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The Ancient Meditation Techniques Of Taoism Encompass A Wide Range Of Practices With An Aim Toward Cultivating A Healthy Body As Well As An Enlightened Mind These Selections From Classic Texts Of Taoist Meditation Represent The Entire Range Of Techniques From Sitting Meditation Practices To Internal Alchemy Most Of The Texts Appear Here In English For The First Time Selections Are Taken From The Following Classics Anthology On Cultivation Of RealizationA Document From Ming Dynasty That Emphasizes Development Of The Natural, Social, And Spiritual Elements In Human Life Treatise On Sitting ForgettingA Tang Dynasty Text That Sets Meditation Practice In Terms Familiar To Confucians And Buddhists Sayings Of Taoist Master DanyangWisdom Of The Taoist Wizard And Representative Of The Complete Reality School Secret Writings On The Mechanism Of NatureAn Anthology Taken From One Hundred Sixty Three Taoist Sources, Including Ancient Classics And Works On Meditation And Spiritual Alchemy, Along With Admonitions And Teachings Of The Great Taoist Luminaries Zhang Sanfeng S Taiji Alchemy SecretsA Treatise On The Inner Mediation Practices That Are The Proper Foundation Of The Martial Art Taiji Secret Records Of Understanding The WayA Rare And Remarkable Collection Of Talks By An Anonymous Taoist Master Of The Later Qing Dynasty Traditional Teachings With A Sometimes Strikingly Modern Bent

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    Seeing and hearing are like food and drink you need them every day, but you also need to digest and eliminate them every day If they are not digested and eliminated thoroughly, they remain in the gut, eventually producing illness Self examination means awareness and control It is none other than reforming faults and consciously developing, It is none other than mastering seriousness Materialism must be polished away day by day We must realize that the lamp has no reason to chase the darkness, and the darkness has no feeling of fear of the lamp Whatever you may be doing, you should practice both stopping and seeing Stopping is silent calm Seeing is alert awakeness Whatever is not essential and not serious should be abandoned Embrace the fundamental Collect your mind Simplify your affairs.

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    One of this books strengths for me was its demonstration of the parallels between Taoism and Buddhism It came through a little clearly than the last Taoist book I had read Other than that I m afraid Taoism still escapes me for the most part.

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    An excellent book, but not really for those who don t have a basic knowledge of Taoism and the internal alchemy theories it puts forward Most of the texts included talk about the same subject matter, although the Anthology on the Cultivation of Realization is very different and interesting The whole book is subtitled Methods for Cultivating a Healthy Mind and Body , and contains some fairly basic instructions for achieving these goals.

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    Thomas Cleary is expert at translating these texts from the Eastern traditions fascinating books such as Taoist Meditation profoundly enlighten the reader in vast spaces on spiritual activity as the Way itself comes to light Taoism to the Westerner is an interesting new territory open with acceptable insights in fresh literature appealing to young and old alike I highly recommend this book as an entertaining and informative volume that shines light on philosophies perhaps unfamiliar to first time readers.