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Yeine Darr Is An Outcast From The Barbarian North But When Her Mother Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances, She Is Summoned To The Majestic City Of Sky There, To Her Shock, Yeine Is Named An Heiress To The King But The Throne Of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Is Not Easily Won, And Yeine Is Thrust Into A Vicious Power Struggle

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    I picked up this book after reading a thought provoking article about the author in The Guardian I really liked what she said about coming to fantasy with no interest in maintaining the status quo She s right that so many fantasy books are about restoring order to a kingdom, returning a rightful heir to the throne, or getting back to the good old days by defeating some dark power that threatens to unbalance society Jemisin, as an African American female writer, says this simply doesn t resonate with her or interest her, and why should it Instead, she writes science fiction which challenges those in power, threatens the ordered society, and questions whether the good old days ever existed I like books that force me to rethink paradigms, so I decided to check out her work.The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is a wonderful read The first book of a trilogy, it introduces us to Yeine Darr, an outcast from the ruling family of Sky and the product of an unsanctioned biracial marriage, who is summoned home to the palace and suddenly made one of three heirs to the throne for reasons unclear Soon she is locked in a cold war with her two cousins, both of whom have much power and understanding of politics But Yeine gains some powerful if unstable allies the Enefadah, gods who were enslaved by the ruling family after those deities lost a war against the Lord of Light, the patron god of Sky.You know me I can t resist a good book with gods knocking around, causing chaos among mortals I loved the mythology Jemisin created, and how she turned the bright shiny castle with the glorious white king and the heavenly patron god into just about the most horrible place you can image I m looking forward to the next two books, though after that ending NO SPOILERS, BUT WOW I have no idea where she will go with the story

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    Very much enjoyed it I have a great love of fantasy that does something a little different, and this book is a little different in a whole lot of ways.Good book Recommended.

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    Just got the ARCs Reading for typos and errors, and also for the thrill of READING MY BOOK YAY WHOA.

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    3.5I dont even know guys

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    I think I may have read too much fantasy I m always apprehensive when I read a book everyone loved and can t get worked up about it I was expecting this book to be radical and innovative and unusual It wasn t.You ve read this before.You re too harsh.This writing style Makes no narrative sense Seriously, what is it about this book I m missing What makes it worthy of being a Hugo and Nebula nominee The choppy writing style felt weird to me not because I didn t understand the transitions in time, but because there was no need for it It felt gimmicky than real The plot line was standard, standard, standard Orphaned warrior girl is thrust into the midst of a political war and named heir to her grandfather s kingdom, whereupon she falls in love with a god and finds out deep, dark secrets about herself You want to know who wrote this plotline better Trudi Canavan, that s who Her Priestess of the White and the following books in the Age of the Five trilogy are teeming with gods and goddesses and deceit and political intrigue and romance and war and betrayal and life The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is a pale approximation of Canavan s vivid worldbuilding Seriously, Australian authors kick ass, every time The worldbuilding in this book was lacklustre So many things were never explained so many rules were pointless and unworkable I never felt a strong connection with Yeine so much of her time was spent wandering around aimlessly and hoping to bump into someone who would drop the information onto her lap All the things we were told in the beginning that she was a warrior, that she was the competent ruler of an entire nation, that she was trained by her mother in Amn ways none of these things are actually reflected in her actions And my other big pet peeve was with the whole sex scene Seriously, all I got were weird allusions that weren t remotely moving or sexy Mostly, I was going, WTF If sex with Nahadoth hadn t been built up to be such a big deal, I could have dealt with the way it was handled as things stand, though, the description of the scene was florid and overblown and unconvincing Don t get me wrong, I didn t HATE the book It was interesting enough to have me reading till the end, but I know what good fantasy reads like, and to me, this book comes a poor second to the vibrant writing of authors like Trudi Canavan and Jennifer Fallon and even Melina Marchetta Hmmm they re all Australian, too

