Audiobooks Change Has Come: An Artist Celebrates Our American SpiritAuthor Kadir Nelson –

I have loved having Barack Obama as my president This book reminds me why It s a quick read that captures how so many of us feel about President Obama He will be missed. I hadn t heard a thing about this, had only seen Kadir Nelson s drawing of Obama on his Facebook Profile What a gorgeous little book I love that it was spontaneously done on election night, and that they were able to rush it in to print so quickly, pretty much by the time of the inauguration Just beautiful, unique, and very moving My first 2009Favorite The Black And White Images Throughout Are Personal Reflections, Uniquely Felt And Rendered By Award Winning Artist Kadir Nelson They Are Accompanied By The Uplifting Words Of Barack Obama And Commemorate The Movement And The Moment That Have Changed Our History It S A Celebration Of The Power Of Inspiration It S A Celebration Of How Far We Have Come And How Determined We Are To Look Ahead It S A Celebration Of Pride, Hope And Joy Personally Felt And Publically SharedMost Of All It S A Celebration Of The Th President A New President And A New Chapter In The American Story Kadir Nelson is one of my favorite illustrators, and as an Obama supporter, I gave this book for Christmas gifts Of course, given the rush publishing job Nelson did the drawings to Obama s words after the election , the books arrived AFTER Christmas Those who want to celebrate this historic time will appreciate this book. a lasting reminder kept in a little booknice I am really enjoying Kadir Nelson s work This is different from his paintings for Coretta Scott But the sketches work well matched with the words of Barak Obama A quick read that can easily be used in a classroom. A beautiful little book in which artist Kadir Nelson illustrates choice words of inspiration by President Barack Obama Even reading it in November of 2017, his words still move me And these gorgeous simple drawings help express Obama s powerful ideas. Having read this small book, Change Has Come An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit, I m filled with a renewed feeling of hope as I m reminded of the wonder and inspiration that was embodied in President Barack Obama The combined artistry of my favorite illustrator, Kadir Nelson, with words from the greatest living president, make this book a treasured keepsake and also an important resource, much like a well when a cool sip of water is what s needed to quench a thirst. Oh, oh, oh I want to get my hands on everything Kadir Nelson has ever illustrated now I love the energy of the drawings. Celebrated children s illutrator and author Kadir Nelson takes some of President Obama s most powerful speeches and weaves together a story of change All of the words are Obama s and Nelson s free flowing pencil drawings create an inclusive and beautiful historical document of the 2008 election.Nelson writes in the back that These very spontaneous drawing serve as a document to preserve and celebrate our great American achievement, and our new American president I hope the artwork will remind all who see it of the greatness of our country and its ability to grow and change for the better.