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Bella Rossi May Be Nearing Thirty, But Her Life Is Just Starting To Get Interesting When Her Italian Turned Texan Parents Hand Over The Family Wedding Planning Business, Bella Is Determined Not To Let Them Down She Quickly Books A Boot Scoot N Wedding That Would Make Any Texan Proud There S Only One Catch She S A Country Music Numbskull Because Her Family Only Listens To Frank Sinatra And Dean Martin Where Will She Find A DJ On Such Short Notice Who Knows His Alan Jackson From His Keith Urban When A Misunderstanding Leads Her To The DJ And Man Of Her Dreams, Things Start Falling Into Place But With A Family Like Hers, Nothing Is Guaranteed Can The Perfect Texan Wedding Survive A Pizza Making Uncle With Mob Ties, An Aunt Who Is A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen, And A Massive Delivery OfCowboy Boots And Will Bella Ever Get To Plan Her Own Wedding Book One In The Weddings By Bella Series, Fools Rush In Is Fun, Fresh, And Full Of Surprises Readers Will Love The Flavorful Combination Of Italian And Tex Mex, And The Hilarity That Ensues When Cultures Clash

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    Note to self do not download free Kindle books from These books are free for a reason and that reason is that very few people would willingly pay to read this garbage I think the author meant well when she tried to combine cheese read chick lit with contemporary Christian fiction She probably figured that the blending of the two genres would bring readers to Fools Rush In, which to my dismay, is the first book in a series Ugh When I downloaded this book to my phone, I thought Yay Free read No where in the description did I read anything about this being a Christian novel, but I quickly figured it out with the scripture references, Bible reading in bed, and the constant prayers by all characters involved This didn t bother me all that much, but I could see where it would piss off a lot of readers and make them put the book down Not me though I plugged on I met and followed the lives of the most flat and stereotypical characters in chick lit Bella Rossi is the ugly Italian daughter in a large, extended Italian family that eats a lot and owns a pizza parlor The family has mob connections from their time living in New Jersey, which was before they moved to Galveston Island, Texas where this atrocious story takes place Bella the ugly duckling grew up Methodist in Texas and knows nothing about cowboy boots or country music Really You mean to tell me that she never went to a high school dance or to a shopping mall I m sure cowboy boots and country music are known by all Texans, even if they don t like either one of them Oh and the mobster s bird is named Guido Really What is this The Christian Jersey Shore Bella, the shallow and stereotypical protagonist, is responsible for her family s wedding facility, which she constantly refers to as the wedding facility It wore on my nerves She thinks themed weddings are her ticket to making the facility she named Club Wed a success Her first wedding is a boot scooting country wedding, but, as we all now know, she knows nothing about country music or boot scooting She needs to find a DJ to play the country music she knows nothing about and ends up hiring a guy named DJ instead Enter Bella s love interest, DJ He s a country cowboy with baby blue eyes Oh how she loved looking into his baby blues Oh how her heart melted when she looked into his baby blues Oh how her stomach fluttered when she looked into his baby blues I just vomited in my mouth a little just recounting the dozens of times DJ s eyes were referred to as baby blues Can we be any cliched Oh yes, we can DJ s brother s name is Bubba and he makes barbecue I couldn t make up crap this bad Bubba ends up wooing Bella s best friend Jenna, who forgets all about her fiance working on an offshore oil rig to save up money for their wedding For being a Christian book, nothing was said about this blatant infidelity I guess we were supposed to assume that nothing but heavy flirting and vomit inducing staring into baby blues occurred between these two love birds and that all was well when Jenna and Bubba told the offshore drilling boyfriend the truth over a pizza at the Rossi family pizza parlor I could go on and on with the atrocities committed by the author as she tried to write an engaging and entertaining Christian novel Instead, I m going to end this review, walk away, let my blood pressure go back down to normal, and thank God that I won t have to read any of her books.

