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In A Weedy Lot On The Outskirts Of Memphis, Two boys Watch A Shiny Lincoln Pull Up To The curbElevenyearold Mark Sway And His Younger Brother were Sharing A Forbidden Cigarette When A Chance encounter With A Suicidal Lawyer Left Mark Knowing a Bloody And Explosive Secret: The Whereabouts Of the Most Soughtafter Dead Body In America Now Mark Is Caught between A Legal System Gone Mad And A Mob Killer desperate To Cover Up His Crime And His Only Ally Is a Woman Named Reggie Love, Who Has Been A Lawyer for All Of Four Years Prosecutors Are willing To Break All The Rules To Make Mark Talk The mob Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Him Quiet And Reggie Will Do Anything To Protect Her Client Even Take A Last, Desperate Gamble That Could Win Mark His Freedom Or Cost Them Both Their lives

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    Knew the ending, but still enjoyed it.

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    Grisham has a way of writing a real page-turner. This was one of those books that I just couldn't put down. The suspense was intense, and the story was good.

    When I finished the last page, and I finally did put it down, I couldn't help thinking I had just wasted my time. I mean, I was thoroughly entertained for every minute of the book, but when I was done, I was left with nothing but the memories of my entertainment.

    Good book, excellent author, but lacking in anything real. I've read 4 Grisham novels... sometimes I just want to be entertained, I guess. If that's what you're looking for, then Grisham is your man. Pick any of his books. They're all the same.

    The movie was okay. This is probably one of Grisham's weaker books, but I'm not that good of a judge. If you want 2 hours of great entertainment, watch the movie. If you want more than that, read the book.

    Just like Grisham's novels, each of my reviews of his novels is almost identical to the last with only certain details changed to give it a new flavor.
    Go ahead Grisham, sue me. Then, you can write a story about it.

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    This was a really terrific read, a great story line with some memorable characters.

    Two young boys, brothers, are unwitting witnesses to a suicide. The older boy does all he can to stop the man from this act but to no avail. The man shoots himself in the head but before doing so he tells the young boys, Mark Sway, his reason for doing it. This information now marks Mark as a threat to the MOB. The FBI is desperate for Mark to reveal all he’s been told but after being threatened by the MOB to keep his mouth shut or his brother and mother will suffer Mark is terrified to say a word.
    At this point Mark gets Reggie Love, a defence lawyer, to protect him from all the law enforcement people and so protect him from the MOB.

    Between Mark, who doesn’t lack for cunning and intelligence, and Reggie they manage to keep one step ahead of both the Mob and the FBI.

    The Sway family started with nothing very much but now they have quite literally nothing at all. Their trailer home, along with all their personal effects, has been burned to the ground. It’s up to Reggie and Mark to keep everyone safe whilst trying to do the right thing and hopefully survive this ordeal.

    What follows is a very intense cat and mouse thriller.

    A highly readable tale. 4/5 stars.

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    I read this before the move was made. This the perfect example of how very much American laws & justices system is so different from British law special with children.
    This an excellent crime court room drama that only Grisham could write as he was trained court lawyer which is needed to get the facts dead right. After all you need how to crack eggs to make an omelette you would not expect a bricklayer to try to make a swimming pool on upstairs flat.
    This like all his books twists & turns like top in hands of a master spinner.

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    The book tells of a boy who happens upon a mob lawyer who commits suicide. But before he commits suicide, he divulges information on where the body of the murdered Senator was hidden by his mob boss. Fearing reprisal by the mob or the FBI for lying, he hires a lawyer to get him out of this mess.

    I only slightly dislike this book because the premise of the book is weak. I could not get over the fact that the kid could have avoided the whole suspense by telling the FBI the truth about the body of the Senator. In that way, he and his immediate family could have gone into the Witness Protection Program and considering his mother's miserable job, the WPP would actually be step up from his current life. Also, his lawyer could have advised him to tell the FBI so the kid would be in WPP instead of a possible target of the mafia. The excitement of the book did not have purpose to it so this is the reason the book sucked.

    And what is wrong with Assistant Attorney General, he already knew the kid was not talking because he was scarred for his life and the life of his family so could he not cut a deal with the FBI to expedite the WPP?

    What is wrong with the mother? Sure it would be a hastle to be in the WPP but their lives are already in danger! So, the WPP would actually be safer for them instead of having their identity known currently.

    This is an idiotic and unbelievable plot.