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    Well, I really loved this book Not since I ve read Jaqueline Carey s Kushiel series have I been as enad, in fact they are very evocative of each other, these series.I had no expectations of this book, in fact I ve had an ARC copy by my bed for like a year and a half, and for some reason couldn t get myself to pick it up I think the cover implies a epic fantasy feel than it is, really it would appeal to most female driven urban fantasy fans, but again, i guess it s smart not to slap a pretty girl on the cover and restrict yourself to just a female audience Everyone can enjoy this book, the romantic arc is subtle and not cliched ly prominent.But basically, this is a lovely fantasy with a strong female protagonist Yes, she doesn t remain assertive and plot driving as she should, and really that should have taken a star off, but the contemplative nature of the world building, and layered motivations and mysteries involving the ensemble overcame that for me I really felt like it was smart and avoided cliches And I was totally hooked when the ending paid off SO WELL Other series this is similar to are Sharon Shinn s Archangel series and Garth Nix s Sabriel Highly recommended

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    I ve just realized I m about to give two entirely different books the exact same rating for entirely different reasons Somehow, that is profoundly unsatisfying to my bookish need to categorize I need a GR ratings intervention.Something about The Hundred fails to digest well Falling back on my inevitable food analogies, it felt like all those ingredients I love were there sugar, flour, butter, vanilla, chocolate but scrambled, fried and decorated into a concoction I wanted to love but just couldn t.The positives First and foremost, themes dealt with issues of slavery, servitude, class status and divinity in a very unusual but thoughtful way It avoided preaching, instead showing how even powerful personalities devolved and struggled under subjugation Two, information sharing was done tolerably well and did not suffer from the common fantasy info dump syndrome As Yeine, the narrator, is new to the city of Sky and her Arameri relatives, the process of orienting her orients the reader Three, the author also makes a point of giving characters unconventional, multi ethnic looks and backgrounds, including a female lead who is short, brown and flat, with unruly curly hair It s always a positive to see something beyond the tall leggy or curvaceous stereotypes, and to see women capable of playing multiple roles within a book that are not dependent on sexuality Lastly, at times Jemisin s language impressed me This was the sort of thing that made people hate the Arameri truly hate them, not just resent their power or their willingness to use it They found so many ways to lie about the things they did It mocked the suffering of their victims Where Jemisin failed to turn the ingredients into deliciousness First, it felt young adult in tone though the narrator was supposed to be 19 and heir ruler to her tribes lands, she acts and responds in surprisingly naive and young ways at times She loses her temper with people she s just met She s preoccupied with finding out what her mother was really like By the time we are three fourths through the book, I started to flash on the children s book Are You My Mother She s uncomfortable with sex and refers to a pool being for other things Her youth was unexpected, and perhaps started me off on the wrong foot as I was anticipating a mature character Second, while I appreciate the unconventionality of the female lead s looks, one of the males, Nahadoth, is immediately described as beautiful Oh, for young adult romance stereotypes of the plain girl and the hot unattainable male Of course he chases her with violent intent shortly after meeting, and of course, he kisses her shortly after they confront each other Dark, misunderstood, and isolated male just needs to be loved to change That s like burning the dessert right there Three, there s excessive use of portentous statements My feeling is that if one has to rely on such statements as it would occur to me shortly thereafter and later I would understand that you are either not doing your job writing, or you are writing one seriously convoluted narrative Lastly, and this is definitely a style choice, this story felt mythic, as in constructed like Greek myths, with relatively clear plotting with relatively clear motives implemented in an elaborately convoluted way It was saved from excessive simplicity by the narrative voice shifting between time periods although we don t know this at the time , oral histories, and dream states It lent padding, but not in the right spots Almost lastly, it also had weird and uncomfortably sexual overtones with Yeine and a demi god who regularly appeared in child form and was sexually abused by her family members Oh, lastly again, and this time I mean it, I really hate paranormal sex scenes, especially the bed destroying type Prolonged eye roll. Spare me the youthful expectations and descriptions of metaphysical sex that ends the old self and births the new, and destroys the furniture in the process.How to rate, how to rate Two and a half to three stars on the personal enjoyment scale Four stars for dealing with slavery, an unusual religious set up and language use some of the time Three for a moderately unsurprising ending that wrapped things up well view spoiler and evil getting it s due hide spoiler

