PDF Terry McMillan ß ß Breaking Ice An Anthology of Contemporary African American

A striking collection of works from authors both established and emerging this is the first original anthology of African American writing in over a decadeOther contributors are Ellease Southerland Barbara Summers Cliff Thompson Alice Walker John A Williams Al Young

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    I read this when I was staying with my aunt in a very small town in Alabama Anniston She was recovering from a serious illness and needed some help It is a book that I had very little trouble reading from cover to cover All the stories were well written and helped to while away the time in a very small town I have to say that I found most of them on the depressing side hence the four and 12 instead of five stars I would like to see books about the African American experience that are on the positive end Yes history has not been kind to us overall but fiction should be about celebration as well as mourning and reflecting on the trials of lifeRating 4550 stars

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    I have read many of the stories in the anthology

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    Great collection of authors I purchased this book in the early 90s As a recent college grad it allowed me to review vast amount of authors and genres I made a favorite list of authors and read their other books Great tool regret it giving away

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    I remember losing or having this book stolen when I was in college I made the mistake of not carrying it in my backpack Now I get a chance to re read the book thanks to Recycled Reads

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    A great anthology of contemporary fiction by AA authors McMillan did a great job of editing this book Also features excerpts of novels by Gloria Naylor etc

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    I really enjoyed the varies stories by varies Authors

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    It was a good book to read from different authors

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    Any connoisseur of African American fiction should have this in their collection

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    Great book of fiction that shows the range of the African American experience

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    Very good Lots of different stories