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Will Grayson Meets Will Grayson One Cold Night, In A Most Unlikely Corner Of Chicago, Two Strangers Are About To Cross Paths From That Moment On, Their World Will Collide And Lives IntertwineIt S Not That Far From Evanston To Naperville, But Chicago Suburbanites Will Grayson And Will Grayson Might As Well Live On Different Planets When Fate Delivers Them Both To The Same Surprising Crossroads, The Will Graysons Find Their Lives Overlapping And Hurtling In New And Unexpected Directions With A Push From Friends New And Old Including The Massive, And Massively Fabulous, Tiny Cooper, Offensive Lineman And Musical Theater Auteur Extraordinaire Will And Will Begin Building Toward Respective Romantic Turns Of Heart And The Epic Production Of History S Most Awesome High School Musical

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    3.5 stars Two teenagers, both named Will Grayson, coincidentally meet at a much unexpected place And their life will never be the same again.One is shy and doesn t want to be in a relationship The other has depression and seeks love in Isaac But, is finding love on the internet the right thing Could it be that Isaac may not be who he claims to be It was an emotional but also full of life read Containing the kind of atmosphere that can make you smile but also cry at the very same moment.The two main main characters, and narrators, are different in almost every way from one another Yet, the fact that they were two opposite persons, made it interesting to read about each one of them and comparing them While it was inevitable to do such thing, the results were surprising The fact is, I can t even admit who I preferred for they were, both, likable and had this character development that is than well thought of We can see it coming yet it still is impressive and welcome.Tiny is also a main character but not a narrator He is actually the reason why Will Grayson 1 and 2 have a character development in the first place He may seem to you full of himself at first and he kind of his but you will absolutely learn to adore him To say that he is important in the story is an understatement Sincerely, I thought the romance was not captivating It was just banal Sure, there are cute moments that will make you smile and sigh but they re not breathtaking or what I call original It is a main theme of the story, but I am now talking about the romantic one and, except for this latter, there are some others that are incidentally included It is certainly not like not being hooked by the romance will keep any one of you from enjoying this read.The plot was quite simple but effective and even unique I mean, rarely do I read about LGBT drama as in real drama gay and straight guy being best friends It was enjoyable but unfortunately very slow You see, even the writing is fantastic but, the fact that it is so slow and I mean it does keep me from giving it a higher rating I did like this book but there are some scenes that do drag and could have been shortened It s quite some reading experience, this Will Grayson, Will Grayson book It has a lot of humour, a special one though that may only appeal to some potential readers, and it also contains these sentences that will make you take a short pause and think a little about them Probably asking youself What is the author aiming for by writing that And it makes you dig deeper to find the phrases in question s significance Which I loved Reading books that make you think are the ones that you ll remember after, at least in my opinion.Absolutely recommended As an advice, don t even look at the rating, if you re the kind that is discouraged by a 3 1 2 star one I liked it, would read it again but, when having much time, since it is a slow paced story To wrap up, great characters, unsurprising romance, wonderful themes, vivid atmosphere, slowness, not complex but unique plot still and an unforgettable read Art source.