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    Yes, this is a Christian novel Yes, the mingling of cultures Texan and Italian is an interesting substory throughout the novel I knew what I was in for when I started reading Even though I knew what I signed on for, it didn t stop me from literally rolling my eyes during multiple points of this book The story of Bella, an Italian American wedding planner transplanted in Texas, falling in love with hertrue blue Texas deejay, D.J., and trying to make it work in spite of the cultural differences they face is cute I liked the novelit was an easy, light hearted read, and I enjoyed the way that it dealt with the concept of personal faith I enjoyed its approach to personal relationships with God It did, at times, feel a little overwrought, but that was fine.But that s about it There is virtually no serious plot and no character development throughout Every other chapter ends with Bella exhibiting the, oh no, he s going to walk out of my life after THIS shenanigan mentality After the third time she waffled about DJ s commitment to her I was ready to walk away, but I kept reading Overall, I enjoyed this novel on my kindle I only read it because it was a free download, and having read it, I would have DEFINITELY been disappointed if I had paid for it If you want something fluffy to read while sick in bed and woozy on antihistamines, this will do the trick Looking for a solid romance faith read You can definitely find better out there.

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    Of all the books I ve read over the years, this one had the most influence of any other besides the Bible and I, Jedi When I first opened this up, I thought to myself Why am I reading this Then, when I read the scene with the deejay D.J mix up, this series had me hook, line, and sinker I proceeded to read the rest of the trilogy, several other books by Janice Thompson, and other books in a similar vein, including Robin Jones Gunn s Sierra Jensen series It all started with this book.

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    This is a Christian book You can t escape it the references are all over the place, all the time I don t mind that, but I do mind the realization that Christian fiction is apparently limited to Protestant faiths The family is Italian very Italian and yet they all converted to Methodism years ago during a revival Sorry, but that s just not realistic Entire families of Catholic Italians do not just convert like that I ve known too many people of Italian heritage to buy that When the heroine s sister makes a Catholic reference, the heroine quickly gasps, But we re not Catholic , just to make sure the reader knows they re not Apparently to be a Christian one must be of a certain faith Catholics, Mormons and Orthodox faiths do not count It seemed to me like the author wanted a wacky Italian family without the pesky baggage of an inconvenient religion Apart from that, the story was slow and rather boring Several plot points did not make sense, and having a Texan named Bubba is just too cliched for words.

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    Wow Very, very bad And it s a shame too because it has a nice premise.The problem here for me was that the author tried too hard to be funny all the time, in almost very page This tried to be a sort of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but with cowboys and Italians However, it failed It s supposed to be a romantic comedy, but the author should be aware that less is She had everything and be advised, there may be a few SPOILERS ahead Main characters meeting based on a dumb misunderstanding check.Someone fainting over a silly and supposedly funny thing it has two.A fouled mouth parrot that the relatives try to convert with sermons and the Bible on tape nonetheless check.A jealous metrosexual ex check.A few comical sisters in the faith check.Relatives dressed as the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam check.Feuding relatives that actually have feelings for each other check.Misunderstanding over a simple eBay sale check.Misunderstanding over many, many things a thousand times check.Th main character, Bella, is 29 years old and very immature She acts like a teenager, as well as her best friend She contradicts herself and her feelings page after page The thing with the ex boyfriend is idiotic and her love interest is bland The author feels the need to repeat herself a few too many times when translating Italian phrases and mentioning legal phrases, when giving the specials of Uncle Laz s restaurant, when stating that Bella has never worn cowboy boots nor listened to country music You know, you don t have to beat us over the head with this, we got it the first time.There are many things that I am forgetting that I didn t like but I think I ve been pretty clear Finally, I give this 1 1 2 stars, really, because I actually laughed 3 and I counted times and enjoyed a few very few moments between Bella and DJ, the cowboy.

