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Everything Seems To Be Going Perfectly For Maya Davis She Has A Great Job At A Coffee Shop, Gets Along With Her Parents, And Is Happily Single That Is Until Her Best Friend Starts Dating Maya S High School Sweetheart This Funny, Heartwarming Fiction Story By Best Selling Author Erynn Mangum Uses The Power Of Story To Challenge Teens To Discover The Relevance Of Faith In Their Relationships And Their Lives

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    First Read LOVE THIS SERIES Do ya think it s time for reread yet Second Read how did I read this in one day Wow I m impressive.Third Read Ohhhh myyy hearrrtttt So amazingly witty and AHHH that ending xxxx

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    About this book Is there really such a thing as too much coffee Everything seems to be going perfectly for Maya Davis She has a great job at a coffee shop, gets along with her parents, and is happily single That is until her best friend unknowingly starts dating Maya s high school sweetheart, her annoyingly perfect brother moves back to town, and her co worker starts showing interest in her What is God trying to teach her about life, love and commiserating over coffee Series Book 1 in the Maya Davis series Of three Spiritual Content Bible reading Many Scriptures are quoted Prayers talking to God Church going a sermon Talks about God, Him answering letting go H s are capital when talking about God.Negative Content Minor cussing including a crap , a idiot , a form of screw , a stinking , a stupid , two darn s, two duh s, three heck s, three sheesh s, three wimp s, four forms of dumb , five shut up s, seven oh my gosh s, seven forms of dang and fifteen gosh s Maya tries not to be sarcastic since she s a Christian Note Mentions of the band Dixie Chicks, Celebrities, TV shows, Movies, Designers, G rl Scout cookies and St rbucks awful coffee Sexual Content Boyfriends Ex es A notice of another girl s curves A mention or two about bras A couple mentions of puberty hormones Jack tells Maya Maya, I m wearing an apron Tell me when the last time was that you saw a straight guy wearing an apron Maya Davis, age 24 1st person P.O.V of Maya 298 pages Pre Teens One StarNew Teens One Star and a half Early High School Teens Two Stars and a half Older High School Teens Three Stars and a half My personal Rating Three Stars and a half Awww This was so cute and funny I laughed so hard reading Cool Beans and I loved all the Spiritual Content The only thing was I had to lower the ratings because of all the Minor cussing but if that doesn t bother you then your rating would be higher Also, as someone who has a beagle like the main character in this novel I loved Calvin Roo Link to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.

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    I really enjoyed this book It was a fresh, funny, and NORMAL I m sorry, but normal is so under rated This was a simple story of a twenty something girl who has a few problems that aren t too weird, is a fun loving Christian, andwelljust has a pretty normal life I was very happy with it Even though, I don t drink coffee love the smell, hate the taste , that part of the story didn t get too overwhelming I was afraid that it might I was cool with it though The characters were great Mangum didn t give very much physical description, which I was kind of disappointed with She made you imagine everything I like knowing what a person looks like, but I will admit, I hate long descriptions of rooms and clothes That usually gets on my nerves unless it s very well done Either way, I wish she would have given descriptions of her characters The characters themselves were great The storyline was good, nothing overly dramatic which I was thankful for and once again, NORMAL I will be checking out the next in the series.

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    Rating 3.5This is a light, quick, sometimes humorous, Christian romance that would appeal to teens and young adults It focuses on Maya and her relationships with Jennifer, her roommate, Jack, her work buddy at Cool Beans coffee shop, Zach, her older brother, and Travis, her ex boyfriend Maya is likeable and quite realistic She is going through a faith crisis as she deals with her roommate and Travis Jack and the single adult pastor, Andrew, at her church both are quite helpful in working through this There were some nice gems of Christian wisdom throughout that would make it a good book for young adult readers.

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    This book is such a gem Part of what made Maya so endearing was how free of drama she was She didn t obsess over getting engaged married, and this left so much room to focus on the important things in her life at that time Another thing that made her a relatable character was her sense of humor Witty banter is a trademark of Erynn Mangum s books, and while Maya is adept in sarcasm, she didn t use it as a weapon, something I appreciated so much There was an instance when Maya, in response to a situation she found herself in, mentally responded with Not funny, God, which is very disrespectful It s something one would say to a peer, not a King The first person narrative allowed Maya to self deprecatingly share about her life, work, and challenges, without info dumps breaking the flow of the narrative Maya is such a sweet character, and while I m not really a coffee drinker, I love that we both have running in common Maybe one day I ll be looking back and wondering how I ever got by without coffee, but until then Dr Pepper and I will be very happy.