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    I have no idea what other book I could compare with Will Grayson, Will Grayson For some reason, I got a very strong sci fi vibe from the synopsis of this book The cover itself just screams alternate universes But nothing like that was involved It was just two guys in the same ol regular universe who meet under unusual circumstances No speculative elements involved But I still loved it Imagine that.Content warning for this book Strong yet hilarious language including sexual references.In this book, we meet two Will Graysons.The first is John Green s Grayson He is lovable, funny and best friends with this guy named Tiny Cooper, so I call him Best Friend Will I really appreciate the fact that Best Friend Will isn t the kind of guy who runs crotch first toward any girls who like him He keeps his distance, physically and emotionally, from relationships but never seems to do the same mentally He is an over thinker, who notices every little thing about the people around him and analyzes each observation But I wonder if guys really notice things like the pale skin of her back, and how she bites her lower lip, and that she smells like over sweetened coffee Maybe guys like John Green do Who knows The second is David Levithan s Will Grayson, who is a closet homosexual, gothic, and a manic depressive Him I like to call Eeyore Will He s soft, fluffy and cute but always so sad and complicated I get the feeling that David Levithan is a very complicated person Not like that is a bad thing Some of my favorite people are complicated , probably even myself included However, I really have no authority the subject of Levithan since this is my first book of his Eeyore Will takes a while to get to know but definitely has the most dramatic turn around and largest character arc.In truth Will Grayson, Will Grayson isn t about either of the Will Grayson s It s about Tiny Cooper Anyone could see that Really, it could have been called Tiny s Two Graysons.Tiny Cooper is the world s largest gay person Not necessarily the most gay or the most large, but the ultimate combination of the two His personality is just as large as his exterior, and I loved him.However, here s where I must issue a warning Many people will not like him His characteristics are very cliche and stereotypical, but I personally found him charming, not to mention, hilarious Which is largely the result of the very good narration in the audiobook that got to the heart of each character They all felt believable despite their flaws and stereotypes.This is one of those that I can t possibly imagine NOT listening to as an audiobook I would even go so far as to say that I really ONLY recommend listening to the audiobook The quality and narration was ridiculously good It took a bit to really get into the story, but once I did, I realized that the humor of the book was captured perfectly by the two readers who portrayed each of the Will Graysons I laughed out loud so often that I didn t even care if I looked like a maniac who loves laughing to herself and driving like a grandma down the highway.Strangely, I have found that audiobooks have the opposite effect of loud music They make me drive super slow as I concentrate on and laugh hysterically over the book So there I am driving along when all the sudden I burst out laughing Hahahhahaa Tiny Cooper wearing skinny jeans denim sausage casings Then after I ve recovered from that, I m driving along again Dododododo And Tiny sings this song to the Eeyore Will and he thinks to himself that Tiny s song must have carried all the way to the north pole Then, he imagines that when Mrs Claus hears it, she turns to Santa and says What the f ck was that Those aren t even close to being the funniest lines.It was like listening to a high school drama TV mini series In fact, it reminded me a lot of My So Called Life Since the story is really about Tiny Cooper, that would make him the Angela Chase of this book So then, Eeyore Will would be the tortured and complex Jordan Catalano and Best Friend Will would then be Brian Krakow, I guess Angst Drama Intrigue Hilarity.The only major fail of the audio was how the IM chats were recorded with the screen names being said over and over again, faster every time A few of the dialogue sections felt the same way with quick switching back and forth between the characters, but you don t notice it once you adapt to it One of the best things about the audio was hearing Eeyore Grayson s poetry read first hand and hearing that narrators sing interpretations of the songs that Tiny Cooper wrote for his musical EFFING BRILLIANT Oh, and in case you were wondering about the picture at the beginning All of the characters in this book seem to be on a constant sugar high of the grumbles Alot of whining and complaining and angst They ve got the crumbly grumblies and it can be overwhelming But I found it a lot of fun Gotta give me them, grumblecakes.I loved the book Though it took some time to connect to the characters, I believe it was well worth it in the end.At it s heart, this book is really all about friendship I love that the end all be all is not for certain couples to confess love for each other and end up together It was about admitting love for your friends and the people who have been there for you.It made me realize what an incredible thing we have going here on Goodreads.What I would do with myself now if I couldn t get online and talk to you all about the books that we read If I didn t have someone to share the ups and downs of these important stories, to talk about life lessons with, or someone just to flat out laugh about random things that non readers wouldn t understand.I laugh than I ever thought I would, find books that I d never think to pick up, meet people all around that world that I couldn t have met otherwise, and without a doubt, have an unbelievably amazing time with all of it.We all learn so much about life and about ourselves by analyzing books and have way too much fun doing it.So I appreciate you, Goodreaders Whether you are grumblecakes or non grumblecakes This review is dedicated to you.Thank you for being awesome

