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Based on the world's most popular massively multiplayer online role playing game prepare to enter the World of Warcraft As the Lich King's plague of undeath ravages the human kingdom of Lordaeron a mighty blade is forged from a dark orb In the hands of Highlord Alexandros Mograine the blade will become legendbut until then Mograine must fight for his life In the end all roads will lead to Light's Hope Chapel where the seemingly unstoppable Scourge army will mount a relentless offensive to destroy the Argent Dawn Micky Neilson and World of Warcraft artist Ludo Lullabi present a tale of Azeroth that ties directly to the smash hit World of Warcraft expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King

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    WOWWorld Of Warcraft is actually an online game that i always play the game is a really awesome game but i don't think the book is that good The book is about a ancient sword named ashbringer and about it's past

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    Nice adaptation that adds to the scourge saga perhaps the best of them all in WoW Interesting story about the tragic tale of the Mograine family and their connection to the Lich King's armies with decent illustrations if you skip the crappy manga styled haircuts of Darion and Alexandros

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    If that type of a story with the same meaning this one is caring in it was written 100 years ago and wasn't connected to a computer game today it would have been considered a world classic alas now it is just a world of Warcraft classic D

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    When Highlord Alexandros Mograine finds an orb on the battlefield he knows he's found something powerful to aid the Knights of the Silver Hand Kept in a box until the time is right he takes the orb to the dwarven King Magni Bronzebeard to be sculpted into a mighty weapon Ashbringer The sword becomes a tool of destruction against the rising scourge and Forsaken turning enemies to ashWhen Alexandros' two sons grow from uarreling boys into strong young men they find themselves on opposing sides of the growing factions within the Silver Hand rising in ranks between the Scarlet Crusade and Argent Dawn In time family ties strain against each other ending in disaster for the Mograine family With the scourge upon them how can family wrongs be set right?Beautifully illustrated though the number of characters involved was sometimes confusing to wrap my head around Overall a great story in World of Warcraft entering the Wrath of the Lich King expansion

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    I loved every pixel of this I wanted to create a human paladin named Darion with a mission to wipe out the undead from the face of this planet I'd go kill Alexandros in Naxxramas loot the Corrupted Ashbringer and travel to Scarlet monastery and walk in there like a bossAn amazing comic

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    A really uick but epic comic that gives some background on the Mograine's and Ashbringer A lot of this was relevant back during WotLK but the story is still pretty moving Sometimes I got confused as to who was who and time seemed to move ultra uick but overall and enjoyable story

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    A compelling comic a story that started an interestJust Love this story Read it a few Times over the years The story pulled me in and My interest for the ashbringerlich King lore never stopped

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    Brings back a lot of good memories good story and art

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    It's awesome

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    Amazing story helps clear some points in WoW's story and tells about very interesting characters such as Tirion Fordring and Darion and Alexandros Mograine