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Muchthan the average legal thriller, The Street Lawyer sheds light on not only the stigma of mental illness, but also on the corruption of law and justice. Prosperous people should feel guilty because there are homeless people in our cities That is the main message in this Grisham novel In the book are perfectly normal people who become homeless because they are down on their luck Strangely, no mention is made of the primary sources of homelessness drugs and mental illness No, according to The Street Lawyer, the problem of homlessness is caused by the selfish prosperity of our country.Besides the misled preachiness of the story, it s also rather boring. Michael Was In A Hurry He Was Scrambling Up The Ladder At Drake Sweeney, A Giant DC Law Firm With Eight Hundred Lawyers The Money Was Good And Getting Better A Partnership Was Three Years Away He Was A Rising Star With No Time To Waste, No Time To Stop, No Time To Toss A Few Coins Into The Cups Of Panhandlers No Time For A ConscienceBut A Violent Encounter With A Homeless Man Stopped Him Cold Michael Survived His Assailant Did Not Who Was This Man Michael Did Some Digging, And Learned That He Was A Mentally Ill Veteran Who D Been In And Out Of Shelters For Many Years Then Michael Dug A Little Deeper, And Found A Dirty Secret, And The Secret Involved Drake SweeneyThe Fast Track Derailed The Ladder Collapsed Michael Bolted The Firm And Took A Top Secret File With Him He Landed In The Streets, An Advocate For The Homeless, A Street LawyerAnd A Thief An entertaining thriller from John Grisham, this is also an excellent introduction to the plight of the homeless on the streets of D.C. I am re reading some old John Grisham books that I enjoyed the first time round to see if my perspectives have changed in 10 15 years The Street Lawyer was a favourite in the past It tells the story of Michael, a wealthy lawyer climbing the ladder at a prosperous firm, Drake and Sweeney His marriage is in trouble but he surrounds himself with work, competing with his soon to be ex wife Who is the most ambitious and who will earn the most money But in a dramatic turn of events, Michael finds himself held hostage by a homeless person that his firm had been involved in evicting from a squatters site Life intact, Michael sees the emptiness of all of the things he has been seeking and sets about making some changes..I think I will never be able to give a Grisham book less than three stars as I always enjoy them for the story alone However, this book had me thinking on a different level this time around What Grisham is presenting here is basically a call to action to help the homeless or what Christians might call a social Gospel but without the Gospel This would be fine for a secular author but Grisham claims he is a Christian with a deep private faith.Grisham suggests through his novel that meeting the physical needs of a person will completely fulfill them That feeding, clothing and sheltering people should be the goal of all those in a position to help financially and by giving time Jesus tells us to help those in need and he had a special heart for the poor God condemns those who neglect or abuse the poor and demands impartiality and justice But that is not enough and doesn t get to the heart of a person s problems in life It will not be the fulfillment they are looking for if they are not also told the truth about Jesus I feel strongly about this issue as many are providing help without hope around the world A focus on earthly matters does not prepare someone for eternity This novel, still a page turner, left me feeling empty on second reading there is no mention of God unlike some of Grisham s other books I also struggled with the way the main character s marriage dissolved as if it was inevitable The novel does highlight the meaninglessness of wealth and the purposelessness of climbing the corporate ladder There is a little bad language, no sexual content and limited violence Grisham fans will enjoy this book but maybe Christians should have a different perspective For further discussion about help without hope see my posts below out my John Grisham Shelf One of Grisham s most inspirational novels, and among those that turned me into a Grisham fan.It is clear that the author was disturbed by the plight of the homeless and decided he would write a fictional vehicle to raise awareness of this problem What makes the storystriking is the contrast presented by the protagonist s own affluence, and the price he must keep to maintain it.The story starts out with a bang, literally, an event so traumatic that the main character, Michael Brock, is forced to reflect upon his life and on those of others much less fortunate.In terms of writing, the style is engaging, the first person narration candid, the story upbeat and heartwarming However, there are two risks Mr Grisham took in writing this novel.1 A political stance is taken within a work designed for entertainment This will alienate those who do not agree with the views the story is clearly expressing.2 Exacerbating the first point, is that events take on extreme turns during the course of the story, so much so that some credibility is lost But there is always a degree of suspension of disbelief when reading fiction, the amount of it depending on the genre and the author s reputation Grisham may have come close to the edge in this one.Still, I congratulate him for taking these risks,, and of course as a multi million selling international author, one could say he could well afford to But then again who else can, even though many in his position never do.I gave it 5 stars, and I acknowledge that this rating is based on a very personal and subjective judgement This book moved me. People here claiming a white upper class lawyer from Yale remember in the 1990s is racist because he Michael Brock, the character remember, not the author John Grisham noted how basketball was popular and Washington D.C jails and juries would be majority black, need to have their SJW cards revoked and get off their high horse and soapboxes It continues to amaze me the incompetence of readers and lacking insight and nuance If you can t handle facts even today in your snowflakey world then best not to read anything pre 2020 that isn t written but a certified Marxist lefty gender fluid furry This is why we can t have nice things. This book didn t feel like your typical Grisham courtroom drama, it just had a different feel to it, but in a good way The Street Lawyer takes place in Washington DC, Michael Brock is working for a big law firm that pays big money Until one day a homeless man enters the firm and takes Brock and many other lawyers hostage The police take out the suspect, but afterword s Michael discovers something going on in the very firm he s been working for So Brock has a change of heart, he quits the firm and takes to the streets, now working for a lower firm that help homeless people and doesn t pay Michael as much money.While reading this it broke my heart when introduced to the life of homeless people, even though the book was fiction, but that s the kind of stuff you see every day.Another winner by Grisham This book was so very good I am a big Grisham fan but certain books are better then others and this one was near flawless.I liked the lead character, Michael very much and loved the story line It is a page turner from start to finish and I loved that the homeless angle was flawlessly woven into the story line.Some things never change..some bad guys, a nasty law firm But the pacing on this one is excellent and you cannot put the book down It is up there along with The Firm, Runaway Jury, A Time to Kill and The Rain Maker as one of his best. The Street Lawyer, John GrishamThe Street Lawyer is a legal thriller novel by John Grisham It was Grisham s ninth novel The book was released in the United States on 1 January 1998, published by Bantam Books, and on 30 March 1998 in the UK, published by Century A homeless man, identifying himself only as Mister, enters the offices of the powerful Washington D.C law firm Drake Sweeney and takes many of the lawyers hostage while angrily demanding information about some kind of eviction that took place Although he is eventually shot and killed by a police sniper and the hostages freed, one of the hostages, an antitrust lawyer named Michael Brock, is concerned by what he has learned and feels compelled to investigate further 1999 1377 496 9646326390 20 1377 510 1379 395 9646905072