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I couldn t sit through the Disney adaptation of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but I remember it from my childhood I also remember trying Mary Poppins and I didn t like that one either But I m big on nostalgia Remembering them good ole days, them calmer days A few years ago I revisited The Wind in the Willows, which I m told Mom read to me as a kid and we both hated When I revisited, I was enthralled I don t think it was simply nostalgia Sure it brought back memories of summertime and warm grass and swingsets and , but it was than that the story rocked, the characters rocked, and crazy Toad of Toad Hall was a raucous anarchist who was friggin hilarious Sometimes nostalgia s just a feeling, misremembered In the case of Willows it was a pleasant surprise So, I had high hopes last Sunday when I decided to revisit Chitty Chitty Bang Bang It s a neat story how Chitty came to be It was written by James Bond author Ian Fleming while convalescing from a second heart attack A friend brought Fleming a copy of a book by Beatrix Potter and suggested he write up the story he used to tell his son before bed James Bond author does children s fiction, sounds good The inherent nostalgia in imagining Fleming telling this story to his son was also nice to think about And, Chitty, the car, is based on a real automobile How cool Sadly, Fleming would not live long enough to see the book s publication several years later All of these things made me wanna try it My buddy Kasia said her Dad had read several Bond novels and was not all that fond of Fleming s writing style I bore this in mind as I began By the end of chapter one, I saw just what Papa S meant Ian Fleming and I did t jive His writing is like watching a car pull up to a railroad track, stop at the black and white crossbar, and just as the locomotive is crossing in front of it, proceed ahead with the pedal to the metal When you think a sentence should syntactically end, Fleming, in every case, barrels forward with no heed, rolling, tumbling, cavorting, leap frogging, jump jacking, cartwheeling this is making it sound interesting than it is And really, the story goes nowhere First we meet the family They re flat as cardboard Couldn t tell you much about any of them The father s a stereotypical mad scientist There were a couple other people in the story but I couldn t tell you a thing about them In a couple chapters the family adopts the car The car s pretty interesting, what little we get to see of it Car s kind of snooty, though That wasn t cool Then the family goes to the beach and acts very stupid I can t remember much after that After seven chapters I had enough Sometimes nostalgia works in mysterious ways Sometimes nostalgia is better left in the mind I m not interested in your Shitty Shitty Gang Bang, is essentially what I told my bestbud back in elementary school when he was trying with all his ernest might to make me see the light and enjoy the wholesome, family fun goodness that is this book This was at a time when he was listening to Weird Al and I was learning how to bang my head to Quiet Riot.Fast forward about 30 years I ve finally read Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I see the light This book is delightful There s kooky characters, a fast car, magic, old timey British thugs, mysteries, adventure and spelunking Basically this book is made up of a handful of short stories cobbled together in linear fashion so that they read like one continuous novel That is one of the reasons I hesitate to give this a full 5 stars That and the plot is not always as riveting as it could be Even looking at it from the perspective of my younger self, I know at no age through out my life would I have been 100% satisfied with the ease with which the Potts, that enthusiastic family of wackos who own Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, get out of pickles and tight jams The deus ex machina of a magic car makes it all too easy.Nonetheless, these are fun tales and I think in a year or two I may attempt reading them to my young niece, who will no doubt say to me, I m not interested in your Shitty Shitty Gang Bang. Ian Fleming, Best Known For His James Bond Novels, Wrote Only One Children S Book And It Is A Classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Is The Name Of The Flying, Floating, Driving By Itself Automobile That Takes The Pott Family On A Riotous Series Of Adventures As They Try To Capture A Notorious Gang Of Robbers This Is A Story Filled With Humor, Adventure, And Gadgetry That Only A Genius Like Fleming Could Create From The Hardcover Edition I think every avid reader must have a list even if it s just in their head and not actually written down of books they would like to read, but never seem to find the time My list of someday reads is quite extensive, but I have vowed that this year I will read books from my own library shelves and also books off my I d really love to read that list.When I found out years ago that Ian Fleming author of all those lovely 007 spy novels wrote a children s book that one my favorite Disney movies is based on, at first I didn t believe it I had to look it up to get proof At that point, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang made it onto my list of books I wanted to read And I finally did it Well, I listened to an unabridged audiobook version but that still counts was just.lovely The book is almost completely different from the movie.but that s true of almost any children s book Disney adapts into an animated film.The Pott family includes Commander Caractacus Pott, his wife Mimsie and their two children Jeremy and Jemimah Sometimes the family has a bit of financial trouble because the Commander is a bit eccentric.he s an inventor Sometimes the things he invents are quite useful.and sometimes not One day he invents a sweet that whistles and sells it to a candy company He uses the money to buy a car..and not just any car After a bit of sprucing up, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang joins the Pott family She s not just a car..but a very very special car A drive to the beach will teach the Pott family just how special Chitty is What adventures they have I still love the movie with Dick VanDyke the whole scene with the whistling candy had me humming Toot Sweet in my head..but.the book is just happy, lovely and wonderful The audiobook I listened to is narrated by Andrew Sachs It is unabridged and runs just shy of 2.5 hours Sachs did a wonderful jobhe reads at an even pace, and did great sound effects and voices for the characters I have hearing loss, but was easily able to hear and understand every bit of the story.So glad I finally got to enjoy the original story I hope someday they make a movie that follows the book.the story really is great I ve wanted to read this book since I first found out it was written by Ian Fleming This is the only novel he ever wrote that wasn t part of the James Bond series and it s a bizarre little oddity.If, like me, your only previous experience of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is the movie, you re in for some surprises The original book bears little resemblance to the movie version Some of the characters are different and the plot is very different indeed I d actually quite like to see a new movie adaptation, perhaps animated rather than live