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You Ve Lost Your Job As A Department Store Lingerie Buyer, Your Car S Been Repossessed, And Most Of Your Furniture And Small Appliances Have Been Sold Off To Pay Last Month S Rent Now The Rent Is Due Again And You Live In New Jersey What Do You Do If You Re Stephanie Plum, You Become A Bounty Hunter But Not Just A Nickel And Dime Bounty Hunter You Go After The Big Money That Means A Cop Gone Bad And Not Just Any Cop She Goes After Joe Morelli, A Disgraced Former Vice Cop Who Is Also The Man Who Took Stephanie S Virginity At AgeAnd Then Wrote Details On A Bathroom Wall With Pride And Rent Money On The Line, Plum Plunges Headlong Into Her First Case, One That Pits Her Against Ruthless Adversaries People Who D Rather Kill Than LoseThe New York Times Book Review Calls Stephanie Plum A Jersey Girl With Bette Middler S Mouth And Cher S Fashion Sense In Stephanie Plum, Evanovich Has Created A Resourceful And Humorous Character Who Stands Apart From The Pack Of Gritty Female DetectivesLengthHours AndMinutes

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    It s Gender Reversal Day here on Goodreads as I review One for the Money So Samuel Plum is an underwear buyer for a retail store who has recently lost his job Desperate for cash, he blackmails his pervert cousin who runs a bail bonds agency into letting him go after a cop named Jane Morellie who was accused of murder and then skipped There may be a personal revenge motive for Samuel in this because Jane is the girl who seduced him and took his virginity in high school Since she never called him again, Samuel felt justified in running her over with a car and breaking her leg shortly after that Now Jane is worth 10,000 Even though he has absolutely no experience or training in law enforcement or as a bounty hunter, Samuel decides he s going to capture her He almost immediately stumbles across Jane who basically laughs at him and walks away So Samuel gets a pistol he doesn t know how to use or even load He also allows his senile grandfather to get a hold of the gun because who doesn t love it when the elderly start waving handguns around in a room full of family members Samuel s inexperience quickly gets him into trouble after he gets assaulted by a female boxer who tries to rape him Rather than pull his gun on the boxer, he panics and hits her with his man purse Things get even worse as Jane repeatedly shows up to humiliate him and then get away again Samuel also gets another person shot when a fugitive takes away his man purse with the gun while Samuel just stands there and allows it to happen Plus, Samuel s failure to report the boxer to the police for the attack on him because he doesn t want to look weak allows two innocent people to be brutally raped and assaulted.Samuel is obviously a moron who has no business running around with a gun and hand cuffs He also seems to be criminally negligent, and he probably should have been in prison already for running over a sex partner He also steals Jane s car when he gets tired of driving his own piece of shit so even though he s supposedly on the side of law and order, he s guilty of carrying a concealed weapon and grand theft auto Samuel is such a nitwit that I have no idea how I m supposed to relate or sympathize with him If this was some kind of comic farce, then I could see how a loser getting humiliated by the fugitives he s supposed to be chasing would be funny, but that kind of goes out the window with the psychotic rapist boxer thing and people getting shot due to Samuel s utter failure as a bounty hunter.In conclusion, I ll say that Samuel Plum is a fucktarded asshat who should be beaten with.Oh, wait Gender Reversal Day was yesterday And it s Stephanie Plum, not Samuel Oh I guess in that case she s just a spunky heroine and her vehicular assault on a former lover, overall gross incompetence and insistence on trying to do a job she has no training or qualifications for is just another example of womanly independence Girl Power Now, Stephanie, if you d just step into this dark alley, there s a few ladies who d like a word with you Oh, don t worry, it s just FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling, US Marshal Karen Sisco, Ree Dolly from the Ozarks and Lisbeth Salander from Sweden They d like to have a little talk regarding what you ve done to the image of female heroes in crime fiction.

