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With An Appreciation By Anthony Bourdain HAVE ATTITUDE, WILL TRAVEL Harvey Pekar Changed The Face Of Comics When His American Splendor Series Replaced Traditional Slam Bang Superhero Action With Slice Of Life Tales Of His Own Very Ordinary Existence In Cleveland, Ohio, As A File Clerk, Jazz Record Collector, And Philosophical Curmudgeon Much As Seinfeld Famously Transcended Sitcom Conventions By Being A Show About Nothing, Pekar S Deadpan Chronicles Of Regular Life Peppered With Wry And Caustic Reflections Have Transformed Comics From Escapist Fantasy Into Social Commentary With Voice Balloons Huntington, West Virginia On The Flyis Prime Pekar, Recounting The Irascible Everyman S On The Road Encounters With A Cross Section Of Characters A Career Criminal Turned Limo Driving Entrepreneur, A Toy Merchant Obsessed With Restoring A Vintage Diner, Comic Book Archivists, Indie Filmmakers, And Children Of The Sixties All Of Whom Have Stories To Tell By Turns Funny, Poignant, And Insightful, These Portraits La Pekar Showcase A One Of A Kind Master At Work, Channeling The Stuff Of Average Life Into Genuine American Art

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    I would never have expected a book like this to be so mesmerizing After all, it s just Harvey Pekar, sitting around talking to peopleand I couldn t get enough of it An ex con winds up as limo driver to the stars One man relates the problems encountered when moving a diner from Atlantic City to Cleveland Pekar tells of his low budget trip to a speaking engagement in West Virginia These stories are not extraordinary, yet they prove to be a fascinating look at life with all its successes and failures Harvey Pekar was a unique individual It s rare to see such enthusiasm for the beauty of everyday life.

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    Harvey Pekar s work are the polar opposite of what most people imagine when thinking of comics There are no superheroes or dramatic storylines, and no colour Pekar wrote about ordinary people, usually living in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, and their lives as well as his own life as a file clerk This method can sometimes backfire as the peoples stories can be at times a bit dull Eileen and Tunc is a charming story of two people who found each other after somewhat difficult lives and are now planning on curating a comic book exhibition of Tunc s extensive comics collection It s charming but a bit too ordinary to be interesting to read Same goes for the story of the man who started a 50s style diner, went bust, sold it and started a comics toy shop Of the 3 ordinary people s stories, the first one, Hollywood Bob is the best about a wayward young man who lived a life of crime before turning it around by starting his own tyre business and moving into a successful limo service The best part of the book is the fourth and final story, also thankfully the longest, featuring our man Harvey as he embarks on a journey to a book festival in Huntington, West Virginia to give a talk about his work Readers of American Splendor will know that such a trip inevitably entails delays and numerous gripes that Pekar will pick up and somehow make interesting for the reader despite their mundaneness, and that is the case here Pekar searches for his daily stipend for food while filming a cameo in an independent film and buys a new pair of shoes strange to say but this is genuinely riveting reading It s a tribute to Pekar s writing and strong sense of storytelling that he s able to take these everyday events and make them interesting to the reader I am already a Harvey Pekar fan so I know I like his brand of comics storytelling but anyone thinking if comics are all sex and violence and capes should definitely be pointed toward a Pekar book for an alternative perspective I felt the personal stories that make up the first 100 pages to be enjoyable but a bit dull in places, not Pekar s best work, but the final 60 pages featuring Harvey make this worth reading for all fans of his work.

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    A coworker returned from a weekend trip to Cleveland with a stolen wallet and stories about how busted downtown Cleveland is the same day I picked this book up All rather fitting somehow because I m sure the late Harvey Pekar could have gone somewhere strangely compelling with this story This posthumous collection of vignettes about Pekar s life a trip to Huntington for a low rent book festival, the story of a friend s experience owning a diner, etc are a bittersweet bunch For all of his reputation as a curmudgeon, Pekar comes across as someone really engaged with other people My favorite story is the final one, On the Fly , about his trip to Huntington The Big Fun Toy Store in Cleveland and Comic World in Huntington are real places by the way Big Fun s blog has a story written by their owner, Steve, about his relationship with Harvey, the breakfast meeting described in the book and the surreal experience of being turned into a graphic novel.There s also a surprisingly touching preface written by Anthony Bourdain yes, that Bourdain Farewell Harvey Ohio misses you.

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    Huntington, West Virginia On the Fly by Harvey Pekar is a collection of four short memoirs presented in a graphic novel format Pekar is best known for his American Splendor series, but I haven t read it.These stories are conversations and interviews Pekar did with people he met on his tours after American Splendor was adapted for film All of these vignettes are illustrated by Summer McClinton.The first story begins in his home town with Hollywood Bob, his favorite limo driver The vignette outlines how Bob went from small time hood to successful livery owner He explains the ups and downs of driving people around town and how no one ever wants a blue limo.The last story works as a matching bookend for Hollywood Bob Pekar has reached his destination, Huntington, West Virginia and a small book convention While he can t get his promised per diem, he does get a chance to cameo in a small indie film.Although others have said this book will only appeal to those who have read American Splendor, I disagree Certainly, that familiarity would be a lure, but the book stands alone just fine It s a quick, compelling and entertaining read.

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    Apesar de ter todos os ingredientes que geralmente me atraem quando procuro um bom livro, sobretudo em registo gr fico as situa es autobiogr ficas e mundanas, as hist rias de vida comuns e as reflex es mais ou menos c micas ou s rias que da se extraem, confesso que esperava mais da minha primeira incurs o no universo de Pekar, sobretudo no que diz respeito cad ncia narrativa e arte gr fica s vezes mesmo pobre Depois, tamb m h que considerar a empatia com o autor personagem, nem sempre f cil, pelo menos no que me diz respeito.Ainda assim, sobra alguma curiosidade para explorar a famosa s rie American Splendor, que deu origem ao filme.

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    Harvey wrote a book about my home town I met him when he was here for a book festival Harvey was honest about the way things are done here, and the book made quite a few of our citizens angry, as books about overly self important small towns always do I enjoyed the skewering, myself This is by far NOT one of his best I only especially enjoyed it because of the personal connection Many of his other works are much better.

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    This one was a lot of fun, and I have the added satisfaction of the story partially being set in my home state I loved the fact that Mr Pekar is a vegetarian although the kind who happily indulges in French fries, chips, and other snack foods like my husband.

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    Posthumously published collection of vignettes detailing life s minutia of a number of Harvey s Friends Beautiful introduction by Anthony Bourdain

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    This is another set of typical Pekar stories No cliffhangers, no superheroes, no explosions, just real life, and that can be just as interesting.

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    Quite disappointed by this after reading some of his well known American Splendour and The Quitter The stories focused on his travels after the success of the film about him and his comic American Splendour It lacks the observational humour and storytelling of his other work One for the completists.