PDF/EPUB Hannah Bonner ☆ When Fish Got Feet, Sharks Got Teeth, and Bugs Began to ☆

Take a fun fact filled trip back to Earth as it was 430 million years ago Then watch as continents drift and oceans take shape Watch out as fish get toothier plants stretch skywards and bugs get bigger Soon fish get feet and four legged creatures stalk the planet Here's the story of Earth in conversational text informative illustrations and humorous cartoons Complete with time line pronunciation guide glossary and index

10 thoughts on “When Fish Got Feet, Sharks Got Teeth, and Bugs Began to Swarm: A Cartoon Prehistory of Life Long Before Dinosaurs

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    Read aloud to my daughter over the course of several nights This is brilliant and I learned so much about early history The cartoon illustrations are amusing and enlightening

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    This book really gave me information about the Devonian period for my research project

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    Loved reading this to my 6yr old

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    Written 4 years after her book on the late Paleozoic this book is something of a preuel covering the Silurian and Devonian period While I haven't researched this period as much to note anything out of date I am pleased to say that all of its cited web resources are still there 12 years later The address to the Silurian reef has changed but is easily found in a search on the website it links to Otherwise you'll find all the additional resources this book refers you toThis continues the pattern of When Bugs Were Big with its simplified explanations of scientific terms funny cartoons and excellent scientific illustrations I wasn't aware of just how uickly arthropods diversified on land small creepy crawlies are often overlooked in books on prehistoric life in favor of their bigger compatriots It was informative and fun Recommended for older elementary aged children maybe even into middle school

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    This book uses text and cartoon like illustrations It follows a chronological order from barren landscapes and warm shallow seas alive with animals through the first forests and the evolution of four legged animals I thought it was great and very informative

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    I love this series Really helps you wrap your mind around the history of life on Earth

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    Such a cute book Scientifically accurate though simplified for little readers Totally recommend

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    I have mixed feelings about this book There is a ton of information presented about the Silurian and Devonian periods I haven't done a lot of searching but the author says that there aren't other books like this available in the juvenile section That seems important to note There's plenty out there about the periods of time that include dinosaurs but this one seems uniue I loved reading this abbreviated information nice not to have to wade through too many details and I learned a lot even given my background in fishesOn the other hand sometimes there's so much information that it seems overwhelming even in this simplified version The cartoons with humor didn't do anything for me but I'm guessing my kids will like it Yup my daughter just told me she's enjoying that part

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    Awesome book There is a lot of scientific detail packed into a little space The illustrations and other graphics are outstanding and really help support the reader's understanding of the text while being kid oriented that is to say a little silly In particular I like that the illustrations show places children may be familiar with Pennsylvania Wisconsin Greenland as they were millions of years ago in order to show how the landscape has changed The Appendix timeline is very helpful and easy to understand as is the guide of how to pronounce the many scientific terms throughout the book A very very well done book Probably best for upper elementary and early middle schoolers

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    This book makes learning about sharks fun It's all about the history of the fish and how they came about There's a map in the book that shows where certain sea creatures are in the world It's cool to know where these creatures are so when you do decide to go into the ocean you know what you swimming with What I thought was really cool were the recipes There's some joke recipes of how to make a land plant or a land animal and it's funny to think about I know as children we ask where these things come from or how they're made so it's cool to see it in a different perspective as a child