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The Shifter is an immortal creature bound by an ancient spell to protect the kings of Samorna When the realm is peaceful she retreats to the MistwoodBut when she is needed she always comesIsabel remembers nothing Nothing before the prince rode into her forest to take her back to the castle Nothing about who she is supposed to be or the powers she is supposed to havePrince Rokan needs Isabel to be his Shifter He needs her ability to shift to animal form to wind to mist He needs her lethal speed and superhuman strength And he needs her loyalty—because without it she may be his greatest threatIsabel knows that her prince is lying to her but she can't help wanting to protect him from the dangers and intrigues of the court until a deadly truth shatters the bond between themNow Isabel faces a choice that threatens her loyalty her heart and everything she thought she knew

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    Mistwood was such a beautifully written novel If there was one thing that really blew me away it was the writing It was exquisite it really was That alone will keep me seeking out novels by CypressHowever I found the other elements of the story lacking The plot was one big mystery Both the reader and Isabel are in the dark for almost all of the novel If I had to describe the plot in one word I'd say confusing I found that when you start a novel that takes place in a different world you have to get in a few chapters before you really 'know' what's going on Does that make sense? Well that is what I was expecting to happen this time around but I just found myself waiting for that moment of understanding or at least a smidgen of clarity I did finally get it but it didn't come until the last few pages of the novel I think that made the plot seem a little slow for me as well because I had a hard time becoming invested in the storyThe characters were all a little to flat and two dimensional for my tastes The one character that I did start to enjoy was killed off So much for that Isabel despite her flaws was a very perplexing character but by the time I really understood her I didn't care any I wasn't particularly impressed with any of the characters even though I wanted to beSomehow I knew that two of the characters were going to fall for each other but I didn't really see it happening I just had this hankering Um yes I did just say hankering But once the proclamation of love is made it just seemed so insincere Something was missing Perhaps that was just me though I do love reading a good love story and maybe that's what I was wanting to see from those two characters and it's completely possible that I just missed some of the foreshadowing on that? Am I alone in that revelation?The ending while it was the one thing I think I enjoyed the most about the novel just sort of ended This huge bombshell is dropped on the reader and you don't even have a chance to digest it and neither do the characters It's just kind of put out there and then the ENDI'm hoping possibly that this is part of a series? I would be interested in reading about this story and know that it could be something magnificentOverall Miswood was beautifully written but just lacked some of the qualities that I like to see in a great novel

