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For an introductory course on Linguistics, John Lyons book is must read. Oh this book is outstandingly elucidated and detailed about the so called linguistics I really did whatever it took me, and finally I got it nice A Basic Introduction To Linguistics And The Study Of Language Which Offers A General Account Of The Nature Of Language And Of The Aims, Methods And Fundamental Principles Of Linguistic Theory Introduces The Sub Fields Of Linguistics The Sounds Of Language, Grammar, Semantics, Language Change, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Language And Culture bkjnkjnkxcvncklvclkbcnvklbcvb f dkfmdmfd fdgm mk bmkg gekg em ke fkrgr kmfskmddf sddkfsdmf sdm fdkf sdddf dgd g dfgdfg dffg df gdfm g mdfgmd gdf gmdf dffdfgmdfg fmg mkdfg df gdfm gfm gdfmg fmgdfm dgmd fgmdf gmdfg f it is a good book i love this book This book was published in 1981, when the term morphology was still a little new and uncomfortable to linguists This has to be borne in mind before reading this book. Great introduction to linguistics If you want to understand linguists and linguistics, this is the place to start. OK