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SHE LONGED FOR A PIRATE S KISSES, FOR A GOLDEN ROGUE S CARESSEvery Lady Of Breeding Knows No One Has A Good Time On A Pirate Ship No One, That Is, But The Pirates Yet There She Was, Merry Wilding Kidnapped In Error, Taken From A Ship Bound From New York To England, Spirited Away In A Barrel And Swept Aboard The Infamous Black JokeThere She Was, Trembling With Pleasure In The Arms Of Her Achingly Handsome, Sensationally Sensual, Golden Haired Captor Devon From The Storm Tossed Atlantic To The Languid Waters Of The Gulf Stream, From A Smuggler S Den To A Gilded Mansion, Merry Struggled To Escapeto Escape The Prison Of Her Own Reckless Passions, The Bondage Of Sweet, Bold Desire What, in an upbringing of painting root vegetables in watercolors and tapping sugar maples, was there to prepare her for men with hookahs and hoop earings It s a long, complicated history, but the short version is Merry Wilding is a lass of gentle birth family had to flee England due to debts , and raised in obscurity by her maidenly aunt in a small Virginia village She s as innocent and na ve as they get It s 1814 and the US and England are currently at war, and she s with older brother and father whom she rarely sees in loyalty to her new country, but her aunt wants to visit the homeland and maybe find Merry a husband, and since there s an English ship visiting that has safe passage back, she gets Merry on board Another long story you don t need the details of, but Merry is mistaken for another man s mistress and she s kidnapped by a nasty band of baddies who were hired to steal some letters, but she saw them so they took her too.Whew Once she s battered and abused a bit, she ends up on the notorious pirate ship the Black Joke and no one, including the ever so gorgeous Devon just who is he anyway that he can speak the king s English and quote Latin at the drop of a hat Devon is convinced the Merry is the mistress of the man he hates the most, and Merry can t tell him the truth, because that would put her brother s life in jeopardy She ll just bide her time and wait for the perfect chance to escape the ship.This was a pretty wild ride, and I had a hard time putting it down until about 75% in While I get that Merry has led a very sheltered life, she s not stupid, but she sure as heck does some very stupid stuff in her escape attempts Worse yet, she endangers others on the ship whom she s come to be fond of with her stupid escape attempts Over and over and over again This being an early 80s novel, that s a fairly common trope, but still it wears thin by the end Just talk to each other all ready.Soat around 75% they do talk to each other when the action switches to England lots of surprises about Devon and his pirate captain and mate Cat didn t see those coming , and Merry and Devon do talk and start on the HEA, the author s go on and on and on and on with filler about life on the farm and family and all that really didn t move the story along Nor did the heavy handed use of adjectives to club the reader over the head with how pretty Merry is and how clever Regan s fingers and tongue are Bah I was skimming, and once the action picked up again for the final wrap up and another round of Merry can t stay put, I was so bored I skimmed a lotFour stars for the first 75%, two for the final 25% rounded to three. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Merry Wilding, is a lady of leisure and espionage She spends her free time with her aunt, in the countryside of the Colonies in North American Drawing, painting, spending time in the gardens and when she can sneak out with her brother, drawing images of traitors and British spies in order to aid her brother s cause She is very proud of being able to contribute someway to fight the English, even if it s just doing some drawings Merry agrees when her brother comes for a visit, to go to a tavern, posing as a pregnant woman in order to draw certain faces of men that her brother desperately needs Upon arrival however, their plans go awry When a band of pirates come into the tavern, she manages to sneak out but is caught by one of them, Devon Crandall They share a passionate embrace, and then Devon leaves her to her devices and now its been months Her aunt is determined to go back to her home in London, and Merry can t let her go alone, so she reluctantly agrees to accompany her aunt However upon boarding, she is taken by ruffians and she is brought into the hands on none other than Devon and his band of pirates or Privateers for the British she later learns At first there is much suspicion surrounding Merry In Devon s mind, she is somehow linked to his enemy But he can t seem to figure out why or how She seems to be too innocent to have been his leman or mistress Merry attempts escape from the dangerous Devon, but she soon craves him, and the family she has gained while aboard their ship His fellow pirates become close friends, but right when everything seems to be going smoothly for