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j clay carter II works at the public defenders office he has just been handed another murder case Tequila Watson is accused of killing Ramon Pumphrey As Carter starts to look I not the facts of the killing he is approached by Max Pace Max has a deal for him..he will makemoney than he has ever dreamed of but must leave the public defenders office and is representing a mysterious drug company Quickly Carter starts his own law firm and meets Patton French and is thrown into the world of mass tort cases and about makingmo ey than ever dreamed of The book was goodI liked reading about Carter and how he was learning the tort system and his thoughts on it it was interesting about the relationship between Rebecca and Ridley and hiw he thought of them and they way they interacted I do enjoy Grisham books and look forward to the next one. Another Grisham book ticked off my list I don t remember having read this one before The author has blended his usual mix of courtroom drama, rich lawyers and powerful companies in this novel It will have you hooked until the last page I actually preferred this novel to The Street Lawyer which I also read recently I didn t like the way that Grisham had focused on charity benevolent work amongst the homeless almost as a selfish pursuit for the young lawyer to find himself This novel, however, was different it is totally secular with no real mention of faith God or anything similar Sometimes it is better not to try and mix the spiritual with the secular unless you are going to be accurate and ensure you represent the right principles.This novel tells the story of Clay, a young lawyer struggling to make a name for himself at a little known firm He is approached apparently randomly by a man who promises riches and fame if he follows his instructions to the letter The requirements seem at first to be ethical and Clay is drawn into the web He becomes a millionaire and the King of Torts leading mass civil litigation where ever it exists But it all seems a little too good to be true.The biblical principles in this novel are obvious The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil The rich man went away sad when Jesus suggested he should give up his wealth Another man stored up wealth in barns but was called a fool when God took his life and he wasn t prepared to meet his Maker We are told not to love the world or anything in the world There are numerous warnings about those who choose money over God Even from a less religious perspective we know that absolute power corrupts absolutely.Most people are chasing money in some form or another The point that this novel makes is that even when one gainsof it than they know what to do with They will not be happy It brings out the consequences in terms of friendships, relationships, health and just generally the emptiness of a life focused on temporary things that will be worthless in eternity.This is a good book for those who believe that if they get that promotion, that new house, that new car or whatever it might be, it will satisfy It won t There is some bad language and violence but nothing graphic There are sexual inferences and some lude remarks but again not graphic What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his own soul.Check out my John Grisham Shelf The Office Of The Public Defender Is Not Known As A Training Ground For Bright Young Litigators Clay Carter Has Been There Too Long And, Like Most Of His Colleagues, Dreams Of A Better Job In A Real Firm When He Reluctantly Takes The Case Of A Young Man Charged With A Random Street Killing, He Assumes It Is Just Another Of The Many Senseless Murders That Hit DC Every WeekAs He Digs Into The Background Of His Client, Clay Stumbles On A Conspiracy Too Horrible To Believe He Suddenly Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Complex Case Against One Of The Largest Pharmaceutical Companies In The World, Looking At The Kind Of Enormous Settlement That Would Totally Change His Life That Would Make Him, Almost Overnight, The Legal Profession S Newest King Of Torts From The Hardcover Edition Why do I keep doing this to myself Every Grisham I read seems to get worse and worse and this was the worst unless of course you like to read about privately owned jets, earning millions of dollars, winning class action suits that bring in billions yes, I m not exaggerating , fast cars, and slimy lawyers The relationship aspect is at the beginning and end of the book My suggestion is to read the first three chapters and then skip to the end unless you enjoy laundry lists of the playthings of the rich. This is one of those books I can t stop thinking about I read it for a business law class I m taking and it is great Clay Carter is working for Washington D.C s Public Defense Office when he is given a murder case The murderer is a young, black man and Clay assumes it s a typical murder case Then, he is approached by Max Pace, an agent for a pharmaceutical company Max explains a bigger case behind the murder the murderer was taking pills, the side effects made him unusually violent Max hired Clay to settle the potential lawsuits, quietly and outside of court In return, Clay would be paid well.When that case is successful, Max gives Clay another case, which results in large attorney fees for Clay He begins to catch public attention, winning cases with large amounts of clients and large amounts of attorneys mass tort law Clay begins spending his money new house, boat, plane, money to pay his co workers well He tries not to get caught up with the game of sueing, but eventually it comes back to bit him in the butt.Tort law is especially fascinating and this book does a great job at giving a human story for the lawyers who are behind it Clay doesn t want to be the greedy and selfish lawyer, but he gets so caught up in the hype, he can t help himself He wants to remain a good and ethical lawyer, but it is a slippery slope This is a very Grisham style book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes that genre. As usual, this book it well written Grisham tells the story of the meteoric rise and subsequent fall of the newest, hottest lawyer in the DC area The problem that I found with this book is that I simply didn t care about any of the main characters in this book The main character s greed and foolishness is shocking, and by the end of the book I found that like him, I was shrugging at 9 million dollars But still, I found the characters uninteresting or distasteful It wasout of a sense of duty that I managed to finished this book I finished it with a half hearted eh Seriouslydid Grishham fall asleep at the end No spoilers, but it seems like for the last few chapters he was in a big rush to finish the book and just made everything end real abruptly Especially considering that the rest of the book was quite long and drawn out.This was the first book by Grisham that I ve read thus far, and I m not sure that I am jumping in to readMaybe I should have started with apopularbetterbook. Did.Not.Like.It.Don t take me wrong, I like Grisham s novels, I m not a big fan, but I enjoy reading his books nonetheless He is not a master storyteller but he writes enjoyable stuff.But after reading The Street Lawyer and now the King of Torts, I had a hard time giving another of his books much thought Unfortunately, in a bargain, I had bought many of his books and now I m going to try and finish the lot to get my money s worth.There was absolutely no rythm to the book It started as a criminal investigation, and I thought it will turn into a revealing story about a secret and devastating shady business that a big company is involved in and I ll get to read some great legal thriller, but somehow it turned into a kind of success story for the protagonist Then I told myself, hey, its going to be one of those stories where he ll get inside the company and then start digging when his conscious will hit him hard Nothing of that sort happened Then I told myself, he will turn into a cruel dick and hot shot tort lawyer whom everyone will despise but envy his brilliant mind Again, did not happen and the book ended Extreme bakwas. A nice page turner dealing with the dangers of greed and the importance of self control I liked reading the character come from humble beginnings, build an empire, and let it come crashing down A lot happening in between.Very interesting learning a lot about tort law and the concept of mass tort litigation Some lawyers in this country get involved in some pretty unscrupulous stuff. Has anyone noticed that this guy can t write And that he hates women There were scenes in this book so sexist that they literally took my breath away Clay Carter, the young lawyer with the heart of gold, is being stalked by two beautiful women who are absolute cartoon characters I mean, really They are shallow, selfish, two faced, manipulative, lazy, whiny, clingy, needy, bossy, weepy, and dishonest That would be bad enough, but the weird thing about the way Grisham writes is thathe doesn t care Never for one minute do you believe that Clay Carter feels anything about his girl friend, or the downtrodden sick people, or the drug addled junkies, or anything else The whole book is like a weird, weird, ego tripyet all the guy actually does is make a whole of money, then blow it, then get beat up.The happy ending literally made me want to throw up Given how phony the love story was it was like a big F.U to everyone who actually read the book I don t know why I even read this piece of crap The worst Harlequin Presents ever written is better than this And this guy looks down on women