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A Feast Of Romance And Laughter Featuring A Delightful And Courageous Heroine That You Can Relate To No Matter What Your SizeConvinced That Her Larger Size Relegates Her To Wallflower Status, Freddie Heinz Hides Behind The Wedding Cakes She Creates As A Professional Baker But Life Is About To Change For Miss InvisibleFirst Of All, Freddie S Found A New Friend Who Encourages Her To Come Out Of Her Shell Then Hal, The Cute Veternarian, Starts Showing Interest In The Woman Behind The Delightful Cakes And When Freddie Decides To Break Every Rule In The Big Girl S Book And Find Out Who She Really Is, Life Gets Even Exciting And HilariousCinderella, Look Out Miss Invisible Is Becoming The Belle Of The Ball And Having A Ball In The Process Because When You Finally Find God S Call For Your Life, Any Size Is The Right Size And Love Can See What The Rest Of The World Passes By

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    I ve noticed a trend It s all over the place Overweight people especially women want to be accepted and not discriminated against So, instead of trying to advocate for a view that everyone is beautiful, no matter their size, shape, or looks, they are tearing down thin women Trying to make it seem like thin women are gross, not real real women have curves , are anorexic, etc.You would think that in a Christian book there wouldn t be this kind of thing, but there was I suppose that makes it realistic The main character, after all, is very much like a large part of society And there was a small very small part where she realized that she was doing the same thing to thin women that she felt others had been doing to her But most of it was a mix of poor me and I m actually better because I m overweight I was really bothered by this There is room for all of us, and there is beauty in everyone If women would stop trying to tear each other down, maybe we could get past these problems in society That being said, for some reason I was drawn into the story I think maybe because so much of it focused on food baking and catering , and I love to cook So, good enough story, but quite shallow and not a whole lot there Just about what you d expect from a chick lit.

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    I ll say this everything seemed to be spelled right.

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    My goodness, this book is terrible It s loaded with bad stereotypes, unreal plot devices and a ridiculous, impossible Cinderella type ending This book is an illustration of everything that s wrong with modern Christian fiction.

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    I found a lot of this to be cliche and some of it to be down right offensive It was written as if the reader lived under a rock for most of her life, but for some reason I enjoyed it anyway I normally steer clear of woman of faith chick lit, but I didn t realize that s what this was when I picked it up at the library I went ahead and read it because I didn t have anything else to read And I was surprised to like it as much as I did Very predictable, but a sweet story nonetheless It s a nice change to occassionally read a book where everyone happy at the end.

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    I enjoyed this novel It was sugary and pleasant I liked the subject matter, and the characters were fun to get to know I especially enjoyed it because of the baking and catering parts.

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    This book is a great case study of where we find our identity It is a fun and easy read with a happy ending but it really makes one think about how we see ourselves Even though the main character is struggling with a weight issue I think any women young or old can identify with her no matter what the issue is that makes us feel invisible This book is not preachy but definitely written from a Christian world view so it points to our true identity being in Christ.

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    A good book to read whenever you are feeling down It was funny and uplifting Its a good book for any women It hard being a big girl for Freddie who is working at a bakery for a boss everyone hates She goes to church and joins the singles group and finds out the pastor is cute How does a big girl get attention and find a man who will love her for her

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    A 180 This was quite the read The story was uplifting and had a slight religious zeal that I found surprisingly refreshing I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will seek out novels from this author.

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    After daring Chloe, I wanted to try this author out again I loved Deborah but the main character just lacked something And it was all too familiar with the princess syndrome and needing a savior, be it Hal or be it Deborah.

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    Quick light read but I wouldn t recommend it.