    I guess the only redeeming quality about this book is the relationship between the kid and the 52 year old lawyer in which they both alternated being the adult in the relationship. For that, I will give this book 1.5.

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    This was just what I wanted, a quick read, some action and a good fast paced storyline. So what if the hero was a 10 year old boy, I enjoyed it! My attention was held throughout, which is my sign of a good read, and the main characters were all likeable. Mark and Reggie were loveable in their own ways, and it was fun seeing the youngster outsmart the thugs and the FBI. I highly recommend this book if you're after an easy read.

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    Neither a court room dram nor a gripping thriller. The climax is really over the top.

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    I had seen the movie years ago so I had a general idea about the book. The book is so much better than the movies. The book goes into so much more detail. It's so life like with the Mob element and how devious the goverment is when trying to pursue their agenda.

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    It all started when Mark Sway (11) took his younger brother Ricky (8) in a secluded part of a park to teach him how to smoke. They were just doing their business when a shiny car arrived and apparently the driver was trying to kill himself and did so by the end. Suddenly Mark along with his brother(who suffers a trauma) became witnesses of not only a suicide of a well-known lawyer, but Mark knows more than that. This is a story of an 11-year old boy caught up in a legal drama too big for himself but he has help. His 52-year old lawyer, Reggie Loves, will do everything to ensure Mark and his family is safe and that he's not being denied with all his rights. 
    It's no secret that this book is the first real novel that I've ever read my entire reading life. I was eight and because of this book I became a reader and started dreaming of becoming a writer someday. So I might be biased with my rating and I'll tell you why in a moment. this book isn't perfect.
    First of all, whatever genre you see on Goodreads listed with this book, do NOT believe it. Because if you go into this book thinking of a wrong genre, you'll be disappointed. This is NOT a legal Thriller, not even a Mystery or Suspense, this book is a plain Legal Drama, period. There's no secret or puzzle, you, as a reader, would try to solve. There is no on-edge-of-the-seat feeling. Okay? And since this is not a whodunit thriller/suspense, I do understand if the story doesn't appeal to everyone. But interesting things happened very early in the book that I can say Grisham doesn't waste his time or mine, and pages. He got on with the juicy parts so early.

    But like I said, this book isn't perfect.

    It's the plot. What makes it NOT a thriller? because the plot was plain. I'm not gonna call it weak but others might. You see the whole conflict could've been avoided if Mark Sway, our protagonist, told the truth from the very beginning. With little help from other, especially from his amazing lawyer, Reggie, things could've been solved earlier. But I like to think John Grisham really wanted this book to be more character-driven than plotwise, unlike most of his books.

    And I must say, he did a great job with it. You see, despite the plot, and that despite the fact that you can guess everything, including the end in 30% mark, you'll still read the whole thing because by then you're already invested on Mark Sway and his lawyer. The moment Mark was introduced in first chapter, I was sold. The opening scene with Mark trying to teach his younger brother how to smoke was just so adorable. Not that I find smoking adorable, but Mark, really, you have no choice but to love him. He's one of the most interesting characters I know.

    I just love hearing/reading his thoughts. And I think Mark is top of the reasons why I fell in love with this book before. John Grisham really did a great job introducing his MC in this way. Mark's POV, or voice, is realistic for an 11-year old but his uniqueness is apparent making him more interesting than any other 11-year old. I mean he calls his father, his ex-father. hehe. And the way he thinks of himself as the man in the house so he protects his mother and Ricky seriously.

    And as soon as he became the center of this legal drama, my heart went to him completely. His fear is apparent, it broke my heart. He  was still smart and strong but that doesn't change the fact that he's just a kid. No matter how many times he said he's mature enough. He's a product of a broken family and of an abusive father but he turned out to be great kid.

    Overall, I highly recommend this book. This isn't Grisham's best work(I'll get to that soon as I reread all his books), but you'll enjoy it. Again, mind the genre. be sure you knwo the right genre.

    Happy Reading Guys,


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    I remember when Grisham books were all the rage and surely read this one back in the day but honestly, I remember almost nothing about it. I believe it was your typical adult thriller but with almost no sex (this was the 80s after all) and just the typical jumping the shark kinds of hijinks. I know it because both a film and a TV series based on the idea of toxic waste by powerful companies and the way they attack whistleblowers and that is all great but I honestly don't recall being blown away by the quality of the writing itself.