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    3.5 starsI am glad David Levithan joined John Green to create this story, because clearly Green is unable to write any other characters different from what he had already offered in Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines His Will Grayson is the same old nerdy, too eloquent boy who is into a smart, attractive, and slightly pretentious girl Green simply cannot move on to any other ensemble Levithan s Will Grayson, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air with a whiff of depression He is a loner, a tad mentally unstable, but funny in a sarcastic kind of way I have read a ton of YA lit and still I think this character is quite unique.The story itself is a great blend of Green s and Levithan s styles Essentially, it is about both Wills romantic entanglements, their struggles to connect, to commit and to move on There are great, difficult friendships and realistic parents There are gay characters that are not cliches And there is a fantastical, over the top, gay licious ending in a form of a high school musical I bet, courtesy of David Levithan my least favorite part of the novel, BTW The book is funny too, or maybe its audio narrators just did a marvelous job reading it Either way, I did enjoy it A lot.

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    Assigned reading for MLIS 7421 Multicultural Youth Literature.I m calling it quits on this one early This is not even remotely enjoyable for me It starts out with a bad tone as one of the Wills keeps fat shaming Tiny who, according to JG s website, is the actual main character , and then it just goes downhill so fast The only thing I liked about the pages that I read was the Neutral Milk Hotel referencing, but even that is slightly ruined by how Manic Pixie John s writing manages to make them sound Neutral Milk Hotel deserves better, okay There s also the immediate issue of one of the Wills way of speaking about Jane, with the whole, She s not the kind of girl I usually go for because her hair is too curly and she hangs out with boys Like, what Is that seriously a reason not to like a girl This is probably a good time to mention that I have now read six of JG s works, and only liked his portrayal of one female character, and that was Hazel Grace I staunchly believe John Green had some sort of demonic bargain in place when he wrote TFIOS because it is of such a higher caliber than everything he wrote before it, in my opinion. Buddy read with Lacy

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    This book is one that I m having a hard time rating It s nothing to do with the fact that the book is written by two authors and I would split up the writing or anything like that I found that their writing blended well together, and although I found one Will fun to read about than another I don t think it had to do with the writing really I ve read many other reviews where people liked the other Will so that doesn t really matter It s just that although this book has the usual humor I have come to expect from John s books there was not much than that to love about this book.Two boys named Will Grayson are both living in Chicago At the start of the story they have no idea the other exists, but their paths are soon to cross Will 1 is a straight teen with a very large gay best friend This character is John Green s go to guy I ve read about this same exact character now in three other John Green s books and that s why I didn t find this Will to be the most exciting or fresh character to read about Will number 2 was written by David Levithan and he was a gay teen who is seemingly depressed, but becomes very hopeful when he finds out he s going to be able to meet his internet love, Isaac.I didn t really like any of the other characters I guess if I had to pick any that were okay I would say Jane, but the rest were just annoying The plot didn t have anything exciting happen, and I didn t get all emotional like I have when reading other John Green books This book will probably be very unmemorable to be honest, but I thought it was an alright quick read The book was seriously predictable, though I mean pretty much from the start you can tell a few things are going to happen, but on the chance that someone didn t see them coming I will hide them view spoiler 1 Of course we knew the only two gay guys were going to hook up 2 It was also pretty obvious how things would end up for Will number 1 and Jane It was also fairy obvious that Isaac wasn t going to work out becausewell did ya read number 1 I will admit that even though I knew he wouldn t end up with Isaac I didn t think it would be who it was doing it all along, though hide spoiler