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    MISTWOOD has been on my radar for close to a year now if you can believe it I've been monitoring its status updates on and GoodReads and checking Leah Cypess' site regularly for any news There have been tantalizingly few details about this book floating around the verse I knew it was YA fantasy I knew it was about a girl who was a shifter And I knew it took place in a kingdom in trouble The back cover copy proclaims itFor fans of Kristin Cashore's Graceling and Fire Tamora Pierce and Megan Whalen Turner's Attolia booksAhem That combination right there is only like the holy triumvirate of YA fantasy awesome And so it was with unmitigated glee that I pulled my ARC out of its box a few days ago I started reading it that nightShe has no memory No concept of an existence before the moment they came riding into the Mistwood to drag her back to a castle full of high walls dark secrets and the suffocating need of the prince They call her Isabel The Shifter The mythical being who can take any form at a moment's notice who is faster and stronger than any human whose entire reason for existing is to protect the rulers of Samorna From harm From death With her own life if necessary And though she answers the insistent pull to protect Prince Rokan Isabel cannot reconcile who she might be and what she might have been with who they expect her to be Set apart by her uncertain status and the legend of her origins she struggles to harness her abilities and come to grips with human emotions and motivations Amid a swirl of court politics scheming factions and doubtful loyalties the Shifter must race against time to save the man who would be king A man she is bound to A man she distrusts A man she has come to call her friendFirst things first The cover copy does not lie Fans of Kristin Cashore Tamora Pierce and Megan Whalen Turner will definitely find much to delight among MISTWOOD's pages Leah Cypess' debut novel is tense intricately woven and filled with an almost palpable sense of mystery and foreboding The entire time I was reading it I kept thinking to myself anything could happen I had no idea how things were going to play out And I loved that about it You literally have no idea who to trust There are those you want to trust so badly but are afraid to for fear of how much it will hurt if they betray you And there are those you wouldn't put anything past so devious do they appear But all of them surprise you at one point or another And at the heart of it all is a girl who is neither one thing nor another Ms Cypess does an excellent job of endearing Isabel to her readers no mean feat when she is a supernatural being a creature purportedly without feeling or even the basic understanding of human emotions Despite this I felt Isabel's emotions With her I felt trapped I felt confusion longing and a desperate drive to understand and to fulfill the measure of my existenceA favorite passage early on taken from my uncorrected ARCRokan took a deep breath The directness of his gaze strengthened his resemblance to the man in the painting though there was nothing cold or judgmental in his eyes He was trying to appear as regal as he could but uncertainty was written all over him and his face was flushed from his argument with ClarisseI wasn't able to wake you earlier or I would have warned you Nobody knows I went to the Mistwood We think it would be best to keep your true identity a secret for now I hope you're not offendedOf course not said Isabel who had no idea what her true identity was That seems wiseRokan ran his hand over his hair and clutched the back of his neck Oh Good He hesitated again then blurted I don't actually know that much about the ShifterThen you know than I do Isabel thought and saw an opportunity She gave him her most enigmatic smile and said Tell me what you do knowMost of it is legend An immortal creature who protects the kings of Samorna with her wisdom and magic He massaged the back of his neck When the realm is peaceful the Shifter sometimes leaves the castle and goes to the Mistwood Then there may be no Shifter for twenty fifty once even a hundred years But when she is needed she always comesThere's even a song about you Clarisse put in It's very pretty if you like the high notesIsabel ignored her Based on her brief experience that already seemed like the best way to deal with Clarisse She stepped closer to the door and turned sideways so that she could be closer to Rokan without allowing Clarisse or Will out of her line of sightRokan dropped his hand to his side and continued You left ten years ago and at the time you were called Isabel I was a child then but He faltered and glanced at his sister We weren't sure you would come back When you left there were circumstances Running through the snow blood trailing behind her Tears falling not leaving a mark like the blood and that seemed wrong Pain Terrible terrible pain Yes Isabel said without thinking there wereRokan straightened pulling away from the wall He Will and Clarisse looked at one another They were afraid Rokan and Clarisse both hid it almost well enough but Will's face was near whiteRokan recovered first leaning back gingerly against the wall trying to act casual So why did you leave?Isabel lifted her eyebrows I am not going to tell you that Your HighnessRokan's hand tightened against his leg but all he said was I understandIsabel highly doubted itI was glued to the page with this one guys Cypess' writing is quiet yet gripping The world itself felt truly unique and as is the case with my very favorite fantasies as though it possessed a long and winding history that precedes and encompasses this time and these people By the time I reached the point of no return I had abandoned all hope of guessing the outcome and simply devoured the final emotionally charged pages With a cast of conflicted compelling characters and a mystery so serpentine your mind is left spinning with explanations and implications MISTWOOD is a bewitching and beguiling debut I loved it and cannot wait to watch the reviews roll in MISTWOOD is due out April 27th