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    a pleasingly old fashioned fantasy and by old fashioned, i mean the opposite of the dense, complicated, multiple perspective, incredibly epic mega fantasies that have had the most popularity over the past couple decades this is something different the language is straightforward, for the most part, and certainly beautiful at times although the mystery is a complicated one, and deals with rather large issues such as the making and unmaking of an entire world, it still feels somehow miniature for the most part it takes place within one setting the fabulous floating city of Sky it also deals with gods who are enslaved to mortals and yet there is an almost underpopulated feeling to it we get to know only a handful of Sky s denizens and only a handful of gods are introduced at times, it felt like i was reading an adult fairy tale or a lengthy fable despite a couple sex scenes, a couple graphic bits of violence, even intimations of rape and molestation, the novel somehow felt quaint and this is not a complaint the novel was refreshing.i really liked the heroine brave, sardonic, and no nonsense i also enjoyed the gods, especially child god Sieh loveable and strange little Sieh a great character many times when i ve read about gods similar to reading about aliens in scifi , i feel these are actually humans with unusual abilities they talk and act and respond like humans not so with Sieh, nor with the other gods that is a true accomplishment the mythology was complex in a way, but as with the best myths, there was also a simplicity there the mythology was genuinely mythic, a far cry from the dungeons dragons style of mythology that i ve seen in many other novels not many stereotypically human motivations appear when the actions of the various gods are described.overall it felt dreamy and arty and, somehow, minor note and yet it is the first part of a trilogy describing the beginning and the ending and the renewal of all things.

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    I am and always will be a huge fan of Godpunk fiction.There s a bit of it floating around out there, but most of it is hidden behind the cloudy minds and bodies of mere mortals, only occasionally poking its bright sunny head out to dazzle and amaze.Sometimes it s the sun Sometimes it s not At the moment, I m feeling the blaze.Fortunately for us, we ve also got authors with great and deep understanding of the greater and lesser mysteries, the writing chops to pull off an entirely new mythos that can turn those mysteries into something brand new again, even if they ve been so very, very old Jemisin has taken us right back to our very beginnings, with the worship of the sun and the void and the great life goddess and given us a truly fantastic tale of revenge, freedom, and most importantly, of love.I sit in awe I ve been fortunate to read a number of really fantastic novels recently, and this one stands tall and proud among them, like a worldtree within a shining forest of worlds.The opening of the novel was unfortunately the weakest part for me, but I was able to feel our heroine s hopeless plight pretty much right away, enjoying her progression of defiance to acceptance as it all became so clear that her life was forfeit no matter what happened Did I say enjoy Actually, that part made me squirm quite a bit, but the fact that she was able to come to grips, retain her sanity, and even lose a little of it in the process, was, in fact, truly enjoyable I can t believe how tight the romance was, or how cleverly it managed to pull on my heartstrings I m generally not that susceptible to romance on the page So much of it is unbelievable crap In this case, I sank right into it and rooted for them both with all my heart After finishing the novel, I can t quite see where else it might go except far away from the characters I ve just enjoyed, but I ve got the entire omnibus sitting right here I was very satisfied by the end and truly floored by it I almost want to leave it be and enjoy everything that this novel will eventually become to me.Can anything truly top this ride

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    This was a commendable first effort, but I cannot bring myself to rate it any higher In view of all the positive reviews it has been receiving, I just expected from this story, but, no, it fell completely short of expectations.The writing itself is certainly readable, but when it comes to portraying emotional turmoils, the author opts for Tell, Don t Show too often, so some scenes are filled with rather cringe worthy descriptions of how a character feels The author might have been going for sensual, but because the writing lacks natural lyricism, it ends up seem forced than anything else The world building begins somewhat promisingly, but the exploration of that world ends up being cursory than in depth The palace intrigues, also, begin with a promise of complex conflicts, but end up quite shallow, and a lot of the said conflicts are resolved via deus ex machina literally than through the strength of the nineteen year old protagonist.Not all of these issues are serious flaws and I suppose things like world building might occur in later volumes of this trilogy , so I might have enjoyed the story for what it is had the characters been fully realized The protagonist, Yeine, does start off with lots of potential She comes across as endearing and has strength of conviction and other right elements to become an interesting heroine, but in the end she comes off as a Mary Sue in all the wrong ways, especially when it comes to her romantic entanglements The secondary characters were also imbued with attention grabbing and flashy personalities, but none of them came across as truly genuine I am sure I ve read mangas with better character developments actually, what with the detailed descriptions of characters physical attributes, I did feel like I was reading manga in parts.It s possible I would have enjoyed the story better without the high expectation, but now that I have finished reading it, I simply cannot agree with all the glowing reviews For years I ve been reading as much as I could in this genre, so I know exactly what I want from a fantasy novel, and this, unfortunately, isn t it Your mileage may vary, of course.