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    DNF at 24% Alternate title for Will Grayson, Will Grayson Disappointment, Disappointment.John Green, I thought we had a thing going You write incredible heart wrenching books, and I cry about them and recommend them to everyone in existence So what the hell happened with this I said in my review of Eleanor Park that never have I ever been so glad to check a book out from the library You can just go ahead and scratch that now I m happier that I got this from the library In the first 23 pages, I was hit with enough teenage angst to last me a lifetime I couldn t even make it to page 100 Where to begin The writing style was ridiculous Will 2 s POV was written like this nothing was capitalized everything was lowercase not even names, like will not even i And that bugged the ever loving shit out of me The characters weren t much better Insufferable is the best word I can think of to describe them Yes, all of them. All of the main characters, at least Will 2 was utterly annoying, Will 1 acted a bit like an asshole, and Tiny, the character who I thought would save the book for me, let me down Ar first when I read the book s synopsis, I thought it sounded really interesting But then I started the book, and my analysis began Two guys who have the same exact first and last name just happen to randomly meet Before you start thinking, It s possible to meet someone with the same last name and first name as you, you idiot , allow me to explain This would be believable if their last name was something like Smith or Johnson But no, their last name is Grayson Maybe it s just me, and it s probably just me but I have never met anyone, in my entire life, with the last name Grayson The name Will I can understand I know three Wills But no Graysons I m not saying it couldn t happen It s just seems a little unlikely I really wanted to like this book But unfortunately, it just was not for me.

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    This book is terrific one that adults could spend time together discussing. high or low rating, there are topics worthy of discussion in this book Sixteen year olds may enjoy this book but I think the deeper insights might be appreciated when older There are already 15, 300 reviews I read two 2 years ago , by Larry Hoffer, and Glenn Sumi Larry s review was contagious and Glenn s thought provoking With the recent floods in San Jose an ongoing reminder for Paul and I as we are hosting flood victims this month and the two bomb threats at our Local Jewish Community center this week I was hoping for a fun escape so I grabbed this off my shelf.However.THIS BOOK WAS FUNNY.THE VERY FIRST SENTENCE WAS HILARIOUS.but I forgot TEENAGERS HAVE ISSUES serious issues Underneath the laughter and funny dialogue, these kids were dealing with depression, love, loss, gay and straight relationships WITH PROBLEMS , friendships WITH PROBLEMS , struggles within their family, school, and struggles with their own painful awareness.so basically The only way I really got my escape, was escaping into the teenage world of problems that were irresistibly funny that we all know are a little bit sad..and a little bit funny AS LIFE IS FUNNYSAD At times some of these characters were annoying rude and unlikable Other times we step back and our hearts open we feel the tenderness we feel the luv The real star standout of this story is not the title characters but a character named Tiny Cooper Tiny Cooper is not the worlds gayest person, and he is not the worlds largest person, but I believe he may be the world s largest person who is really, really gay, and also the worlds gayest person who is really, really large It s a different experience reading a book written by two authors where there re each creator of a character John Green and David Levithan s writing style are very different resulting in both characters of Will Grayson being completely different..but it s a beautiful blend ending with a bigger than life musical These kids lives are complicated The relationships are each entangled Add social media texting smart phone emails and a musical stage production There is a word taught in this book I thought was cool weltschmerz which means It s that depression you feel when the world as it is does not line up with the world as you think it should be And as my mother would say, Que Sera Sera what shall be will be

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    I really liked the idea of this book, having two authors create a character each and alternate their points of view throughout the novel For me it was an entirely different kind of experience and the two authors have such unique styles that I would say it is definitely something everyone should read It s a story about two teenage boys, both of which are called Will Grayson They could hardly be different, there lives have almost nothing in common until one night when circumstances lead to them meeting by accident in a porn shop It s funny and it s ridiculous So why the average rating Well, because I couldn t get interested in John Green s character at all I m afraid This is my first experience of his writing and I know him to be a very highly rated and acclaimed author, one whose books have tempted me numerous times at my local library but I ve never got around to reading If this is any indication, I m not sure his novels would be for me I found his Will Grayson boring and a character who quickly became secondary to interesting personalities like Tiny I m also yet to find a young adult novel that does the beauty and the geek story well Will Grayson is an awkward, nerdy guy who can t believe the smart and beautiful Jane would fall for him And neither can I, I m sorry.That being said, David Levithan s character rocked He s an angsty I hate the world type of guy and it s just effin hilarious One of my favourite parts is the part near the beginning where he s having a rant about people using things like lol on the internet or ttyl bitch, you re not actually talking that would require actual vocal contact or 3 you think that looks like a heart if you do, that s only because you ve never seen a scrotum rofl what are you really rolling on the floor laughing well, please stay down there a sec while I KICK YOUR ASS I really really liked Levithan s humour In fact, I just really like him as an author, I m yet to be disappointed by his writing Perhaps I would have liked Green s character better if I didn t have this to compare it to but Green s Will Grayson just pales in comparison Some people didn t like the musical at the end but I thought it was pretty funny I ve known a few versions of Tiny in real life big personality, outrageously shameless and his character repeatedly made me smile credit to John Green there On the whole, the novel was a pleasure to read very entertaining, very gay no offense intended in any way read the novel and see what I mean and very different.

