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The Ghost Pirates Is A Powerful Account Of A Doomed And Haunted Ship On Its Last Voyage, And Of The Terrible Sea Devils Of Quasi Human Aspect, And Perhaps The Spirits Of Bygone Buccaneers That Besiege It And Finally Drag It Down To An Unknown Fate With Its Command Of Maritime Knowledge, And Its Clever Selection Of Hints And Incidents Suggestive Of Latent Horrors In Nature, This Book At Times Reaches Enviable Peaks Of Power HP Lovecraft

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    There is something strange about the sailing ship the Mortzestus, people in hush voices give hints, on the beach to him in San Francisco at the turn of the century, 20th that is but do not say what, it does feel vaguely uneasy when Mr Jessop signs on board, rumors or no rumors he misses home, England, still baffling though why all the previous crew has deserted the vessel, even the officers except one, young Williams, a British man who wants to be paid, and he tells the curious sailor, too many shadows seen They head south on the long voyage around the horn, the stormy tip of South America, no Panama Canal then back to Britain, if all goes well, things at first do until a weird mist appears, it engulfs the ship and quickly leaves, then a hand falls off the Mast crashing on the distant deck below, smashing his body into oblivionword spreads this ship is haunted, sounds heard, vague images of the unreal seen by the unbelievers, most of the sailors laugh it off as silliness not Mr Jessop, he has viewed them too many times, things coming on board out of the sea, over the rails Nevertheless these apparitions continue, accidents occur, then on watch in a quiet night Jessop sees a green light nearby, another ship signaling Tells the second mate Mr.Tulipson, pointing at the object but it fades away, this happens three times, the officer thinks the sleepy man was dreaming or is going insane , sends him down to his bunk and replaced by another In an earlier incident, he looks at an ominous, phantom ship passing by, lets go of the wheel and the vessel completely turns around, traveling on the opposite direction north instead of south, the alert, angry captain called here the old man , is justifiably furious, curses the discombobulated Jessop, he, the dazed man quietly goes into the darkness to his bedThis is unreal, there has to be an explanation , ghosts are not anything but fairy tales, told by those who like to scare people who enjoy themThe weather has been unusually calm, light breezes hit the sails, the seas too, waves not high, this should be a the perfect trip, yet oddly, no other ships are seen in the busy shipping lanes He, Jessop tells the captain and the second mate , his wild theory of what s going on, backed up by another sailor, they do not laugh now, the countless, deadly episodes , are too fresh on everyone s minds This fine voyage into the unknown, by this talented writer, is for the readers who love strange, macabre, ghostly tales, and like to read at night with just a small light on, alone, suspend reality, and believe in the unbelievable.it won t harm you, well not too muchthe mind is resilient.