Merry and Devon, a mix of truths and lies come about pertaining to Merry, and Devon will have to decide if his love for her is enough. The Hero Devon Crandall, is a privateer but many would assume he is a pirate Devon however, is the last man on earth you would expect to be a lord of the Ton He was raised to be a Duke But he fights for his country, and his half brother Rand Morgan who is the captain for the Black Joke Devon and Rand, are brothers but were never able to be raised together But now they work together and fight together Devon is a hero you craveof and I can t honestly say I have read a hero like Devon Devon is very mysterious for a major part of the book and that quality is what makes his character so intriguing He definitely has some hidden depths that are slowly revealed with each chapter or so He seems like a dangerous and sexy pirate at the beginning, but by the end.he is the type of man a woman would want to marry He is honorable and loyal, dedicated and affectionate He is charming of course, but he also is genuine too. The Heroine Merry Wilding, is a heroine I felt like I could be friends with She is outspoken and independent and very opioniated She is also a bit dramatic at times, but I believe that is what makes her such a good match for our Devon here She isn t shy or reserved, although you do think that about her in the beginning She does portray those qualities in certain moments But she can also be high strung probably due to her overactive imagination and being raised by a highly dramatic aunt What I liked about her, was her spirit She is a fighter, and even though she is starting to enjoy the friends she is making on the Black Joke, she wants to return home And keeps trying to escape It always seemed so funny to me, because the moments she attempts, well they aren t successful and not planned out at ALL They are the spur of the moment But Merry is not a planner reallyshe tends to convey aspontaneous nature that I found very contagious. Plot and Story Line I had heard about Laura London, a couple writing team years ago but never picked them up And after reading Windflower, I am wondering how I could be so idiotic as to delay reading this book for so long I was browsing through audible, when I saw this book pop up One of the thing I noticed was that it was a longer book which I go for, its seems worth my credit to get a book that is over 15 hours long So I immediately started listening to this book and with each hour I grewandhooked on this spell binding story that captivated me.First off, I love love LOVE pirate themed romances They are so enchanting and full of passion and adventure and its definitely different from the typical regency romances that are so popular But this story, won me over from the beginning At first, I had no idea where this author was heading with this story They really made me curious about the plot line, and it seemed to be very engaging There were so many wonderful aspects of this story that made this book a spectacular adventure for me.I want to talk about the secondary characters first Now there were quite a few that I loved but I want to mention them The brother, he was fun He is a patriot and a fighter and loves his sister He is very protective of her, and even though we only see him in the beginning and the end of the story, we see how devoted he is to family and country We also see how much Merry adores him and the lengths she goes to protect him Then we have the Aunt, now she was a riot I loved her to death probably because she was so outspoken and passionate about her standing on England She loved everything about England, and I love how she is so accepting of certain people you wouldn t expect Then we have the crew of the Black Joke Now they rocked and I am endeared to them forever We first have Rand Morgannow at first I didn t know what to make of his character But I really wish he had a story Rand is dangerous, a pirate and has a weakness for children Rand is a bit of a matchmaker for Merry and Devon But you don t see that at first.it isn t until the end you realize his machinations were for a greater purpose But he tends to be a bit of a romantic Then we have Cat or Kat Not sure how his name is spelled since I was on Audio format But he is captivated by Merry He takes care of her needs, protects her and befriends her But there isn t any desire or anything between them Itsof a fast friendship that forms Then we have Raven Now he is my favorite The narrator did a great job in his character He is barely a man, pretty young kid we have here, but experienced He also forms a strong bond with Merry, but we see the lengths he will go to in order to protect and defend her He was very amusing and outrageous and extremely fun to know in this story.Now for our stars of the show.Devon and Merry were such a wonderful pair and they complimented each other quite well I think what I found most intriguing about them, was seeing their journey From a bumpy road to smooth sailing when they learn the matter of