action, that is faithful to the book.I was pleasantly surprised to find that the first act of the book takes place a stone s throw from where I live I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the book is nowhere near as twee as the movie.Overall, this is a nice little children s book and I m glad I finally got around to reading it Anybody who s read Stephen King s Christine or From A Buick 8 will never be able to trust Chitty Chitty Bang Bang entirely, of courseThe audiobook version is read by David Tennant Partly because I was in Scotland while I was listening to this, I was a little disappointed that David didn t read this in his own Scottish accent, but rather chose to read it in the English accent he uses for Doctor Who Still, he reads it brilliantly, and there s actually a short interview with him at the end of the recording about his feeling on the book, which is a nice little extra He speaks in his own accent in the interview Buddy read with Sunshine Seaspray Never say no to adventures Always say yes Otherwise you ll lead a very dull life Too, too cute I m glad this lighthearted kids novel was selected as a buddy read The way Commander Pott took care of the car reminded me so much of my father washing, waxing, spot check before and after driving So the book is not at all like the movie, which I didn t expect, but it was still brilliant The children are brave, the father is ingenious, there s actually a mother Bad guys galore to vanquish And the magical car who names herself I look forward to the rest of the series even if it isn t written by the great Fleming. James Bond, the children s book begat James Bond, the musical begat James Bond, the stage show But where can we go from here It occurred to me to google James Bond Ballet , and I did at least find this picture Surely it s now just a matter of time before it actually happens What a surprise to find just how different the movie is from the book This is very much Ian Flemming, focused on the car and the adventure There is no Truly Scrumptious there is no weird castle with singing toys and a king who hates kids There IS a wonderful magical car, and exact descriptions of what it does There IS a great adventure with a trip to France and a scary thief A great book for boys, and it stands the test of time.This was Ian Flemming s last book before he died, and his only children s book from author info in book You know that moment when you skim the first 50 pages of a book adn then decide you know all about it and go make a 2hr movie from it THAT S BASICALLY WHAT THE CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG MOVIE DID It s so nothing like the book that it s actually hilarious Ahem The main reason I picked this up was because I loved the movie as a kid haaaated the Child Catcher though Hello nightmares forever and I had no idea it was a book until last week SO I had to read it.I mean, by itself, the book was cute I like how it used big words and explained them but I expected it to be Middle Grade, but I think it was aimed at 7 or 8 year olds It was very simplistic and the narrator spoon fed just about everything But I was still impressed with the use of language and it was quirky and SO VERY ENGLISH And of course it s always nice when kids get to go on adventures with their parents for once.But, ya know, just in case you re curious, here s what was different in the book to movie the book contains NO MAGICAL WORLD that they fly to and rescue children and defeat an evil king queen and battle the childcatcher and turn into human music boxes nada not at all instead they boat to France and get involved in robbing a sweet shop and Jeremy and Jemima save the day by not letting bad guys rob a sweet shop like, woah, did the movie directors not read the book of course there are 3 books so who knows what might happen in them, I guess and there is a MOTHER so no Truly I m so sad Also no singing This might come as a surprise But there you go No old navy grandfather either Although they do sell Toot Sweets except they re called Crackpot Whistline Sweets so at least a little faith was restored thereALL IN ALL It s not that I care that it was different from the movieI just wasn t so into the whole lowkey robbery thing happening And I felt they took far too long to GET to the robbery Too much driving, too much going through a boring cave, etc, etc It was cute and fun and small human creatures who like cars would probably enjoy this ALSO WHAT EVEN THIS AUTHOR WROTE JAMES BOND TALK ABOUT A SMALL CHANGE IN TUNE RIGHT HERE. While most famous for his work on creating Agent 007, Ian Fleming wrote this classic children s story many years ago, which entertains as much as it captures the interest of many young readers Commander Caractacus Pott has a long history of inventing things, which provides limited success and forces the family to gather round in times of financial strain After selling one of his ideas to a local confectionary, the Potts head out to purchase their first family car Commander Pott brings his wife Mimsie and twins Jeremy and Jemima along to find a vehicle that might suit them One that has been left to the side catches their attention and soon the Potts have a vehicle of their own This vehicle appears somewhat standard in appearance but seems to have a personality all its own, down to its name, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang The Pott Family find themselves out exploring the rural English countryside one day when things take a slight detour and Chitty begins showing off her wonderful capabilities as many will know, cars prefer to be she and Fleming discusses this Departing the confines of England, Chitty takes the Commander and his brood on a continental exploration, which goes from exciting to problematic in the blink of an eye Jemima and Jeremy are soon placed in danger and no one can help them, though Chitty might have seen in all, if only she can get the Commander and Mimsie to heed her alerts A wonderful story that will keep the young reader hooked until the very last pages.I will admit that I had heard of this book and movie a long time ago, but it is only now, when asked to do a quick buddy read, that I decided to go all in Fleming takes this outrageous idea and puts a nice spin on it, perfect for young readers While there is much that can be said of Commander Pott, the story is rightly all about this unique vehicle, though the other characters found herein keep things light and adventurous Fleming teases readers with what might be around the corner, beginning with talk of a magical sweet, but soon pushes the story well away from inventions and into the fast paced world of travels and trouble In a fashion that I have only seen in English children s books, the narrator keeps the reader fully involved and helps push speculation to its limits, while also making sure that no one is left behind The twists and turns of this tale are wonderfully paced and the reader is sure to want As do I, admittedly So, I ll rush out to read the next three in the series, though it is too bad that Fleming never got around to writing those, too busy keeping the rest of the world safe with James Bond.Kudos, Mr Fleming for your wonderful beginning to a series of children s novels sure to bamboozle as much as they excite the young reader I feel like a kid again as I devoured this wonderful story.Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at