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    William Hope Hodgson s first published novel, The Boats of the Glen Carrig 1907 , is a story of survival after a disaster at sea, and of the monstrous plant and animal life forms that the survivors encountered while trying to reach home In his second book, the now classic The House on the Borderland 1908 , Hodgson described an old recluse s battle against swine creatures from the bowels of the Earth, and the old man s subsequent cosmic journey through both time and space And in his third novel, 1909 s The Ghost Pirates, Hodgson returned to that milieu for which eight hard years at sea had provided such an extensive background The book takes the form of a narrative told by able bodied seaman Jessop, who had been sailing on the Mortzestus from San Francisco to what we can only presume to be England As its name suggests, the ship has something of the spirit of death about her, and is deemed by most sailors to be unlucky But surely none of her previous transits had ever gone as badly as the one Jessop describes Ghostly images seen on the deck at night, and some minor accidents involving sails and rigging, only set the stage for serious occurrences, and Hodgson soon ratchets up the suspense with some mysterious killings and unexplainable phantasms, all leading up to a murderous attack by the eldritch buccaneers of the title As in his previous two books, Hodgson masterfully creates an atmosphere of creeping unease With hardly a wasted word the whole book runs to less than 140 pages its very first sentence is He began without any circumlocution , Hodgson manages to sustain this jittery feeling over the novel s duration, while also letting us get to know the ship s crew and her officers Interestingly, the Second Mate is described very sympathetically by Hodgson he is one of the coolest headed, most decent characters on board despite the fact that Hodgson, when a cabin boy at the age of 14, supposedly suffered terrible treatment from his Second Mate The Second here, Mr Tulipson, almost strikes one as the idealized officer that Hodgson wishes he d served under 18 years before.As a snapshot of what life was really like for the sailors of around 100 years ago, the book is also exemplary Hodgson, at one time a Third Mate himself, really knew the life inside and out, and his shipboard descriptions smack of authenticity It would certainly help a modern day landlubber, when reading The Ghost Pirates, to have an UNabridged dictionary handy, to look up all the many nautical terms that Hodgson casually dishes out words such as futtock shroud, washboard, bunt gasket, jackstay, clewline, dogwatch, taffrail, crosstree, ratline, craneline, bollard, paunch mat, shakings, jibboom, spanker boom and crossjack Looking up all these terms will slow the reader down, perhaps, but will also surely repay his or her efforts with a richer, in depth experience As a primer of life at sea and as a creepy fantasy of the unexplainable and I should perhaps mention here that the bizarre happenings in this novel, like those in The House on the Borderland, are barely explained by the author some events in this mysterious world, it must be inferred, just cannot be rationalized , The Ghost Pirates succeeds marvelously Though sadly out of print at the current time like most of the other Hodgson titles , it is well worth seeking out.

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    The thing, whatever it was, had come forward over the rail but now, before the light, it recoiled with a queer, horrible litheness It slid back, and down, and so out of sight I have only a confused notion of a wet glistening Something, and two vile eyes.

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    Written in 1909 A wee slow to start, but holds up very well nonetheless.

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    Cuento coral donde el mar se nos muestra como espacio cerrado y opresivo, enigm tico recept culo de lo desconocido y ominoso Aunque la profusi n de t rminos n uticos y terminolog a marinera hace naufragar algunos de los momentos de mayor tensi n dram tica, Hodgson posee la capacidad para sugerir lo invisible, para situarnos en la piel y en los ojos de quien observa y cree descubrir poco a poco las sutilezas de tragedias venideras, desgranando racionalmente hechos que paulatinamente se descubren ajenos a la raz n Es la forma y no la magnitud del horror mismo y su descripci n, es la predisposici n en que se sit a al lector, el verdadero logro del escritor que invoca lo sobrenatural EL nav o silencioso era el final original, el ltimo cap tulo Hodgson lo suprimi con la intenci n de venderlo como relato independiente y a adi otro desenlace a Los piratas fantasmas Recomiendo leer ambas conclusiones para un disfrute completo de la odisea del nav o y de su tripulaci n Bienvenidos al Mortzestus y su extra a singladura.

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    libretto e autore per me sconosciuti ma che si sono rivelati molto carini.per non leggetelo di sera, io continuo ancora a girarmi indietro per vedere se c qualche fantasma alle mie spalle

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    I first read this book in the 80s and had fond memories of it Having just re read it Dec 09 , I was pleasantly surprised that it was every bit as good as I remembered it.Having been published in 1905, this is not a graphic horror story, rather it is an atmospheric supernatural tale that builds tension through hints and suggestions half seen, half imagined horrors That the author, Hodgson, was in the British Navy for several years adds to the realism of his depiction of life aboard a sailing ship of the early 20th century, although his use of some technical naval terms does get you running for the dictionary.On the whole, a very enjoyable read Ghosts and pirates it does what it says on the tin

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    Hodgson is easily one of my favorites Someone needs to publish an edition of this book that includes a glossary of nautical terms and an accompanying diagram of a ship.

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    4 starsI liked this one a lot I wish I could find of this hauntings at sea type of thing The only drawback was all the nautical terminology I wasn t sure about Overall, it was a great Halloween read.

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    Una joyita, quiz el mejor relato de terror mar timo.