trust Now despite appearances.this is a pretty tame story in the physical intimacy department It shocked me, because I was expecting some bed scenes happening way sooner than they did But in a way I was so glad to see a couple where they don t immediately jump into bed together once they figure out they have great chemistry.It s at your most lunatic moments that I can resist you leastTheir relationship is builton building affection and trust before they can get to the whipped cream of the relationship I like how Devon takes things slow with Merry, even though he realizes how much he loves her early on in the story, he doesn t act on it The moments between these two are beautifully woven into a captivating story of adventure on the high seas from the shores of the Colonies to the city of London. The Cover What a beautiful cover.I love the island like theme to the cover with the sunset beaming between the almost kiss I love the added accent of a flower in the heroine s hair.and man I love the scuff on our hero. Overall View The Windflower is a breathtaking romance that will be heartfelt and utterly captivating from page one You won t be able to resist the sensuality, the in depth characters or a memorable romance that will make you crave to be a part of it SENSATIONAL Superb Classic Pirate Romance A Keeper This was the product of the husband wife writing team of Sharon and Tom Curtis and some believe it was their best I can tell you this this pirate romance set in in 1813 during the War of 1812 is one of the finest historical romances I have read It s a classic Originally published in 1984, it was reissued in 1995, and can be obtained in paperback used Though you may have to pay a premium, as I did, to get a good copy, for fans of the genre, it is not one to pass up It s a keeper among keepers.It tells the story of innocent, sheltered Merry Wilding, an American living in Virginia with her maiden aunt Merry has a talent for drawing faces from memory, a talent her brother, an American spy will use to his benefit, exposing her to pirates and worse Then, on her way to England with her aunt who wants Merry to have a better future, she is kidnapped Taken to a pirate ship, she meets the English pirate Devon, who remembers her from a night long ago where he encountered her in a tavern He holds her captive, believing she is involved with his enemy who was also on the ship Merry was sailing on Protecting her brother, she will not reveal who she is Devon is intelligent, beguiling and smooth and innocent Merry is powerless to turn away his kisses The whole crew of pirates comes to love Merry and to teach her many things as she blossoms from shy girl to strong woman.The writing is superb, the characters courageous, heartwarming and very special the descriptions of the environs vivid the metaphors numerous and well done and the story a wonder to read, and re read The plot is intriguing You will be swept away on a pirate ship to experience many adventures, battles at sea, storms, death, outrageous humor and love I thought the writing gifted Here s a sample from one scene I bet it moves you though not a word is spoken His fingers whispered over her face, seeking and slowly stroking nerve points, knowing where, how long, how much to caress Her skin gained color under his touch her eyes became enormous her throat tightened By her nose his little finger encountered a forgotten tear Gathering the sparkling drop, he smeared it slowly over the curve of her lips and blew it gently dry One hand came lightly to rest on her neck the other supported her cheek as he sought her with his kiss Here s another Tragedy dwelt like a blue flame in her big eyes the shallow pulsebeat in the golden hollow of her throat was luffing like a spanker on a vessel that was hauled too close to the wind He had seen the look before on women about to be raped, and he found no charm in having it turned on him If you love pirate romance or even Regency period romance set mostly outside of England this historical romance will not disappoint Pay the premium for a good used copy and put it on your keeper shelf That s where it belongs I can t believe this is the book that s on so many best romance shelves.It didn t do for me what it did for so many others It s not a good sign when you are wishing the secondary character Cat, I m talking to you would end up with the heroine, and knowing darn well that it will never happen It s not really the hero s fault either, he was okay It s just that the author made Cat a muchsubstantial character than Devon I felt like the heroine spentquality time with Cat They hadof a connection Every time Devon showed up it would only be for some quick banter and a make out session and then he would disappear again I think knowing that Cat wasn t going to end up with the heroine made me not really want to read the book.I lost interest because the guy that I wanted wasn t going to get the girl The writing was really good though and I feel bad for having to give this book 2.5 star, but if