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    Ummm am I just dense or was this book super confusing? Is this just me? I have absolutely no idea what to say The plot was rather confusing At times like every single page of the book I was just reading and it would be like the words went through one ear and out the other one I have no idea how I got through the entire novel I had absolutely no clue what was going on most of the timeEven now I am still pretty confused with what happened It's a huge mystery and for once I wasn't one step ahead Sometimes some mystery is good It keeps the reader hooked and wanting to know the answer the solution Not in this case This time I was too confused to even know what answer I was looking for It wasn't until the final pages was the mystery solved and because of this I felt the plot was confusing long and tediousI couldn't get into the story Once it begins we're already in this other world and the readers are left to discover it for themselves Imagine you're watching TV and all of a sudden it swtiches the channel and you're watching it again finally getting some sort of understanding and then it switches again That's what this book was like When I am just about to understand what is happening a twist happens and I am left sitting there like an idiotI didn't like Isabel And that's a major thing for me I couldn't bring myself to like this strong seemingly emotionless girl She just seemed so ugh I didn't like her one bit and when I don't like a main character I won't like the novel But she wasn't the main reason I didn't like this book the main reason was I didn't know what this book was about As for the rest of the characters I didn't care for them that much I mean they weren't bad but I was just expecting And was it just me but did anyone else think Isabel's and Rokan's 'love' was jsut a bit rushed? Forced? Untrue?I know I did I mean I had a feeling they would hook up almost all main characters do But I didn't feel like their relationship had the progress it needed Again I was confused wow I seem to be getting dumber by this book I just didn't feel that spark I like to feel when I read about 2 people falling in love Being a hopeless romantic this book didn't give me what I wanted I felt like the book was missing some needed chapters or at least pages for the build up of their supposed loveOn the brighter side like I said before the ending did finally reveal the solution to the mystery I was happy about that I wasn't happy that then the book ended It's just like the author took me on this confusing journey that I only stayed on so I would get some answers and when I finally do BOOM The book is over And I'm just like What???The writing itself was amazing I'll give her that Does that make sense? That I enjoyed the writing so much to give it that extra star but I didn't get the plot? No matter it does to meOverall it was an okay ish book I had bigger expectations that were fallen short of but I do think that if you enjoy mysteries have actual patience and don't read this in a sleep deprived state you might actually understand some of it For now my rating is 2 stars but I will give it another try sometimeI DON'T GET ITI feel dumb now

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    This book was a nice surprise I think I found a new favorite author Its nice that the story isn't dragged out as a trilogy but with this and the author's other series its of a 2 parter I'm okay with thatAnyway Mistwood is one of those books that I've been wanting to read for a while now I see it sometimes as a suggestion but hadn't gotten around to reading it until after reading Death Sworn and Death MarkedWith Mistwood I went in knowing nothing my expectations low I found this to be a really good book What I like about Cypess's books so far are that the pacing isn't slow well sometimes but you don't really mind it That and the writing makes up for it The descriptions of what goes through the main characters head and what they think of their situation and etc is really well done I also like the character of IsabelShifter One of my new favorite characters who actually does something isn't just pondering what she'll do But she shows she does have flaws and isn't sure of everything and I like Plus her scenes with Rokan It was nice that it started off not as a romance but they merely talk and get to know one another All the while question what they think they know about the other etc and I like that Nice of change of pace than the usual having the two characters fall each other right off the bat or just stare at each other or something Just when I think something will turn out one way it turns out the other so I appreciate that the book tries to take the story and characters in a direction even if you can kind of tell how it will end But at the same time I don't mind that and like the book even for it Overall loved it and looking forward to the author's next series

