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Ray Atlee Is A Professor Of Law At The University Of Virginia He S Forty Three, Newly Single, And Still Enduring The Aftershocks Of A Surprise Divorce He Has A Younger Brother, Forrest, Who Redefines The Notion Of A Family S Black SheepAnd He Has A Father, A Very Sick Old Man Who Lives Alone In The Ancestral Home In Clanton, Mississippi He Is Known To All As Judge Atlee, A Beloved And Powerful Official Who Has Towered Over Local Law And Politics For Forty Years No Longer On The Bench, The Judge Has Withdrawn To The Atlee Mansion And Become A RecluseWith The End In Sight, Judge Atlee Issues A Summons For Both Sons To Return Home To Clanton, To Discuss The Details Of His Estate It Is Typed By The Judge Himself, On His Handsome Old Stationery, And Gives The Date And Time For Ray And Forrest To Appear In His StudyRay Reluctantly Heads South, To His Hometown, To The Place Where He Grew Up, Which He Prefers Now To Avoid But The Family Meeting Does Not Take Place The Judge Dies Too Soon, And In Doing So Leaves Behind A Shocking Secret Known Only To RayAnd Perhaps Someone Else

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    Not a very compelling read Good while in the small Southern town, but boring just about everywhere else A disappointment.

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    I found this book on CD at my local library They were having a sale, so I grabbed this CD set.This turned out to be a mystery about a son finding 3 million dollars in cash, stashed in boxes, in his deceased father s home Deceased father was a well respected judge.Someone knows that Ray has found this money, and is intimidating him to return it with acts of violence The mystery is solved in the final 2 chapters It was so Anti climactic that I felt like part of the book was missing But NO All pages were accounted for.What a total waste of time

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    I m surprised to see how many readers were disappointed with this book since I thoroughly enjoyed it Maybe the plot was a bit thin and predictable, but Grisham s writing style is so smooth and easy to read that I was able to consume this book in two sittings It was like I was able to sit down and visit with an old friend Perhaps some other readers confused this familiarity with boredom It all starts when law professor Ray Atlee and his prodigal brother, Forrest, are summoned home by their ailing father to settle his estate But, by the time Ray arrives, his father is already dead The will is simple enough the estate is to be divided equally between the two sons However, Ray discovers something he hadn t planned on 3 million in cash stashed in the father s house It turns out that Ray isn t the only one who knows about this fortune someone else is after the money and won t hesitate to remove Ray from the picture The remainder of the book is devoted to investigating the source of the cash and trying to discover who the other party is that wants it Some better proofreading would have made this an easier book to read since there are some glaring errors that should have been caught But, all in all, an enjoyable, suspensful book I will continue reading Grisham.

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    The plot was a bit thin, but well written nonetheless Also a pretty surprising ending.

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    Grisham has thrilled in the past, but those days are over, it appears While I appreciated the theme of two brothers conflict over a large inheritance, and the drug addiction part was interesting, I thought I would go mad if Ray Atlee went to one casino or hotel or restaurant or old friend or law office or rich lawyer s yacht or storage unit or private detective ad nauseum Grisham is not his old self I recommend The Firm, A Time to Kill, The Pelican Brief, The Client, The Runaway Jury, possibly The Rainmaker, and that s about it.

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    And Grisham continues his downhill slide, unarrested.Oh for the days of his earlier books, when the plots were intricately woven and I couldn t put the books down You know what I thought when I read this book and King of Torts, and The Broker I thought, OK, JG, we get it that you re a rich boy now, and now you want to explore your rich boy interests in your fiction Single malt whiskey, high stakes gambling, yachts, piloting small aircraft whatever The reader can almost see the author s latest hobby unfold in these three books mentioned The awfulness culminates here though, in The Broker How about some plot instead Half of this book is devoted to the question of did dad make his money gambling I don t know, let s investigate the gambling industry in tedious detail, and see The fact that the answer turns out to be no left me cross eyed When you devote this many pages to the subject, sir, the reader expects it to have some bearing on the plot.Dear Reader, I d save my time if I were you.

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    This one s been sitting on my shelf for exactly 3 years and 20 days It s about time I put it on my read shelf I now see why everyone loves John Grisham Man s a genius Such a great book

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    The Summons is a little overdramatic, but a great legal thriller heavily immersed in mystery, corruption and family dysfunction.

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    Boring Predictable Stupid Read it only if you really hate yourself.

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    The plot has a fun premise The paranoia is overplayed.