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Set In , The Scapegoat Propels Readers Towards A Fateful Day In A Coal Miners Strike When Distant Relatives Of The Beulah Dynasty, Only Dimly Aware Of Their Blood Ties, Face Off In A Dispute That Escalates Into A Frenzy Of Violence And Ends In The Slaughter Of An Innocent Man

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    This is the fourth book in the Beaulah Quinet, Mary Lee Settle s history of West Virginia through the lens of conflicts ranging from the ousting of a Puritan partisan in the English Civil War leading to immigration to America to the settling and drawing of land parcels in the 18th century to a novel I haven t read yet in the 1840s to this coal mining dispute in 1912 and finally to or less contemporary times Following one family, in the loosest terms, but one parcel of land, the novels in various orders tell the history of the land in mostly contemporary and authentic language.So this is the fourth one and I haven t read the one prior to it, but that s because I owned this one, and it was shorter, so I start back int he quintet here Having read the first two book already, I think I am in a mood to finish all five this year This was the best one to read thus far and the most enjoyable of them as well I have a real fascination with labor disputes in the early 20th century because as fraught as they were, they make me feel like there s still a kind of hope to win back rights slowly drizzled away from the last decades I have that modern sense of really supporting labor rights but being really scared of losing what little I have by taking those risks.This novel focuses on a family squabble that bleeds into the labor dispute between the Lacey and Catlett families and a group of Italian immigrant coal Drawing on the fears of the Other, the firebranding of Mother Jones, and familiar stories like these, the novel retells a violent but not deadly clash over the course of a weekend in 1912 Told in short first person bursts in a few section by the Catlett s youngest daughter watching the events unfold and then in third person omniscient sections for the rest, the effect is a kind of back and forth in language and theme If you haven t already, you should check out the movie Matewan, which tells a similar set of events.

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    This story really takes off when Settle focuses on the Italian family and Mother Jones Before that we are with the clueless elite about whom Settle has a LOT of insight They are an important part of the story but their lameness drags down the narrative.