The Huainanzi: A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Government in Early Han China (Translations from the Asian Classics) pdf epub –

A fascinating glimpse into how to run a Chinese Empire, in theory at least.It was hard going in places. Simply a staggering academic achievement and contribution to discussions of thought and politics in early China And by that I am only referring to the translation, which took a handful of the finest scholars in Chinese studies over a decade to complete As for the work itself, it represented a beyond remarkable attempt to fuse hundreds of years of seemingly irreconcilable strands of thought into a unified system and guide to governance at a pivotal juncture in Han consolidation and rule A mindboggling piece of collaborative scholarship on two fronts, first in the teetering kingdom of Huainan in the 2nd century BCE, and 2200 years later in North America. This is the first complete English translation of this huge 2nd century bc collection of Chinese philosophical texts The texts blend Daoist, Confucian and Legalist theories on life, the universe, commerce, war, leadership and much I particularly enjoyed the first two chapters called Yuandao Searching out Dao and Chuzhen Beginning of Reality , both based on the ideas of Laozi and Zhuagzi Each chapter is translated by well known scholars in the field, such as John S Major and Harold D Roth and comes with individual chapter introductions and extensive commentarial notes Excellent book from start to finish. Compiled By Scholars At The Court Of Liu An, King Of Huainan, In The Second Century BCE, The Huainanzi Is A Tightly Organized, Sophisticated Articulation Of Western Han Philosophy And Statecraft Outlining All That A Modern Monarch Needs To Know, The Text Emphasizes Rigorous Self Cultivation And Mental Discipline, Brilliantly Synthesizing For Readers Past And Present The Full Spectrum Of Early Chinese Thought The Huainanzi Locates The Key To Successful Rule In A Balance Of Broad Knowledge, Diligent Application, And The Penetrating Wisdom Of A Sage It Is A Unique And Creative Synthesis Of Daoist Classics, Such As The Laozi And The Zhuangzi Works Associated With The Confucian Tradition, Such As The Changes, The Odes, And The Documents And A Wide Range Of Other Foundational Philosophical And Literary Texts From The Mozi To The Hanfeizi The Product Of Twelve Years Of Scholarship, This Remarkable Translation Preserves The Huainanzi S Special Rhetorical Features, Such As Parallel Prose And Verse, And Showcases A Compositional Technique That Conveys The Work S Powerful Philosophical Appeal This Path Breaking Volume Will Have A Transformative Impact On The Field Of Early Chinese Intellectual History And Will Be Of Great Interest To Scholars And Students Alike