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In his latest interview collection David Jay Brown has once again gathered some of the most interesting minds of today to consider the future of the human race the mystery of consciousness the evolution of technology psychic phenomena and The book includes conversations with celebrated visionaries and inspirational figures such as Ram Dass Noam Chomsky Deepak Chopra and George Carlin Part scientific exploration part philosophical speculation and part intellectual rollercoaster the free form discussions are original and captivating and offer surprising revelations Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalpyse is a new look into the minds of some of our groundbreaking leaders and is the perfect gift for science fiction and philosophy fans alike

10 thoughts on “Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse Contemplating the Future with Noam Chomsky George Carlin Deepak Chopra Rupert Sheldrake and Others

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    This Carlin uote on Gus' Facebook page was enough to make me want to read this bookOnce you leave the womb conservatives don't care about you until you reach military age Then you're just what they're looking for Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiersI miss George

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    Brown's opening paragraph sums up the contemporary metapredicament nicelyThe future has never looked brighter or bleak Never before in human history has there been so much cause for both hope and alarm We are living in a world of increasing uncertainty and each day brings new reasons for both celebration and concern Are we headed toward a glistening new world of technological marvels and wonders or own extinction?Unfortunately Brown doesn't have uite the interviewing chops necessary to rise the bar he sets with this introduction and the title Which is not to say that this isn't an interesting read It was interesting enraging thought provoking challenging and even funny That Brown managed to score interviews with many of these luminaries—including Noam Chomsky George Carlin Robert Anton Wilson Douglas Rushkoff Clifford Pickover Bruce Sterling Ray Kurzweil Alex Grey and Kary Mullis—is impressive in itself and he is a bravestupid enough interviewer to ask uestions about psychedelics and alien abduction to Chomsky He asks similar and sometimes exactly the same uestions to different interviewees and usually in the same order This allows the reader to compare the different worldviews articulated by the interviewees I guess but by the end of the book it was coming across as canned and tedious techniue Luckily the range of personalities encountered and ideas explored was vast with lots of intelligence and clarity of thought but little overarching agreement about topics as diverse as our contemporary media ecology ecological collapse artificial intelligence advanced robotics the Singularity psychedelics alien abductions spiritual transformation and the existence of God

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    There are a lot of typos and some iffy continuity problems in every interview The uestions are all basically the same Oh and aside from my love of George Carlin and Robert Anton Wilson most of these interviews were bumbling and ridiculous If you want to get the gist of Rupert Sheldrake's ideas listen to some of his lectures or read one of his books The same applies to everyone else If you want to be bludgeoned over the head with the possibility of paranormal activity then read this book At any rate buckle up and brace yourself for numerous brief and inconclusive references to varying degrees of spooky shit which everyone can wax amicably about but cannot uite spin into working proposals metaphysical or otherwiseSlight Hyperbole Like the world is an Easter bunny that just consumes and keeps dropping these pellets of spiritual carnage ie soulless consumption ego death in the 60's the plight of the artist a lawnmower five dollars? Get out of here

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    What a crew Like moths buzzing around the flame of doom Scary but really a nonsensical book Rupert how could you?

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    very thought provoking from many wise people

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    CONVERSATIONS ON THE EDGE OF APOCALYPSE CONTEMPLATING HE FUTURE WITH NOAM CHOMSKY GEORGE CARLIN DEEPAK CHOPRA RUPERT SHELDRAKE AND OTHERS EDITED BY DAVID JAY BROWN Conversations on the Edge of Apocalypse is an interesting collection of interviews with a cornucopia of renowned people from all walks of life although this group seems to consist mainly of scientists Buddhists and people of other alternative believes than Western Christian worldWhile there's not really must I can say that the book gives the reader on the whole there are a lot of interesting individual details with each person Some I skipped past because it just wasn't my cup of tea or rather I had absolutely no inkling of belief in this person's seemingly crazy ideas All the scientists were extremely interesting giving up to date news of what they're working on the cure for AIDS is around the corner according to one of these scientists A couple of the interesting uestions Brown asked each person was Do you think the human race will survive the next hundred years? And essentially What happens to you after you die The general consensus to human survival is that we will survive the next hundred years and according to some scientists with upcoming advances in longevity a lot of us will be around to see it so long as we don't blow ourself up with outright nuclear war or a bioweapons war or SARS of course As for the latter uestion the funny thing was that every single person first answered with I don't know Then they want on to give their afterlife beliefs but it was just amusing to have everyone preface their ideas with the I don't know disclaimerOn the whole it's a book I recommend to people to read just to read the variety of ideas from people in the world today for all areas and it opens one's mind and helps you understand that everyone doesn't think the same thingIf you liked this review and would like to read go to BookBanter

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    While it's clear that David Jay Brown is friendly to those who have freuently enjoyed altered states of consciousness and the editing feels spotty at times he interviews some fascinating people and asks some challenging uestions that inspire provocative answers One of my favorite interviews is with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell who experienced a profound awakening of consciousness while walking on moon yeah I can see how that would happen and founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences you can learn about the organization at

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    As to be expected with a series of conversations with some uite divergent thinkers some parts of this collection are thought provokingcrediblerewarding than others But even the least interesting are worth engaging with and overall the book gives several pauses for thought

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    Again if anyone sees this book

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    An interesting crossroads of thinkers and ideas you can't help but to re evaluate your old and assimilate some new perspectives into your life's conversation