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    artificially inflated by the greens ubiquitous little girl empire for christ s sake, hamlet only has a 3.9.the feeling you get when you realize you ve just wasted time and energy you could ve spent reading one of infinitely many worthwhile books on something that has left you no richer for the wear is absolutely crushing i read it over two days, first in the evening before picking it up again in the morning when i fisnished, i threw it across the room and went back to sleep.

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    Wow What did I just finish reading I don t know whether to cringe, cry, walk away baffled, or sing from the top of the mountain in a musical esque crescendo BRILLIANT The writing was refreshing, edgy, raw, and offensive at times but never off the mark Okay, how do I explain this book without mucking it up Here is my attempt Truly a honest and thought provoking portrayal of two very confused and angsty teenage boys, both named Will Grayson who are just trying to figure out who they are and ultimately crossing paths in the least likely of scenarios I started laughing from the first page and continued to laugh out loud throughout the story, but not without its occasional but constant tangents of sad and revealing moments and ultimate heart changing conclusion This book covered the gamut of teenage struggles, including homosexuality, depression, love, loss, true friendship and painful self revelation The first Will Grayson, who I will refer to as WG 1, was my favorite as he s the hilarious, self deprecating typical of John Green s likeable characters His motto in life is don t care and shut up. But that can only last for so long His best friend, Tiny Cooper, is a 300 pound, gay guy who is constantly challenging WG 1 s feelings and adding a fair share of struggle into his life WG 1 has some very revealing moments that come across as valuable lessons, some of them profound and others well kind of gross actually My favorites were You like someone who can t like you back because unrequited love can be survived in a way that once requited love cannot and You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can t pick your friend s nose. LMAO and cringing at the same time I loved his ten minute game of just the truth Overall, his observations were hilarious and intriguing In my opinion, he could do, say or feel nothing wrong, I just down right fell for this character Now WG 2, I struggled with him a bit I couldn t really relate to this character well for obvious reasons, primarily him being a snarky, twisted teenage boy, but at minimum I was hoping to develop some level of compassion for him That took some time for me, but ultimately it did occur the first of which came when he met Tiny and his internal self revelation helped me understand his dark side His humor was completely different from WG 1 as it was harsh, destructive, negative and sometimes just down right cruel WG 2 has his fair share of life lessons that I felt were well let s just call them interesting, such as The things you hope for the most are the things that destroy you in the end. and his bird shite rule was kind of harsh, but funny Overall, his moment of self revelation was his turning point for me as he shared his hurt about his dad, depression, money struggles, and homosexuality It was sad to see that all this guy ever wanted in life was a simple break, so you ultimately hope he gets one.Okay lastly, why did I remove one a star Two words Tiny Dancer Errrrr Tiny Cooper. okay that s four words and an unintelligible sound, but anywho I could NOT stand him or his project musical and his songs to me were crude Tiny was selfish, self absorbed, exasperating and downright annoying Despite his squealing to WG 1 that everything he did was for others, I did not buy it for one minute Everything he did and said was to benefit him and his interests How WG 1 remained friends with him simply baffled me So minus one for a poorly developed character But other than that perfect Overall, great story with some intriguing characters and thought provoking material The writing might be offensive at times and the foul language could come across as harsh, but it was truly well done Hats off to John Green and David Levithan for this brilliant piece of work.