noes He needs to get back to brooding and the girl has got to go Seriously, I liked Mencheres and I even liked Kira a lot too They were much better sketched out than Spade and whatshername from the first book and their attraction was also better developed Mencheres is a lovely I will protect you even if it means my demise type of guy I m a sucker for those types He s also a little suicidal and though I m normally not ok with that type of behavior it works here He s freaking ancient, he s seen and done it all even men note to author I would pay good money to read that book , has lived through betrayal, lost his superpower visions, sees only darkness in his future and the poor man hasn t had sex in 900 years 900 years, people Would you still have the will to live Kira gives him the will to live but he has a cloud of doom hanging over his head to make him gloriously angsty Kira has a dying sister and a drug addled brother and her life, though much shorter than his, has been no bed of roses either The two were well matched.There were teensy glimpses of humor but I could ve used I have nothing really to say about the plot which is why I can only give this book 3 stars It wasn t anything special but it wasn t horribly tedious either I ve read too many of these urban fantasies, I think There s a big bad, he does big bad things, he tries to hurt Kira, he pays for his transgressions and Kira and Mencheres live to spend another night filled with erotic bliss.

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    2.5 starsThere was an appropriate modern word for his actions stalking Continuing in the side stories that evolved from the Night Huntress series, Mencheres book was frankly a let down The vampire has been saved by a courageous young women who can t resist the sounds of struggle from the warehouse After he whisks her away to safety after some digging, the two eventually fall in love and bond.Surprisingly Frost s writing style itself wasn t as up to par I m not sure if it s because of shifting points of view or trying something different, but it didn t have the same smooth and natural flow it usually does Mencheres is awesome and I m happy he wasn t drowning in angst, but it still felt awkward a bit to be in his head and how things so spelled out and told rather than shown Kira is a good lead although nothing stands out about her We do get a little Cat, Bones and Vlad I hate the guardians of the law in the series Akir was creepy.While some of the backstory with Mencheres enemy is mildly interesting, the book is predictable with its focus of story There s not much other than their romance, which makes only a small amount of sense I m guessing it s a bit of timing Surely Mancheres has ran into another intelligent, compassionate and creative woman throughout all the years he s been alive.Ultimately a bit of a downer since Mancheres comes across less awesome than he could, Kira is only an average lead, and the story is focused mainly on their somewhat unrealistic romance, it s definitely not the best offering of the series offshoots.

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    Re read of the series with some friends at BBB Just because some of us make a mistake in love once doesn t mean we re doomed to repeat it The last time Mencheres loved a woman it led to a war between vampires and almost killed everyone else he held dear After her death he is finally free after over a thousand years of a marriage in name only To say he is conflicted about the part he played in the death of his wife is an understatement In an odd happenstance Mencheres meets Kira when she risked her life to save his not knowing that he is a pretty powerful vampire It was supposed to be easy, green eye her and take her memory away and go on however Kira was immune to his green eye and so now they will wait together until he is able to take her memories But the time they spend together the he is conflicted by his desire to stay with her competing with his knowledge that he is soon supposed to die.I liked seeing a different side of Mencheres He is so powerful that is has been forever since he has gotten to know anyone on even ground Most people are drawn to his power but Kira seems to see him as a man and he hasn t had that for millennia I loved how strong Kira is, she is bluntly honest most of the time too She doesn t hem and haw and inner dialog to death about her feelings She is straight and to the point It was so interesting to see how well they complimented each other and their love story is cute Kira is also protective of Mencheres which is funny since we all know what a bad ass he is Bubbles On a scale of one to ten, a bubble bath has to rank zero as far as things I d expect an older than dirt badass vampire to indulge in The only thing that would surprise me would be if you pulled out a rubber ducky Mencheres has a long time fued with Radjedef a law guardian that wants Mencheres gifts and will stop at nothing to get them now that he is without his visions With the help of some of our favorite characters Cat, Bones and Vlad they will try to thwart his plans.This is a fun look at one of the side characters from the Night Huntress series I will say it will be far less enjoyable if you haven t already read the first 4 books of the Night Huntress series as I don t really think it is a standalone novel It is a fast read with enjoyable cameos from your favorite characters Vlad is always good for some comic relief If you are a fan of the other Night Huntress books then this is definitely right up your alley even though it is still not quite as strong as the original series imo.