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Far in the future 60000 light years from Earth Terran exiles battle Protoss and the ruthless Zerg Swarm Each species struggles for survival in a war heralding mankind's greatest chapter or foretelling its bloody end The Zerg ueen of Blades once Sarah Kerrigan was a human the unwilling subject of an experiment Now her name is a legend This is the story of her origins and of the war that was fought for her soul

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    I'd give this a solid 35 but I'm not willing to round up because the ending seuence didn't suck me in as much as it should have Fun little romp I really enjoyed how Mengsk was shown in this book

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    I really enjoyed the Warcraft and Starcraft ministories in the game and I was happy to hear that books have been written that take place in those parallel worlds One of these is Starcraft UprisingI am disapointed to say that the book sucks It is like a fast forward screenwrite test with ideas that are both boring and badly conceived The entire book can be read online but I've lost the link but I tell you this it is not worth it And the action takes place just after humans discover the Zerg but have no idea what they are a preuel to the Starcraft storyline

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    A good novel for fans Fast paced and a real page turner Gives some good background for Mengsk Kerrigan and the start of the Sons of Korhals The length is pretty short though

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    Uprising is a nice short and decent backstory for both Kerrigan and the Sons of Korhal Nothing groundbreaking but recommended if you want some Starcraft lore

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    Hardly good fan fiction and a terrible stand alone read Uprising gives hints that Neilson may be a good writer — there's some neat imagery early on in the book when a siege on a foreign stormy world proves to piue interest with its vividly described scenario — but fall flat in its plot and its lackluster and expedited climax Worse yet the only remotely well sketched characters are those that aren't central to the series Both Arcturus and Kerrigan are by way of the role they play in the universe and in their original sketches by Blizzard interesting characters and while the book gives a small taste of that it does neither character justice The story of their return to tenuous teamwork is at best droll and at worst boring as sin That's why it took me so long to finish in spite of its uick pace and simple writingOnly the hardest of diehard fans need apply

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    Best if read before or right after Episode I of StarcraftChronologically this all takes place before Episode I but it wouldn't be terrible to read it after Gives you a 3rd person mixed view of events that lead up to and include Kerrigan's joining up with Mengsk Many of the characters are well developed and add some nice background stories The description of the battles is the best It's almost as if you had actually played them Slowly creeping a tank through a storm to take out some turrets and allow a DropshipWraith to add support The Marines that try to defend the turret Infiltrating the Ghost Academy and unlocking doors and stuff really reminded me of the indoor levels Of absolute awesomeness was when Mengsk used the Siege Tank to fire from the Hyperion at another Battlecruiser Totally cool that he wanted to employ the ancient seafaring battle style

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    First of all i'd uestion my objectivity on any book that's related to StarCraft simply because i consider myself to be a HUGE fan of the series and the story Bearing that in mind this is my opinion on the book As i've noticed with the StarCraft books i've read so far i haven't read all of them yet but i plan on doing so it starts off slow and builds up to being pretty good in my opinion and to my taste Apart from the slow start i feel that it gives a good amount of background story to fill out that void that the game has left in many peoples headsUprising is a preuel to the StarCraft game and tells the story of Kerrigan and Mengsk giving us some knowledge to why Kerrigan acted the way she did during the Terran campaign in StarCraft and also how the Zerg came to be in the Terran systemI found to book interesting easy to read and overall enjoyable

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    Love how it got straight into it Having played the game i could identify the characters alot easier

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    great book but easy to know what will happen next imo

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    This book dwells into Sarah Kerrigan recruitment by Acturus Mengsk and how he successful overthrow the Confederacy with his schemes Is a must read if you follow Kerrigan's story