I don t enjoy a book, everything else goes out the door Also, the hero was a little pussycat He was not as cruel as I was expecting him to be I only made it to 40% but I don t care enough to want to finish it I had it on my dnf will try again later shelf for about a month now, but I doubt that I ll try it again Maybe it got better, but I couldn t care less 2.5 stars because the writing wasn t bad. Laura London a k a Tom and Sharon Curtis , The Windflower From an earlier post atI PBS d my copy of The Windflowerthat s how much I liked it HAHA Some advice Pretend you are still a 14 year old teenager and you still think boys are so cute when you begin the book You can then appreciate how many 16 18 year old boy pirate semi heros are in the story You won t have to worry about the actual old guy hero I think he s about 30His interaction with the heroine feels pretty limited anyway, and besides, she s 18 years old herself, and muchcomfortable hanging with the young crowd LOL There is kind of a hot old guy captain of the pirate ship though I just feel the book is best read as ainnocent love story for a young woman on her first romance novel I had to do that eye squinting thing to imagine feel the love of the H h when they got together finally i.e suspend your disbelief for the sake of the time you ve spent I read it just a couple of years ago, and although it does have very well imagined prose at times a bit too flowery for methe love story itself was very juvenile in my estimation I think it would have been better named, The Adventures of Merry K. DNF Wasn t working for me.I read 187 pages and was not enjoying it, so I stopped I didn t care enough to look at the end.Devon the Adonis pirate has several kissing and fondling sessions with Merry He turns her on and then walks away He s a pirate But he and his co pirates are keeping her safe after she is accidentally brought to their ship She is a feisty virgin who refuses to be seduced by Devon.Devon asks her who she was with at a tavern She acts like it s a huge state secret and she ll go to her death before she tells him Her secret was so minor it was silly to make it sound so important She was with her brother who is on the side of America in the war with Great Britain Most Americans are on that side It was a reasonable thing So why the big secret I was intrigued with the character Cat, but he was a secondary character.Many of my friends enjoyed this So it s good if you re in the right mood It was written in the early 1980s It was co written by two authors husband and wife My ratings for books by two authors are usually lower than books by one author I don t intend that, but it is a statistic.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Story length 522 pages Swearing language mild including religious swear words but not often used Sexual content don t know Setting 1813 U.S and England Copyright 1984 Genre historical romance, pirates. American Merry Wilding is kidnapped by the English pirate, Devon An old favorite of many If I had read this back in the 80s when it was published I probably would have given it 5 stars but my taste have changed some through the years Written in the heyday of bodice rippers, this has some elements often found in them Butof a soft bodice ripper I liked it but I did feel it lagged in a few places There were a lot of interesting characters and they really added to the story. Purely escapist fantasy, with uneven writing, a TSTL Mary Sue heroine and a nonsensical plot but also with a swoony hero, and even swoonier cast of secondary characters, hot as hell erotic scenes, and imaginative, humorous, sophisticated humor It was like some great screwball romantic comedy team of the 1930s were transplanted on the 19th century high seas, playing at being piratesI ll rub liniment into your poor bruised body That will relax you She heard his indrawn breath as she laid a hand lightly on him Both his eyes were open now and shining You don t have any liniment and I don t have any bruises OrYou hit your head he said No, she said grouchily The wall hit my head The writing alternated between lyrical and beautiful, unique and visually rich Far above the Black Joke the sun was a lonely stranger, a flat circle with sharp edges that were blue and phosphorescent.to unnecessarily flowery and cheesy Dawn frosted the loft with sun shot colors that spangled the fragrant rolling surfaces with prisms and sipped night broth from the magenta shadows.So many laugh out loud funny lines and turns of phrases Green waves washed over Merry, in every shade from bile to Nile.Or There sto love than two pelvises in a tussle.But some sentences were too obscure and awkward for my taste It ceases to be reading and becomes decoding when you have statements like these Before Merry in Apollonian splendor stood a man who was capable of vivisecting her soul, with creativity, and putting it on to fry like a Punjabi locust.Uh, what Brainey hurtey.After what seemed like the fastest insta love in history followed by the most