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    I downloaded this as a freebie, but rest assured that I will soon want it on my bookshelf If a book lands on my bookshelf, then it is there to stay.Some might think the family is ridiculous or that Bella is immature, but hey, a lot of us southern families are like that We live life to the fullest we are loud we love immensely and we love our Lord We aren t called the Bible Belt for nothing Thompson s book takes a fresh and absolutely hilarious approach to a transplanted Italian family in a southern Texas town But it isn t too farfetched to see Italians and Cowboys together, I mean, hey, they make the best cowboy boots this side of Sunday or case may be, this side of Texas.The cliches used in the book Well, we are known for using them so it makes it believable The riotous family Ha Sounds a lot like mine The mix up about deejay and D.J Yup, not surprising And how the family just pulls him into the fold Perfect The Christian references praying, singing, rehabilitating a dog and a parrot Sounds like a normal life to me As a Christian, it isn t unusual to talk like that Faith defines those who truly walk His path.Fools Rush In is a great and awesome book to read It kept me up well into the night laughing and giggling I might have been able to guess what was going to happen next Made it even delightful to learn that I was correct in my assumption This story had me turning the pages or in this case, hitting the arrow key as fast as I could I look forward to reading of Thompson s books This is one book I will highly recommend

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    Review is below the image Contemporary Romantic Comedy is the genre that author Janice Thompson s new series Weddings by Bella falls within and boy does she know how to write it well Fools Rush In , book 1 is a heart beating, goosebump raising, giggles under cover read I was able to read this in less a day, which considering my teething, growth spurt experiencing, 3 month old daughter is quite the feat wink Bella Rossi is a New Jersey Italian relocated with her whole family to the shores of Galveston, Texas and she never envisioned falling for a true to earth eastern Texan cowboy, but that might just be what God has in store The pages of this novel are grin cracking fun I was amused by so many segments that I would re read them aloud to my husband If you are in the mood with something contemporary with a romantic pulse and an under your breath chuckling in the corner of the bookstore comedy then I suggest you pick up this story immediately Within the first few pages you ll have a taste and know what type of book is in store and that s not even to mention the delving into yourself spiritual elements as well to boot

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    I really want to like this book It is a clean, Christian based book but there were so many underdeveloped and inconsistent parts to the story that it drove me crazy I wasn t even sure at first who the main love interest was because the description of him made him sound too much like a backwoods yokel so it was hard to picture her falling in love with him The ex boyfriend sometimes sounded decent and in the next scene sounded like a crazed maniac The story was being developed to have the sister admit she s been in love with the ex boyfriend for a long time Then after that part of the story was explored for a bit, in one sentence it basically says that she realized she wasn t really in love with him and it was dropped Then later it says the sister hasn t been around lately because of some new love interest so you think it s going to explain that but then the story was over There were so many little things like that so I had a hard time liking this book.

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    I have really debated what to give this I loved the parts about Bella s family but I nearly gagged when it came to the romance part Couldn t she have said anything other then the guy was hot enjoyable enough for a one time read but I may or may not read any of these books.

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    Hi everyone This is Janice Thompson, author of Fools Rush In book one in the Weddings by Bella series I m so excited about this book I had a blast writing this series about a quirky Italian family and a true blue hunky Texas cowboy If you love Italian food and or opposites attract love stories heavy on the humor , then this is the book for you Here s what a few readers have said Mamma mia, let s escape Let s fall in love Let s eat chicken parmesan, fettuccini alfredo, and Bubba s down home barbeque without gaining a pound It s all possible when we hang out with Bella Rossi in Fools Rush In Janice Thompson s first installment in the Weddings by Bella series is a fun, welcome distraction from life s boredom and stress You ll fall for Bella s DJ even faster than she does And you ll root for the Rossi and Neeley families as they break down cultural barriers and rush toward each other, arms wide open No fools, they Trish Perry Janice Thompson is a master storyteller who draws her readers into the tale along with the characters From page one of Fools Rush In, I felt as if I were Bella s best friend, sitting down with her over cups of Italian cappuccino while she told me the latest happenings in her zany family One of my top picks for 2009, Fools Rush In earns a permanent place in my library Ane Mulligan, editor, Novel Journey