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He won his fame—and his freedom—in the gory pits of Rome's Colosseum Yet the greatest challenge for once legendary gladiator Caros Viriathos comes to him through a slave His slave the beautiful and mysterious Pelonia Valeria Her secret brings danger to his household but offers Caros a love like he's never knownShould anyone learn she is a Christian Pelonia will be executed Her faith threatens not only herself but her master Can she convince a man who found fame through unforgiving brutality to show mercy? And when she's ultimately given the choice will Pelonia choose freedom or the love of a gladiator?

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    This was a beautiful book I have long been wishing to read a Christian romance that delivered such a rich story as this I loved how the love story was full and it was as much about the love between Pelonia and Caros as it was also Pelonia’s love for Christ and how she was able to come into Caros’ life and to help him to heal and to come to know Christ Ms Capshaw did such a great job of showing this without it being preachy The message of God’s love and how it gave Pelonia strength and how it could heal Caros’ deep emotional wounds was rich The narrative never came off as pedantic or filled with spiritual public service announcements It truly was about people of faith living their lives There weren’t any easy answers Pelonia had a struggle sometimes to act true to her faith putting her faith in God to help her and to be her strength which is the experience of all Christians She didn’t realize that her actions showed the truth of her message Caros saw how her faith was her foundation how it gave her peace and he came to want to know her God who had made her such a beautiful peace filled personCaros had the traits that I love in a good hero he was strong but gentle loving possessive He was very masculine and he was a good man even if he had lived a rough life and done things he couldn’t forgive himself for I could easily see why Pelonia fell in love with him I could also see how the Lord had brought those two togetherI also liked the developing secondary romance between uintus a slave who is being trained as a gladiator by Caros and Adiona Caros’ seemingly hardened widow friend In a way she is like a male version of Caros She seems hard and cruel but down deep she hides wounds that keep her from living a full life I have a feeling that uintus will bring love into her lifeThe setting of this book took me back to Rome in the period of the early Christian church It was very disheartening to see how Christians were treated murdered for their faith and called deviants It called me to stand strong in my own faith considering that people were martyred by the thousands back then and still are in parts of the world The least of my worries is facing humiliation or being scorned by people because I believe in JesusI really want to thank Ms Capshaw for writing this book She ministered to me so fruitfully I needed the lessons in this book as they strengthened my faith but also took my mind off my own troubles It was a good lesson that you are never beyond God’s grace and God has a plan that he will see through It may not make sense but His will can’t help but be done; and you are a part of His plan in whatever way that is uniue to you because you are precious to God Ms Capshaw did a better job of showing this message than I can in this review and I’m glad of that I am so happy I had the chance to read The Gladiator and I look forward to reading of her books If someone asks for a recommendation for a good Christian romance to read or a romance that is just plain fulfilling for any romance or historical fiction reader I’d be happy to recommend this one

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    More like 475 starsCarla Capshaw knows how to write a breath stealing romance She adds just the right amount of bait on the line to reel fans of romantic historical fiction in to her tale of inspired love Fans of The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers will enjoy this book While this story had to be a tad kinder and gentler due to the Love Inspired label I still found it to be edgy enough to be enjoyable Caros was one hot hero His restrained desire for the heroine made him very heroic and would win the heart of any romance lover The nice twist on this story that differs from secular fiction was that one of the things that attracted Caros to Pelonia the heroine was her love for Jesus and her unshakable faith It wasn't just her unspoiled status because she was a virgin While that attracted him at first it wasn't what won his heart His initial instinct was to conuer her heart and he tried many effective tactics however it wasn't until his heart was conuered through her love and different perspective on life that things turned around for him That made for a great story I had a hard time putting this story down While there wasn't as much kissing as I often enjoy in a story there was plenty of romantic tension and genuine caring between them that in some ways it made the story compelling Now in reality some of the parts of this story would probably never have happened in real life but because it was so well done I was willing to suspend a little reality for the sake of this beautiful story I highly recommend it and am looking forward to reading The Protector which includes characters from this story I could tell there would be a book tie in from the little bit I read about the other impossible love match Once I like an author I tend to want to read all of their other books

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    It's 81 ACPelonia has just lost everything she has except her soul and her faith Being betrayed she was to be a slave to caros a great gladiator trainer uickly caros is drawn to her beautiful spirit a girl who hasn't alike Caros comes to think about the reasons that make her endure all this pain and betrayal the reasons of her unconditional forgiveness to whom hated her the most she is peaceful and owns a heart of gold and that's exactly what he needs a long time ago She is so brave to hold strong to her faith in time when Christians were fed to lions Unfortunately there is one obstacle she is christian and he doesn't believe in god Maybe most importantly he doesn't believe that god will forgive all his crimes because no one did I don't prefer to call this book a christian book I would rather assume it's how anyone comes to know god regardless of any religionThe main theme of the book is based on the bible verse Roman 828 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him whoa have been called according to his purpose A very well written book with a good romantic story However it was preachy some parts were so unbelievable how comes a good gladiator be very soft especially of the beginning of the relationship Pelonia's knowledge of Christianity was very shallow I expected her words to have deepness to have something powerful to get Caros to know god

