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An Introduction To Language Is Ideal For Use At All Levels And In Many Different Areas Of Instruction Including Education, Languages, Psychology, Anthropology, Teaching English As A Second Language TESL , And Linguistics All Chapters In This Best Seller Have Been Substantially Revised To Reflect Recent Discoveries And New Understanding Of Linguistics And Languages

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    Probably one of the books which made me realize I long to learn about languages and how to teach them, English in particular, effectively It motivated me to choose English teaching in my postgraduate studies.

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    This is the perfect read for an introduction into linguistics, it has everything and so much I ll need to re read it some other time because I skimmed through some parts real quick and didn t read properly through them.This is an all timer, good for everyone who wants to major in linguistics or even those who just want insight on the discipline.

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    Oh my holy interesting Everything you ever wanted to know about language, and much, much Keep in mind that this is a text book, so it s going to be dry But for a text book, it wasn t so bad If this is an area of interest to you, why not try looking up Steven Pinker s book The Language Instinct which paralled An Introduction to Language almost perfectly, yet was much enjoyable Another book to check out is The Unfolding of Language by Guy Deutscher By far the most interesting book I ve read on this subject, yet not comprehensive like the other two.

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    I had to buy this book for a linguistics course that I had to take way back when I started studying English at the University The linguistics course was extremely dull and one of the many reasons I decided to switch to another branch of study I never even started reading An Introduction to Language and it was stuck in a pile of educational books that I wanted to give to charity Since I am always having a hard time getting rid of books, I flicked through it one last time and thought Hmm, actually this sounds interesting Lucky for me that I did that, because I almost gave away a total gem of a book Yes, some chapters are than challenging and I have to admit that I am happy that I don t really have to study it, but was able to read and enjoy it without the pressure of memorizing every information that went into this book Especially the chapters about Phonology and Phonemics and the ones about the structure of language are not an easy read Still, I thought they were extremely interesting Some chapters, especially the ones referring to computer electronics are way outdated now, but I guess that would be different with recent editions I loved that the authors did their best to bring a little humor into sometimes very dry topics, this definitely helped to make the matter relatable.

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    I read this book for the class The English Language, which was maybe the most generally interesting class I have ever taken This book is absolutely fascinating and very easy to read, especially considering that at times it s dealing with complicated ideas It covers everything from the basics of what makes up words and sounds to how children develop language to dialects and hispanic and black english It really will change the way you think about words and speaking.

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    One of my favourite college textbooks I lost my copy and had to buy another one, can t stand the fact that it does not exist in bookcase.

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    itaju i nesvojevoljno Fromkinu knjigu, vrlo sam lako uronila u tekst koji je svakim poglavljem postajao sve bolji Stil autorice je pristupa an, neke od te ih lingvisti kih pitanja obja njava na razumljiv i neoptere en na in u smislu mogu ih nacionalnopoliti kih zavrzlama Ne forsira u krajnosti strogi znanstveni diskurs, ali donosi obilje primjera kojima se i irem itateljstvu nastoji prikazati i ukazati na sve razine jezika Me utim u nazivu knjige mo da bi se trebao dodati atribut engleskog jer se doista op enite jezi ne postavke donose prije svega iz perspektive gramati kih zakona u engleskom jeziku ponegdje vrlo rijetko i drugih jezika Ipak je to mo da moja kroatisti ka deformacija jer se engleski jezik smatra univerzalnim jezikom znanstvenog diskursa pa stoga ne udi naslov U svakom slu aju sveobuhvatna knjiga, donosi neke osnovne alate za sve koje zanima jezik te se iz nekog razloga bave ili se ele baviti jezikom U knjizi se donose i meni posebno zanimljiva poglavlja Language Change The Syllables of Time, Language Processing and the Human Brain, Computer Processing of Human Language Ipak je jezik fascinantan fenomen, nikad do kraja shvatljiv i samoj medicinskoj struci injenica je da jezik nije evolucijski nastao kao fizi ka potreba u tom smislu on je popratna pojava razvoja ostalih organa te se ne mo e to no locirati u mozgu kao npr centar za vid i sl ve je njegova aktivnost raspr ena i umre ena u istom injenica je i da formalni, logi ki jezika ra unala baziran na Chomskyjevom modelu generativne gramatike nije u potpunosti pokazao kao adekvatna zamjena ljudskoj jezi noj sposobnosti u produkciji zna enja Istra ivanje jezika doista je esto intrigantnije od itanja kakve znanstvenofantasti ne knjige.

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    I usually find introductory texts to be either lacking in content or boring and this one was neither This book was a pleasure to read.