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In A Time Of Environmental Uncertainty, Pollution And Contamination, Nature Struck Back Leaving Guy, An Unlikely Hero, The Task Of Fighting For The Freedom Of The World This Comical Environmental Adventure Explores The Personification Of Mother Nature Rebelling Against Humankind In A Whirlwind Of Puns, Wordplay And HeroismHavoc Reigned After Mother Nature Rallied Her Forces To Enslave All Humankind In A Bizarre Twist, Mother Nature Grew Corrupt And Tyrannical All Hope Was Lost, Until Guy, An Uninspired Free Spirit, Is Thrown Into Prison And Learns Of The Travesties Happening Outside The Prison Walls He Vows To Right The Wrongs Of The World And Sets Off On A Cyclone Adventure Of Love, Loss, Barns, Bears, Bees, Beavers And Bereavement

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    I picked up this book hoping I could use it with a middle school class I m teaching, but I knew within two pages it was a no go Why Numerous obvious and egregious grammar errors Shame on Mr Schwartz for releasing this without hiring a copy editor On top of that, the writing and dialogue is juvenile It reads like a story my students would write, which makes it ideal for them, if it weren t for all those capitalization and punctuation errors Mr Schwartz, if you re reading, I d go up a star or two if you fix those errors On top of that, doing so would drum up some business as I direct my students to your work As it is, though, it would hardly be responsible to ask them to read something that doesn t meet basic writing convention standards.

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    The protagonist s best friend is a bowling ball not everyday that you come across that Enjoyed the playful dialogue and sense of adventure action throughout the text I found the blend with environmental influences interesting too one must admit that taking on Mother Nature is quite an ambition The story features a range of unusual cast members too, like D j Vu and Father Time A great read if you re looking for something different in the comedy adventure genre.