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    Ever since I've read Francine River's Mark of the Lion series I've had a really soft spot for books set in this era and since it's so much like I was really excited to read it I can say for sure that while it was not exactly what I wanted it did not disappoint My only complaints would be that the writing was a bit juvenile but I got into it later on Secondly would be the fact that Caros the main male lead was wayyyy too nice to Pelonia the main female character Otherwise the plot was great and I felt that the secondary characters were really interesting to read about too Warning the book did get a bit preachy at times but if you're able to ignore that then keep on going In conclusion the book isn't really to be read to critically and is instead a sweet story about finding redemption I'm definitely going to be binge reading the next few books Overall rating 4 stars

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    I was blessed to get an advance copy of Carla Capshaw's November release The Gladiator I can say without a doubt it is one of the most compelling faith full romantic Love Inspireds I have ever read Make that inspirational novels period The story of a slave girl and an former gladiator this wonderful read is definitely not the same old characters same old setting The Gladiator is also no sugarcoated historical novel but a true page turner which transports the reader back to the times when being a Christian was dangerous and just being a woman was fraught with peril A scarred tormented hero like few I have found regardless of the romance subgenre a than spunky heroine lovely detailing intense romance and a clear direct faith message are just a few of the reasons I urge you to get this book Get it now from eharleuincom or wait until it shows up on the shelvesbut whatever you do get this book Peace Julie

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    4550A perfect example that really good books can come in small and serial packages Having a knowledgeable understanding of the basics in Roman history yet shying away from any entertainment reading centered in the brutal time I was delightfully amazed at how deftly Ms Capshaw wove the horrendous historical realism into a beautiful love story The worlds of a slave turned gladiator turned wealthy trainer and a wealthy Christian girl turned slave are such polar opposites that the plot is intrinsically woven with tension and drama while educating the reader I closed the book with a much deeper understanding of the emotions trials horrors and ultimately the deep humanity that will always shine even in some of the worst of this world's history

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    Well this was uite a change for me The story is set in ancient Rome at the time when Christians were being persecuted for their faith When beautiful young Pelonia is sold into slavery and bought by the ex gladiator Caros she is terrified for her future safety Pelonia has only her faith to keep her from despair but unexpectedly Caros is not the monster that his reputation makes him out to be The relationship between the couple seems to be impossible and when the authorities hear that Pelonia is a Christian she is in terrible danger Can she survive the horror of the arenaThis was not my usual sort of read it is an unashamed romance I did however enjoy it I liked the setting of ancient Rome and the Christian element The story was romantic and wholesome

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    Okay okay I know this book looks like just another bodice ripping formulaic romance I'm still a little shocked that I read it at all But after finishing it I'm a little surprised to see it categorized simply as romance and that it has a cover that does little to represent the story In fact our hero was hardly physically described at all refreshing Pelonia is the daughter of a rich land owner just outside Rome While on her way to her cousin's wedding her father and entire family are killed with the exception of her uncle After burying her father her uncle sells her into slavery to a passing caravanCaros a former gladiator who won his freedom buys Pelonia from the caravan for a ridiculous price because he does not want to see her sold to a brothel Of course as you can guess Pelonia's fiesty and surprising behavior draws Caros to her I was pleasantly surprised by the uniueness of her characterNow this book is NOT just about the two of them Its actually about Christianity Surprised? If discovered Pelonia as a Christian will be thrown to the lions in the arena She is still devoted to her faith and shows an admirable dedication which is part of what makes her so interesting What would you do if you had but to deny your faith in order to avoid the arena? Capshaw raises interesting uestions that made this book much than a romanceOkay admiration of plot aside the writing was barely tolerable She did so much emotion naming I could hardly stand it BUT since the story was good I waded through it And I'd recommend it

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    The Gladiator captures your attention right from the first page I must admit that I couldn't put it down I love the story of Pelonia and Caros Pelonia and Caros both learn lessons the hard way Pelonia learns to strengthen her faith in God even during difficult times It is her light and love for Christ that Caros sees in her and that is the reason that he is drawn to her He wants peace and he sees it among her and another slave he had bought for the Gladiator ring It is through these two witnesses that He learns to depends on God and find the forgiveness and peace that he has sought for a long time The history of the Romans throwing Christians in to the ring is sad but it's amazing to see such faith among believers I'm not sure some of us today who sit in our comfortable pews in church would be that brave and strong If we were faced with the uestion Pelonia was would we give into the temptation to deny christ to save our life or would we trust in God like Pelonia did She had her choice to chose but she never denied her Christ Oh And I must say Cat is the greatest I want a pet Tiger now But overall the book gives readers a glimpes into Rome during hard times for Christians and challenges the faith of us all But as the Author states at the end Romans 828 was her main intent in the book and I think she achieved it

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    I won a copy if this book from goodreads giveaways This book is a Love Inspired Historical For anyone not familiar with the Love Inspired Historials they are Christian romance books and thus contains all the content typical of this genreVery clean with Christian faith doctrine and beliefs interspersed thoughout the book Pelonia's faith was woven into the story in such a way that it didn't seem out of place Pelonia is a Christian who is sold as a slave to retired Gladiator Caros From that you can guess where the story is goingThis book held my interest throughout and I found myself staying up to finish the storyFor anyone who enjoys a good clean romance with a great storyline this book is for youhttpiamareadernotawriterblogspot