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The Shambhala Guide to Taoism presents a dizzying amount of information on Taoism, but isn t exactly an engaging read I think it s definitely a great book to have around for reference purposes, it s just not something you d want to curl up by the fire and read for fun. Gives a really good history of Taoism and basic intro to different aspects of the different sects Not good if you are looking for a guide to practicing Taoism So far, this is a comprehensive reference work. This is really a good book, striving to embrace most of Daoism as practices, believes, schools and views, as well as containing precious references to other books on the topic I recommend it to everyone, who want to study the Chinese religion in proper way It s not one day book , you can always return to it later again, and use it as a source of information I liked the nice understandable style and very well essence of information. For The First Time, The Great Depth And Diversity Of Taoist Spirituality Is Introduced In A Single, Accessible Manual Taoism, Known Widely Today Through The Teachings Of The Classic Tao Te Ching And The Practices Of T Ai Chi And Feng Shui, Is Less Known For Its Unique Traditions Of Meditation, Physical Training, Magical Practice, And Internal Alchemy Covering All Of The Most Important Texts, Figures, And Events, This Essential Guide Illuminates Taoism S Extraordinarily Rich History And Remarkable Variety Of Practice A Comprehensive Bibliography For Further Study Completes This Valuable Reference Work