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    I LOVE THESE BOOKS SERIOUSLY I am obsessed with this series And you know when your brain keeps telling you that this is ridiculous, there must be a hundred books that are written better, or a better mystery, or whatever Well, I don t care This series is my ultimate guilty pleasure I was hooked with the first one and have read the entire series thus far including all the stupid mini books in between Now, those mini books I could do without and they always feel like an attempt to make sure they even got the loose change in my pockets, but I still get them anyway because it is like a fix until I can get the real thing So what is so great about them Stephanie hilarious I laugh out loud a rarity for me when reading a book constantly when reading these books I love the murder mysteries which are often at least a step above the formula ones I love the triangle between Ranger and Morelli and Stephanie That is something that often gets old for me in other books or TV shows, etc but for some reason, it just doesn t get old here for me 13 books in and I am still captivated by the tension between the three I love the setting being from CT and living in NY and knowing people from Jersey she nails that dead on I mean, an exaggeration of it but still And the quirky characters I love that I like books that the people are really odd and funny But it still has to be believable I hate odd just for the sake of odd like, hey look at me I m wacky wocka wocka But these characters are so outrageous and I still find myself being able to believe it and go along with the book Do things get repetitive Sure, I mean, she blows up a car in every single book But for me, that makes it all the funny I can t help it, I laugh every single time I love how she is so clumsy and crazy and manages to get things done in spite of herself I love how she is always battling her weight that constant struggle between carrots and carrot cake I love her family, the situations she gets in, her friends, her grandmother Really, did I mention I love these books I can t explain it, but I am compulsive about buying the next one as soon as it comes out in paperback and I have kept the entire set and read it through again a few times I feel that the story just gets better and better as you know the characters and she doesn t have to spend time introducing them, she can just get on to the chaos I tried to talk my mom into reading these books and she just couldn t get past the introduction to Morelli which IS pretty odd basically two kids experimenting I just ignore it and skipped beyond it and was able to enjoy the rest of it and all I think she was a little too uptight sorry mom to enjoy the whole feel of the series If I had to sum up the series, I think it would have to be Funny, fast and loose

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    Pure gold in humor 4 unforgettable characters Stephanie Plum, Joe Morelli, Ranger and Grandma Mazur Let s do a lil recap Stephanie Your everyday girl with great humor, a bit of sass, lots of determination and an inability to know her limits But each and every time you root for her to win Joe Honest Smart Good looking Apparently great in bed Knows his food Wants to make Stephanie happy But knows his limits Ranger Everyone s secret freebie Apparently a god Attitude that won t quit but turns you on at the same time Always finds you just in time, that is, before you get yourself into too much trouble.Grandma OMG, can you be any funnier She has a gun And she shoots it often But she s whacked out most of the time I NEED to meet her.So 20 something books to go in the series, but this first one will hook you right away I need to keep on reading.

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    Dribble, dribble, dribble To amuse myself I compiled a top 5 list of things from this book that any future bookclubs book shouldn t include 1 a herioine who regularly wears spandex shorts I see it was wrote in 1994, stillthat was past the 80 sno excuses.2 the term crotch wrinkles Used in a sentence By five o clock I was feeling antsy, and my rayon skirt had serious crotch wrinkles 3 a scene where a man masturbates on Ms Plum s door or any woman s door 4 the term boinked especially if it is used multiple times through out the book5 sexual references regarding a cousin and a duck, and using these as blackmail for the record any person and a duck shouldn t be allowed, regardless of blackmail r

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    Just as I predicted, I did not enjoy this.The main character is a LITERAL marshmallow and I absolutely couldn t stand her, and the plot was boring to say the least it was also ridiculous I ve heard from many people that this book is funny, but I sure didn t think so It wasn t even like there were jokes that I just didn t see the humor in, but rather I couldn t even understand what was SUPPOSED to be funny about it The writing was very bland I also listened to this on audiobook, which is the only reason I managed to get through it I listened to it while I drove and while I was at the gym, so I had no way to escape from it The narrator was nice to listen to at first imagine Kat Dennings with a New Jersey accent , but her voice quickly got on my nerves The only reason I put myself through this torture was because of a reading challenge I m participating in, where I had to read a book published the year I was born 1994 was not a great year for book releases.I m just glad the book was so short so now it s over, and I never have to get inside Stephanie Plum s empty head again.