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    I think the GR average for this book currently 353 is probably accurate than any of the extreme raves or pans that have resulted in this rather lukewarm number Though I'm going to leave off the53 and just give it a 3 I would say this is a book comprised of some interesting ideas and surprises good but not great prose and weak but not terrible storytelling You know how every once in a while a TV show or movie will have one credit for Story By and another for Written By? Mistwood would have benefited from having a similar separation of responsibilities Leah Cypress came up with a story worth exploring but needed at the very least a much aggressive editor to demand substantive changes and additions to the text It will be very difficult to give you a clear picture of the problems without including serious spoilers in my review but I'll give it a try with something sort of silly Imagine that Harry Potter was still a seven book series and Rowling had decided to introduce in book 7 that Harry was not only a wizard but also a werewolf because James was infertile and had asked Lupin to be a donor to help him and Lily conceive a child so Harry has wolf shifter DNA and it manifests itself as werewolfism because when Voldemort tried to kill him it activated a curse on his wolf half that transformed it from animal to demon but in a strange twist of fate Voldemort is highly susceptible to werewolf venom so instead of defeating him in a duel with wands Harry bites him in werewolf form because Voldemort tries to abduct Ginny on the night of a full moon when he thinks Harry has voluntarily chained himself in a cage so she's unprotected but Harry is able to escape and come after them and the thought of Ginny being violated by Volemort causes him to rage out and attack without remorse Oh and for good measure Ginny is a vampireMistwood is kinda like that There are some big cool interesting ideas through the first six sevenths of the book and then suddenly when it's climax time Cypress introduces some other big and interesting ideas that have way too much significance on the outcome of the story relative to how little and by little i mean basically zero time she's spent building them up There's no component of this plot that couldn't be worthwhile but several that really don't work as writtenThere are also a few things that I don't like that fall into the realm of characterization For example without spoiling the specifics imagine you have a character who finds out that someone murdered an innocent person Your character says to the murderer I don't like the fact that you murdered an innocent person who happened to be my friend But I'm not going to do anything about it other than tell you that I don't like it and suggest with the tone of a threat that you leave town Already losing me because I think that's strangely lenient and not particularly intense about your murdered friend In response to which the murderer says Nah I don't think I will And proceeds not to leave town because nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah and then the book ends Not coolI feel like that's a problem that occurs in many variations throughout the book these characters live in a world of enormous stakes where everything is or should be potentially deadly or have the highest consequences but then there are multiple times when a someone ends up experiencing very few consequences for quite drastic choices This doesn't occur all the time as there are multiple deaths but there are also a significant number of characters who don't get what's coming to them at all and even worse a number of characters who seem frustratingly laissez faire about itBut in the end I'm not going to say this is a bad book because I don't want to discourage authors from trying different things both plot ideas and character psychologies that aren't just common and overused Cypress has some especially good and I think intelligent ideas about the morality or amorality of minor gods if one can call an all power immortal a minor god which I think is accurate and is willing to populate her story with a number of characters who have hidden agendas and whose choices can't be reduced easily to black or white She's even willing to present this massive and major concept of The Shifter who is the aforementioned minor god without giving you a neat and clean explanation of what she is or how she works which I think is one of the most exciting concepts or techniques she employs as a writer yet I think she could have done that basic thing much better with a little editing and fine tuning the difference between things she doesn't tell you because they're fundamentally unknowable to human minds and things she doesn't tell you because she's creating a mystery in the context of a work of fiction which she then plans to solve or give you the pieces to solve yourself

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    Very convoluted over written fantasy about a girl who may or may not be a shifter who spends the entire book having internal monologues about how she may or may not be a shifter And when she isn't doing that she's considering how she has no emotions as a shifter and can't understand people's emotions but she's emotional about it And anyhow the shifter is supposed to weed out potential threats to the king who summons her but how is she supposed to do that if she doesn't understand people's emotionsIt was a mess Seriously All mind games the entire book and the reader is left to either feel stupid or be confused or just let go and hope that somebody SOMEDAY explains some of itThe shifter is a personality less completely uninteresting version of Kirsten Stewart Which right there it's over But put Kirsten Stewart in a story slower and less interesting than 'Twilight'? It's a total snoreAnd the romance isn't romantic the action is so rushed it feels like an indiscernible blur the evil people aren't evil the good guy isn't a good guy the shape shifter can't shape shift after a while you think What is the POINT of this crap? Other than to be a MESS?Spoiler And then finally at the end you find out that the shifter isn't a shifter it's a girl that the shifter went into and kind of fell apart in and that's why she can shift her hair and eyes and has super speed but can't change shape Which doesn't really make anything any better And you find out that the mouthy but useless princess is really a princess with magical powers AND a mouth which doesn't really make anything any worse And the prince that's legit is the bad guy and the usurper did it to save the kingdom so he's really the good guy And he of course loves the shifter who is the real prince's sister with a shifter inside of her mostly but sorta notConvoluted over written too many mind games and leaves you feeling very Oo