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    The Good Maya herself is a likable character who finds herself in one predicament after another she admirably deals with each problem thrown her way All the lists she made were a nice touch actually, doing that could help me out quite a bit Though I m not exactly the target audience for this book, I could understand some of Maya s struggles.The Bad While it s great that Maya is single for most of this book, I ve read stories like this before, so, I can be pretty sure wedding bells are in her future Those who have read the entire series Am I wrong Why can t a Christian novel feature a protagonist who is content in his her singleness, or who feels called by God to refrain from marriage There are plenty of people who do just that Also, the movie and television allusions got old after a while as much as I like audiovisual entertainment, I still don t want to be bombarded with references to reality shows and romantic comedies Those who are out of the loop when it comes to Hollywood productions are likely to be confused.Content Concerns Nothing worth noting in this department.Conclusion It may sound strange for a guy to be reading a book like this, but, keep in mind that my favorite movie is Harriet the Spy Blog Wars While good for what it is, seeing where the story seems to be headed, I m not sure if I ll continue on with this series.Score 3 5

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    What I loved When you read as much as I do, it s hard to find an author who has a fresh, unique voice Erynn Mangum has that voice I loved her style in the Lauren Holbrook series, and that style was definitely in Cool Beans as well Second, few authors can weave spiritual truths into their novels without sounding preachy Erynn is good at this She delved into the topic of honesty in this book, and I felt like I was learning with Maya, not hearing a lecture or sermon Finally, the book is funny While the topic of ex boyfriends, first loves, and being honest are serious topics, this book is balanced with funny coffee jokes, an annoying Parrot, and the flirtations of a romance in the making.What I didn t like There was only one thing that I didn t like about this book One night, Maya is at home waiting for Jen to get home The book says Maya gets home from work at 11 03 p.m She then gets annoyed on the next page because it s 10 30 and Jen isn t home Then it s 12 07 pm, should be am , and Jen isn t home I was confused because then I thought Jen hadn t come home all nightthen the next page mentions the morning So, I think it was just typos, but it confused me This is something an editor should have caught Again, if this is the biggest problem in a book, then the book is

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    I really enjoyed this book It was a great read like 5 err or way than that chapters before you go to bed book Things I liked It was funny I really didn t laugh as much as I thought I would but there were a couple of scenes that had me nearly waking up my whole family with my laughter On a serious note I liked her journey and walk with God and just how honest the whole booked seemed with her struggles on her end with her relationship with Christ I absolutely really enjoyed the ending as well and will def re read sometime Now things I didn t like The pastor he was way too.sarcastic and just his whole manner seemed immature maybe it just came across that way for me but I think a pastor needs to be a bit serious on a random note I am a pk lol it was weird to me how close maya and jack were like how do you even get that close to a guy with out having feelings didn t seem to add up to me but you know it works out in the end on a last note I wish there was not light swearing, like please can we not say omg ten million times Overall cute book I was worried with it being geared for adults that I wouldn t enjoy it but I did

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    I have wanted to read this for a long time but now that I have I am wondering what the book was about This is a story of a young woman named Maya Davis and her roommate Jen, her best friend Jack, her family, her young adult bible study group Oh her dog Don t forget her dog It just felt like there wasn t much of a story that anyone would care about It was like she got up and went to work at the coffee house with her best friend Jack, she went to dinner at her parents once a week Just nothing out of the ordinarily I live her life when I am reading a book I want a little excitement This one was just a little boring.

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    What I liked Maya as a character She s a normal girl, and it was refreshing to read about someone so normal the humor Both Maya and Jack are sarcastic and funny with each other Maya s issues with her faith were handled well What I didn t care for was it necessary to give the dog dialogue Roo Roo At first I thought it was sort of cute, but it got annoying really fast.Speaking of something that got annoying really fast Jack referring to Maya as Nutkin, Pattertwig, Nutjob, etc All those weird little pet names were supposed to be endearing I think, but they seemed insulting and demeaning the fact that Travis didn t recognize Maya She went from a blonde to a brunette and lost a little weight, but other than that was exactly the same, and despite dating her for 3 4 years, he didn t recognize her Also, Maya is not THAT common of a name I couldn t stand Maya s friend Jen She wasn t a very good friend to Maya at all She came off as insensitive and frequently looked down on Maya.