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    Sometimes you just need to read a book like this With mediocre writing and a plot as see through as Grandma s underpants, it will take your mind off life s substantial material for a while.

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    The movie came out a few weeks ago, and I haven t seen it yet I figured this would be a good time to write a review about this book, since I read it a few months ago, but never got a chance to review it.This book was highly recommended to me, because although I really do read a bit of everything I find chick lit to be the most entertaining When I m in a bad mood I can sit down with a chick lit about some crazy chick with usually unrealistic problems that makes my life seem boring and laugh my butt off until my mood perks up Chick lit is like chocolate to me in that way.I know that comedy is subjective, but I didn t laugh reading this book once I don t get it That was supposedly this books biggest selling point Also, I was able to read the whole thing since it was super short, but I thought about quitting this one about 10 times in a very short period Why It just wasn t that interesting Stephanie is a broke girl who decides to become a bounty hunter to make money The first person she needs to pick up is a guy that she hooked up with years ago Most of the book seemed really corny to me, and that s saying a lot, considering I normally don t mind that in chick lits The plot was pretty boring, predictable and unable to hold my attention.The characters They were genuine and felt real, but again didn t interest me at all The love triangle starts from book one, and now here we are several years, and many books later and apparently that s still her big choice Needless to say this is one of the most hyped, critically acclaimed chick lits I have ever heard of Everyone who is into cozies always says this is the best Also, everyone who recommended it said those things like I m hooked or You will NOT be able to put this one down Me Not so much.I m wondering if I m missing something here or if the series just improves greatly as the books go on Right now after reading One for the Money I don t think Stephanie, her love triangle, and her strange family are people I want to invest the time in There are like 18 books so far to this series now I think I will probably try 2 in the future since everyone highly recommended this series to me, and some have insisted that it get s better.This book obviously has tons of fans so I recommend if you like chick lit give it a try and see how you like it I feel like I m one of the only women in the world who isn t a fan of this series, but oh well.I will stick with Sophie Kinsella for my chick lit fixes from now on.1.5 5 stars

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    Funny and light hearted book with a likeable heroine who never loses track of her goal to earn 10,000 dollars as a bounty hunter Too bad it s an old ex lover she has to find but then she still has a bone to pick with him.This first book in the series made me jump outright on the Stephanie Plum bandwagon and I prepare myself for an enjoyable ride

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    bozanstven humor, zabavno autorka je divna koliko i njena junakinja Stefani Plam imala sam to zadovoljstvo da je upoznam na sajmu u Njujorku davne 2002 I divna je koliko i njene knjige To mi je jedno od najdra ih iskustava

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    Ah, the 90 s Bike shorts, slouchy socks with high top Reeboks, scrunchies, day glow Stephanie Plum is a New Jersey 90 s girl who is out of work She finagles her way into working for her cousin who is a bail bondsman Her job is to catch this guy who took her virginity and she s known most of her life, and turn him into the police He was a cop who supposedly shot an unarmed man and he skipped out on his bail If she catches him, she will get 10,000 And, she is pretty desperate for money Like, sold all of her stuff, no food to eat desperate.But, Stephanie is completely out of her league and has no idea what she is doing This makes for much hilarity as she bumbles and stumbles her way around She has no trouble finding the guy Morelli, it s just that she s not exactly sure how to bring him in He left Shit, Ranger said Didn t anybody tell you that you were supposed to stop him I asked him to come to the police station with me, but he said he didn t want to Another bark of laughter. Stupid uncooperative bail jumper Plus, she is kind of conflicted about him Catching Morelli would be difficult And turning him back in to the court would feel mean Oh, well if it would feel mean then you shouldn t do your job.This book was just hilarious I loved Stephanie, Morelli, Stephanie s family, and all of the side characters Also, Stephanie has a hamster named Rex I love him the most Hamsters are like little furry angels that were sent to make us have cute explosions No, no You re just big boned And adorable I know I m about 20 years late for this party, but it works out nicely because I ve got over 20 books already out that I can binge read And, I can t wait for Stephanie to get a cell phone It s going to rock her world How the hell did we ever live without them