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    Reviewed by Ashley B for TeensReadToocomIsabel is the Shifter She is bound to protect the kings of Samorna at all costs When she is not needed she resides in her forest Mistwood When they need her she goes to the castleWhen Prince Rokan comes for her in Mistwood she does not remember why she had left Samorna many years ago She also doesn't remember how to change forms Isabel knows the prince needs her to be the Shifter But she also knows that he is lying to her The truth can change everything and Isabel must make a choiceMISTWOOD is a beautifully written debut novel Isabel is a confused character who in the end figures everything out I'm not that big on reading fantasy but I loved this storyline I thought the idea of a Shifter was really cool and the twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing on what was going to happen in the end I didn't see the almost end coming which always makes a good book even betterMy only problem with the novel was the actual ending I didn't care for it because it was very abrupt and it left a cliffhanger I really wanted to know how things were going to happen but the story just ends But other than that as I said this was a wonderful book and I look forward to reading by Ms Cypess

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    35 4StarsI really enjoyed this oneMistwood is an exciting twist that combines high fantasy with Immortal Shifter lore which made this fascinating and provided solid entertainmentI love my fantasy but I don't think this is for everyone While other books like Graceling and Brightly Woven are driven to grip you the pace of this book is intentionally slow moving at first as we are made to learn with Isabel through her memories which she has forgottenThe Plot is thick and rich with mystery and secret a lot of twist that I didn't see coming The atmosphere is vividly written almost overly descriptive at times but that's what I enjoyed about this book as I like a certain amount of vision in my escapeIsabel and Rokan have quite a remarkable story to tell and I liked the strength they heldAll in all I thought that Mistwood was a wondrous tale about love loyalty magic and mayhem that is completely intriguing and freshAn amazing debut and I only hope we get

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    What a fantastic book This was so well done on all levels that I don't even have the words to express it I loved all of the political maneuverings and intrigue But the best part of all were the characters They were flawed and imperfect but so easy to fall in love with The world that Cypess created was expertly drawn The dialogue flowed and caught you by surprise with the ease that Cypess creates layered conversations The twists and turns were many but entirely believable once revealed Truly the best part of all was the beauty of Cypess's writing Her writing is lyrical and descriptive without being overly flowery which I hate I would and will recommend this book without hesitation to anyone looking for an exquisite read Well done Ms Cypess

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    This book was an unexpected surprise though a very welcome one I had seen it on the shelves of my libraries for quite a while and had been resisting its siren call when suddenly I thought well why not?I can understand that a lot of readers will have problems with the main character the female protagonist but to me it is the portrayal of the female character that wins me over entirely I hadn’t even realized that the story was going to be a historical one so when I turned the page and started reading I was surprisedNow the fundamental question is how do you write a character who is not human? Oh I don’t mean the elves vampires all other supernatural races who often grace the pages of beloved YA novels – those who could be human if they didn’t have the supernatural powers Ms Cypess writes a character who is intrinsically inhuman and she is true to it She makes an attempt to portray Isabel in a manner that makes the reader realize from the get go that the “person” speaking to them is not in fact a person And that is where many readers will be troubledIsabel doesn’t behave in a way that is common or familiar to other heroines who are people powers or not do I applaud that She doesn’t react in the same way people do to situations or emotions because that is not who what? she is And I find this whole thing complex and fascinating and perhaps one of the rare times that an author manages to make a supernatural element mean than just a titillation of the sensesHow do you being human write a non human character?Moving on from what I could talk about for a long time let’s discuss where I talk and youread? the other characters The story is set in the midst of and in anticipation of political upheaval The narrative and characters set against courtly intrigue where what the characters say is almost certainly not what they mean Rokan is an interesting character For a hero he is flawed And I don’t just mean “trauma in his past so he require TLC from the main character to make him better” I mean that his choices actions and words do not always illuminate him in a good light But you are asked to look beyond that and into him Perhaps not to understand him but to accept himHis sister makes a much intriguing character and after Isabel she is my favourite character You’ll understand why ifwhen you read the storyAll the other side characters are crafted with care and that won me over Though they were shadowed by the enigma that is Isabel they were still interesting to readIsabel’s gradual return to humanity her growth in increments into a humanity she didn’t know she possessed is fascinating Her reactions and her puzzlement is very reminiscent to that of a cat but it is all executed with an elegance that makes Mistwood a very fun and interesting read I recommend it to anyone who likes good writing an interesting plot and a challenge