torturous, prolonged, slow burn, it was disappointing to read some love scenes that were veering too close to the most mundane purple prose found in every Virginia Henley, or Bertrice Small farce His words made her arms cling to him as she found herself straining weakly toward his seeking mouth as it found her breast Fever spread through her, delicious and fruity sweet cherry juice, apple wine, rosehips, and honey.I was waiting for the kaleidoscope of bright rainbow colored hues but thankfully, one of the two writers must have convinced their partner to stop on the edge of the Purple Precipice.Other times though, the scenes between h and H were hot As HellDrink, he whispered, bringing the wineglass around her shoulder, touching the rim to her lower lip His other hand, cupping her throat, felt the rippling convulsions as she drank A delicate massage of the soft underside of her chin tilted her head, and he bent, bringing his mouth down on hers He drank the wine from her lips, tasting her flesh with his open mouth.I won t continue with that particular scene but trust me when I tell you it made the rest of the bookthan worth reading Just wish it had been consistently riveting, funny, and fast paced Sadly, it was not.There were so many other inconsistencies On one hand, the authors go to great length to hammer in the point that these pirates are violent, ruthless, rapey, etc On the other hand, they talk and actlike Peter Pan s band of lost boys, all in childish awe of the heroine s Wendy impersonation She was very frustrating, the Mary Sue of all Mary Sues, making one big blunder after another that not only put her but put others in terrible life and death situations and all the male characters just thought it made her evencute and loveable Uh, no The Great, Big, Terrible Misunderstanding and Mystery that is hinted at throughout the book is, once revealed, very annoying and unsatisfying Then we have the Evil, Loathsome, Villain who makes lengthy, self incriminating, speeches at gunpoint in order to provide the necessary time for the protagonists to extricate themselves from his clutches.And then of course, there was that unicorn sigh I think this novel would have found a teenage or young adult version of myself absolutely captivated, because the book and its characters have a lot of charm, and there is an innocence and purity to the relationship between the h and H that is very appealing And it s not to say I don t enjoy some sweet, hokey romances nowadays in between all my preferred angsty, dark reads But ultimately, I did not love this book despite my best intentions to do so. Oh, The Windflower, you crazy, delightful book I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical going in The book comes from the same era as The Flame and the Flower, which I hated, and the basic premise innocent, virginal young woman kidnapped and taken against her will on high seas adventures was similar This book is so much better than The Flame and the Flower, though, from prose style to plotting to characterization Also, unlike in the Woodiwiss book, the hero of The Windflower doesn t rape the heroine So yay for that PIt didn t take me long to get over my skepticism and get swept up in the crazy ups and downs of Miss Merry Wilding and the pirates who become basically the adoring dwarves to her Snow White There s a lot of humor in the story, along with the drama, and the book never takes itself too seriously Merry s unicorn fixation aloneI mean, come on What can her dreams of riding a muscular unicorn with a thick, long horn possibly mean It s a mystery The book worked for me less as a romance novel, andas an adventure, a coming of age story, and a friendship story The most compelling thing about the book wasn t the romance between Merry and Devon, the golden haired Adonis pirate with an aristocratic backstory I was pretty indifferent about Devon, actually What really drew me in were the secondary characters, particularly the pirates on board the ship the Black Joke The leader, Rand Morgan dark, dangerous, with mysterious and intriguingly opaque motivations for the things he does and the way he manipulates the lives of others Morgan s protege, former child prostitute Cat, whose icy, shut down demeanor is breached by his growing friendship with the girl he kidnapped Raven, the sweet natured young man who gets himself into troublethan once thanks to his crush on Merry Sails, Cook, Valentinethe community on the Black Joke is vibrant and interesting.Cat in particular is a rich, compelling character He puts most of the others in the shade, really, and Devon especially pales in comparison Cat s nuanced and complicated in a way Dev never is, with his heartbreaking past, dry sense of humor, and cynical view of the world Merry s innocence and his growing affection for her crack his shell and lead to a scene toward the end of the book, view spoiler when Cat breaks down and cries, allowing a certain someone to hug him I don t want to really get spoilery and say who , hide spoiler